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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.06.2017

__ trip
You can still blow it up after you pop it
Where regular payments are made
Weighs in
Warm-blooded fish
They do dos
Take care of
Stint for Björn Borg or Björk
Stank up a storm
Spring (from)
Soybean product also called yuba
Some reds
Skinny one
Shunned ones
Reach the limit
Protozoan genus
Private phone connection
Post-Civil War pres
Pet reindeer in 'Frozen'
Palate protrusions
One screening fliers
Not at all all over
Nittany Lions' sch
Mythical Highlander
Mongo Santamaria jazz standard whose title is rhymed with 'cocoa hue' in Oscar Brown Jr.'s lyrics
Modern pizza option
Messenger substance
Memo abbr
MD airport
Loafer letters
Like a fox
Left things
Lasso feature
Its services include water taxis
It stops the bleeding
In vitro cells
In line with safety regulations
Holiday stocking bummer
Govt. bureau dealing with explosives
Give up
Get back
Foe in a four-plus-decade 'war'
First director to win back-to-back Oscars since Mankiewicz
Finely detailed
Editor of two 'Das Kapital' volumes
Drink from a stand
Debate-ending procedure
Consumer Reports data
Collateral takeback, for short
Church council
Chinese philosophy mainstay
Chevy sportster
Chapel Hill inst
Certain radio receiver
Break bread?
Boardroom cheese?
Baker's tool
Arena cannon fodder?
'__ Maria'
'__ Butterfly'
'You messed up'
'That wasn't exactly honorable of me, was it'
'As I see it … ' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-17-2017#sthash.yWqZNSK9.dpuf

___ floresiensis (extinct 'hobbit')
___ bath
Whole note, to a Brit
Wearying work schedule
Very much
Title actress on Netflix's 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'
They're high at M.I.T. and Stanford
Ta-Nehisi who wrote the best seller 'Between the World and Me'
SpaceX head Musk
Some pyramids, though not the ones at Giza
Skin-care brand
Sibling trio in 'Hamilton'
Shiraz setting
Shaking like a leaf, maybe
Sea seen from Ithaca
Runner's ___ (marathoner's woe)
Reduce in force or intensity
Put down hard
Preserves covers?
Practice composition?: Abbr
Port on Ishikari Bay
Poet Sara who wrote 'I Shall Not Care'
Part of Sherlock Holmes's attire
Part of a merry refrain
Ones putting down quadrels
One might be a 'n00b'
Memphis-to-Nashville dir
Meal maker?
Leave en masse
Lead-in to méxico
Kakuro calculation
Historical name of the Iberian Peninsula
Group of 100 people
Goes for the bronze?
Generates, with 'up'
French anise-flavored liqueur
Flow stopper, of a sort
Fifth of eight parrying positions in fencing
Fats Domino's real first name
Early Mercedes-Benz racing car
Dry runs, e.g
Drawn-out campaign
Destination proclamation
Day of doom, in Scandinavian mythology
Channel swimmer Gertrude
Cartoon word often seen with a lightning bolt
Call of Duty tally
Builders of the original Legoland
Bothered terribly
Big character in children's literature
Barbershop staple from 'The Music Man'
Austrian treats
About to explode
'Would ___?'
'It's déjà vu all over again' speaker – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-17-2017#sthash.C9snk3WG.dpuf

