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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.07.2017

__ Lee: dessert brand
Words following a guesstimate
Wildly cheering
Verdi title princess
TMZ figure
Thing, to Tomás
Thin coin
Stepped (on)
Steph Curry's org
Sportswear designer Ellis
Spanish girls
Spanish 'a'
Sound of cymbals
Sought-after private of film
Soothing gel ingredient
Slip 'N Slide maker
Sis' counterpart, and sometime rival
Simple thing to do … and what each starred clue's answer ends with?
Sea birds
Respectful address
Red ink item
Puts two and two together
Puppy sounds
Playground fixture for two
Pirate's booty
Peter Fonda's title beekeeper
Pesky one
One-named 'Mask' actress
Old anesthetic
Oklahoma city
Official forgiveness
No longer a minor
Nat or Natalie
Mets star Hernandez who dated Elaine in a two-part 'Seinfeld'
Like fresh chips
Let up
Let off, as steam
Lee of Marvel Comics
Just __ by: barely make it
Insurance giant
Initiated, as a task
Holy spot
Hits the slopes
Hedging response
Heart chambers
Hangs crudely, as a dorm poster
Guthrie of folk
Give stars to
Fierce anger
Eur. realm until 1806
Designer Ricci
Cutting sound
Computers with Apple cores
Classic Ford auto
Charged atoms
Cambridge sch
Billy Joel's '__ Always a Woman'
Beginning of el año
Beau-to-be, hopefully
Bagpiper's attire
Arcade pioneer
Animated Disney film with a Polynesian heroine
Actress Deschanel of 'New Girl'
1982 Disney sci-fi film
1976 Olympics star Comaneci
*Pre-euro Dublin currency
*Moon's alleged makeup
*Indian spiced drink
'South Pacific' song
'My Fair Lady' role
'I think,' in texts
'Get outta here!'

___ Solo
___ Martin (Cognac maker)
___ Lingus
Wondering 'Should I? Should I not?'
Wasteful government spending
TV show that spawned an exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
The Who's 'Tommy,' e.g
The 'A' of I.P.A
Takes stock?
Stereotypical response from a shrink
Stay faithful
Southpaw jabs
Small annoyances
Seating with hymnals
Rounded patch of color on an animal coat
Prefix with tourism
Played, as a trumpet
Place to find a pen and teller
Peter who wrote 'Serpico'
Peace symbol
Overnight delivery?
Ordinary people
Off-road ride, for short
Need for tug-of-war
Mount of Greek myth
Malevolent look
Leaves the union
Lead-in to boy or girl
Latin phrase used listlessly?
Jazz great Fitzgerald
It can go for a buck
Had the helm
Good date movies
Gives a false story
Gets back together, as a class
Freeze frame?
Former inits. for Spike TV
Foretell the future by using a crystal ball
Floral necklaces
Flexible contract provision
Fill to the gills
Entrance room where guests wait
Dressing up as a fictional character with others
Dessert chain
Dessert brand
Department store founder R. H. ___
Country singer Keith
Cost of membership
Cost of admission
Colonial-era headgear
Cleverness thought of too late to use
City NW of Genoa
Cartoon character who explores with Boots
Braided Jewish bread
Bathroom units
Affirmative vote
'___ a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' (1963 film)
'That's ___ to my ears'
'As an aside …,' in a text

Yoga pose
Woodstock singer Guthrie
Wise guy
Vocal inflection
Ving of 'Pulp Fiction'
Vatican City surrounder
To be, to Babette
Surprise hit
Summertime noisemakers
Stew flavorer
Stately tree
Spot for embedded journalists
Sounds of relaxation
Sound while shearing
Site of King Harald V's palace
Semicolon half
School near Windsor
Says 'There, there,' say
Puts down ready-made lawn
Prescription unit
Poster holder
Popeye's tattoo
Plus column entry
Patella's place
Pastrami sandwich bread
Orchard unit
Online referee
Office note hidden in four of the Across answers
Newsstand buy, for short
Nerdy type
Nation on the Arabian Sea
Muse of lyric poetry
Monthly payments, for many
Like many an oath
Jim Croce song 'I Got ___'
IRS employee
Influential person
Honda's upscale brand
Haves and have-___
Got together
Golf's Palmer
Gloomy guy
Ghana's capital
General ___ chicken
Gardener, at times
Foxx of 'Sanford and Son'
Fishing line holder
Far from talkative
Dipstick wiper
Desktop covered by AppleCare
Debut music releases, at times
Creative spark
Creative endeavors
Coral island
Coors malt beverage brand
Columbus's birthplace
Cockatoo or cockapoo
Club sandwich ingredient
Chew the fat
Checkout item
Catalan painter and sculptor
Buzz-creating promo
Act ___ impulse
1974 Jimmy Buffett hit
'Turn up the heat!'
'That's terrible!'
'That ain't right'
'If something can go wrong, it will'
'Ghostbusters' director Reitman

