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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.08.2017

Young Clark's love
Yokohama product
Watch part
Wagner's '__ Rheingold'
Virgin __ Records: British label
Trivial matter
The ten in 'hang ten'
The Oxford Dictionaries 2015 'Word' of the Year is one
Strongbox alternative
Stretch out
Song on the album 'ABBA'
Soft ball
RSVP part
Potpourri quality
Post-lecture activity, briefly
Place for digs
Olympic dominance by Team USA?
Mine in Milan
Male delivery
Lew in old movies
Landslide victory claim
Kicks off the field, briefly
It's not debatable
How some medieval knights described their relationships?
Hindustani tongue
Hardly prudent
Greet quietly
Grammarian's treatise?
Good things to make meet
Gambling cube
Frequents dive bars, say
Essays appearing daily
Eric who founded an eclectic reader
Easy to figure out
Dog trainer's word
Did a gainer, say
Deck with a Hanged Man
Construction alloy
Conscription agcy
Computer accessory honored in verse?
Coffee break time
Christmas lead-in
Chophouse order
Chicago's __ Center
Certain auction offering
Century plant, e.g
Canadian coin since 1996
Bowl over
Boardwalk extension
Bed at a base
Autobahn autos
Anonymous '70s litigant
Airborne intruder
90 degrees from norte
'__ Fell': Beatles
'__ Constant Sorrow': folk classic
'Young Frankenstein' helper
'Slippery' tree
'Hook' pirate
'Get on Your Feet' singer
'Fat chance!'

___ list
Yadda yadda yadda
What knitters need to match, often
Verb for a dieter
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Tibia connectors
Third set of circled letters
Things in pools
Tharp of dance
Take in
Subj. of a Kaplan prep course
Stand-in, maybe
Shipping unit
Second set of circled letters
Searching blindly
Scottish delicacy
Scale notes
Russian wolfhound
River through Bath, England
River paralleled by I-80 through a long stretch of the Plains
Rapper ___ Rida
Range located along the 60th meridian
Quest for knowledge?
Pointer for a meteorologist?
Pick up
One side of St. George's Channel
One in la familia
Nobelist Bohr
Mesh for securing items in a truck bed
Mannerly man
Like Tylenol PM, for short
Like the number of games in a 'best of' series
Like some synthetic colorants
Like some orders
Like a racehorse
Lacking sauce?
Its motto is 'Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain'
Instrument anyone can play
In the trash
Impetus for a bungee jump, maybe
Home in the woods
Govt. org. whose funding is perennially debated
Golfer Walter with 11 major championships
Game often played on car rides
First set of circled letters
Faction in China's Cultural Revolution … or a hint to each set of circled letters
ESPN broadcaster Bob
Eastern Med. land
Delta 88, e.g., informally
Commit a court violation
Commercial interest
Colorful card game
Bonds, e.g
Black ___
Be in the red
Baseball position, informally
Barrymore and Liu's 'Charlie's Angels' co-star
Attic construction
Arabian stimulant
All atwitter
About 1,400 of them is the record for a human: Abbr
A.D. part
1983 Woody Allen film
'___ you not entertained?'
'The Complete ___ Guide to …' (popular book series)
'Rogue ___'
'Grand Hotel' actress

___ Lingus
What you might take to relax
Vegas offering
Untouched area
Two-wheeled carriage
Tudor symbol
Tries for a part
Track direction
Temple fixture
Take in
Study of symbols
Strong cotton variety
Strikeout stars
Slight variations
Shark's offering
Seneca's student
Salmon topping, at times
Put out, in a way
Put on some concealer, say
Perry's top reporter
Oven cleaner ingredient
Onetime Reebok subsidiary
Ollie's ally
Noisily energetic
Mink's Himalayan cousin
Milan-based label
Mideast monarchy
Made one's case
Love of TV's 'The Real'
Knight's title, in Westeros
Jordan River's endpoint
It has a supporting role
Individuals in Arles
Indispensable item
Hygienist's request
His New York Times obit called him 'a cranky voice of CBS'
Hardly assertive
Groom for a long time
Former Texan senator Phil
Float along
Fife fellow
Estate employee
End of a slide, at times
Donald's portrayer on 'SNL'
Dept. of Educ. concern
Delivery person?
Contented comment
Comic strip character in a striped shirt
Cold shower
Closes on
City of Saxony
Capitalist way
Bring about
Basic cell structure?
Baseball's Blyleven
As soon as
Adviser to Henry VIII
8:15, e.g
'Voulez-Vous' band
'Right back ___!'
'Our Town' setting
'O ___ babbino caro' (Puccini aria)
'Hold on…'
'Give it ___!'

