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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.02.2017

__ tai
__ palm
__ City: Baghdad suburb
Young partner
Writer __ Neale Hurston
Word for a lady
White choice, familiarly
What 'p' may stand for
Waterskiing hurdle
Vulcans, for one
Vote in
Val d'__: French ski resort
Use (up)
Unusually strange
Unleavened Indian flatbread
Two by two
Two before Charlie
Transferred to computer memory
Took in
Texting qualifier
Territories of a sort
Tatted covering
Tangy treat
Sushi offering
Support pro
Supermodel Campbell
Super Bowl XXXIV champions
Subscription deal promos … and a hint to this puzzle's seven other longest answers
Some pool English?
Snowfall during the Olympics?
Sneak a look at
Skip it
Show for quick feedback
Shoebox letters
Sends out
Secret agent
Second Amendment org
Same, for starters
Samarra's land
Regular stockings, as opposed to fishnets?
Punk, e.g
Powder source
Potluck fare
Post-WWII commerce agreement
Polish-German border river
Place of control
Pirate shipmate of Starkey
PC file extension
Paris pronoun
One in a rib cage
Old DJs' assortment
Nickname in satirical music
Mouth Healthy org
More agile
Military wear, for short
Meredith Grey's half sister on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Long and drawn-out, say
Logan of '60 Minutes'
Lineal beginner
Like some love affairs
Law office abbreviations
Köln closing
Jon Arbuckle's dog
Jane Austen specialty
Incandescent bulb gas
Hopelessly lost
Holds (up)
Hindu mystic
Hatched backup
Haggard of country
Goal for a teacher's pet?
Gibbons, e.g
Generic trendsetters
Former pen pal?
Fallon's predecessor
Exuberant review term
Exercise done from a supine position
Eve who played the principal in 'Grease' films
Eponymous physicist
Empty storefront sign
DVD player option
Doghouses and scratching posts?
Didn't procrastinate
Deli option
Defense attorney's challenge
DEA agent
Dadaist Jean
Cyan relative
Curling surface
Cry from Poirot
Completely make over
Comes together
Closers often open it
Chorused 'Who's there?' response
Chess pieces
Cabinet dept. with an atom on its seal
Cabinet dept. first led by Hamilton
Bush in Florida
Bologna bride
Biker's invite
Ballet phenom?
At that point
8 or 9, e.g.?
1958 winner of nine Oscars
14th-century Russian ruler
'¿Cómo __?'
'Wish Tree' artist
'Vive __!'
'The Kite Runner' boy
'The Fountainhead' author Rand
'Save Me the Waltz' writer Fitzgerald
'Oh, shucks'
'It's the Hard-Knock Life' soloist
'Fuller House' actor
'Be __ … '
'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' singer
'All My __ Live in Texas': George Strait hit
'… __ o' kindness … ': Burns – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-19-2017#sthash.XQmnMTjZ.dpuf

Yellow wildflower
Word before code or rug
Unruly kid
Turn with a spatula
Traditional Friday fare
Toon who says 'I yam what I yam'
Time in the army, say
Super Monkey Ball game maker
Suffragist ___ B. Anthony
Sudden pains
Still in contention
Spots on dice
Solder and pewter, for two
Snazzily dressed
Skype device, for short
Six years, for a senator
Shepherd in Genesis
Send to cloud nine
Seeded or seedless loaves
Second draft, informally
Reply to 'You wouldn't dare!'
President after Tyler
Potato or yam
Post-shampoo application
Playing hooky, as a GI
Platoon or squadron
Pastry from Linz
Over-50 org
One of a pair of Skechers
One of 20 original choppers
Olivia of 'House'
Off-key, in a way
Off the injured list
Not to be done
Myers who voiced Shrek
Muscular fitness
Mocha's land
Mammal that enjoys waterslides
Long, long time
Lighten up
Letter from St. Paul
Laugh heartily
Kate's sitcom pal
Jellied dish
It may become lava
Hoedown seat
Hatchery sounds
Hang in there
Halloween ammo
Green Bay Packers fan
Gloomy ___ (pessimistic sort)
Fraternity or sorority
Fanzine favorite
Engrave with a stylus
Do gigs on the road
Dangling carrot, e.g
Curbside unit that's 'fed'
Cousins of the 25-Across
Contributor to the Constitution
Conclude one's case
Color on a San Jose Sharks uniform
Clark's exploration partner
Capone facial feature
Candy that's pulled
Campanella of Cooperstown
Blissful spot
Big name in briefs
Bard's 'before'
After the buzzer
63-Across commonly served with chips
15-Across makeup
'___ Miz' (Broadway musical, casually)
'You there!'
'The Censor' of Rome
'Shut your trap!'
'Are we there ___?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-19-2017#sthash.iEU5K1f9.dpuf