___-wop (old-school music style)
Yen fraction
Yale and Columbia, for two
Use for traveling, as a car
Type of 'Cowboy' in a film title
Twisted dry (with 'out')
Trainees or rookies
Tip the scale
Swung around abruptly
Stereotypical snack for a cop
Spy org
Sound made by Homer Simpson
Slightly damage
Simple pleasure trip
Screening setting
RR stop
Response inciters
Reproductive organ
Recently released
Raul Castro's brother
Quite intelligent
Quick, easy bookmark
Promise often made in church
Place to kick habits
Pie type
Parts of fences
Parasite with no wings
Online diaries
Old computer accessories
Nymphs of lakes and springs
Neighbor of Ky
Needing training for
Narrow cuts, as in paper
Move one's merchandise
More asinine
Models or tough questions
Military base truant
Makes amends
Lay on much too thick
King Cole or Turner
Kinda funny
Inclined accesses
How to 'leave me'
How 'I knew it all'?
Hotel consideration
Hoop group
First female
Far-fetched, to a hippie
Eurasian range
Elevator sound
Electrician on the set
Currently wear
Corrosive liquids
Confer knighthood on
Comical theatrical bit
Come in third place at Pimlico
Catcher behind the plate?
Bridge suspenders
Beginning or first occurrence
Become worn away
Beauty's beloved
B.B. King's genre
Allow entry to
601, to Julius Caesar
'Scram, dude!'

___ Paulo, Brazil
Zubin of the Israel Philharmonic
Workplace watchdog agcy
Word processing function under 'Format'
Wild place, stereotypically
Wheaties box adorner
Weight watcher's buy
Verb in personal ads
Through-the-keyhole glimpse
Take-a-number supermarket section
Take a tumble
States confidently
Soccer standout Hamm
Shut angrily
Shrubs and vines in a forest, e.g
Sharif of 'Doctor Zhivago'
Seller's profit margin
Seamless transition
Run, but go nowhere
Rightmost column, maybe
Relax in the tub
Rec room missile
Puzzle parts
Puccini title heroine
Pollsters' discoveries
Pledge paddle's target
Pie cuts, essentially
Personal manner
Part of a movie trailer
On naval maneuvers, say
Nickelodeon's target audience
Move hither and yon
Measuring aid
Long, arduous journeys
Like black ice
Like an uncomfortable mattress, perhaps
It comes from the heart
In a heap
Hulk of wrestling
He sang of Alice
GPS lines (Abbr.)
Gorsuch of the Supreme Court
Get to second base, in a way
Fish tales
Falco of 'Nurse Jackie'
Equally matched
Email folder heading
El Chapo, in the drug world
Egyptologist's find
Dwindle, as public favor
Do well financially
Do a bakery chore
Dendrologist's interest
Defied the posted limit
Davis of 'Do the Right Thing'
D.C. wheeler-dealers
Coumadin may prevent its formation
Cost of belonging
Core-strengthening exercises
Changes, as puzzle clues
Cause of writer's cramp, often
Casualty in Genesis
Carpetlayer's calculation
Boorish sort
Bit of wax on a letter
Bird with an olive branch
Big spender in Vegas
Bert's pal on 'Sesame Street'
Beehive structure
All the rage
Air France hub
'___ soup yet?'
'What ___ thinking?'
'What a relief!'
'Excuse me . . .'
'Draft Dodger Rag' singer Phil
'Alternative ___' (bit of fake news)

__ for the course (customary)
__ carte menu
Weathervane turner
Upbeat "How are you?" response
Two of a kind
Tugboat sound
Thing of value
That guy
Stopped slouching
Southernmost Great Lake
Soup-cooking vessel
Sonnet or ode
Snips again
Smell awful
Smallest in the litter
Sink outlet
Ship of 1492
Service charge
Sandwich shop
Rolls down the runway
River-mouth formation
Reflexive "How are you?" response
Point opposite SSW
Plow-pulling animals
Pizzeria appliance
Piece of pizza
On the house
Olden days
Not very tight
Not sleeping
Noah's vessel
Network with an eye logo
Need for water
Middling "How are you?" response
Medical insurance grp
Marry on the run
March 17 honoree, for short
Make the first bet
Make a mess of
Mails away
Long-running quarrels
Little pies
Little guy
Justice Kagan
Impress greatly
Important happening
HD sets in dens
Generic dog name
Fender ding
Explorer __ the Red
Exchange made as a compromise
Electric car company
Creative thoughts
Couch in a den
Clean air org
Chore list heading
Celebrity with a young fan base
Bus route
Book of photographs
Boggy lands
Because of
At any time
Allots, with "out"
"Quickly," in a memo
"Now __ heard everything!"
"I dropped it"
"Couldn't catch a break"

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