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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.06.2017

__ Butterworth
Yard or boom
Wrangler material
Word of agreement
Word near Kazakhstan, on maps
Weeds out
Web search tool
Trilogy, often
Today's honoree, found in this puzzle's eight longest answers
Time off
They're on the house
They may be broken on purpose
Taylor's husband between Wilding and Fisher
Talk show medium
Tacked on
Still developing
Start to tour?
Squalid quarters
Some emailed files
Some basilica singers
Sloth, e.g
Secluded spot
School social worker's concern
Sandberg in Cooperstown
Samaritan's offering
Run over
Run off
Return ID
Put to sleep, perhaps
Put in other words, say
Press Secretary Spicer
Power conduit
Plastic __ Band
Piece of the past
Physics calculation
Partner of 55-Across
Partner of 46-Down
Outdoor party focal point
Opera star Pinza
Online icon
Noisy disturbance
No denial?
Newspaper revenue source
NATO member since 2009
National Humor Mo
Mr. Right
Military drill syllable
Messy meal
Meeting staple
Many a retired racehorse
Many a Charlton Heston movie
Like some index cards
Landscape artist George
Kin of -trix
It's usually down for the night
Inner turmoil
Infamous 1974 bank robbers: Abbr
Industry heavyweights
How-to presentation
How sun-dried tomatoes are packed
Gorilla Glue, for one
Golfer Isao
Goes for the lure
Go by quickly
Getting into the wrong business?
Get a hint of
Gave one's word
Garlicky mayo
Galileo's birthplace
Free sample constraint
Former 'How Do Your Children Grow?' PBS host LeShan
Follower's suffix
Flu symptom
Fingerprint pattern
File command option
Fence material?
Farm denizen
Factor in tanning
Exiled Shah Mohammad __ Pahlavi
Espresso order
England's first poet laureate
Duncan of the Obama Cabinet
Difficult to find
Descriptor in lotion commercials
Curious to a fault
Culinary guard in ancient Rome
Crown-installing org
Cried out
Creamy quaff
Confirm, as a password
Composer Rorem
Completely behind
Comics pooch
Comfy footwear
Colorful appetizer platter items
Cleared out
Claret or burgundy
Clan symbol
City near Tulsa
Cat Nation people
Campaign funding org
British peers
British county
Bringing home
Brand with a spokesstork who sounds like Groucho
Brand measured in drops
Brand created in Toronto in 1904
Boxer's comment
Biker's headgear, perhaps
Big name in auto maintenance
Battery pole
Bank protection
Bank offering for smartphones
Aussie bedrolls
Audio system connector
Aromatherapy choice
Aquanaut's habitat
Annual Silver State celebration
Alert precipitated by heavy rain
Airport sign
23-Across buyer
'You've found the right person'
'You gotta be kidding me!'
'Tut-tut' evokers
'The Dark Mirror' antagonist, e.g
'The Call of the Wild' ride
'Swing Shift' Oscar nominee
'I'm getting to it'
'How about that!'
'All the Love' singer Adams
'Agreed!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-18-2017#sthash.wUZuesxp.dpuf