___ Trench (Pacific chasm)
___ dixit (unproven assertion)
___ acid
Winter Palace occupant
Whom Moonves succeeded
Where to see trots and slots
Weak heart?
Way up
Wave producer
Venn visual
Unlike Dracula
Union in D.C. and others
Turns up
Took cover
Ticker tape, for short
Terrarium youngsters
Target of some workouts
Take advantage of
Successful pols
Subway systems
Start of a plea
Star on the mound
Star movers
Some undies
Soldier material
Snippet of sound
Snack in a stack
Smart enemy
Siouan speaker
Sinus Dr
Signed off on
Shipping choice
Shipping choice
Scalpel's kin
Sandcastle shaper
Roman Cath. address
Rock producer Brian
Requiem composer
Reince Priebus headed it before becoming chief of staff to POTUS
Reason for a shift of hrs
Ready for surgery, perhaps
Propagation by sowing
Prepare for print
Police officer, at times
Poetic paean
Plaza de Toros cry
Played a bass?
Phone bill add-on
Penne ___ vodka
Participate in a high school fundraiser
Paper Mate rival
Packing, so to speak
Opposition answer
Old-style substance for old styles
NYC-to-Jamaica travel choice
Not ready for prime time
Nine-digit IDs
Mrs. Shrek
Moved like a show horse
Monterrey jack?
Miniseries, often
Mexican minder
Mathematician's 'I'm done'
Martin Luther King's minister daughter
March 17, e.g
Makes like a bulldog
Lunar calendar celebration
Luau strings
Llama land
Literally, 'turned'
Limited Series Emmy winner of 1977
Letters before Carl Vinson or Abraham Lincoln
Less authentic
June honorees
Judges and juries
Jerry Marcus comic strip
Item on hand in a school nurse's office
It'll open many doors for you
It'll lighten things up
In addition
High-water mark
Henny Youngman specialty
Have the final satisfaction
GPS heading
Got ready to play
German count's start
Garlicky condiment
Flag on a jacket, e.g
Firm finish
EU surcharge
End for some Internet addresses
Eastern state?
Do a spit take, e.g
Dialogue between scuba divers?
Dialogue between scaredy-cats?
Dialogue between mountain climbers?
Dialogue between hot dog vendors?
Dialogue between heterosexuals?
Dialogue between diner waitresses?
Dialogue between cows?
Dialogue between arson investigators?
Deadly heptad
Daughter of 'The Greatest'
Crude consortium
Cracker topper
Court break
Clear sheet
Chart template
Caterers' containers
Carson in the cabinet
Capital of Zanzibar
Cape Verde coins
Cannes companion
Buoyant ring
Brosnan's successor
Blue book occasions
Bartender's supply
Bad headaches
Author Deighton
Apple aide
Ain't right
Affectedly dainty
1957 Nabokov novel
'___ recall…'
'The Family Circus' cartoonist
'Star Wars' bounty hunter Boba ___
'Once upon a midnight dreary' writer
'Illmatic' rapper – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-17-2017—Dialogues#sthash.5w8Fxalw.dpuf

___-Town (Midwest city's nickname)
Zeus' wife
Wooster's bane
What some people take to relax?
What a dress did to prove it was too tight?
Wedding or prom rental
Waters of Paris
Was a candidate
Unexcitable and unmoved
Umpire's call
Type of house with plenty of meat
Type of cushion
Touch down
This, ___ and the other
Take, as advice
Take off a tube top?
Sylvester the cat has one
Swiss Guard's charge
Stockings material
Stick for a bounder
Spa amenity
Smells horrific
Small salmon
Sensation preceding a migraine
School for would-be priests
Sausage units
Quality of winter air
Pullers of Cinderella's pumpkin
Poisonous ornamental shrub
Place to find DNA of a formally dressed man?
Parent's 'ager'?
One of the 'aholics'
Not suited
Not even once, poetically
Missile type
Made tough by habitual exposure
Long film with a big cast
It's positively electric
Islamic leader
How the big-and-tall clothing thief was described?
Home with an expansive view
Holder of wedding pictures
Historic blocks of time
Have as an opinion
Green pasta sauce
Former cygnet
Editor's cancellation notation
Eagle over the coast
Doggie bag items
Do more than avoid
Depression in a smooth surface
Cooped-up layer
Condensed, memorable saying
Collusion or partnership
Clumsy one
Classes or types
Chicken-king separator
Chantilly item
Calendar abbreviation
Bring together, as for a cause
Bread buttered with ghee
Blankety-blank scoundrels
Attachment to 'over' or 'under'
Another name for the Virgin Mary
Annie of 'Designing Women'
Aftermath of baby's spaghetti dinner
16-Across, for one
'Rome ___ built in a day'
'Out of the frying pan, ___ the fire'
'Now hear me good' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-17-2017#sthash.48X0cCWi.dpuf

