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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.09.2017

___-A-Fella Records
__ Vogue
Zero out
Weapon in some supernatural movies
Upscale tiers
Undesirable descriptor for makeup
Turndowns from the tartan-clad
Turn away
Tried to contain
Thus far
Three-book Newton work
Thins, e.g
Symposium groups
Standard procedure
Ship mover
Schwinn component
Sch. with a Providence campus
San Antonio Spurs' 1993-2002 home
Redwood City locale
Quartz type
Pleasantly warm
Paper for a letter?
One of the deadly sins
National League athlete
Legal orders
LeBron's birth city
Key of Elgar's 'Symphony No. 1'
Justin case?
Joseph of ice cream fame
Japanese cabbage?
Iberian land, to the IOC
Hamilton notes
Greek leader?
Fruit on a veggie pizza
First to fall in most strikes
Fight like sticks figures?
Event with a caller
Employer of a lizard and a pig
Elizabeth who plays the Scarlet Witch in Marvel movies
Door-to-door offerings
Directions home
Dale relative
Currently airing
City in central Switzerland
Cheese town
Big name in anonymity
Batter of balls?
Author of the 2011 memoir 'My Father at 100'
Arabian Peninsula veil
Afrobeat star __ Kuti
1980s gaming release
'I __ it!'
'Hello' singer
'Harry Potter' father figure
'Correct, cap'n'

Young stud?
Who's depicted in Russia's 'Bronze Horseman' statue
Underground activity in the '50s
They try to get into your head
Subject of Noam Chomsky's 'American Power and the New Mandarins,' briefly
Something to watch
Some signals from pitchers
Small suits
Shylock's daughter in 'The Merchant of Venice'
Sea as in Cannes?
Roll around
Request for an island getaway?
Relig. affiliation of more than six million Americans
Recipe amount
Pressing need
Prefix with gender
Popular ABC reality show starting in 2009
Poor work habit
Plucky words?
One for the money?
Neighbor of Iran: Abbr
Many 1920s Harper's Bazaar covers
Low-stress address?
Like the middle of Australia
Kind of place for the summer?
It holds the world record for most passengers on a commercial airliner [1,088]
Hunkered down
Hill of ___, site of Ireland's Lia Fáil
He 'wept with all six eyes,' per Dante
Guarantee of the Sixth Amendment
Grandmother, in dialect
Gourd also known as a vegetable pear
Gets better
Gentle farewell
Fizzy vitamin supplement
Fireplace receptacles
Fair competition
Door part often fitted with an alarm
Dangerous thing to cross
Current regulator
Cry at a Real Madrid game
Communication device for the deaf: Abbr
Checks off on
Check out
Celebration after a run?
Blind followers
Belly laughs
Attraction in Bath, England
Attached, in a way
Area worth the most bonus troops in the game Risk
Application requirement, maybe
Animal form of Harry Potter's Patronus
Andrew Wyeth's 'The ___ Pictures'
Alternative to Chanel No. 5
A parent may tell a child to watch it
1950s TV personality who appeared in 'Grease'
'The O.C.' protagonist
'The noblest hateful love that ___ I heard of': 'Troilus and Cressida'
'That's some boyfriend you have'
'Star Trek: T.N.G.' role
'Run that by me again'
'Officer, that's the thief!'
'Morning ___'
'Do my eyes deceive me?'