___ Raton, Fla
___ culpa
WSJ competitor
Word with pink or cow
With 73-Across, a symbol of Massachusetts
Who has ever won a debate over the internet?
When repeated, plea to a stage magician
When repeated, 'All right, that's enough!'
Very serious
Up (for), paradoxically
Tomb raider ___ Croft
Tiny bit
Tackle box item
Stat for Lou Gehrig or Manny Ramirez
Start of the Marines' motto
Start of a Spanish count
Soup, black bread and, for the wealthy, meat?
Sot's woe
Some Mardi Gras wear
Social Security fig
Small egg
Single shot awarded for being fouled while scoring, in basketball lingo
Singer India.___
Shell containers
See 37-Across
S. Amer. land
Road sign silhouette
Ring ___
Rihanna's 2016 ___ World Tour
Reversals of reversals in sentences?
Result of waves hitting rocks
Relative of 'POW!'
Railroad name starting in 1832
Qualifying words
QB Tony
Puma alternative
Powers to decide
Powerful winds
Popular rapper with a feline-sounding name
Popeye creator E. C. ___
Plant disease whose two words differ by only one letter
Photo ___
Part of las Filipinas
Part of E = mc^2
Part of a classic diner sign
Pac-12 team
Org. involved in an annual open house
Onetime rap moniker
One of 56 in 1776
One might represent a representative
One following the dotted lines?
Not quite leaders of the pack
New pony
Neutrogena dandruff shampoo
Nelson who wrote 'The Man With the Golden Arm'
Native of Conakry
Name that's Hebrew for 'my God'
Mouth pieces
Medical professional on TV
Making the honor roll, e.g
Lyric poem
Little raider
Like elves' ears
Like concrete that's shaped in advance
Lead-in to phonic
Laundry unit
Kings and queens bringing their steeds to a halt?
John or James
James who wrote 'A Death in the Family'
James of R&B
It follows epsilon
Intoxicating Polynesian drink
Illinois college town
Icelandic saga
Husband to Emilia in 'Othello'
Honoring grandly
Head of an estate
Hangs in there
Had because of
Greek god depicted on the cover of 'The Wind in the Willows'
Golfer Ernie
Golf ball's path
Gettysburg general
Genetic material
Gear for a hike
Gchat notes, e.g
Frothing at the mouth
Free spot, for short
Freddy once hailed as 'the next Pelé'
Follows, as advice
Flight destination?
Feast consisting entirely of Hawaiian foodstuffs?
Fantasy game role
Facsimile, for short
Exam for future attys
Essence of an idea
Donates shelter to some beavers?
Directional suffix
Digital currency
Did so-so at school
Crop-damaging rodent
Court orders
Confines due to injury
Cloud's purpose
Clear one's head?
Chimp relatives
Big fashion inits
Better than normal
Bedding in a horse's stall
Based on theoretical deduction
Bacteria-battling drug
Athlete's time off
Asian plumlike fruit
Amphibious auto
'___, Escher, Bach' (Pulitzer-winning book)
'What nerve!'
'Ugh, that hits close to home!'
'The Terrible' czar
'Shoot over your response'
'Oh, boohoo!'
'Listen up, Luis!'
'If all else fails …'
'Hmm … it's escaping me'
'Excuse me, but my partner's and my kids go first!'
'Don't worry about me!'
'Don't give up!'
#1 Presley hit – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-18-2017#sthash.0QhtSVst.dpuf

___ Major (constellation)
___ as a pin
Word with 'cheese' or 'bang'
Whiskey or bread type
What a Pope may lead
Went up and down
Wedding place
Vocal club at school
Very hard to miss
Vast space for sheep
Unstressed vowels
Type of paint to avoid
Traveler's rest
Throw off, as steam
The zodiac's carnivore
Societal standard
Social class in India
Smiths: Jazz singer, religion starter, Super Bowl star
Smiths: Future first lady, college basketball coach, movie star
Smiths: 'Police Academy' NFLer, Charlie's angel, famous singer
Smart-alecky backtalk
Run ___ (lose self-control)
Rhymer's creation
Relish or have fun with
Post-shower attire
Populous continent
Poetic lines
Plays on the TV
Place with fresh eggs
One of the Great Lakes
Nearly treeless plain
More than satisfy
Melodic musical passages
McNally's map partner
Many house wines
Libreville's land
Just a wee bit open
Jockey's tool
Jeweler's measurement
It's prior to delivery
Island near Venezuela
Ireland by another name
Hotel amenity
Hearing membrane
Green tea variety
Graceful horse breed
Give a green light to
Gentle physical reminder
Former capital of Nigeria
Fish or Cape
Editor's 'never mind'
Dutch appliance
Dog-___ (bookmarked, as a page)
Director Preminger
Degree for some CEOs
Culinary directive
Cooperstown's Wagner
Charge at some warehouses
Certain woodwind
Cathedral areas
Burrowing sea mollusk
Brother or dude kin
Blood stoppage
Bass counterpart
Auto pioneer
Ant by another term
African language group
A tall, shady bunch
2.54 centimeters
'Born as' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-18-2017#sthash.gO4a8drK.dpuf

