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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 18.05.2017

__ China Sea
Words seen in a pass
Words requesting a pass
Words printed on a pass
Words indicating a pass
Words constituting a pass
View from a pew
URL starter
Two-time French Open winner Sharapova
Tries hard (for)
Throw water on
That, in Tijuana
Team with 121 medals at the Rio Olympics
Take care of
Tack on
Sunken ship explorer
Splash guard
Soap brand with volcanic pumice
Simply Cocoa maker
Rocket launcher
Respected men
Put the kibosh on
Prof's aides
Poetic paeans
Pete Seeger's forte
Peace offerings
Other people
Offer of help
Long lock
Like matryoshka dolls
Levels in a park
Kim, to Khloé Kardashian
It often spans decades
Infomercial staples
Hrs. at Coors Field games
Homer stat
Holding corporation that owns Kmart
Halloween costume that may involve a red cape and tail
Gunn of 'Sully'
Great Lakes natives
Get moving
Genre using speakers?
Genetic material
Frost advisory, e.g
Emulate a news helicopter
Egg roll cooking medium
Doughboy's helmet
Doctor's request
Disney character who sings 'Let It Go'
Dalí house
Curved letter
Creative flash
Considerable age
Childcare worker
Cardio chart
Cantaloupe and honeydew
Camera inits
Big name in kitchen appliances
Before, once
Banana Boat initials
Apple choice
Ali ring trademark
'Viva __ Vegas'
'I'm extremely interested in squalor' speaker of literature
'I Fall to Pieces' singer
'I almost forgot … '
'America's FLAVORite Frozen Beverage since 1967' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-18-2017#sthash.d8NCeSC0.dpuf

___ party
___ jacket
___ diet
___ car
x, y or z follower
Where all-terrain vehicles go
What two people may ride in
What blinks on a telephone may signify: Abbr
Was idle
Utah ski town
Turn over
Tuned in
Tick off
TBS show starting in 2010
Subject of Chekhov's 'The Cherry Orchard'
Subj. for a diplomat, maybe
Studio figure
StarKist competitor
Stack of sheets
Stable stuff
Some foreign correspondents
Show with a record 200+ Emmy noms
Series curtailer: Abbr
Run smoothly
Risk mutual destruction, say
Question raised by four squares in this puzzle?
Polish target
Plan for achieving a long-term goal
Person getting up there in years
Part of a workout routine
Noted Warner Bros. toon
Muse invoked in 'Paradise Lost'
Move furtively, in a way
Most nuts
Mean something
Lover boys
Like know-it-alls
Letters on a stamp
Legal hurdle?
Keeping elbows off the table, e.g
It's often rough: Abbr
It's hit with a mallet
Island capital named for a European royal house
How the boat goes down the stream, in a children's song
Highway adjacent to a throughway
Had a 58-Down, e.g
Galena, for one
First, second and third, exactly
Facts and figures
Fabric store purchase
Egg ___
Deserter of a cause
Derek Jeter, for the Yankees
Deplete (of)
Decides one way or the other
Coop material
Common cue
Choreographer's concern
Chattahoochee River city
Be out for a bit?
BART : San Francisco :: ___ : Philadelphia
Astronomers' sightings
Assemble in a field, say
Aesop character
A raised hand might indicate it
A bit sharp, maybe
'y = 2x,' e.g
'The Simpsons' character who wears a bow tie at work
'Madness in great ___ must not unwatch'd go': 'Hamlet'
'Look out!'
'Le Coq ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-18-2017#sthash.a17wN3Ab.dpuf

Yields of fields
Wheel of Fortune, for one
Washing dishes, e.g
Temple buildings
Targeted to the well-to-do
Talkative trucker
Swinton of 'Doctor Strange'
Sulky reaction
Stir up
Spot for a flowerpot
Slaughterhouse site in 'Slaughterhouse-Five'
Singer whose name is Icelandic for 'birch'
Salt container?
Road trip expense
Punishment, symbolically
Port on the Arabian Peninsula
Poitiers pal
Perpetrator, in cop lingo
Part of a solution, perhaps
One who's been cornered?
One tank in an inkjet printer
One side of a relativity equation
Obsessive anime fan
National park of southwest Utah
More colorfully gaudy
Moccasin's lack
Members of the woodwind section
Member of the woodwind section
Like lawn flamingos
Libya's loc
Legal conclusion?
Lab in one's home, e.g
Knock back a few
Keyed up
It is what it is
It is what 'It' is
It is what 'it' is
Hotbed of corruption
Helpful advice
He vied with Odysseus for Achilles' armor
Hard to swallow?
Gretzky, for most of the 1980s
Grafton's '___ for Evidence'
Gold standard
Galaxy Tab rival
Frasier's brother
Form letters?
Filming spot
Filming spot
Fan focus
Diner menu section
Descartes and Magritte
Cut substantially
Cub Scout group
Crucifix inscription
Clumsy fellow
Chignon spot
Check line
Chase in the movies
Calico cat, generally
Bubbling over
Brother of Moses
Blows it
Billy, at one time
Bern's river
Battle of the Atlantic vessel
Backcountry dwelling
'SOS' group
'It is what it is'
'Charm City' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-18-2017—Tautologies#sthash.4SI7TGkW.dpuf

