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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 17.02.2017

__ Men: 'Who Let the Dogs Out' band
Word associated with Sleepy Hollow
Vision: Pref
Unlike Wabash College
Unilever deodorant brand
Ultimately earns
They're meant for each other
Sweeps, e.g
Suffix with ethyl
Spicy cuisine
Serling's birth name
Ring fighter
Revered sage, in India
Really like
Rail system that services 20-Across
Pride parade letters
Popular speaker
Pop-up items
Ouzo flavoring
Ordinary-looking fashion VIP?
OPEC founding member
One at a time
Nasdaq competitor
Marketing opener
Makes it right
Makes beloved
Likely to change
Like Vikings
Like many a successful poker player
Last book of Puzo's 'Godfather' trilogy
Ladies' man with laryngitis?
Informal discussion
Infant at bath time?
Indian silk-producing region
Hightail it
Highest peak in the Armenian plateau
High schooler just hanging out?
Goneril's husband
Emperor after Galba
Earth tone
Division of the Justice Dept
Dahomey, since 1975
Company with a Select Guest loyalty program
Checkout correction, perhaps
Buffalo's county
Bach works
As of 1937, he was the all-time N.L. home run leader until Mays surpassed him in 1966
Armed ocean dweller?
Aren't really, maybe
Airport NNW of IND
African scourge
Actor Damon
A native of
1995 'Live at Red Rocks' pianist
'What a shame'
'Voil? !'
'Trophy, Hypertrophied' artist
'Star Trek: DSN' changeling
'Serpico' author Peter
'Same here'
'Point Break' co-star
'Macbeth' spot descriptor – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-17-2017#sthash.35BsErmi.dpuf

Word sometimes elided to its middle letter
Word after who, what or where
Who wrote 'Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise'
Where to stick a stick
Washington Post competitor: Abbr
Vocalist for the Black Eyed Peas
Vixen's offspring
Used too much
Unwavering look
Turns on
Tuna type
They're often drawn at night
The Romans obtained a purple one from snails
Teddy material
Take a hit
Suffix with magne-
Staple of Thai cuisine
Sources of ricotta cheese
Some back-and-forth
Smartphone heading
Showing signs of age
Seeing through
Reid of 'Sharknado'
Record of the year?
Rapidly down
Part of a gig
Owner of the horse Sleipnir
Occasional 'S.N.L.' host, to 'S.N.L.'
Not to, say
News of flight delays, say
Mythical piper
Mar. figure
Luxury hotel in London's Piccadilly district, with 'the'
Like the function ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d
Latin 101 word
Kind of column
Jazzman Baker
Its ribs stick out
Improvised jazz strain
Hippie-influenced fashion trend
Highlighter color
Hacker's tool
Grace ___, servant in 'Jane Eyre'
Flat tube?
First name in country
First Chinese-American cabinet member
Dropped, as poll numbers
Draw money?
Diamonds, e.g
Curries, samosas, etc
Corduroy rib
Come up with
Colosseum crowd?
Certain Internet hoax
Button-___ (hit everything at once, in gamer lingo)
Big name in escalators
Base order
Artsy L.A. district
Another name for Pluto
Abbr. before Friday
'Jurassic Park' co-star Sam
'110%' effort – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-17-2017#sthash.zrvwJMms.dpuf

Whines in a thin voice
Where many enter a line
What to leave well enough?
Valentine shape
Truth-in-lending abbr
Transmitting nerve-cell extensions
Top 40 entry
Thick, slimy substance
They're a lot like you
They know the ropes
The grampus, e.g
Summer forecast word, sometimes
Some effervescent beverages
Shuttle's round sealing gasket
Shortly, to a bard
Seriously thoughtful or meditative
Second-largest Great Lake
Raven's spring counterpart?
Possible explanation
Plank of wood
Pays to a church
Old Iranian monarchs
Nova ___
No-doubt winner
Neutral possessive
Mouthwash instruction
Monotonous lifestyle
Milk squirter
Midday, to the fancy
Member of a fleet
Masculine possessive
Make corrections to
Locale of Grants Pass
Like some winds
Like some creamers
Like any good beach bum
It's not a liability
It spikes in winter?
It seeks intelligence
Incising, as on a gunslinger's belt
Immobilizing stunner
Imitative of the great masters
Humorously sarcastic or mocking
Having zero chapters?
Hardcover book part
Handel work
Grand ___ (wine label term)
French brandy
Fiddling Roman emperor
Feeling sorrow
DeLuise of film
Dallas-to-Boston dir
Common Market's letters
Cloistered sisters
Clean up, as computer code
Classic 'Konami code' video game
Chocolate and espresso drink
Capital of Vietnam
Buy for a puppy or toddler
Bowed sashes
Biblical verb attachment
Accepted principles of right and wrong
A primary color
'The Twilight Zone' creator Serling
'The Fresh Prince of ___-Air'
'Kevin Can Wait' network
'Hasta luego'
'A ___ as good as a mile' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-17-2017#sthash.hmVNXOKe.dpuf

