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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.08.2017

__ tai
__ Paese: Italian cheese
__ one's time: waited
__ green
__ favor
Wild West brothers
Tropical hardwoods
Title of respect
Tires (out)
Ticklish Muppet
The Cowboys of the NCAA's Big 12
That, in Tegucigalpa
Thames museum
Tegucigalpa's country
Tablets that can't be swallowed
Sustained nuclear chain reaction requirement
Stubborn beast
Sixth sense letters
Sea eagle
Room where you may have to stoop
Right direction?
Retired racehorses, often
Ref's ruling
Really botch things
Prince's 'Purple __'
Port and claret
Point of contention
Pad __
One working with dough
One of Barbie's siblings
Observing Ramadan, say
Mythological swimmers
Muppet who plays lead guitar in The Electric Mayhem
Mr. and Mr
Moscow news acronym
More definite
Mobile's st
Madison Square Garden hoopsters
Liqueur flavoring
Killer whale
Journalist Jacob
Jai alai balls
Intense anger
Information units
Inexact figs
HDTV maker
Have a flat?
Give in to the munchies
GEICO product: Abbr
Feathered Nile wader
Explorer with Clark
Emmy nominee Fischer of 'The Office'
Edible seaweed
Doesn't allow to rust
Designer Schiaparelli
Daughter of King Minos
Clear wrap
Black goo
Become an expert in
Baseball division
Barbera's partner in cartoons
Ages and ages
A breeze to use, in adspeak
35-Down house
1992 Disney film featuring a magic lamp
'Preacher' network
'My heavens!'
'I give!'
'Enough gory details, thanks'

___ Kat
Zapped, as unwanted hair
Words said before and after 'what'
With Pelé, co-winner of FIFA's Player of the Century award
Wipes out on the half-pipe, say
West who said 'Too much of a good thing can be wonderful'
Way to watch 'Game of Thrones' on your phone
Vow before testifying
TBS late-night host
Tater Tots maker
Sushi condiment
Silent film opener
Short cut
Samurai sword
Request at a fine restaurant
Red Cross response
Reaction to an awkward moment
Ram's mate
Pub pint
Pooh creator
Peter Parker is his alter ego
Orthodontist's concern
Opposing side
One running away in 'Hey Diddle Diddle'
One of the Three Bears
Name assumed by billiards great Rudolf Wanderone
Musical piece for nine
Modern exercise option … or what the answers to 17-, 26-, 36- or 49-Across could teach?
Minibar accessory
Losing tic-tac-toe line
Longtime co-worker of Vanna White
Kiss ___
Kind of tea from Asia
Kind of soup mentioned in Genesis
J. Peterman employee on 'Seinfeld'
In the news
Huey, Dewey or Louie, to Donald Duck
Grammy-winning electronic music producer and D.J
Folk singer DiFranco
Fit ___ king
Finish the job?
Fictional orphan protected by Punjab
Excited Spanish cry
Edward Snowden, e.g
Earth, wind and fire
Early Peruvian
D-Day carriers: Abbr
Course standard
Complaint after overexercise
Comedian Philips
Cloud in the summer
Cleanses, in a way
Chevy's response to the Mustang
Capital of Belarus
Boiling point?
Bill ___, the Science Guy
Asset for a press secretary
Advil alternative
A straight one is 180°
1980s-'90s NBC drama
1977 Steely Dan album
10th of 24
'That's terrible!'
'Gone With the Wind' studio

Unappetizing gruel
TV component since 2000
Tuckered out
Ticklish Muppet
Ticket remnant
Texting tools
Tennis star Murray
Succulent plant with toothed leaves
Stuffing seasoning
Speaker's output
Sparkly topper
Sea urchin eggs
Satisfy a nicotine craving, in a way
Ruff stuff
Royal's overthrow, e.g
Puccini opera
Pearl Harbor setting
Overcome a jaded feeling?
Org. whose members do a lot of driving
Orders for the grill cook
Ones who feel euphoric while collecting coupons?
One who's coming along nicely?
Not to mention
Not achromatic
More avant-garde
Monk's wear
Look over
Lasting mark
Jamboree setting
Iago in 'Otello,' e.g
Hostile feeling that's fleeting?
Home of 'Shark Tank'
Holds up
Heads out
Guest accommodation
Galloway gal
Furious feeling brought on by high elevations?
Funny Fey
Friendly femme
Difficult to comprehend
Did a few laps
Dead giveaway?
Dairy sound
Dada pioneer Max
Crumb carrier
Cow in commercials
Cover completely
Cookware coating
Consequence of overexercising
Concert stage sight
Comely companion
Cochlea's place
CBS spinoff of 2004
By means of
Bulldog backers
Brahms works
Boarding sites
Big name in ATMs
Australian avians
Astronauts Bean and Shepard
Angsty genre
Analogist's colon
Adobe material
Acct. addition
'Hurry up!'
'Ain't that the truth!'
#1 film on AFI's '100 Years…100 Thrills' list

