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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.07.2017

__ gum: thickening agent
Wonderland creator
Waste not
Wake Island or Bikini
Treat like a dog?
Thus far
Tackle's neighbor on the line
Sufferer healed by Jesus
Sport-__: versatile vehicle
Source, as of knowledge
Soulful James
Singer with Stills, Nash and Young
Sculler's need
Santa's sackful
Said again
Ripped up
Purvey provisions for a party
Provide water to artificially
Plane measure
Plane arrivals
Pigs' digs
Partner of wide
On the train
Old piano key material
Old calculators
Not at all serious, as threats
New Deal pres
Multi-talented Danny
Metal-bearing rock
Luau serving
Longtime P&G soap 'for women'
Like a busybody
Keats creation
Joint malady
Indian spiced tea
Indian bread
Her fashion company made the Fortune 500 in 1986
Henna and others
Ham on __
Gumbo pod
Go ballistic
Gabor and Perón
Former name of the Congo
First of 13 popes
Fend off
Drop the ball
Dreidel, essentially
Comm. system with hand motions
Colorful parrots
Clever tactic
Bulletin board fastener
Built with, as straw, sticks or bricks
Bridge support
Breakfast strips
Break bread
Borden cow … and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's four longest answers
Bitterly regrets
Back muscle, for short
Art able to
Alaskan city on the Seward Peninsula
Accumulate on a surface
'70s Wonder Woman portrayer
'60s hallucinogen
'50s nuclear experiment
'Who's on First?' funny guy
'Who __ blame?'
'If all __ fails … '
'Furthermore … '
'For Your Eyes __': Bond film

___ and cheese
Wrestling for 400-pounders
Words said at the altar
Word repeated in 'It's ___, all ___!'
What smells
What rolling stones don't gather
Tax cheats' fears
Take a yacht out
Swim meet coverage?
Suffix with differ
Stately shade trees
Sometimes good, sometimes bad
Some bank offerings, for short
Singer Lovato
Since Jan. 1
Shore birds
Sea slitherer
Rubbing the wrong way?
Rod-shaped bacterium
Roadside stops
Restroom sign
Release from being caught on a nail, say
Príncipe's sister island
President's plane
Pigs ___ blanket
Photographer Adams
Opposite of bests
Old-fashioned 'Awesome!'
Officials crying 'Offside' and 'Pass interference'
No-good thief
Nancy who solves mysteries
Miscellany … or a description of the final words in 15-, 23-, 30-, 38- and 43-Across
Means of tracking workers' hours
Material for a tight-fitting glove
Martial art that's an Olympic sport
Like some library books and babies
Like some ancient characters
Landed, as on a branch
It's fixed for a prix fixe meal
Insurance company with a lizard mascot
In the manner of
Gives a new account of
Force-ful characters?
Flying geese formation
Dorm figs
Cry before 'You're out!'
Conclusion of a close World Series
Charged particles
Building material for the first little pig
Broadway's '___ Miz'
Brand of sheepskin boots
Big feature on a donkey
Beauty's partner, with 'the'
Annoying feature of an online stream
Adheres to, as a rule
Actor Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games'
Actions on the dance floor
6 or so, for first graders
'Wailing' instrument
'Up top!'
'Now ___ seen it all!'
'Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm'
'I ___ see that coming!'
'Hello' singer of 2015

___ con pollo (chicken-and-rice dish)
Whirl of water
Watchdog warning
Walk-___ (nonspeaking roles)
Umbrella brand
To some extent
Tennis match makeup
Take the stand
Suspicious of
Sunscreen ingredient
Stereotypical techie
Spots for slots
Spoil the surprise, in a way
Sleep like ___
Showed contempt for
Sgt.'s underlings
Redress seeker
Range separating Spain and France
Put one's feet up
Prepare for a performance
Polo shirt brand
PlayStation maker
Playful mammal
Places to get body wraps and massages
On the take
Net holder
Much of a TV network's income
Min. divisions
Mexican money
Melodramatic TV shows
Make sense
Lecture attendee's jottings
Kin of crannies
Keystone's place
June 6, 1944
Israeli author Oz
iPhone assistant
Harry Potter feature
Genetic stuff
Furlong or fathom
From Vientiane, say
Free of clutter
Explorer of kiddie TV
Exfoliation target
End, as a school session
Ear: Prefix
Division of a body of water?
DeVito of 'Taxi'
Dentist's directive
Dating from
Cost of a hand
Cobbler's cousin
Clear as ___
Cape charger, in Pamplona
Bubble's shape
Bubble's shape
Body of water comprising tresses?
Baja buddies
Backpack material
Awkward fellows
As large as a body of water?
Animal on Sri Lanka's flag
Address about a body of water?
15-Across's 'Taxi' role
'The Jellicle Ball' musical
'Shut up!'