___ voce (with one voice)
Wired, literally or figuratively
Was flagrantly disrespectful to
Vegas opener
USN noncom
USN bigwig
Unrestricted user account on a computer
Undercover destination?
Train engineer: 'I got ___'
They're numbered in NYC
They may be set on stun
Sushi tuna
Started digging
Spot for a shot
Skydiver's reward
Site for a touchdown
Singer: ' I couldn't ___'
Singer Shannon
Show again
She-bear, to Seneca
Settle accounts
Scrubs, as a mission
Rock salt
Riled (up)
Rick of Yes
Result of public speaking anxiety
Relay requirements
Receiver's path
Real hoot
Rapper's handful
Pull down
Protector of Odysseus
Progressive spokeswoman
Proctor's declaration
Prepare for a close-up
Play group
Part of Richard III's cry
Org. with an iron grip?
Org. of concern to AARP
Operational freedom
One of Fallon's predecessors
Oil ingredient from flax plants
Off-road transport
November lawn sign verb
Not fixed
Noah count?
Nickname for baseball's Leo Durocher
NBC weekend staple
Narc: 'I ___'
Much-anticipated night out
Move from first base to second, say
Mountain wear
More than mishandle
Mom's mom
Mob pariah
Mendelssohn's Opus 20, e.g
Marseille mate
Loser to Franklin
Loosened, say
Longhaired lapdogs
Like some ballots
Lighthearted film
Least believable
Kin of -kin
J.Lo's 2017 beau
It features rock bands
Historically black Houston sch
Historian's field
Hammond with a record 14 seasons on 114-Down
Half of a Roald Dahl creature
Guy with no drive
Guest in the poetry department
Grant in moviemaking
Goatherd: 'I had to ___'
Gluten-free grain
Get up in the world?
Get choppers
Foxborough squad
Fox den denizens
Forgoing profit
For a specific purpose
Fish-loving raptors
Fast, for fiddlers
Famous last words
Everglades tree
Endured a humiliating defeat
Emmy-winning TV reporter John
Embassy figure
DuVernay and Gardner
Drink sometimes served au citron
Dough dispenser
Diving duds
Disapproving sounds
Disapprove of
D flat equivalent
Create bias
Course lists
Conference starter?
Computer tech: 'I ___'
Comparable to a pin
Collar wearer
Close temporarily, as a theater
Circus performer: 'I had a ___'
Change one's story, perhaps
Change jar item
Car that 'really drives ’em wild' in a 1964 song
Canal blocker
Bubbly brand
Bird on the Mauritius coat of arms
Begin's successor
Become proficient in
Be behind
Bat at a gnat
Bank teller: 'I got ___'
Asian nursemaid
Apartment sign
Anesthesiologist: 'I ___'
Alternative to a jail sentence
Act the middleman
Ace's value, perhaps
54-Across, for one
1986 movie featuring Goose and Maverick
1949's 'These Are My Children,' e.g
'Voice of Israel' author
'The Child's Bath' painter
'Beat it!'

___ Peak, Colorado
___ noire (fear causer)
Worst possible party turnout
Wedding words
Was willing to
Venue for deep discussion
Underlying cause
Toweled off
Third canonical hour
The 100,000 in a newton
Thataway relative
Summery fabrics
Springfield-to-St. Louis dir
Spread sunshine
Sorrowful lament
Some tusked creatures
Slowly crumble away
Sierra ___ (Freetown locale)
Search with a divining rod
Roll out, as a flag
Revamp or revise
Regard with deep devotion
Poetic form
Person receiving counseling
Person presenting a key to the city
Peppy musical piano piece
Parts of eyes
One of two in a score
Not just tubby
Not just decorative
Not in one's right mind
Not high
Nominators, essentially
More desperately in need of rainfall
More crumbly and dry
Male offspring
Long time
Like really good leather
Like an active quarterback, at times
Light-colored dry sherry
Lacking color
Kenya neighbor
Joins, as oxen
Japanese waist sash
Japanese carp
Italian soups
It's seen in anger?
Insect stage
Indian bills
In a very spooky manner
Heart chambers
From scratch
Female Bobbsey twin
Election VIP
Eclipse or black cat, to some
Delivered a sales pitch
Cut off
Cruz or Danson
Certain water lily
Certain laundry room container
Certain criminal
Brno's area
Beetle amulet of old Egypt
Anchor hoister-upper
American lilies
After-dinner freebies
Acidic liquid used in cooking
A in physics?
'___ hear this!'
'You got that right!'
'Ultimate' degree
'The Wizard of Oz' city
'101' class, briefly

