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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.05.2017

What's up to you?
Vote in favor
Top dog
TiVo products
Three, to nine
Strong lobby for seniors
Status __
Statistician Silver of ESPN's FiveThirtyEight
Solemn ending?
Sign up
Sci-fi visitors
Redcoat, to a Minuteman
Reason for a parking restriction
Racetrack stops
Produced, biblically speaking
Price of a crosstown ride
Prefix with foam
Petty argument
Penultimate word of many fairy tales
Party decoration
Overnight stops
One who wants to come home?
One in the doghouse?
Not yet out of the running
Not hard
New Deal prog
Makes eligible for, with 'to'
Like slime
Kagan associate
Insanity, in court
Innocent one
Indonesian island
In unfamiliar territory
Houston athlete, for short
Heart of the matter
Haitian island whose name is Spanish for 'turtle'
Get rid of
Gang land
Free speech org
Forearm part
Floppy disk successor
Finance majors' degs
Eight pts
Colonies crawling with critters
Classic guitar, briefly
Cheese coat
Change directions
Centipede creator
Castro of Cuba
Cartographer's table
Canopy creators … or what can literally be found in 6-, 10-, 24- and 34-Down
Camping cover-ups
Bruise symptom
British baby buggy
Bridge beams
Brain part that produces melatonin
Box cutter insert
Board game with an 'Unemployment Office' corner
Black, in poetry
Albacore, e.g
Against the rules
Adjust to fit
Absorbed the loss
50-50, e.g
19th Greek letter
'Wascally wabbit' hunter
'The cow is of the bovine ilk / One end is moo, the other, milk' poet
'Just think!'
'Iliad' war god
'An Officer and a Gentleman' star – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-17-2017#sthash.tYAl3xi9.dpuf

___ wave (oscilloscope output)
World capital on the 60th parallel
Website for D.I.Y.ers
Utensils for making hash browns
Tributary of the Colorado
Transport de Montréal
Thing to practice percussion on
Succeed in annoying
Something to kick, maybe
Soccer superstar Lionel
Scatter, as seeds
Ruling family of old Florence
Results of sacrifices
Queen of the Greek gods
Prank-pulling sort
Play about Capote
Pesticide banned in the '70s
Passage off Gibraltar, e.g
Oklahoma tribe
Obsolete repro machine
Nicknames for 41-Acrosses
Muscles worked by bench presses
Moore of 'G.I. Jane'
Merino mother
Marinade alternative
Like some international exchanges
Like soap operas
Like light beers
Levy on polluters, e.g
Laughing gas and rust, for two
Kind of dancer
John's running mate in 2008
Invites for tea, say
How confident solvers may solve
Hosiery shades
Home to Henry VIII's Catherine
Hemsworth of 'The Hunger Games'
Helped oneself to
Hand-wringer's emotion
Grid org. with a 110-yard field
Good-to-go signals
Gives the slip to
For grades K-12
Fig. on a W-9
Eat, eat, eat, with 'out'
Drive-up convenience
Dory propeller
Did in, as a dragon
Dead Sea Scrolls writer
Crooks' patterns, to cops
Cotton planter's headache
Beatle who sang 'Octopus's Garden'
Be litigious
Asians who play elephant polo
Apply sloppily
Angsty music genre
Alternative to Thrifty or Dollar
Adorn with raised designs
… seconds to clear / Successful detective's ..
… for a loop, say / Area that an N.B.A. team has eight ..
… declaration / Critical computer ..
… component / Dreaded words in a video ..
… arcade / Knocked ..
'S.N.L.' alum Cheri
'Roger that'
'Ich bin ___ Berliner'
'Hmm, how shall ___ this?'
'Hello, Dolly!' singer, informally
'Fireside chats' monogram
'Baby Got Back' Grammy winner Sir ___ – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-17-2017#sthash.BYdO7UD7.dpuf