___-right (white supremacists et al.)
___ Locks (Great Lakes passage)
Wt. units
Wraps up
With 66-Across, what might prompt an exclamation of disbelief
What snobs put on
What 'it' is, grammatically
Walking-tour aid
Walk wearily
Unagi, at sushi bars
Title at the Round Table
Theater lobby
Team with a mule mascot
Staples Center or Barclays Center
Stack up against
Sources of hard or soft wood
Snack bars on bases
Sen. Franken, e.g
See 9-Across
Second Amendment-supporting org
Sclera's place
Sandberg in Cooperstown
Rival of Flying A and Sinclair
Recurred, as an ailment
Reasons for end-zone dances (Abbr.)
Rabbit ___ (old TV antenna)
Put to rest, as fears
Pulls a fast one on
Psychological damage
Portraitist's prop
Port of Algeria
Pacific salmon
Open mic offering, perhaps
One of Bergen's dummies
Occupy, as a booth
Mah-jongg pieces
Longbow wood
London lav
Like pre-MPAA movies
Lecher's look
Last Oldsmobiles produced
Kit ___ (candy brand)
Jumper cable connection point
In the style of
Horse's mythical relative
Has a bit of success
Great bother
Folklore fiends
Flattering, in an insincere way
Exclamation of disbelief
Exclamation of disbelief
Exclamation of disbelief
Exclamation of disbelief
Exclamation of disbelief
Dream state acronym
Destine for trouble
CPR pros
Coin that some wish to abolish
Classic clown
Choice word
Cash, slangily
Building of Babel
Building near a barn
Brown-baggers' lunches, briefly
Bo Derek's score
Bleacher creature
Beethoven's 'Pathetique' is one
Barista's offering
Assign to, as blame
Assayer's material
Aquila's brightest star
A Bobbsey twin
'Master Melvin' of the Giants
'However,' to a texter
'Hairspray' mom Turnblad
'Around the world' toy
'. . . ___ but not heard' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-17-2017#sthash.nyK6CC5U.dpuf

Wynonna's mom
Where many highly paid guards work
Weak tide
Walk-__ (surprise customers)
Vegas-set series
To-go holder
Taxonomic category
Stock market stats
Spotify selection
Spaghetti or linguine
Sort of boatyard
Something glowing in a grate
Some fowls
Soft rock
Showed reverence, perhaps
Senate, for one
Scottish cattle
Sci-fi staple
Schoolyard shout
Schoolyard pursuit
Recurring theme
Quite capable
Puts cash down
Potter's potions professor
Pops up
Poland's second city
Pick on
One on a fast track
New-__ (Enya fan, perhaps)
Motown music
More lucid
Monarch's order
Mineralogy ending
Mag name that means "she"
King David writing
Is mistaken
Institución financiera
Impact sound
Homer's neighbor
Golden rule element
Give up
Feathery accessories
Fare selection
False front
Etchers' purchases
Dish damage
Discussion starting point
Diffused through
Crow's nest cry
Business' booking department
Bus driver's concerns
Beagle shade
Aviation concern
Auto options
Author O'Brien
Australian feminist author
At the ready
"This isn't good!"
"Inviting Intelligence" group
"Cruise Capital of the World"
"Aladdin" prince – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-17-2017#sthash.2fyQUNdO.dpuf

___ drop (triumphant gesture after a winning performance)
___ diem
Where Bhutan is
Transcript fig
Thanksgiving serving
Streisand's 'Funny Girl' costar
Start shooting
Speedy Sebastian
Souvenir stand purchase
Smoke, from a pitcher
Smoke, from a pipe dreamer
Smoke, from a magician
Smoke, from a carton
Smoke, from a car
Singers Jones and James
Silky smooth
Siberian declination
Show appreciation
Scenic view
Rio Grande city
Ricelike pasta
Prefix with tourism
Police action
Outfielder's cry
Old video game inits
Most levelheaded
Mississippi's state tree
March Madness org
Like next year's model, perhaps
Lets up
Leave in, as text
Lb. parts
Lay to rest
King, in Portuguese
Innocent one
Hoppy brew, for short
Hibernian declination
Gym wear
Gentle one
French friend
Foreign policy gp
Feathered dwelling
Dole out
Do away with
Discovered by chance
Dermatologist's concerns
Cupid, to the Greeks
Cereal grain
Campaign pro
Bumbling secret agent Maxwell
Broadband inits
Brazilian coastal city where Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso were born
Bothers incessantly
Boiling indication
Big screen format
Before long
Become bored by
Auntie of Broadway
Auction action
Alphabet trio
'Wake Up Little ___'
'The Ten Commandments' or 'Ben-Hur'
'The Big Bang Theory' network
'It's ____ of the times'
'Hold your horses!'
'Good shot!'
'As if!'

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