___ gin fizz
Words with 'self-defense' or 'good faith'
Word with 'legal' or 'foreign'
Wedding cake section
Type of shark
Type of basket
Tube-shaped pasta
Travel like a scent
Toothpaste form
Three words with 'fat'
Three words with 'fat'
Three words with 'fat'
Theater offerings
The Caped Crusader
Telepathy, e.g
Tall, flightless birds
Swindler's mark
Some printing spaces
Small, slender seagull
Small denomination?
Skim milk?
Shopper's complex
Radii companions
Prefix with 'lock' and 'social'
Place to request hits
Pa Joad, for one
Ominous sign
Notch between mountains
Not yet ashore
Native American homes of old
Miserable dwelling
Miner's way out
Mideast gulf
Marking from a proofreader
Many are classified
Long-legged wading birds
Loafer's bottom
Livestock feed
Little Bo's last name?
Like saddle shoes
Least assertive
Lavatory feature
June 6, 1944
Joe for an insomniac
Jekyll's alter ego
Indian state
Inane one
Horse feed
Heredity unit
Good-sized land plot
First stringers?
Feature of a cold, brisk day
Duck with fine feathers
Content of some globes
Classic movie theater name
City near Oakland
Carryall bag
Bests or betters
Bean type (var.)
Be in charge of, as a department
Author Ferber
Attachment to 'lasting'
Assents on the briny
Apple utensil
Amorousness (var.)
'___ playing allowed!'
'Same here' remarks
'Peter, Peter, Pumpkin ___'

___ the Hyena ('Li'l Abner' character)
___ dish (lab vessel)
Young eel
Yogi of Jellystone Park
Word before story or sister
With 11-Down, 1970 Perry Como hit
Wimpy guy
W.C. Fields persona
Unalaska Island native
Tug of war need
Tourney seed's free pass
Toot one's own horn
Subject of many iPhone photos
Spots for Jacuzzis
Something to whistle
Site with crowd-sourced reviews
Shaq who starred in 'Kazaam'
Seize unlawfully
See 44-Across
Schiller's '___ to Joy'
Safecracker, slangily
Room with a recliner, often
River of Leeds
Right-triangle ratio
Reinforced part of a work sock
Reduce to rubble
Reason for sudden death
Read Braille
Prima donna's delivery
On ___ (like a freelance submission)
Olympic sledder
Old enough to buy beer, say
Number of states bordered by Maine
Neutral hue
Needs a rubdown, perhaps
Minor to-do
Merino mothers
Marina walkway
Many a Taylor Swift fan
Jury members, in theory
Information from a cable provider
In a big way
In a 22-Down
Helpful contacts
Green kind of energy
Gorsuch of the Supreme Court
Go hither and yon
Gathered in great numbers
Game with suspects, rooms and weapons
Frisked, with 'down'
For all to see
Fairy tale meanie
Eye-irritating pollution
Ewer's partner
Electric guitar plug-in
Desert Storm ally
Descartes' 'therefore'
De-ice, in a way
Daily double, e.g
Crow's-nests' places
Cream of the crop
Coin depicting Franklin
Chuck who sang 'Johnny B. Goode'
Chemical in drain uncloggers
Business card datum
Bryce Harper was MLB's first overall in 2010
Bootblack's offering
Bigoted sorts
Be a brat
Basketball's Wilt 'The ___' Chamberlain
Auction assents
Arsenal stock, briefly
33-Down, in rock 'n' roll history
'You, there!'
'Wild' area years past
'Who's Who' entries, briefly
'C'mon in!'
'All ___ being equal . . .'

Word on fable books
Without delay
Where Laos lies
Water-holding gem
Usefulness, so to speak
Turn out to be
Tuber term
Thick as a brick
Tempe campus
Stir-fry staple
Steel girders
Sponsor's payment
Spans with names
Some distance away
Sign of disuse
Set foot (on)
Sax range
Regular earnings
Put together
Plate appearance
Part of some hammers
Open a bit
Onetime NPR commentator
Olympus VIP
Old West transportation
Odist's "before"
NFC West team
Nation near Tonga
Mr. Peanut accessory
Moose cousin
Missing from
Mental disposition
Maestro's reference
Like "Rambo" and "Gladiator"
Jazz singer Laine
It's east of Israel
It means "skin"
Gasoline additive
Galaxy Tab rival
Fraudulent deal
Fleecy beasts
Female moose
Far from rosy
Extract, as groceries
Exploration organization
Experts on books
Easy __ (no sweat)
Disparaging word
Credit card's magnet
Coupe descriptor
Commando garb
Carpenter's pins
Capital of Bulgaria
Bygone birds
Boston Marathon mo
Book jacket prose
Bit of chicanery
Be a pest to
Aviation prefix
Apply amply
Annual aviator
Alsace assent
'90s sitcom star
"M*A*S*H" regular
"Hamilton" role
"Get lost!"
"Forget it!"

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