Word widely preferred over 'Eskimo'
Word following 'horse' or 'soap'
Wish undone
Where swift boats were deployed, for short
Where hogs wallow
Weasel kin known for invading beehives
Volcanic emissions
Visibly abashed
Unit of current
Trendy boot brand
There are 13 in his dozen
Takes a flat
Support for a hot pot
Subsidiary of Whirlpool
Short-order sandwiches, for short
Shaver's vessel
Shaq or Wilt, once
Seth MacFarlane cartoon sitcom
Seeded or seedless loaf
Scruggs' partner in bluegrass
Say grace, say
Roman senators' garb
Rhea's role on 'Cheers'
Reporters' bosses (Abbr.)
Reason for a military medal
Prepared to give a standing O
Pick up the tab
Photog's shot
Peach ___ (ice cream dessert)
Pass into law
One landing a job
NASA 'walk'
Mekong River language
Mason of 'The Goodbye Girl'
Margery of nursery rhymes
Leave dumbstruck
Least experienced
League-leading stat for a cleanup hitter, perhaps
Last Supper attendee
Land on the Strait of Hormuz
Lady Gaga Fame or Purr by Katy Perry
La ___ Nostra
Ketch's pair
Jordan, winner of the 2015 Masters
Intoxicating, as a brew
In need of assembly
In favor of, in dialect
Home, to the self-effacing
Gustav who composed 'Winterlied'
Gridiron sets of four
Great Barrier Reef locale
Full of gossip
Free glassful at a restaurant
Foxx of 'Django Unchained'
Dutch seat of government, with 'the'
Dungeon hardware
Dirty fighter, of sorts
Defame in print
David Bowie's widow
Darth Vader's side, with 'the'
Dart team's quaff, perhaps
Chart-topping tune
Built from
Blue toon
Blanc who voiced Bugs and Porky
Bit of slapstick ammo, and a word that can follow the first parts of 18- and 63-Across and 3- and 27-Down
Big name in bowling centers
Belgrade's land
Badlands formations
All there, mentally
All 700 2016 Topps baseball cards, e.g
Aligned the crosshairs on
108-card game
'The Sweetest Taboo' singer
'So last year'
'Pygmalion' playwright
'For shame!' sound – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-17-2017#sthash.0YFPPplc.dpuf

Young lady
Word related to "lace"
Word on the New7Wonders of the World list
Word on Chinese menus
Winter squash used in quesadillas
Whom Boccaccio called "ever melancholy and pensive"
Undergo cleansing
Tired feeling
They don't give anything away
Teaspoons per tablespoon
Teammate twosome
Substantial cutting
Spy played by Watts in "Fair Game"
Something to put you off
Something dropped or crossed
Some yoga poses
Site of the erstwhile Six Hours of Paris race
Shipping-chart datum
She helped Loretta and Dottie get started
Shade of orange
Seussesque pronoun
Secret service, quite possibly
Remarques de refus
Rapturous remark
Query to one going on
Personification of peace
Notre Dame's all-time leader in average yards per game
Negative pull-up beneficiary
Nation of 150-plus million
Moves a lot
More than ready
Me time
Mass or pile
Marked wrong
Major disorder
Largest North American terrestrial animal
Key big-office payee
Japanese pizza topping
Insightful advisors
Indoor shock absorber
Home of the Scandic Byporten Hotel
Henry VIII played it
Harvard Lampoon's winged symbol
Hail that faded away
Goddess who rose daily from Oceanus
Get in on a deal
Germanic version of an Austen title name
Fox's biggest star circa 1915
Fourth volume of a James series
First Irish Nobelist in Literature
Favoring management
Fantasy fiction staple
Exclamation of frustration
Comic-book ancestor
Certain naming-rights seller
Business __
Bunker Hill Monument, essentially
British band that sounds really happy
Be boring, perhaps
Arrests effectively
Abrupt ender of a probe
"Soupe au __" (thin-skinned, to Thérèse)
"Jungle Book" title
"Another Day in Cubicle Paradise" author

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