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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 16.02.2017

__ support
Unreserved way to go
Truly wretched
Trojan War epic
Stop-offs before big dates, maybe
Stated as fact
Stallone and Stone
Splitting target
Sits in a cell
Short cuts
Shoelace holders
Set up in a glade, say
Scand. land
Rush job letters
Rural storehouse
Run after
Respectful word
Reagan-era slogan
Reaction to a comeback
Plays usually involving the SS
Pastoral piece
Passing remark?
Pamplona kudos
Outer: Pref
Not much
Nosebag fill
Neil deGrasse Tyson subj
Nashville awards gp
Name on a shuttle, whose company 66-Across ends 24-Down
Muscat money
Mountain predator
More than amuses
Mike Trout's team, on scoreboards
Mgmt. degree
Metz moniker
Market representative?
Male pal, in slang
Long-necked bird
Lamb sandwich
Juicer's juice?
IM option
Fly-__: air passes
Fitness challenge
Final Four matchup
Even-odds situation
Erie Canal city
E equivalent, on scores
Colo. setting
Cold sore relief product
Church based in SLC, Utah
Check no
Cellist with multiple Grammys
Cactus League spring training city
Bygone space station
Brainy bunch
Blizzard restriction, perhaps
Bike whose company 66-Across ends 26-Down
Beef cuts
Baseball collectibles
Auto with a prancing horse logo, whose company 66-Across ends 18-Across
Apply, as sunscreen
Alternative energy vehicle
'__ Holden': Irving Bacheller novel
'Sons of Anarchy' actor Rossi
'Knock it off!'
'I'm a fan!'
'Hulk' star Eric
'American Buffalo' playwright – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-16-2017#sthash.3XzXmLEK.dpuf

Worry for the superstitious
Where Schwarzenegger was born: Abbr
University of Maine mascot
Tickets are found on it
The rest
Take advantage of
Stir up
Some campus marchers, briefly
Snack, say
Small moral misgiving
Ski area locales: Abbr
Shoots in the jungle
Senate staffer
Result of war
Religion with public shrines
Really go out of one's way?
Pakistan and India, e.g
Overdo it, in a way
Needing salt, maybe
Mil. danger
Menu holder at many a cafe
Maumee River outlet
Longtime Notre Dame coach Parseghian
Like malamutes
Left out
Leak source
It's a matter of taste
It will put you to sleep
Ill, in Lille
Hungarian's neighbor
Hanoi holiday
Give plenty
Gig need
Gave lip
French possessive
Five-time Grammy-winning duo from the 2010s
Film studio once owned by Howard Hughes
Feature of this puzzle that's 'fixed' by a literal reading of four squares
Feature of a credit card
Extorted from
End of an address
Composer Zimmer with four Grammys
Coddle, with 'on'
Cockpit reading: Abbr
Civil war locale beginning in 2011
Cabinet department
Butter substitute
Book after Exod
Body of water near Georgia
Animal found in the La Brea Tar Pits
Abbr. on a ticket
Abbr. in a military title
1984 movie with a 100% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 'The'
'Modern Family' network – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-16-2017#sthash.FsU7zDQ7.dpuf

Unable to react, chemically
Two-masted ships
Tug but good
Tubes with electrodes
Tilly or Ryan of Hollywood
Thing created by a seamstress
Taxonomic division
Taking a gander at
Tabs that cause hallucinations
Subsidy, e.g
Step softener
Split in two
Sound that's bullish
Snake's percussion instrument?
Slowly, on sheet music
Slow, to a conductor
Senators play for money here
Scout abode
Saw eye-to-eye
Saloon feature
Region or vicinity
Quite the challenge
Port in the Keystone State
Porky's home
Pompous one
Place to relax in mud
Place for a tiny flag
Place for a lawbreaker's monitor
Pitch easily
Perform a classic comedy reaction
Pearl City locale
Part of Einstein's famous equation
Pale and sickly
Opposite of 'go ahead'
Opera highlight
Old King Cole's fiddlers, collectively
Not closed
Norse capital
Mysterious Himalayan
Mountain route
Moses' sibling
Mark Twain, famously
Live, as a batted ball
Like teeth
Lhasa ___ (Tibetan dog)
Judge or think
It can be about a foot
Iron Mike of the ring
Hurricane part
Get ___ of (throw away)
Generous hunk, as of pie
First residence
Fill to the maximum
Fancy way to resign
Extinct flightless bird
Emulate the Titanic
Eliminated rough edges
Easy sort of run
Dealmaker in Hollywood
Banned bug spray
Autobahn auto, sometimes
Arced, soft throw
Anatomy class prop
Address to a webpage
A photo finish
A nuclear weapon
A great one can make your week
67.5 degrees, in directions
'You could ___ nice vacation'
'Slippery' tree
'Give him an inch, ___ take a mile' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-16-2017#sthash.rzJSiP7E.dpuf

