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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.03.2017

__ Today
Yarn purchase
Yale alum
World's stealthiest detective?
What Dobermans do for dinner?
Uruguayan money
Titanic undoing
Time at a hotel
The Miners of the Lone Star St
Tall and lean
Super-cold concoction at Baskin-Robbins?
Singer who formerly stylized her name with a dollar sign
Singer James
See 56-Down
Security briefing org
Retro wall unit
Repeating movie role for 51-Across
Protective barrier
Place to hoist a pint
Pint to drink
Phi __ Kappa
Org. for docs
Not very bright
Nail a test
Massage epiphany?
Marner of fiction
Many a gospel song
Madison Ave. field
Mackerel relative
Longtime Yankees announcer __ Allen
Little trickster
Like Oscar Wilde
Like birds with worms, so it's said
Italian capital
In-your-face challenge
Hindustani language
Got out of bed
Gets mud on
Fundraising gps
First to play James
Feudal laborers
Fallback option
Facing serious trouble
Eurasia's __ Mountains
Epic tales
El __
Dole out
Doing business
Designer Schiaparelli
DBA followers
Cutest Baby contest champion?
Crowd-sourced review site
Cowardly Lion portrayer
Clothing part that might split
Catch sight of
Caesar's France
Brand of sheepskin boots
Beatnik's 'With ya'
Banks of 2000s TV talk
Asian takeout option
Approach midnight
AOL alternative
Animated bug film
Agenda detail
'__ du lieber!'
'The Osbournes' patriarch
'So __ say'
'Sadly … '
'I was out of town,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-16-2017#sthash.e0m6WXpy.dpuf

Woman's name that sounds like its first two letters
Verges on
Used a black marker on … or a hint to three chunks of black squares in this puzzle
Unspecified group
True or false: Abbr
Three times
The Richard in a Shakespeare title
Student's note-taking aid
Struggle (with)
Sprint, e.g
Skier's obstacle
Rapper with the 2013 #1 album 'Born Sinner'
Put over high heat
Prom wear, for some
Prince, for one
Poem title starter
Played at a party, say
Place with picnic tables, often
Place to worship from
Pipe with a tube
Pesticide applier
Part of many a wreath
Page in a Hollywood script?
Org. whose website has a 'Know Your Rights' tab
Opposite of weather, on a ship
Nova ___
Not seriously
Narrow grooves
Name tag info at an alumni event
Like river deltas
Like out-of-range stations
Like many monuments at night
Large wire
It's 'rarely pure and never simple,' per Oscar Wilde
It might come from a tap
It has a tip for game-playing
IDs that are often not displayed in full: Abbr
Home to Bowling Green
He portrayed Steve Wozniak in 'Steve Jobs'
Hawks have sharp ones
Gets away from
G.O.P. org
Fathers, to babies
Eco-friendly seafood designation
Drawstring, e.g
Draw out
Counting word
Counterpart of JavaScript
Completely convinced
Christopher Hitchens and Marcel Proust, for two
Catch, in a way
Big ___ Conference
Back at sea
Attack in an underhanded way
Asian holiday
Arrow part
Acted sycophantically
7-up, for example

'Picnic' playwright
'Lord, is ___?'
'Don't doubt me!'
'Bacchus and Ariadne' painter, circa 1523
'Aren't you glad I'm back?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-16-2017#sthash.aTD9xkFd.dpuf

Word processor's 'stet'
Word of support
Utterly wrong
Useful item for openers
Unquestionable doctrine
Twin of Artemis
Trig table readings
Suit color
Stripes' counterparts
Split relative
Sounds from pounds
Something a good boxer might earn
Solar wind bit
Sock sound
Seven: Prefix
Scout's work
Reptiles in hieroglyphics
Radio format
Prosperous period
Pronouncement before kissing
Prefix for distant or angular
Port of Pennsylvania
Pioneer's vehicle
Persistent pain
Officially negate
Not operating
Named, briefly
Must, informally
Mounties' org
Montaigne work
Maker of Gazelle shoes
Make a case
Little batters' game
Koi passageway?
Kings' org
Kendrick of 'Up in the Air'
Join the staff
It's across the Missouri from Council Bluffs
It may be checked
It fell in March 2001
Home of the Ephesians
Hau'ula hello
Gp. with co-pays
Genoa, e.g
Four or five, or how to make the theme answers in this puzzle
Fit to be tied
Expensive pill?
Enjoyed tremendously
Dismiss unceremoniously
Crumbly salad additive
Common gyro ingredient
Child-care expense?
Central American toilet?
Cargo port sights
Cap feature
Camp craft
Calliope power
Botanical companion?
Bonny belle
Boardwalk chew
Become uncomfortable, in a way
Baby Gap buy
Angler's collection
2017 Oscar nominee as Florence
'___ walks in beauty, like the night': Byron
'Sailing to Byzantium' poet
'Jaws' theme? – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-16-2017—Dismissal#sthash.7nf7QUXi.dpuf

