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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.06.2017

__ shooter
Words to a traitor
Woodworker's tool
Wee one
Wedding dress insert
Tiresome type
Those, in Chihuahua
Tentacled creature
Switch partner
Switch letters
Stereotypically haunted area
Start of a one-liner by 54-Across
Start of a Norwegian line
Standup comic known for one-liners
Stands for funerals
Splash sound
Source of some issues?
Snake, footwise
Showing impatience, digitally
Sea eagles
Saboteur, e.g
Prefix with cycle
Paella pot
One-liner, part 6
One-liner, part 5
One-liner, part 4
One-liner, part 3
One-liner, part 2
One in, or on, a chain
Number of Maravillas del Mundo
Not as healthy
Northern Illinois University city
NFL receivers
Med. research agency
Live in
Linguistic origin of Kwanzaa
It's game
It may affect a sentence
Instagram and Pinterest
Home for 66-Across
Hockey setting
Fruit used in alcohol flavoring
Flower parts
Flash, maybe
End of the one-liner
Email again
Dickens schemer
Comforting sound
Colleague of Ruth and Sonia
Circle segment
Chihuahua sounds
Cavaliers, on scoreboards
Calvin and Anne
California tourist attraction
Born, in France
Black and Red
Bad thing to draw during a test
Bad picnic omen
Area sometimes called 'The Roof of the World'
Andean root vegetable
Afternoon fare
Actress Skye
Absorbed eagerly, with 'in'
A pro brings his own to the table
'__ Stardust': David Bowie song
'__ of Light': 1998 Madonna album
'Ready if you are'
'Off the Court' memoirist
'Napoleon Dynamite' sidekick Sánchez
'Downton Abbey' lady – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-16-2017#sthash.6yIj0F3r.dpuf

Wolverine's cousin
Who's there
Went for a run
Used up
Unidentified gossip source, often
Toaster components
Swift writings
Spooky grp.?
Spanish spread
Sore helper
Situation with no up side
Shows disregard for privacy
School once headed by Mies van der Rohe
Salivation stimuli
Rene of 'Nightcrawler'
Radiator protector
Potent pot component, for short
Popular nail polish brand
Past the point of caring
Party server
Part of many arena names: Abbr
Onetime host with 11 Daytime Emmys
One of a White House couple until 2017
Old baseball mascot with a 'C' on his cap
Not bogus
Neighbor de Ibiza
Moving between male and female
More affected
Michael who directed the 2015 film 'Blackhat'
Makeup problems
Major uncertainty
Major beef source
Like white panthers
Like some sent documents
Just sits
It has four tusks
Instagram and such
Impetus for a colonial 'party'
Greet with disdain
Green on the silver screen
French philosopher who wrote 'Reflections on Violence'
Flamethrower option
Evidence of a hard landing
Drill setting
Dish often garnished with white radish
Discovery magazine subj
Crocheter's collection
Co-Nobelist with Yitzhak and Shimon
Classified key to success
Bulgarian, e.g
Big name in disposable tableware
Big name in 1990s hip-hop
Big Apple airport code
Alternatives to olives
Add subtly
Abbr. before a colon and a name
21st in a series of 24
2002 Grammy nominee John
'___ changed'
'Told ya!'
'That makes two of us'
'Sign me up!'
'Always one of a kind' sloganeer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-16-2017#sthash.lcFAaZxU.dpuf

Word with 'water,' 'pepper' or 'dog'
Word of prayer
Wood-trimming tool (var.)
Who is over a dictator?
When the boss needs it
Type of canal in a dentist's office
Threatening Cold War weapon
Sundial seven
Strike with force, biblically
Spain-to-Croatia dir
Song of lament
Something for the birthday girl
Some military trainees
Some lake crafts
Society page word
Slangy affirmative
Shrimplike crustacean
Shearer's products
Roth savings vehicle
Result of a beaver's hard work
Reproductive gametes
Reitman or Lendl
Quite serene
Puts frosting on a cake
Put under, in an operating room
Prove beneficial
Prohibition, e.g
Precursor of a movie theater
Oft-stepped-on thing
Nova ___
Not that
Mental telepathy
Make an office modern, in a way
Louganis or Maddux
Like a comfortable pillow
Letters of air pressure
Legendary Taylor, informally
Last in a line of 26
Labor go-with, in a body shop
Intensely passionate
Hit the town
Gutter sites
Grave plunderer
Good physical condition
Frazier's foe
Fiber from agave
Feature of a well-used hearth
Family room pieces, sometimes
Errant balls
Entree complement
Enjoys a fancy restaurant
Eccentric fuddy-duddy
Easily led creatures
Drying chamber
Damage slightly
Crotchety old 44-Acrosses
Colorful neckwear items
Cheerleader's word
Carry out, as a mission
Bowl-shaped drinking vessel
Believe on uncertain grounds
BBQ skewer
Attempted with strong effort
Appearing emaciated
Appear out of thin air
Addresses a crowd
'___ we all?'
'___ Misbehavin"
'___ have what she's having'
'___ got my eyes on you'
'Won' homophone
'The Addams Family' cousin
'Nothing but ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-16-2017#sthash.R6YdVeFq.dpuf

