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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.09.2017

__ facto
__ a kind
Wise guy
Win the love of
Wickiup, e.g
Westernmost African capital
Wanna-__: poseurs
Waiters take them
Uncle of Prince Wm
Ukrainian port, to locals
Tommy Lee Jones' 'Men in Black' role
Tennis calls
Stay out of sight
Stat for Aroldis Chapman
Stars watched by many
Square to look through
Spewed magma
Spanish wine descriptor
Spaceship Earth site
Singer Billie Holiday's nickname
Sierra __
Salon specialists
Ross Sea penguin
Recited confidently
Reading lights
Ray, for one
Rap music article
Quick-getaway auditorium seat site
Quaint lodging
Pope output
Plot makeup
Playwright Wasserstein
Photog's item
Penn, e.g.: Abbr
Ottoman bigwig
Old TV knob
Old propeller site
NFL ball carriers
Nevada city on I-80
Name of 12 popes
Moving supply: Abbr
Most common draw in Scrabble
Morgen's opposite
More unpleasant, as details
More refined
Military command
Military camps
Mariner org
Mall tenant
Like kebabs
Like an eddy
Janvier, across the Pyrenees
Italian noble family
It ushers in lower temperatures … and what the answers to starred clues can have
Intolerant type
Hopper and Gabler
Hip sound?
Henri's health
Hanukkah toy
Hammett hound
Had a sample
Grand-scale poetry
Govt. prosecutors
Got on in years
Good-sized chamber group
Golfer Aoki
Gather in bundles
Game equipment
Fusion, for one
French clerics
Four Holy Roman emperors
Former Spanish Sahara territory that is neither a river nor has any gold
Ferrell's 'SNL' cheerleading partner
Farthest from the action, as arena seats
Earthquake prefix
Double-decker game piece
Doo-wop syllable
Done, for Donne
DNA component
Dentist's find
Currency exchange fee
Cry to Silver
Crime boss
Corrosive substances
Corrosive stuff
CBS golf analyst Baker-Finch
Casa room
Campus house, maybe
Bowser's brand
Book end?
Between, in Brest
Battery pole
Bar mitzvah dance
At risk
An 80-footer is a long one
Afterthought preceder
Actress Charlotte
Actor Cage, in tabloids
*What will fix misteaks?
*Ragtime dance
*Protective sports gear
*Prop in an iconic 'Psycho' scene
*Lawyer's backlog
*Flower named for a legendary beast
*Filled pastry
*Contents of an abandoned one may be sold at auction
*2017 Broadway musical based on the rivalry between Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein
'Well, that's obvious'
'We Try Harder' company
'Take it'
'Faust' author
'And God Created Woman' (1956) star

