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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.09.2017

__ out a living
__ of the woods
__ Islander: small-state resident
__ Hari
Workers with anvils
Words on a 'No Trespassing' sign
Will beneficiary
Va. summer hours
Title for a fictional fox
Surg. holding area
Squeaky clean, as hospital supplies
Speck in la mer
Secluded valley
Secession approved in a 2016 U.K. referendum
Rotini or rigatoni
Roof gutter locale
Rod on which wheels turn
Rockers' sound machines
Road that avoids the city center
Question as to technique
Putting in office
Promises at the altar
Prefix for 'six'
Piccolo relative
Pay no mind
Partners of pains
Pancake syrup tree
Oxidation damage
On the Caribbean
New Haven collegian
Michigan's __ Peninsula
Many Manet works
Like short, clipped notes, in mus
Like a grand-scale fail
Language suffix
Lamb serving
Jack the __
Invention that revolutionized book production
Gossip columnist Barrett
Getting people out of harm's way, for short
German pastry
German eight
French street
First appearance
Fave pal, in 67-Across
End in __: come out even
En __: on a hot streak, slangily
Element in matches
Earnings before the government's cut
Drips in a hosp
Crop raiser
Cribbage piece
Cops' orgs
Container with an attached cover
Coloring cosmetic
Coleridge's 'The __ of the Ancient Mariner'
Classic roadster
Chessmen and board, e.g
Cellphone messages
Burlap container
British bloke
Big __: trademark burger
Beloved star
Begins a computer session
Arab leader
Alternative to grass seed
Ad agency guys responsible for 20-, 38- and 54-Across?
Actress Hemingway
'Stick around'
'No seats' initials
'Me neither'

___ Paulo, Brazil
___ nerve (retina attachment)
___ and starts
You, in the Bible
Walk-___ (unrecruited athletes)
Visibly tense
Unrestrained revelry
Truss up
Times long, long ago
Threw some chips in the pot
Three-hour-plus movie, maybe
Things in an Easter basket
The Times or the Daily News, e.g
Supplies for Easter 65-Across
Start or end of the Greek spelling of 'Athena'
Snow clearers
Snack for an athlete
Seized car, for short
Running behind schedule
Rich ore sources
Prepare to be knighted
Place of gladiatorial battle
Place between a house and a backyard
Picked out of a lineup, informally
Opposite of oui
One of the seven deadly sins
Ogden Nash's 'two-l' beast
Member of Cong
Mark permanently
Lima's land
Like some wealthy neighborhoods
Letters before a pseudonym
Lancelot's title
Item under a suit jacket
In the very act
In the slightest
In apple-pie order
Ice cream drink
Holder of an eye or a light bulb
Holder of a cafeteria meal
Highest point
Heavens, poetically
Guitarist Clapton
Grind, as the teeth
Graceful bearing
Golf teacher
Go yachting
Give off, as rays
Florida senator Marco
Figure in Greek myth after whom a continent is named
Extremely jealous
Ex of Marla and Ivana, informally
Entered quickly
Deplorably cowardly
Dairy animal
Crucial biological molecule
Counterpart to 'if,' in computer science
Convent residents
Compete (for)
Company that bought Kinko's
Breads served with hummus
Bottomless pit
Bombarded, as with snowballs
Attila, for one
Antonym of 64-Across
Aids in crime
Agile for one's age
'Strangely enough …'
$250, for Mediterranean Avenue, even with a hotel on it

Zellweger of 'Chicago'
Yoga student's roll
World's largest retail chain
Works hard for
Vaulted church recess
University of Arizona location
Uber alternative
Tread heavily
The absolute minimum
Test for fit
Subj. for many immigrants
Sniper garb
Skybox venues
Showy fragrant flowers
Shows signs of neglect
Rock's ___ Fighters
Quaking trees
Perk (up)
Penn of 'Designated Survivor'
No more than
Melber of MSNBC
Major blood vessels
Magic or juggling performance, say
Machu Picchu native
Lose intensity
Lollipop-licking TV cop
Like tissue paper
Like draft beer
Left dumbstruck
Leaves for a drink?
Layout choices
Lake that feeds the Niagara River
Keanu's 'Speed' co-star
Joe who managed the Yankees for 12 seasons
Island known for its hot dogs
Home to more than half of all Indonesians
Ho Chi Minh Trail locale
Ho Chi Minh Trail locale
Handle on an elevator?
Government overthrow
Gold medal champions at the 2016 Olympics
Give a hoot
First name in beauty products
Fills to the gills
Exhaust, as resources
Event with a baton
Ernie with two British Open wins
Epic poem of the Trojan War
Early August babies
Down at the end
Disruptive student, at times
Director Preminger
Dame of comedy
Current events
Commandments pronoun
Come off as
Colorful aquarium fish
Colleague of Athos and Porthos
Classic arcade brand
Burdened beast
Brooklyn hoopsters
Bloodsucking pest
Birthday event?
Big Mac component
Beer, slangily
Baker's need
All tucked in
'That's right'
'Sure, count me in!'
'All in the Family' star

