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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.03.2017

__ Moines
Word with musical or muscle
With merchandise, say, as payments
With 92-Down, Monopoly prop. bordering the Electric Company
Wasn't plumb
Warning for a snoopy Snoopy?
Warehouse job
Turkish coin
Trick ending?
Treatment for a milk hangover?
Tool for Cinderella
Tobacco plug
Threw in
Thing to do
The __: Horace works
Surrey neighbor
Supreme Roman
Spanish cathedral city
Soul seller
Song that inspired this puzzle
Snugly situated
Snack cake that can be deep-fried
Small detail
Sitcom with the episode 'Stable for Three'
Sicilian province or its capital
Shipping deduction
See 84-Down
Savings plan letters
Russian Civil War fighter
Roman wings
Rock band member
Remove from the box
Reel partner
Record, in a way
Puts up
Proof-ending abbr
Practice good web courtesy?
Positive words
Port-au-Prince pal
Plymouth Reliant, e.g
Playwright Moss
Planning session input
Pickup artists?
Pamplona's kingdom
Ones seeking change
Not let go of
Not a copy: Abbr
Non-discriminatory hiring abbr
Nibbles on Friskies?
Nantes negative
Mystery author Grafton
Myrtle or hazel
Muslim spirit
Middle X, in a game
Middle of England?
Maximilian I's realm: Abbr
Maui music makers
Make anew, as a trench
Magazine founder Eric
Line that might not calm down Richard III?
Like details you'd rather be spared
Left the ground
Leave in the garage
Lead singer on 'The Joshua Tree'
Last verb in the Gettysburg Address
Large septet
Language that gave us 'bard'
Lang. of Luther
Kitchen extension?
Kept down
Joint for jumping
Jackie's designer
Italian sparkler
In the stars
Humor that evokes winces
Housekeeping concern
Hall of Fame WNBA star __ Leslie
Green Hornet's driver
Graceful leap
Graceful leap
Glade targets
Gathered steam
Frequent mother-and-child painter
Fox's fabled flattery victim
Foot bone
Flakes in geology class
First book of the New Testament
Feudal peasant
European peak
Et __
Emulated Arachne
Distinctive flavor
Devastating 2008 hurricane
Description of the start of some Road Runner cartoons?
Departure notice?
Cruised through
Corp. raider's ploy
Cool play area, maybe
Comic strip mother of Hamlet and Honi
Clarifying words
Chilean pronoun
Chihuahua neighbor
Cellphone setting
Burger successor
Bump-log link
Bountiful locale
Books with legends
Boast opener
Bening of 'The Kids Are All Right'
Ben and Sam
Bed cover
Bar game
Baklava sweetener
Author Morrison
Ab __: from the start
1958 hit that won the first Song of the Year Grammy
1921 Valentino role
'70s extremist gp
'__ Not Easy Being Green'
'You __': Lionel Richie hit
'This comes __ surprise'
'The Wrong Sort of Bees' author
'That's enough!'
'Erie Canal' mule – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-19-2017#sthash.qcki19Lf.dpuf