__ speak (as it were)
__ Island, NY
Yemen neighbor
Yale Bowl hosts
Wrongful act
Wrap up a win
Wedding entertainers
Vast amounts
TV spots for charities
Tried to rip open
Torch-bearing change
Tomato for paste
Thriller writer Deighton
The Atlantic, to Brits
Terre Haute sch
Suitable for cacti
Struck (out)
Stowe villain
Starting squads
Starter like ante-
Star's walk-on
Stamp out
Speed for a score
Spanish red wine
Source of new USN ensigns
Some pram pushers
Slip-up sheet
Slapstick bit
Six-foot-tall bird
Simmons alternative
Sign up
Sigma follower
Sets loose
Senses, in a way
Seem to go on forever
Seek actively, as a post
Seasonal song ender
Santa __, CA
Rock layers
Retired Lakers star
Ran out of patience
Quaint living room
Puzo novel
Prepares, as scampi
Poetic spheres
Perignon title
Party regulars
Part of RSVP
Orlando's county
Online statistician Silver
Olivier title
Often-seen urban ride
Non-party regular: Abbr
Night flier
Mrs. Truman
Most Greenlanders
Melville's second book
McKinley's other name
Maximally hostile
Manner of speaking
Low-pH compound
List of dishes
Last to be born in the 18th century
Last of the Founding Fathers
Last Masters stroke, usually
Last (so far) to earn a living from farming
Last (so far) born in Virginia
Keillor or Twain
J.Lo, e.g
Israeli violin virtuoso
Impolite looks
Ill-fated energy giant
Handles roughly
Girder handler's supply
German article
Gen. Grant's opponent
Formal ball
Flower support
First to live in the White House
First to complete another's term
First to be born an American citizen
First Republican
Figueroa and Vine, in L.A
Express disdain
Even once
Eschew escalators
Erstwhile media conglomerate
Doughnut order
Device for a hummer
Dernier __ (latest thing)
Deflect from a plan
Decorative vase
Deck extra
Dash's mileage meter
Courteous assent
Countess' husband
Column style
Columbia Pictures owner
Clumsy ones
Chopper's activity
Cathedral fixture
Casual talk
Capone rival
Canon rival
Bush 43 aide Fleischer
Brought about
Bowling center builder
Book after Job
Bone __ (study)
Barnyard enclosure
Author Vidal
Apple on a desk
Angular in physique
Ale descriptor
Airbus products
Air Force hero
Activity record
Abbr. for two-name people
"__ your point is . . .?"
"__ luck?"
"You said it!"
"Well done!"
"True Grit" remake surname
"That's too bad!"
"Superfood" veggie
"Over the Rainbow" composer
"Moonstruck" star
"Long" distance
"Green Eggs and Ham" phrase
"Dancing with the Stars" step
"Boulevard __ Capucines" (Monet painting) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-19-2017#sthash.QXi0s34o.dpuf

___ Lobos (rock quintet)
Yiddish gossip
Works together
Whistle blower?
Wheeled convenience
Went the distance
Unseld of basketball fame
Uma's role in 'The Producers'
This, in Tijuana
This may start a series
Symbols in email addresses
Summers in Arles
Stewart or Hamm
Stabilized nautically
Spanish gentlemen
Some downloaded ditties
Soda brand since 1924
Shots in the dark
Shot in the dark, maybe
Second to none
Salespeople give them out
Roman hello
Returns pro
Race, as an engine
Quebec peninsula
Personal quirk
Palindromic ship deck
Nobelist Curie
No longer chic
New Orleans hero?
Moving sight?
Most high-strung
Luau serving
Lightly apply
Light gray
Least lenient
Kindergarten song starter
Kid around
Homer's wife
He abdicated in 1936
Get tangled
Frustrated crossword solver's cry?
Flash ___
Film teasers
Fiber made into thread
Drilling experts?
Draw using small dots
Distributes, with 'out'
Dire ___
Deep ___
Decisive defeat
Christmas tree
Chanted word
Broadcaster of 'Morning Joe'
Book work?
Bolshevik opponent
Big times
Auction unit
Archaeological excavations
Apartment dwellers
Anathema to doves
Always, in music
9000 automaker
'In memoriam' item
'Enchanted' girl in a 2004 movie – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-19-2017#sthash.uUOFlf8m.dpuf