With very little in one's bank account
Winter delight, for some
Vote you can hear
Understood, as a punch line
Type of seed jacket
Topmost position
Tissue fold
Thing to do before you restart
They may be saturated
They can bring jail time
Telltale sign to a chef
Subway in Paris
Stimulate, as an appetite
Started to golf
Stage equipment
Squarepants is one
Sport involving horses
Sphere of influence
Sound a pigeon makes
Something only a rich person would say
Some liquid assets
Small scrap of food
Sewer bottom?
Rorschach image
Relieves, as a difficult situation
Relative of 32-Across
Protective wound cover
Place for a small statue
Parts of many exercise routines
Parts of dinnerware collections
Parking place, informally
Orchestra woodwind
One of 150 in the Bible
Not as confined
New England state
Need a pain reliever
Min. parts
Mexican currency
Measures of resistance
Male Indian royal (var.)
Makes a stupid decision
Make very happy
Main port of Norway
List of courses?
Like some on a fixed income (abbr.)
LaBeouf of Hollywood
Japanese belt
Iran's enemy, once
Intense vigor
Indian currency
Horn sound
Hall-of-___ (legendary performer)
Grocery store fixture
Go on a warpath with the yapper
Gave dinner to
Game in the woods?
Furry water-loving mammal
Fared badly
Facial marks of adolescence
Electricity unit
Crested parrot
Common board member?
Color lightly
Closely packed
Bird that can reach 6 feet in height
Any spectacularly outstanding thing
Any game show host
'___ dare to eat a peach?' (Eliot)
'___ and ye shall find'
'The Simpsons' bus driver
'Put up your ___!' (prepare to fight)
'Many moons ago …'
'For ___ a jolly good …'
'Don't hurt me,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-16-2017#sthash.t6vxGTeY.dpuf

YMCA part
Word before centric or maniac
Woodland grazer
Whodunit writer's award
Watts who played Diana
Tyson suffered one vs. Douglas
Trees sacred to Druids
Thunder sound
Take on staff
Sunflower relative
Spending limit
Senator Marco of Florida
Rile up
Range above tenor
Ragu competitor
Protractor measure
Playbill listing
Place for pampering
Pit stop item
Piece for four hands
Picket line participants
Personal bearing
Peeling utensil
Overdo a part
One-for-one deal
Oater 'neckties'
Not imagined
New pilot's milestone
Nautical measures
Much of the time
Models in bottles
Mob informers
Material for many Stetsons
Margarita garnishes
Many SAT takers
Madoff's offense
Longhorn's gridiron rival
Locker room photo, perhaps
Like some winks and grins
Like some martinis
Like skim milk
In a peevish mood
Icarus, to Daedalus
Go like hotcakes
Give off
Give a keynote, say
Garden nuisance
Fuss over, with 'on'
Farmyard abode
Dumbwaiter enclosure
Digital clock toggle
Courtroom transcript pro
Corvette roof option, once
Completely baffled
Common computer typeface
Common 6 p.m. broadcast
Civil rights icon Parks
Cinnabon offering
Causes of sudden deaths
Catchall abbr
Carrier to Tel Aviv
Boot part
Bog yield
Big incentive for a bounty hunter
Be a buttinsky
Arcade coin
Ancestry.com diagram
Analyze grammatically
2015 award for Caitlyn Jenner
2012 Affleck thriller
'Pulled' barbecue fare
'Hoarders' channel
'Gilligan's Island' abodes
'Doggone it!'
'Cutthroat Kitchen' competitor
'A likely story!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-16-2017#sthash.uySrwiDw.dpuf

Wrapped garments
Wildlife conservation areas
What setters search by
Web forum grouping
Wasn't alert
Wall covering
Turn over via treaty
Tijuana title
Steal away
Square-dance participants
Spot for an icicle
Soprano instrument
Slamming sound
Sherlock's female adversary
Sartre's state
Royal supremacy
Ribbony presentations
Puts down an outfield
Possibly blended beverages
Poetic praise
Parisian parent
Overly suave
Obviously surprised
Needing orientation
Mysterious glow
Muffin bit
Many a sports team logo
Made too much of
Lounge around
Losing streaks
Light lunch order
KO, on the NYSE
It's north of Galway
Interrogative pronoun
Informal appreciation
Indigo fabric
Horse opera setting
Horse opera setting
French diarist
Fountain fare
Follows (along)
Federal Reserve Notes
Fancy hotel features
Explorer Tasman
Don't blink
Dinner tribute
Cut short
Crawling colonists
Cosmetics moisturizer
Choral showcase
Change-machine input
Certain state collection
Cajun concoction
Burning heap
Be mindful of
Be alert
Bagpiper's pattern
Bad deeds
Away from port
Aversion to exertion
Aster family flower
Artifact of the past
Antarctic vehicle
Annual 34-wk. observance
Aligns, for short
17th state
"You're a riot!"
"SNL" partner of Amy
"Not that!"
"Give __ rest!"
"Downton Abbey" employee

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