Zodiac creature
Without much clarity
Winter bug
Wins over
West Coast catch
Vehicles on the road
Valentine bouquet
USAF truant
Urge on
Upscale Honda
Troublesome entanglement
Travel document
Touchdown stat
Tomato type
Ticklish Muppet
Thrifty, in brand names
Tell-all book, perhaps
Tangible honor
Swordplay weapon
Swiss range
Surmise, colloquially
Story for storage
Stir up
Still to be decided
Stared at
Sprinkler attachment
Spanish gold
Software for 37 Down
Seal up again with cellophane
Say again
S&L customer
Ruled, as paper
Research survey
Rate of walking
Radio crackling
Pull hard
Public row
Provide permanent funding for
Prop up
Pretends to be
Pre-euro currency
Potpie morsel
Plows into
Physics particle
Party thrower
Pakistan neighbor
Outdo in performance
Org. once headed by Tim Kaine
Not noteworthy
Much of the time
Mountain music
Microwave setting
Mall tenant
Make more accessible
Lower oneself, in a way
Lock of hair
Lightning attractor
Justice Sotomayor
Industry mogul
Hulking herbivore
Hourly pay
Hotshot pilots
Hotel area
Hot-spring resort
High point in excellence
Hieroglyphics reptile
Herbal drinks
Hard Italian cheese
Grand __ National Park
Gospel writer
Golf standards
Gets wind of
Gem from Australia
Fully protected
Fruit skins
Frozen treats
Freshwater minnow
French arm
Former name of Ho Chi Minh City
Ferrari's former parent company
Extremely small
Erstwhile energy giant
Earring shape
Duncan of the Obama cabinet
Drill bit
Donald Duck nephew
Dives like an eagle
Disney chief
Detection from the air
Designer Mizrahi
Defender of Dreyfus
Deck chair strip
Crinkly fabric
Courtroom statement
Cashless deal
Carpentry machine
Caplet, for instance
Camel cousin
Calligraphy stroke
Bumbler's comment
Bucks and bulls
Brownish photo tint
British bloke
Briny expanse
Brazilian dance
Barton of the Red Cross
Ballet bend
Apple tablets
Any Elvis tune
Antony's apology
Ancient Andean
Altruistic business philosophy
All-you-can-ride fair promotion
Admits (to)
Admission of defeat
Actor Cage
Accounting figure
Acapulco pal
About 3/4 of Russia
"Oh no!"
"Now that you mention it . . ."
"Haus" wife
"Fresh Air" airer
"Benevolent" brothers – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jun-18-2017#sthash.FNakoxvQ.dpuf

___ West (life jacket)
Yardage pickups
Word repeated after 'que,' in song
Ups the stakes
Unresolved issues
Tunnel-creating insects
Tiny stream
Thomas who wrote 'Doctor Faustus'
Subway rider's pocketful, once
Steering wheel option
Start of a bray
Sodium chloride, chemically
Sleeper agent
Skin So Soft brand
Skate park jump
Shoulder muscles, briefly
Shakespeare's '___ Andronicus'
Sappho or Pindar
Rogen of 'Steve Jobs'
Rock bottom
Remove lumps from, as flour
Rap mogul Gotti
Profs' test graders, perhaps
Places for church bells
Place for hikers to view flora and fauna
Piano practice pieces
Personal records
Perfume holder
Papa John's deliveries
Pagan deity, to a nonpagan
One of several on an LP
Offering from Chaucer's miller or cook
NSX and CDX automaker
Need ibuprofen
Many a summer home
Many 29-Acrosses
Low blow, e.g
Like some ales and chocolates
Like Don Rickles' humor
Like a 'gut' course
Like 'bleacher creatures,' typically
Land of taekwondo's origin
Kanga's son
Jimi Hendrix's rock genre
Item changed at a pit stop
Italian sonnet's conclusion
Isle of Man native
Invite a perjury rap
Hertz competitor
Handwringer's word
Greek column style
Good poker hand
Go far and wide
Flouted the posted limit
Dueling pianos tune
Containing 1-Down
Choice position at the Indy 500
Chair umpire's call
Brewpub array
Box with a hired partner
Bonfire remains
Bob with eight Tonys for choreography
Bloody Mary garnish
Blacken in a pan
Big name in kitchen gadgets
Big name in auto parts
Beta tester, typically
Ben Stiller's mother Anne
Alternatives to Ubers
Airline with a kosher menu
Act as lookout for, say
'SNL' star who lampooned Gerald Ford
'Nolo contendere,' e.g
'Flash Gordon' weapons
'Enough already!'
'Enchanted' girl of kid-lit
'Don't go away!'

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