Wine variety
Voicemail signal
Type of set diamond
Turn abruptly
Three-piece, e.g
Things one shouldn't do
Thing with two prongs
Thing of welcome
They are fair game
Suffix with 'ideal'
Stuff worth something in a mine
Strong, angry emotion
Stable father figure?
South Sea retreats
Skeleton makeup
Reddish-brown dyes
Projecting parts
Prefix that makes a word its opposite
Part of MYOB
Overhauls, in construction
One-celled organism
Of considerable weight and size
Not the best grade
Not my or your
Nada or zip
Modern communications
Model to assemble
Miniature military figures
Metalworking waste
Marine ray
Luftwaffe battlers (Abbr.)
Looked at amorously
Lizard that chirps
Life stories, briefly
Legendary opera star Merriman
Layer up high
Largest single digits
It's on the road
It helps build character?
Inflammation originating in the mouth
Hockey venues
Hinge (on)
Highly favored
High school grade
Get together
Furrier's hides
Film award
Fertilizer made by bats
Feature of a fedora
Farm's mudhole
Establish by deduction
Enjoy snowy trails
Dovetail joint part
Densely packed group of cyclists in a race
Defunct sports league with a colorful ball
Composition for high schoolers
Clowder creature
Caucus state
Cataract site
Bohemian dance
Black, in old poems
Birthplace of Christopher Columbus
Billy Joel's '___ Always a Woman'
Benefit to an investor (Abbr.)
Baby horse
Angler's items
AK-47 relative
3-Down solo
'You can say that ___'
'The Phantom Menace' boy
'OK, then'
'My country ___ of thee …'
'It was 20 years ___ today' (Beatles lyric) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-19-2017#sthash.qrzFlgvx.dpuf

___ Major
___ Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock
Word before or after nothing
With consequences
WikiLeaks associates
What one might sit in at a Cheech & Chong movie?
Warm welcome at Waikiki
Virtual dog or cat, maybe
Valhalla V.I.P
Unsolved crime
Two sights in a yacht's galley?
Title of a book about Southern Reconstruction?
They may be put up before a fight
They may be decorated for the holidays
Theme for an annual city-magazine issue
Theater backdrop
The inside track
The Bee Gees, for much of their career
The average size of its stores is 300,000 square feet
Sword handle
Step up or down
Starts of many emails
Spanish kids
Sound heard by an exam proctor, say
Singer/guitarist ___ Ray Vaughan
Sign on a jar at a bar
Set apart
Series opener
Ruth's 2,214
Relied (on)
Quality control problem at Oscar Mayer?
Prey for a heron or garter snake
Prefix with therapy
Post-O.R. stop
Pigeon trainer, at times?
Performing beneath one's usual level
PC key
Past partners
Onetime MGM rival
One carrying a torch?
Office for decoding messages?
Off-road transport, informally
Of poor quality, in modern slang
Number of French kings named Charles
Nickname for a Miami 12-time N.B.A. All-Star
Nav. rank
Narc's org
Motor oil brand
Mother of Artemis
Miniature lobster lookalikes
Mass. neighbor
Low rolls
Late times, in ads
Kind of pad
Julia of Hollywood
In the neighborhood
In a pretentious manner
Hip-hop's ___ Def
Hiking group, with 'the'?
Herder's mantra?
Helpful things for killing time nowadays?
Hauled (away)
Hardly ___
Had more than an inkling
Grp. of Senators
Greek city mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles
Great shakes?
Goddess usually pictured with a helmet
Goddess of peace
Glow in the dark?
Give over
French pilgrimage site
Fraternity letter
Fishing vessel
Farm call
Fall behind
Fake news site, with 'The'
Exams for some H.S. students
Ending with poly-
Election Day affirmation
Egg on
Early wheels
Dressed to the nines, with 'up'
Crook, e.g
Coming up
College in Lewiston, Me
Cold War flier
Circular things that arrive in square boxes
Changing room?
Certain vacuum tube
Catch's partner
Canon rival
Canon rival
Burma's first prime minister
Bringing to mind
Book of ___ (ancient Jewish text)
Bloblike 'Star Wars' character
Bigger than big
Big movie theater chain
Be overly sweet
Backs, anatomically
Auto feature
As much as possible
Anxious condition, briefly
Ancient market
Ancient manuscript
1988 Olympics site
'Who ___?'
'The Lord of the Rings' actor Billy
'Sign me up!'
'Say cheese!'
'Puppy Love' singer, 1960
'Actually, come to think of it …'

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