___ row
Wood that makes up the foundation of much of Venice
Who 93-Down was all along
What flows in une rivière
What 11-Down does, shockingly
Western capital
Warning for solvers of this puzzle
Up to this point
U.S. broadcaster overseas
TV 'Cousin'
Treehouse builder, maybe
Tolkien's trilogy, for short
To whom the title '45-Down' was referring the whole time
Throw on the floor?
The end: Fr
The 'E' of Q.E.D
Texting format, for short
Suffix with Jacob
Subjects of some food package warnings
Studio sign
Stolen item in 'Alice in Wonderland'
State quarters?
Squeeze (out)
Source of one's sense of balance
Sound in the stacks
Some core classes: Abbr
Slapstick prop
Show with a 'cold open,' for short
See 83-Across
See 66-Across
See 45-Across
See 30-Across
See 22-Across
See 100-Across
Resting place for a polar bear
Remote button
Relating to the sun
Regulus's constellation
Record-holder for the most times hosting the Academy Awards
Puccini pieces
Product of Boston or Chicago
Pre-euro money
Possible weapon in a bar fight
Poor-weather driving aid
Player of Nelson Mandela in 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'
Plant that's the source of a caffeine-free tea
Picket, e.g
Penguin and others
Peeping aid
Part of a KFC order
One way to sit by
Oh follower
Nothing, in Latin
Nothing but ___
Not to mention
Not covering much
Natural dos
Nabokov novel
Moving aid
Metal band around a pencil eraser
Many resting places
Make it clear how things are going to go
Major John ___, Benedict Arnold's co-conspirator
Lucy of 'Charlie's Angels'
Learned inside and out
Lead-in to Jon or Wayne
Lead-in to foam
Koi's habitat
Kind of port
Kids' character who says 'A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside'
Jrs. take them
Joke, slangily
Jamie of 'M*A*S*H'
It's actually made of 55-Down
It turns out to be 99-Down
It really is an 8-Down
Interest for a limnologist
Inquired about
Indonesian island
Indonesia's ___ Islands
House call?
Hindu god of destruction
Hill of R&B
Having a spare tire, maybe
Has pegged, say
Ground breaker
Govt. cultural org. until 1999
Good person to ask for directions
Ga. neighbor
Figure in statistics
Falls for
Extra in 'The Sound of Music'
Exclusive groups
Excel command
Enthusiastic assent in Madrid
Early millennium year
Draw back
Disappointment for someone looking for a parking spot
Computer-controlled players, in gaming lingo
Companion of Jason
Clomped (on)
Center of a roast
Cause a wedgie
Cambodia's Lon ___
Cake finisher
Brightest star in Aquila
Boat with a very fine net
Big name in kitchen utensils
Big name in headphones
Big cheese
Beefcake's pride
Basil who designed England's Coventry Cathedral
Baghdad's ___ City
Bad luck, old-style
Annual meal
Actor Kinnear
Accept, as a package
'___ All That' (1999 rom-com)
'Tiny Bubbles' singer
'The Devil and Daniel Webster' author
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' protagonist
'I totally crushed that!'
'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper
'Dies ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-19-2017#sthash.NOVrcU0e.dpufWeb portal run by Marissa Mayer
Was no longer in a slump?
Type of tree purchased in December
Type of bread
TV award
The planets, without Pluto
Temple receptacles Noah would appreciate
Storefront projection, often
Some 'Law & Order' figs
Sit down with force
Shot deliverer
Shoots forth volcanically
Santa ___ (California city)
Rules-rules link
Providing funding for
Practitioner of snobbery
Palindromic founding principle
Ordinary members of an organization
Opposite of ample
One who flew too close to the sun
One way to study
One spelling of a false shirt front
One of many on a custodian's ring
Olympic jacket letters
Not chubby
Nitrogen or oxygen
Mythical ferryman
Most balmy, weatherwise
Morning moisture
More than exalts
Molecule part
Midnights' opposites
Member of the lowest Hindu caste
Make clear, as a windshield
Major airline
Lowdown digit
Low-fat, as milk
Like stereotypical dungeons
Like an animal to avoid
Karate belt?
Juvenile newt
Just released
It saves a postage stamp
It can be clogged
Is droopy
Intense devotion or passion
Informal thing to smoke
Important flight info
Humble, woodsy shelter
Halloween mo
Fury or anger
Full of spunk
Feature of WWII
Divided Asian peninsula
Creator of Fogg
Create chic fashions
Cloak with full sleeves and sash
Cause to become hardened to
Broadway award
Bobbsey miss
Blockbuster headliner, often
Bathroom seals
Banished bug spray
American League East team, on scoreboards
Ahead of time
252-gallon barrel
'___ do I' ('I don't either')
'Quick' thing for a comic to have
'Platoon' setting, informally
'I've just discovered it!'
'I'll have the same'
'Dollar Diplomacy' president – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-19-2017#sthash.ShTKXi2Y.dpuf