___, amas, amat
___ wolf
___ plane
___ monkey
What may grow with interest
Western tribe
Welcoming diners at midnight, say
Trusts and ___ (law school class)
Tiny conductor of heat or electricity
Tikkanen who won five Stanley Cups
The same as
The Philippines' ___ Sea
The New Yorker piece
The N.B.A.'s Curry, informally
Tennis's Novak Djokovic, by birth
Teen driver's acquisition
Tech overseer
Team finale?
Taquito wrap
Symbol for a break
Swiss folk hero with a crossbow
Stranded cellular stuff
Straight: Prefix
St. Pierre, par exemple
Speed skater Karin who won eight Olympic medals
Special ___
South American plains
Some rounds
Some positives and negatives
Singer James
Singer India.___
Signer of many a permission form
Setting a world record, e.g
Save from disaster
Roman philosopher who wrote 'All cruelty springs from weakness'
Rex Tillerson's alma mater, for short
Reason to stop reading
Quarter deck?
Proteins responsible for mad cow disease
Premise of the film 'Freaky Friday'
Poisonous snakes
Place to try patatas bravas
Pigment in red blood cells
Paul ___, Microsoft co-founder
Palindromic bird
One-named philosopher
One of the Borgias
Old outdoor dance sights
Not level
Naval engagements
National ___ Day (last Friday in April)
Mythical beast with goatlike features
Music genre for Weezer or the Shins
Mulled wine ingredient
More chichi
Mahmoud Abbas's grp
Like the Dalai Lama
Letters on N.Y.C. trains
Less mendacious
Keys for Keys?
Jazzy Fitzgerald
It's got you covered
It's got you covered
Hot spot, both literally and figuratively
Homophone for the atomic number of oxygen
Grain containers
Get a bite?
Gertrude who swam the English Channel in 1926
German pronoun
Frequent director of De Niro
Football formation
Fancy French shellfish dish
Extra periods at TD Garden
Evidence in an arson investigation
En ___ (as a group)
Email best not replied to
Director Anderson
Dig for answers
Dark time, in poesy
Copyright concern
Congress, with 'the'
Collection of Hindu aphorisms
Cocky walk
Classroom item
Claim deposits
Child's seat, maybe
Central Park's SummerStage, e.g
Celestial object that emits radio waves
Catch like Spider-Man
Carved emblem
Burton of 'Reading Rainbow'
Bullfight chorus
Buenos ___
Brand of note?
Beer parlor
Barley wine, e.g
Baja bear
Backup group for Gladys Knight
Author Rankin
At the limit, with 'out'
Anthropomorphic hedgehog of gamedom
Altar constellation
All together, as a family
After-dinner drink
Adds water to
Addis Ababa's country: Abbr
Actress Lena
A good place to start
1428 ___ (horror film address): Abbr
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 …, e.g.: Abbr
007, for one: Abbr
'Turn! Turn! Turn!' band, with 'the'
'Totally understood'
'Then again …,' in a tweet
'The only beauty that never fades,' per Audrey Hepburn
'The Hallucinogenic Toreador' artist
'Star Wars' droid
'No point arguing with me!'
'I rock!'
'Homer and ___ Exchange Cross Words' (2008 episode of 'The Simpsons')
'Excuse me'
'Don't mind ___!'
'Darn it!'

Written debt acknowledgment
Warning from a dog
Type of coronary procedure
The four Warners
State categorically
Some places to get massages
Sir Guinness
Sharp mountain ridges
Servings at a soiree
Residence for a clergyman
Relating to the ear
Put on a scale of 1 to 5, e.g
Puppeteer Lewis
Proofreader's note
Prefix with 'agreed'
Poems of tribute
Played a part
Person with dark-brown hair (var.)
Parents of Jesus
Old-timey 'alas' partner
Old Italian money
Old anesthetic
Not we or us
Not big
Not be selfish
More sick
Money from a bank heist
McNally with the maps
MacFarlane or Green
Luggage lugger
Like barely cooked steak
It can put you in your place
Hunt after
Hawk's habitation
Hair application
Give the boot
Far from cordial
Express one's disapproval
Egyptian river
Earthquake's shake
Deal maker
Cowboy competition
Corn bit in a bowl
Cookbook author Rombauer
Common Mkt. letters, once
Column type
City crushed by Godzilla
Certain semiaquatic salamander
Certain geometry calculation
Bridge positions
Bone breakers?
Boil ahead of time, e.g
Bit of broccoli
Biblical one of 150
Baseball offic
Apology word
Annoy or attack continually
Alternate during gameplay
Actor Arkin
A bit at a time
'___ you a cutie?'
'___ words cannot express …'
'The Greatest' of boxing
'The Grapes of Wrath' migrant
'For goodness ___!'