Yang's complement
Word with 'stomach,' 'tooth' or 'head'
Wispy white clouds
Wall recess
Verbal thumbs-down vote
Utilize an inkjet
Useful bits of airport info
Two-masted sailboat
Thor or Odin, in mythology
They handle the hole job
Tests out a chair
Stern's opposite
Speaker's platform
Song's lead-in
Song of David
Show subservience, in a way
Repeated sound
Remove glass cleaner
Relating to the ear
Redmond native, e.g
Poems of praise
Plane assignment
Pina colada ingredient
Operations center
One way to attach a button
Olive and canola
Muddy waters' biggest fan?
Member of the Dynamic Duo
Mea ___
Makes like a chicken
Lunges with a knife
Longing to return to one's family
Lacking strength
Insider talk
Indian's home
Hilton of hotel fame
Haunted-house scream
Guaranteed monetary unit
Grand-scale film
Filming site
Eye parts
Excessively garish art
English class assignment
Electric car brand
Doesn't just close a door
Council Bluffs native
Computer maker
Civil War soldier, briefly
Cheryl, on 'Charlie's Angels'
Chalklike mineral
California wine valley
Bonkers way to run
Blood blockage
Blood and guts
Beverly Hills, for one
Beginning square?
At least 12 hours from morn
Assign, as shares
As a whole
A or B, among personalities
'___ the night before …'
'Yes, yes!' in Spanish
'Tender' cut of meat
'Legal' attachment
'Follow me,' informally
'All's Well ___ Ends Well'
'… and so on'

Zales competitor
Word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 55-Across and 11- and 33-Down
Wimple wearers
White sale buy
Way out there
Vintners' vessels
Victoria's Secret sleepwear buy
Victim of Cain
Verne's circumnavigator
Triple play threesome
Title above viscount
Tip-jar insert, often
Tiny fraction of a newton
Tiny fraction of a kilowatt-hour
Test grader's aid
Tabasco sauce quality
Stubby-tailed predator
Started the kitty
Spore-producing plant
Sources of ruin
Some 'What's My Line?' responses
Snooty sort
Skeptical outlook
Share a side with
Seward's Alaska purchase, it was said
Section of a cow chart
Salsa-topped munchies
Reusable bag
Regarding, on a memo
Reef material used in jewelry
Really important
Pueblo brick
Post-exercise woes
Places on a pedestal
Pit stop intake
Period of calm
Part of a Kit Kat
Off one's rocker
Much of the time
Misspeak, say
Minimal amount
Make blissful
Made a cashless transaction
Lounge furnishings
Lofty goal, metaphorically
Little hopper in Milne tales
Like some air freshener scents
Like a bassoon's sound
Late-night fridge visit
Land of kendo
King Kong's love, ___ Darrow
Hint at
Haunted house decoration
Hangs on to
Half the 'California Dreamin" group
Guitar innovator Paul
Germ for an invention
First ___ (Gilligan's job)
Find irresistible
Fathered, as a 7-Down
Fall back gradually
Exceed 21 in blackjack
Crossed a stream, in a way
Completed, as a form
Classic necktie knot
Card game expert Edmond
Capable of success
Butterfly snagger
Ben & Jerry's holder
Beads of sweat, e.g
Baldwin of '30 Rock'
Baby bronco
Assigner of 4-Fs and 1-As
Alan with six Golden Globes
A party to
'The great unwashed'
'Alternative fact'

Wide belt
Whitish gemstone
When roosters crow
Walk inside
Very funny person
Vegetable plot
Veal or beef
Unwanted plant
University sports org
Top poker cards
Toon explorer
Swing to and fro
Suit to __ (fit perfectly)
Start to melt
Stare (at)
Sounds of fright
Sound of a small bell
Solemn pledge
Slow-cooker meal
Slangy refusal
Signals "OK" with one's head
Short snoozes
Salary increase
Routine task
River of Paris
Retro "Cool!"
Quoted as a source
Prodded, with "on"
Pre-Easter period
Picnic pests
Parts of poems
Pained expression
Out of whack
Opera solos
One of the Great Lakes
Old Faithful, for example
Morning lawn moisture
Money in Mexico
Long, heroic story
Light __ (seemingly weightless)
Lambs' mothers
Knocks sharply
In addition
Impolite look
Household rubbish
Honking bird
Helpful to those living close by
Glides on snow
Give a high-five to
Gets closer to
Furniture to dine on
Flat-topped hill
Flamingo color
Female parents
Ejects, as lava
Durable hardwood
Drove too fast
Deep cuts
Complete collections
Changed direction abruptly
Cash borrowed
British noblemen
Bored by it all
Being pulled from behind
Be nostalgic for
At an unhurried pace
"__ upon a time . . ."
"__ the other hand . . ." (alternatively)
"That's really the truth"
"Ali __ and the 40 Thieves"

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