___-Wee Herman of TV
Wolf's vicious warning
Whispered attention-getter
What water quenches
Villainous creatures from Middle 30-Across
Vast treeless plain
Underwriter's assessment
Ugly duckling, eventually
Type of circus or event
Twinkler in grade-school art
Trash or refuse
Things purchased by sponsors
They get filled when moving
Sudden short attack
Sound of lament
Something to feign
Slang term for sailor
Simple Arab boat
Sci-fi film series of 1977, 1980 and 1983
Prefix with 'freeze'
Prayer ending
Poet's palindromic preposition
Pinnacles or summits
Peacock-tail spot
Party host's request
Not his
Not genuine
Non-paper money
New feline
Muscat native
Miscellaneous pieces
Mind-bending paintings
Make it until the end
Leftover trace
King before David
Keanu's role, thrice
Jacket for a seed
It may be elementary
Iced coffee drink
Hypnotic creations
Historic period
Guide for the magi
Frat guy, perhaps
Forcibly splits
Farrier's file
Fancy hotel name
Eye part
Entertainer McEntire
Dundee native
Deducted from the gross weight
Controversial Nabokov novel
Conan of TV
Childish playthings
Character-building unit?
By the word of
Black, poetically
Ben Carson's dept
Behave stealthily
Beers on 'The Simpsons'
Banned bug spray
April 22 is its day
Andes empire
Alcohol variety
Airport guesses
A Hindu people or their language
'___ it' (as you wish)
'___ Good Men' (Tom Cruise movie)
'That was ___ of fun!'
'By all means!'

YouTube selection
Wrigglers in reefs
What Atlantis did, presumably
Vibrating parts of a harmonica
Two-sport great '___' Deion Sanders
Trimmed with Chantilly, say
They're calling in 'Danny Boy'
Suitor's song
Stand-up comic Gervais
Stage designer's creation
Split second
Source of much mutton
Societal woes
Shower wall piece
Servings of ribs
Rooms with Bunsen burners
Ran under a faucet
Quarterback great Marino
Put a cap on
Punch in the mouth, slangily
Pulls the plug on
Proton's place
Problem with a scratched LP
Principal port of Iraq
Prepared to pray
Place to get on or off
Out of the sack
Notes in F major scales
Not warranted
Not at all cloudy
Netflix selection
Naan or challah
Movie publicity shots, e.g
Motocross vehicle
Mojito fruit
Markers stored in browsers
Make an afghan
Madeline of 'Blazing Saddles'
Like Tonto's masked friend
Like SweeTarts
Like a heavy fog
Large section of a Risk board
Issues an invitation to
How often opportunity knocks
Highly regarded stocks
Head honcho
Hangout for Andy Capp
Guy, informally
Greeted at the door
Great Fire of London diarist Samuel
Furtive summons
Folder's words
Flea market caveat
Feelings of guilt or hunger
Fashionista's magazine
Fashion editor Wintour
Ended a 56-Down
Election map hue
Eggs ___ Suisse
Don't leave to chance
Dachshund's droopers
Choice word
Changes the decor of
Cake mix direction
Bug bomb victim
Brings into balance
Avoid answering
Acts the worrywart
A few Z's
$1,000-a-plate dinner, maybe
'___ on a true story'
'___ guys finish last'
'What's ___ supposed to mean?'
'The King and I' land
'Let me add . . .'
'Independence Day' baddies, briefly
'Game of Thrones' genre
'Any day now . . .'

__ card (jack or king)
Worked at a keyboard
Without decoration
Went away
Website ID
Trousers' belt holder
Tropical fruits
Treat badly
Timetable, for short
Ten Commandments pronoun
Teacher's record of absences
Swelled head
Stuff oneself
Source of maple syrup
Snow vehicle
Skeptical comment
Sit for a portrait
Sign of the future
Sharp, as eyesight
Shakespeare's river
Sauna locales
Religious group
Quantities: Abbr
Prepare for a bout
Prefix meaning "billionth"
Portable shelter
Polish, as shoes
Pig, informally
Past the deadline
Part of TLC
Oversize volume in a living room
Outer boundary
Notes from the boss
Monetary outlay
Michelangelo sculpture
Metered vehicles
Make changes to
Make a trial run with
Leafy lunches
Lasso's slipknot
Hostile encounters
Hooting bird
Honking bird
Hold together
H.S. jr.'s exam
Get a glimpse of
Get a glimpse
Flock female
Explosive initials
Each and __ (all)
Drags from behind
Constricting snake
Comics bark
Coloring agent
Club member's expense
Clairvoyance, for short
Christmas season
Caterer's coffeepot
Canoes and kayaks
Buttery bread folded in half
Brazilian dance
Blend into traffic
Bend, as biceps
Bambi, for example
Avoid artfully
Audio CD predecessors
Actress Witherspoon
"Iliad" city
"If all __ fails . . ."
"Come on in!"

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