___ Jordan (hoops great's nickname)
Walk with an attitude
Voice of the Apple Watch
Unknot or unbuckle
Twice-monthly tide
Trumpeting bird
Totally exhausted
Totally absorbed
Top invitees
Thin layer, as of metal
Sunni, to Islam
Stevenson's title villain
South America's 'backbone'
Sighed words
Shot from the apron, often
Sets a price at
Secure, as a contract
River of Normandy
Reddish-brown dye
Places for peels and wraps
Place to graze
Phillips Academy city
Part of the pelvis
Open house visitors
New wings, often
Neither fish ___ fowl
Negotiator's skill
Nature's bandage
Name in fine china
Muesli morsel
Move like a dervish
Michael Jordan, for 13 seasons
MGM mascot
Many an April birth
Maker of TBONZ dog treats
Low man in a doo-wop group
Listers on eBay
Like Antarctica's climate
Leave the waiter 100%, say
Jet lag is a disruption of this
It can be achieved with nutrition
Interns, for example
Intake for smelters
Innocent and Urban
In a wise manner
Hides away
Graffiti creator, e.g
Gout or headache
Fiddler's tune
Eddie Palmieri music
Don Corleone, e.g
Do a skit, say
DNA test sites
Dior dress design
Dahl of 'Three Little Words'
Cook in a wok
Contents of pods
Contents of a gym bag
Common limerick starter
Collegian sporting a 'Y'
Cold-relief brand
Clean Air Act concern
Channel for film buffs
By one's lonesome
Bug in a hobby farm
Bratty kid in 'Blondie'
Blind trio of verse
Autumn bloom
Asimov of science fiction
Article in rap titles
Any chess piece
Alcohol-infused cakes
Academic type
'The Trolley Song' sound
'Jack and the Beanstalk' syllable
'Didn't I tell you?'
'Chances ___' (Mathis tune) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-19-2017#sthash.wXRoQ4Di.dpuf

__ Baba
__ arguments (court rituals)
__ a soul (no one)
With no slack
Witch's work
Winter coaster
Went ballistic
Well-worn pencil
Visit unannounced
Very small sums
Vacation spots
Tuba sound
Toy with stick-on shoes
Toy with 3-D slides
Toy in an egg
Toy holders
Toy for future carpenters
Toy for aspiring painters
Toy for aspiring chefs
Toy for aspiring architects
Too sure of oneself
Telescope devotee
Tears apart
Talk trash to
Tajikistan's locale
Tag incorrectly
Tach reading
Sweet sandwich
Sun's name
Suffix for zillion
Stare at
Spandex alias
Some toothpastes
Some 124 Across debuts
Sleek, in auto lingo
Six-faced toy
Shelter adoptee
Shaping tool
Secluded spots
Scrap the mission
Sampras of tennis
Rodeo gear
Rodeo gear
Rodeo enclosures
Regular hangouts
Regatta implements
Put forth
Proofer's mark
Pork serving
Place to shop
Place to perch
Pitchfork parts
Piglet's parent
Petty squabble
Pays attention to
Parsley or sage
Pacific Rim peninsula
One of the Coen brothers
No longer relevant
NL West team
Museum piece
Model car toy
May race, familiarly
Marquee name
Mare morsel
List shortener
Links standard
LBJ successor
Know innately
Justice Samuel
Joke response, informally
Jacuzzi feature
In a worse mood
In a bad mood
Icy fall
Hopping mad
Homeric epic
Highly decorated
Hidden trove
Half of the "Tea for Two" duet
Guitar ancestor
Guide a ride
Greenish-blue hue
Greenhouse woe
Greek New Age musician
Grand fraction
Gourmet mushroom
Game-board toy for preschoolers
From Machu Picchu
French film festival city
Founded: Abbr
Flow back
Flat hat
Flat hat
Fee-free, as mutual funds
FBI guys
Expect in the future
Euro fraction
Energy-saving computer mode
Earliest Icelanders
Dresden's river
Dinner host's exhortation
Demagnetize, maybe
Deftly avoid
Debate side
Dance-club arrangement
Dairy byproduct
Cruise crew
Company that trademarked "escalator"
Chinese belief
Childish comeback
Celestial spheres
Catches wind of
California wine, for short
Business card no
Burrito bean
Buffalo's water
Broadcast as it happens
Black Sea port
Before, to bards
Beer holder
Be of use
Barn dance attendee
Autumn beverages
Argentine article
Architect Maya
Anthem opener
Air-pump letters
Added stipulations
Actress Watts
Acted like
97 Down sources
15-season CBS drama
11 Wall St. institution
"You bet!"
"This isn't good!"
"Beg pardon . . ." 

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