___-relief (sculpture style)
___ Alto, Calif
Yemeni seaport
Where rings are exchanged
What Wednesday's child is full of
What EMTs practice on dummies
Warthog's weapon
Trimming tool
Tissue layers
Ten-legged zodiac animal
Target for John Dillinger
Tailor's line
Supervillains' hideouts
Stressed out
Sounds from sows
Some tuna sandwiches
Snobbish display
Shoulder muscles, for short
Shia's deity
Scarfed down
Resulted in
Ready to pour
Put up, as a barn
Preserves with brine
Prepares for a trip
Postgame report
Ponderer's phrase
Political refugee's request
Physical fitness
Pet protection org
Palate-cleansing dessert
One used to difficult conditions
Merlot and Cabernet, e.g
Media barrage
Marmalade tidbit
Many booster club members, for short
Many an office email
Magazine for entrepreneurs
Made more malleable, as steel
Love-crazy toon Le Pew
Like pea-soup fog
Jack who shunned fat
Immanuel of modern philosophy
Home to many Russians
Group with a Grand Exalted Ruler
Gravel source
Golf score that's 'saved'
Freeway sign
Flared dress style
Fire truck tool
Feature of many a murder mystery
Elvis' trademark look
Do a few practice rounds
Direction of Phileas Fogg's trip
Did a takeoff on
Diamond Head island
Danson of 'Cheers'
Comics caveman Alley
Church instrument of old
Carb-rich course
Car washer's need
Canyon perimeter
Campus expanse
Bratwurst holder
Brat's stocking stuffer
Bering and Tasman
Behind bars, slangily
Base-stealing legend Wills
Axel and Lutz
Apple variety
Any 'Jurassic Park' dinosaur
Ancient region on the Aegean
'Terrible twos' fits
'Once Upon a Mattress' prop
'Could go either way'
'Caught ya!'
'All bets ___ off!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-16-2017#sthash.xoNTCEW1.dpuf

Yorkshire city
Word related to "channel"
Word on some shampoo bottles
Use contractions, say
Undistinguished collegian
Underworld river
Tip of pumps
Tight-lipped one
Suggest subtly
Spanish lady
South central Texas attraction
Show partiality
Shout like "Swell!"
Service stint
Serious misstep
Secret retreat
Russian-born artist
Roadway symbol
Response to "Thanks"
Respectful denial
Relay-team assignment
Reeboks alternative
Painter Chagall
Obama treasury secretary
Notable time
Nobel Institute locale
Neighbor of Yemen
Name on "Notorious" posters
Most essential element
More, on a score
Manner of speaking
Make the common more clever
Mail routing letters
Lugs around
Londoner's lav
Lego competitor
Kind of phone book, for short
Keep busy
In a bad mood
High school class
Handles the navigation
GPS reading
Friend of Fidel
Flip over
Ersatz chocolate
EPA calculation
Drainage system
Dosage delivery system
Dosage delivery system
Delivery center of a sort
Cropped up
Continental Divide state
Comics canine
Certain cosmetic
Casserole concoction
Car-top accessory
Cambridge colour
Being aired
Be influential
Be an unnamed source, perhaps
Appian Way approval
An Instagram file format
Alphabetic trio
Airline to TLV
"Red eye" or "green thumb"
"Frozen" reindeer
"2001" astronaut
"1984" laborer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-16-2017#sthash.Ip9adPpO.dpuf

Writer without artistic talent
Wrack line maker
Was in front
Wake-up call
Title island in a popular computer game
Tickler of the ivories
Theater award for productions in smaller venues
Technical music composition
Sport not suitable for gate crashers
Splinter group
Skimpy lingerie item that's the subject of a Sisqo song
Sitarist Shankar
Singer Lavigne
Shrek and Fiona
Show appreciation, in a way
Scratches (out)
San ___ (Italian Riviera resort city)
Rug rat
Roll an inopportune seven, with 'out'
Rawboned sort
Purchase when your tires are running low
Pride of lions?
Otherworldly glow
Old London theater name
Of monumental size
Not clerical
Much of this might be about nothing, per Shakespeare
Most of a meringue
Marshmallow-garnished winter beverage
Little devil
Liquid rock
Like a Brinks truck
Lie next to
Lavishes love and attention (on)
Knocks the socks off
John Donne work
Jazz legend Fitzgerald
Jamaican music genre
Italian sonnet's 'resolution,' named for the number of lines it contains
It might be stacked or swabbed
In tandem with Alt and Del, a keyboard escape mechanism
Iconic recruitment poster uncle
Hand out, as cards
Hairy hominid in a Eugene O'Neill title
Grand ___ (bygone sporty Pontiacs)
George Michael's erstwhile duo
Four Corners region
For example
Flagship event at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
Fat-fingered touchscreen user's aid
Evidence for which crime scene investigators dust
Et ___
Erstwhile planet that was demoted in 2006
Eponym of a brainteasing colored cube
Endodontist's deg
Easy gait
Dry as a bone
Clear the condensation from, as a windshield
Classical calculator
Change for a five
Camp David Accords, for example
Cable network on which 'Sex and the City' originally appeared
Bush who promoted literacy
Brunch libation
Aves. and blvds
Attention, metaphorically
All major party presidential nominees, until 2016
Affirmation before a certain pronouncement
Act of derring-do
2016 'Final Five' Olympian
'Must I draw you ___?'
#26 on the periodic table

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