Work on a soap, say
With a fresh start
Was decked out in
Trample underfoot
Touch up for publication
Tollbooth location, often
The terrible twos, e.g
Take a shot at
Taiwanese computer giant
Synonym for 'class' found in the middle of 21- and 54-Across and 3- and 35-Down
Stunt cyclist's feat
Street-corner doomsayer's sign
Stinging swimmer
Stereotypical comic book fan
Sound studio effect
Shoved off
Shoebox data
Settled up with
Robin's home
Reason for an erasure
Quality of a down quilt
Pull an all-nighter, perhaps
Pulitzer-winning critic Roger
Prop for Rachael Ray
Pop star who twice voiced Smurfette
Politician who's not independent
Part of Goofy's outfit
Page layout measurement unit
Pad ___ (Asian noodle dish)
One may stop a mental block
Observatory topper
Numbers following copyright symbols
Note from the boss
Newscast part
Movie with Ed Asner as Santa
Mount Everest, notably
Morsel in a Quaker box
Monopoly's cat or top hat
Like some wine barrels
Liederkranz cheese has a strong one
Letter-shaped supports
Kindergartner's stickum
Judge to be
Item in a book, roll or pane
Insulting, as a remark
In push-up position
Hard-to-please performers
Geometry calculation
From this point forward
Felt, but unseen, field
Falco who played Carmela Soprano
Etchers' fluids
Empire conquered by Pizarro
eHarmony.com matchups
Dust sprinkler of folklore
Drops off briefly
Drive-up window request
Do karaoke
Direction on a Kool-Aid packet
Detach gradually, as from a habit
Descartes' 'therefore'
Considerable sum
Compete in a joust
Challenge, as authority
Causing the creeps
Black tea of India
Bit of commotion
Began to unravel
Barely makes, with 'out'
ATM or smartphone feature
Antonym of anonymity
'Smooth Operator' singer
'Round and Round' 1980s hair band
'Judge Judy' decision
'It's ___!' (quitter's lament) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-16-2017#sthash.Jvax27z4.dpuf

Wish undone
Where stars come out
Where Fiji is
When stars come out
What an open car might hold
Unlikely to 63 Across
Taking much stock, maybe
Swami, for instance
Stephen Harper successor
Start of a group invitation
Spot for a shelter
Spiritual workout
Source of açaí
Soldier of '76
Small burst
Slow or stop
Romanov family name
Pleasant change
Operating OK
Oldest Musketeer
Of muscles and nerves
Occult ability
National Nutrition Month supporter
Most populous NATO member
More reminiscent of Mom
Minister (to)
Microwave inventor
Keep confined
It might be part of a dragnet
In the nigh future
In the bag
HVAC measure
How Swiss is often served
Highly frowned upon
Healthcare lobby
Happen upon
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Grand jury VIP
Game-winning trio
Fuel-injector ancestor
Follows through on
First-founded state capital
First to speak in "Gone With the Wind"
Feature of flip-flops
Exotic jelly flavor
Energy-storage device
Early 16th-century date
Dream up
Curtis' kid in "Freaky Friday"
Countless years
Castigate tangibly
Burroughs beasts
Bulldog loyalist
Bill with a bright eye
Bat Appreciation Mo
Base clearers, for short
Baby fox
Attribute (to)
App for a carpenter
All over
Additional afterthoughts: Abbr
Acoustic reflection
"The View" airer
"Not gonna happen"
"Metal precioso"

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