___ and fauna
You-here link
Worthless nonsense
Word in several commandments
What to do before you reap
West Point newcomer
Wedge stuck under a wheel
Warsaw locale (abbr.)
Vigor go-with
Very heavy rain
Uses crayons
To whom a guy makes many comments
Tinker with text
Tidal retreat
Three Stooges blows
Suspect's need
Supermarket vehicle
Suffix with 'slow' or 'fast'
States of drunkenness
St. Louis landmark
Some investment vehicles
Scarecrow stuffing
Result of blunt force?
Reason for overtime
Race along the highway
Puts forth effort
Pig's home
Permanent place?
Pale purple
Paid athlete
Not close to being hungry
Not as many
Navigational aid
Natural finish?
Morse of code fame
Minor jobs
Metal eyelet
McLain or Doherty
Mature male red deer
Marine predator
Makes a mistake
Main dishes, often
Logging channel
Lincoln Center productions
Key material?
Home made of snow blocks
Harleys and others
Going down hard at a comedy club
Ginger ____ (cookie type)
Four Seasons worker
Fertility lab needs
Far from well
Exciting NBA two-pointer
Enroll as a student
Emerald center?
Doesn't succeed
Dieter's unit
Crown molding installer's tool
Consultant's core?
Connection for some big wheels?
Clever and untrustworthy
Certain Balkan
Bookmarked things
Bert Bobbsey's sister
Belts go through them
Be a cynic
Author Chomsky
Anonymous John or Jane
Anatomical trunk
Alternative to letter writing
1990-91 battle
'Safe' part of a bank
'Long ___, in a galaxy far …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-17-2017#sthash.fiGIkCem.dpuf

___-loading (pre-marathon diet regimen)
Yuri's portrayer in 'Doctor Zhivago'
Yemeni city once part of British India
Write hastily
Word in many New Year's resolutions
Woodshed tool
With 33-Across, Macaulay Culkin comedy
Weapons with touch sensors
Way out there
Voicemail units
Vocal inflection
Veil-clad dancer of scripture
Veggie burger ingredient
Urban sunbather's spot
Tramp's cartoon love
Tangle removers
Susan B. Anthony's goal
Stash overhead
Sourdoughs' strikes
Solder or pewter
Small-screen statuette
Slow-pitch softball complement
Senate staffer
Selling like gangbusters
Self-motivated sort
See 48-Down
Running back's attempt
Risked a perjury rap
Rhames who played Kojak
Reason to get stitches
Put an end to
Protectors at skateparks
Printer's backup equipment?
Politician's slip-up
Playground time
Plastic surgeries undergone by Michael Jackson
Particles in rechargeable batteries
Optometrist's concern
On behalf of
O'Connor's successor on the Supreme Court
No longer fizzy
News bit
Mark above some n's, in Spanish
Many Christmas tree ornaments
Manifest Destiny expansion direction
Makes a cardigan
Lowest Monopoly roll
Littleneck or cherrystone
Leapers in a Christmas carol
Leaper on a dog
Kate's 'Titanic' costar
Judges, as a golf green
Issue often in dispute on 'The Jerry Springer Show'
Iams competitor
Hybrid Chevys
Hot rum drink
Golden Rule word
Go back, on a PC
Give up, as territory
Extended vacation?
Expert, as in fashion
Disinfectant's targets
Device also called a rocket belt
Cute part of a bug, in a saying
Cuisine with sticky rice
Craigslist entries
Check for proof of age
Cascades peak
Bored with life
Blowgun missile
Beauty contestant's asset?
Approach the terminal
'The Show,' in baseball
'Jealous' singer Nick
'Chicken Run' enclosure
'As you ___' (military command)
'And others,' briefly – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-17-2017#sthash.GaM5EAYj.dpuf

Yucky stuff
Whistle sound
Vietnamese capital
Tie tightly
Taking quite a while
Takes a turn
T-shirt size, for short
Synagogue scroll
Strong packaging string
Straw headgear
Stick in a poolroom
Steal from
Son of Isaac
Showing hills and rivers, as a map
Sch. near Beverly Hills
Scandinavian capital
Say with confidence
Say further
Sachs' Wall Street partner
Rocky Mountain grazers
Receives after taxes
Quaint hotels
Put into office
Police incursion
Poem of praise
On-screen trash can, e.g
Omelet tidbit
Old Testament strongman
Nutmeg spice
Nebraska's largest city
Muscat resident
Midafternoon hour
Metallic rock
Maui, for instance
Lean to one side
Kept out of sight
Half-rectangle shapes
Gas pedal
From the city
Former child
Football position
Enter one's password
Elvis __ Presley
Egypt's capital
Drift, as an aroma
Dress carefully
Dreamily romantic
Dined in a diner
Desire for water
Dalmatian marking
Currier's partner
Cruise or safari
Cooking appliance
Common Little Italy nickname
Cold War adversary: Abbr
Circle segment
Choir voice
Charity supporter
Category of "its" and "yours"
Cat's cry
Building site
Bogus, as bills
Black wood
Big Apple fashion label
Animation frames
Always, in verse
Aircraft carrier, for instance
Actor Penn
"__ we there yet?"
"Steady as __ goes"
"Now I get it!"
"M*A*S*H" star
"Les Misérables" author
"Don't worry about it"

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