___-country (music genre)
Winter falls
Wader with prized plumes
Vietnam-era helicopter
Vanilla candle's emanation
Value of an ace, sometimes
Tokyo, to the 2020 Olympics
Sum total
Suffix with concession
Stereotypical villain's look
Starting 2-Down
Started the bidding
Standard Windows typeface
Sloe color
Ship that sailed past the sirens
Serpico, notably
Sermon ender
Satchel of Cooperstown
Salon device that might give you a 62-Down
Rye blight
Roulette bet
Roller coaster feature
Requirement in a closed shop
Request for seconds
Producer of annoying pop-ups
Prefix meaning 'trillion'
Pool's spot, on a cruise ship
Politico Gingrich
Poker or pool setup
Pile of poker chips, perhaps
Peter out
Part of an orbital path
Nurse at a bar
Neighbor of Teddy on Mount Rushmore
Mork and Orson, for short
Model train sound
Mini-albums, briefly
Maple tree yield
London lav
List of slip-ups
Like unfilleted sardines
Kilt or cummerbund feature
It may thicken, so to speak
Idle chatter
Hypothetical missing link
Horace and Sappho
Hill who anchored 'NBC Nightly News'
Gullible sort
Green Berets' branch
Go back, on a PC
Go aimlessly
Giraffe's marking
Fairy tale character with a too-soft bed
Eye up and down
Did in, biblically
Dependent on charity
Crow's-nest locales
Connecticut's ___ Whitney Museum
Come-as-you-___ party
City area, informally
Catchall abbr
Booth or beach acquisition
Big, fat mouth
Big drop in the stock market
Bernese peak
Belt overhang
Baseball yearbook listing
Baseball scoreboard posting
Bacon slice
AriZona competitor
Ariel of Six-Day War fame
Anti-trafficking org
'The Simpsons' storekeeper
'The Last Ship' channel
'That's gross!'
'A Bug's Life' bugs

__ Pictures Studios ("Jeopardy!" setting)
__ culpa
Years and years
Without peer
Wistful word
Wild guess
What some caps are made of
Warning sound
Wander about
Wander about
Verizon buy of 2017
Venerable cracker brand
Undergrad, for short
Unappealing food
Turban wearer
Try to strike
Trudge (through)
Towel fabric
Toothpaste variety
To some extent
They're often seen with "ifs"
They're entertaining
Tennis great Steffi
Sweater styles
Summer setting in St. Pete
Strong point
Street cred
Stir from slumber
Still competitive
Stepson of Claudius
State one's views
Squirt of perfume
Sounded displeased
Sort of scary
Some pension funds
Some on the right
Snow board
Smartphone function
Short drive
Sharpen, as skills
Settle accounts
Section of some daily papers
Secret supply
Sci-fi machines
S&L customer
Rock of comedy
Reminiscent of hard-boiled fiction
Raw metals
Quick kiss
Privy to
Prince William's prep school
Pretzel maker's creation
Pottery flaw
Postpaid encl
Popular baby girl name
One of those things
One forming bonds
Oil ministers' grp
Novelist Paretsky
Nordstrom rival
Mushroom morsel
MPG-rating agcy
More annoying
Middle America state
Mediterranean nation
Mauna __
Lots of land
Leaves the warehouse
Lazy nature
Latter-day informal pluralizer
Justice since 2006
Just okay
Jambalaya ingredient
Ingrained routine
In shabby condition
In itself
Hot tub
High-tech machine suffix
Heron cousins
Gullible one
Get mileage out of
German article
Genesis twin
Gasoline additive
Furnished with footwear
Functioned as
Fuel oil source
Fresh thought
Founded, for short
First responder, for short
English horn cousin
East African island
Distance runners
Disinclination to move
Desktop symbols
Crush an exam
Cries out for
Covert ___ (spy missions)
Cottontail cousins
Corporate symbol
Copy room supply
Congregation response
Colorful tees
Civil War side: Abbr
CIA predecessor
Changes the price of
Cement ingredient
Care for
Car designed by Ferdinand Porsche
Cannes conclusion
Campfire refuse
Brubeck and Coltrane
Brit's auto hood
Big name in western fiction
Autocrat's word
Auto last made in 2014
Apt. coolers
Apprentice, for instance
Any of four turtle toons
Altar exchanges
Air-rifle ammo
A son of Jacob
'40s First Lady
"South Park" kid
"Ornery" person
"Nina" or "Pinta"
"Keep quiet!"
"Homeland" airer
"Don't wanna"

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