___ Day (Feb. 29)
Whodunit writer's award
Whaler's adverb
Verb in old wedding vows
Understands, as a joke
Treatments for sprains or hangovers
The Red Baron was one
Termite's cousin
Stuffed pastries of Latin America
Stick with a bayonet
Sprite with pointy ears and shoes
Smelter's need
Seeded or unseeded loaf
Say '#@%!'
Roomy Dior design
River setting for 'Aida'
Reason to use a water cannon
Quinnipiac or Gallup report
Pyramid of Cheops, essentially
Possible consequence of an oil embargo
Pictures on Android screens
PayPal transactions, e.g
Ouija board word
Organ on a stalk, in crustaceans
One of a range crossed by Hannibal
Not of the church
Nightfall, to bards
Network acquired by Disney in 1995
Neighbor of Swe
Mortgage figure
Mishandled, as a grounder
Meddlesome sort
Mammal that can roll into a ball
Madras wraps
Lumber flaw
Lucy of 'Chicago'
Longoria of 'Desperate Housewives'
Long division word
Keynote or valedictory deliverers
Janet Yellen's domain, for short
It may be felt on a fishing line
Irene who sang in 'Flashdance'
IBM-compatible PC of old
Henhouse perch
Harper who wrote 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
Habitual elbow-bender
Friction-reducing machine part
Fleming who wrote 'Dr. No'
Ferrigno who played the Hulk
Faulty, as a plan
Face part that may be mopped
Even if, informally
Element above argon on the periodic table
Dressmaker's aid
Downright foolish
Disco flashers
Days off for top seeds
Creme de la creme
Cost of Bazooka bubble gum, once
Command, as a price
Chew the fat
Burn remedy ingredient
Blackthorn fruit
Bills picturing the Great Seal
Baseball card buys
Band's seamless transition
Asparagus unit
As a minimum
All official Boston Marathon entrants, once
44-Across by-product
1987 Michael Jackson album or single
$2 on the nose, say
'Victory Odes' odist of Greece
'Thanks, that means ___'
'Sorry, ___ run!'
'Rocket Man' singer John
'Must-see' review

__ map
Would-be-doc's presentation
Word from the Latin for "soldier's pay"
Where Beetle Bailey shouldn't be, per his 2006 re-enlistment contract
What some moments are called
What Snapchat had in 2017
Warning to a provocateur
Verbatim Reporters, e.g
Venerated Carmelite
Twilight zone?
Trade assn. created by the Treaty of Rome
Track successfully
The self, in Hinduism
The first fully portable mobiles
Tawdry trinket
Taquería inventory
Subaru Outback competitor
Streamer selection
Spanakopita herb
Something covered by Corning glass
Solution for a petri dish
Snooping pro
Shells, for instance
Sew up a situation
Ready to rumble
Providential assignment
Present, as evidence
Played the card well
One of the original domains
One in a Wanderlodge
No fun
Neruda's "Veinte Poemas de __"
Name on the Best Rap Album Grammys list
Monsoon season affector
Missouri Compromise subject
Minute portion
Marathon's ancient region
Loose-leaf purchase
Light __
Lead in
Kid-lit yearling
Its coat of arms depicts a vicuña
It owns Ginnie Mae
Host's provisional invitation
Grp. that reviews films
Grass from Gdansk
Gives oneself the creeps?
Geyser kin
Frequent price follower in ads
Former Red Bull flavor
Filleting candidate
Exclusionary connector
Dull finish
Decem minus duo
Common female middle name
Cicero's "second self"
Big name in rerun history
Better this time, optimistically
Be inadequate in deliberating
Adapted for grinding
Abbr. in ridesharing
11-week pop-chart topper of '56
"Where soil is, __ grow": Keats
"Perfect __ Easy" (Disney tune for Bette Midler)

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