Workbench item
White heron
Wedding words
Two-tone treat
Tucked in for the night
The 62 of Saturn
Take to court
Suffix with 'cold' or 'warm'
Subject of daily reporting
Strong quest for new members
Store cremated remains in a vase
St. Petersburg-to-Orlando dir
Southwestern elevation
Some trail mix ingredients
Some spa applications
Snake's poison
Smartly sneaky
Small salamander
Sign into law
Shoe bottoms
Seven, on some clocks
Senior group members
Send out, as radio waves
Seething with rage
SEALAB inhabitant
Professional's charge
Pressing agent
Prefix meaning 'new'
Person who has been scammed
Opposite of 'Yeah!'
Old Faithful locale
Not uniform or level
Mental spark
Maybe 25 percent of a gallop
Loco place for bats?
Last century's 'Oh, my!'
Known the world over
Killer whale
It's shafted on purpose
It's constantly in one's mouth
Idiotic mistake
Hospital employee
Hobnobs among guests
Hindu dress
Hawaiian greeting
Happening thing
Fundamental change in basic concepts
Fragrant light purple flower
Filled up, as a ship
Feminine pronoun
Expected in
Dreamy sleep stage
Drake relative
Darkens from the sun
Cup of the yachting world
Cover for traffic
Classical column style
Chemistry subjects
Certain young bird of prey
Cause partner
Busy place in Norway
Boxing legend Ali
Biblical sanctuary
At full speed, on the high seas
Any single apartment, to a super
Ambulance initials
Always used by Shakespeare?
'Will they ___ learn?'
'This ___ war!'
'Psych' finale
'I called it first!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-18-2017#sthash.2RQ5Tvgz.dpuf

Word before Luck or Gaga
Whole bunch
White-tie affairs
Went into a losing streak
Wedding memento
Watts of 'The Impossible'
Warrior Dash, for one
Voracious, like a reader
Vision correction surgery
Town square figure, perhaps
Toot one's own horn
Toon skunk Le Pew
They're run up in bars
Texter's 'If you ask me . . .'
Stockbroker's advice, perhaps
Starting from
Society with vassals and fiefs
Score before a service break, perhaps
Sch. near Harvard
Rod of 'The Twilight Zone'
River to the Caspian Sea
Right-hand person
Polygon measure
Poker variety
Place for a rest cure
Off the sauce
Murray with two Olympic golds in tennis
More peeved
Master of a 24-Down
Magma, after surfacing
Longtime dance partner of Fonteyn
Like the noble elements
Like Maine's Sen. Angus King
Like 'The Twilight Zone' episodes
Leadership org. for females
Leader of the Lost Boys
Kitchen utensils buy
Kitchen or car wash need
Just sitting around
Jackie O's man, in headlines
In ___ of (replacing)
Home foreclosure, for short
Hit the roof
Ham and Swiss holder
Galileo's birthplace
French automaker with a lion logo
Ford a shallow river, say
First name in late-night TV
Finder's reward
Figure skater's maneuver
Ferry destination, perhaps
Fate, informally
Down in the dumps
Dowdy sort
Dot on a radar screen
Dive like an eagle
Diamonds, slangily
Designer of an eponymous tower
Decrease the word count, say
Dada pioneer Jean
Costa del ___
Concerning, on a memo
Comics caveman Alley
Clint Eastwood's role on 'Rawhide'
Church recess
Christmas carol starter
Chit left in a pot
Cause of a free throw, often
Capital Down Under
Be wild about
BART part
Art Nouveau piece with a glass shade
Anheuser-Busch, to the Super Bowl
Analyzes, as ore
Admit guilt, with 'up'
'Thank Heaven for Little Girls' musical
'I did it!'
'A Natural Man' singer Lou – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-18-2017#sthash.qtpsFfC0.dpuf

__ Z (thoroughly)
__ moment (insightful instant)
Without aid
Windmill blade
Wind ensemble instrument
Veep before Al
Trunk cutters
Thin out
Taken off the shelf
Supply short-term
Squirming, say
Something thrown on a cruise
Some frozen treats
Snack in a shell
River of Spain
Right-angle shape
Rhythmic swing
Reminiscent of fake fruit
Quarterback Manning
Quarrelsome, as a mood
Prefix for hero
Philippine island
Persuade gently
On a cruise
Ole Miss rival
Not taking sides
Northern South American
Nonfactor at domed stadiums
Neighbor of Wyo
Mythical bow toter
Mineral sources
Metrical tributes
Marc Antony foe
Major prank
Lorry fuel
Lab monkey
Ketch's kitchen
Ivy's twiner
Informal question
In an orderly formation
Ignore, with "out"
Hoping to get on
Hit the ceiling
Helped reduce, as expenses
Heavy metal in westerns
Gutsy poker bet
Grad student's mentor
Four-legged plow pullers
Flannel shirt pattern
Fitzgerald of jazz
Fictional sleuth Cross
Equi- equivalent
Elizabeth I's mom
Early 7th-century date
Daffy or Donald
Cultured dairy selection
Columbia Pictures owner
Color brighter than goldenrod
Career's beginning
Card of courses
Cameo stone
Brake component
Bird-feeder food
Biblical role for Crowe
Be the boss
Bard's eloper
Banks of fashion
Back muscle, briefly
Apply, as paint
Added details
Adapter designation
A pushover
"The Little Mermaid" villain
"Iliad" locale 

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