___ mater
___ canto
Word with 'jet' or 'water'
Word with 'do for now'
Vendor's wish
Type of diacritical mark
Throbbed with pain
Sub sandwich
Striker's foes
Steak or pork
Some salmon
Some jacket fabrics
Slaughter of baseball
Shampoo instruction
Security breach
Satiny fabric
Salt dispenser
Resting over
Recipients of one-on-one teachings
Provide with weapons anew
Powerful winds
Police officers
Pair of words to a captain?
Ox inhibitors
Outfit for a ballerina
Optimism that yields 'thou,' 'eke' and 'colorful'
One who is sorry and regretful
One type of believer
One of the deadly sins
Not sensitive?
Not forthcoming
Norse thunder god
Musician Redding
Most accurate or honest
More yucky
Miscellaneous medleys
Michael Phelps' collection
Metric energy unit
Made very upset
Loop for a hangman
List-shortening abbr
Lion sound
Layer that reduces radiation
Kwik-E-___ ('The Simpsons' store)
Kon-Tiki Museum site
It can float on frigid water
Important core elements
Ignited with a match
Host, as a show
Fleming's agent
Feeling of wonder
Far too many years to count
Famous diamond
Document that has 'align' and 'creameries'
Diamond flaws?
Debt voucher
Date that yields 'tee,' 'betroth' and 'notch'
Creole veggie
Cream-filled pastry
Copacabana Beach city
Church part
Canyon effect
Campus military gp
Came at forcefully
Bullets, briefly
Bank assurances against home loans
Aspen elevator
Animal skins
Animal park
Angler's need
'___ you for real?'
'Comin' ___ the Rye'
'Cheers' actor Roger

Yellow beagle of comics
Write 'mispell,' e.g
Word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 35-Down
Woodwind in Jethro Tull music
Wig out
Ward off
Vessel of gopher wood, per the Bible
Verbal barbs
Used Grecian Formula on, say
Unlike a klutz
Twangy, single-pitched instrument
TV host-turned-New Ager John
Turner of 'Peyton Place'
Triangular feature of the Concorde
Transcription pros, briefly
Tool that creates shavings
Threw a bash for
Terminal-to-hotel option
Symbol of sadness
Swimming pool liner hue
Summa cum ___
Stuffy room's lack
Stink bomb emanation
Stadium levels
Spleen or pancreas
Spark plug settings
Some white sale buys
Showed surprise, in a way
Shape with an adze
Safe deposit box locale
Runway asset
Ross of Motown
Punch-drunk state
Pints at pubs
Pews' places in cathedrals
Part of the Palestinian territories
Over and over
Outlet insertion
Not easy to find
NBC sketch series, briefly
Muppet with a rubber duckie
Morally abhorrent
Monk's home
Many a Sundance Film Festival entry
Makes goo-goo eyes at
Literary twist
Like a stunt double's job
Lampooner of Donald on 4-Down
Kitty feeder
It's measured in fathoms
In the midst of a blackout
Home to all wild tigers
Handicrafts-selling site
Groups of ships or trucks
Gets an eyeful of
From Bohemia
Food, water, shelter, et al
Flower stylized as a fleur-de-lis
Features of exclusive communities
Edgar who painted ballerinas
Ecstasy's antithesis
Does a pirate's work
Dispensers with spigots
Delivery to a smelter
Decorate anew
Complete a maze
Colorful marbles
Campus hangout, for short
Campaigners' slip-ups
Birthday boy or girl's secret
Ballplayer with an interlocking S/D logo
Alternative to a doughnut
Adds to, in a way
'Wait For It' singer in 'Hamilton'
'Now . . . where ___ I?'
'Let's Make a Deal' booby prize
'Ghostbusters' director Reitman

__-Seltzer (antacid brand)
__ up (in a queue)
Western Florida city
Very funny person
Venus or Mars
Twangy, as a voice
Try again with, as a manuscript
Top-billed actor
Top of the head
Top of a 24 Across
Thick carpet
Take a crack __ (try)
Sunrise direction
Sugar amts
Sports venue
Southern cornbread
Song from the '60s, say
Small valley
Slanted typeface: Abbr
Side dish on a cob
Shorthand expert
Shirt stiffener
See-through part of a 51 Across
Sauce for mashed potatoes
Resulted in
Railroad stations
Puts on, as clothing
Provide food for a banquet
Polish, as a manuscript
Point opposite WNW
Photographic device
Outer margin
One of Columbus' ships
Not fooled by
Neckline shapes
Motorists' org
Most desertlike
More than impressed
Midnight fridge visits
Marmalade ingredient
Mall tenant
Luau instruments, for short
Loch __ monster
Light on a birthday cake
Letters meaning "Pronto!"
Lap dog, for short
Joints above ankles
Homer Simpson's wife
Historical periods
Have a quarrel
Happy feeling
Get weary
Garfield's canine friend
Fully attentive
Fishing line holder
Fish entrée
Fire-setting felony
Ferris wheel or roller coaster
Director Woody
Da Vinci's "__ Lisa"
Crunchy sandwiches, for short
Cone-bearing tree
Cloth for drying
Burst of wind
Bottom-line figure
Black-and-white cookie
Big family
Belonging to us
Apple's center
And others: Abbr
"All kidding __ . . ."

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