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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.09.2017

__-mo replay
__ science
__ Coast
__ Bauer
Youngest of the 'Little Women'
Work of a major opera house villain?
Wood fastener
Winter coat
Way into Wayne Manor?
Vietnamese holiday
Typical Hitchcock role
Trivial amount
Taxus shrub
Taking something badly?
Take from a job
Sweet tubers
Stir up
Slender swimmers
Skye, for one
SHO-owned cinematic channel
Ringing organ?
Request on 'ER'
Repeated word in the Beatles' 'She Loves You'
Physics class topic
Pertaining to
Partridge family tree?
Part of a song
Paella veggie
Oldest Japanese beer brand
Not at all tough
Northwest Passage explorer
Noodle bar order
National Ice Cream mo
Museum figure
Marsh bird with uncontrollable urges?
Like 'The Hunger Games' society
Legendary first name in skating
Laughlin in Tex., e.g
Johannesburg's land: Abbr
Hedger's last words
He shared the AP Driver of the Century award with Andretti
He often batted after Babe
Go ballistic
Giant in little candy
GI's address
Former SSR
Finishes (up) the gravy
Exxon follower?
Eliot's Bede
Drying-out hurdle
Discounted by
Director Craven
Danube Delta country: Abbr
Cut out
Con __: tempo marking
Cinco times dos
Chat at the supermarket checkout?
Celestial bear
Card worth a fortune?
Bigelow offering
Attract … or, as three words, sequence change with a hint about 18-, 24-, 38- and 51-Across
Article of faith
Arcade giant
Anne of comedy
Animal house
Alan of 'Tower Heist'
Aids for romantic evenings
42-Across' homeland
'Utopia' author

With 38-Across, pasta shape
Widen, as jeans legs
Who said 'Without promotion, something terrible happens … nothing!'
What's big in Texas?
Was really angry
Video game sounds
University of California campus site
Tube alternative
Tributary of the Mississippi
Tolstoy's first name, in Russia
The world's tallest mountain, base to peak
Sound from a silencer
Some college Greeks
Snap, with 'out'
See 60-Down
School of whales
Saul Bellow novel
Royal son of the comics
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame designer
Richard Gere title role
Retail giant since 1886
Reggie, to Archie, in Archie Comics
Put to shame
Prison area
Precedent setter
Posh hotel, familiarly
Pitch setter
Peter Fonda's role in 'Easy Rider'
Parker ___, so-called 'Queen of the Indies'
Paragraph analogue
Org. fighting anti-Muslim discrimination
One way of seeing
Leave in
Latin word in a footnote
It may be spoiled
Greeting in Victoria
Go down
First name in aviation
Fine-grained wood
Dragon roll ingredient
Dirty cop?
Cries of enlightenment
Computer science pioneer John von ___
Celsius, for one
Canadian crooner Michael
Bygone Chevy model
Bygone Chevy model
Business card abbr
Brother's title
Bridesmaid dress shade
Beat, in a way
Basic beverage, in baby talk
Atmosphere around a celebrity trial, say
Alfredo sauce brand
1979 film whose name comes from a 'Chicago' song
'Well, I declare!'
'Por ___ Cabeza' (tango song)
'Philomena' co-star, 2013
'It's on me'

Word with 'public'
Word with 'bad' or 'close'
Without any exceptions
Walking aids
USC athletes
Unwieldy or awkward
Turkish bigwig
Tumbler contents, often
Three-player card games
Take an evening course?
Successful capturing of kings
Spa features
Sign of things to come
Sicilian volcano
Shakespearean 'before'
Seoul's country
Sebaceous cysts
Run ___ (go nuts)
Rouses oneself, old-style
Round veggie
Rice dish (var.)
Ratchet parts
Rabbit (var.)
Quaint word for an unknown author
Quaint lodging
Punch line setter-upper
Pub perch
Promises to wed
Porch item
Part of a gun barrel
Overhead rings
Old video game machine, briefly
Neutral possessive
Nary a person
Musical work
Movement's declarations
Massachusetts university
Make turbulent
Make ready for battle
Mai ___ (cocktail)
Like this puzzle's theme
Lets the tears flow
Klee contemporary
Kindergarten breaks
Kind of shaft
Kind of rug
Kind of mower
Islamic figure
Indian garments
Imitation chocolate
Hanging open
Handwritten books or documents
Guard for a harem, traditionally
Great noise
Floral enclosure
Flightless New Zealander
Feminine pronoun
Distinct feature, as of a problem
Design theme
Cook eggs, in a way
Collection of memorable sayings
City in Ohio
Church rules
Certainly not a guy to be trusted
Boric acid target
Board associated with the occult
Biting quality of a breakfast drink?
As originally sited
Afternoon movies
Actor Lane
'___ Antonio Rose'
'Speckled' or 'lake' fish
'Smoking or ___?'
'Say ___' (doctor's request)
'… ___in heaven'

___ tai cocktail
___ McNally (GPS maker)
___ chops (long sideburns)
Yellowstone employee
Yankovic parody of a Michael Jackson hit
Worker with stone
Word that can precede the last parts of 20- and 57-Across and 11- and 35-Down
Word of submission
With 14-Across, name in pickup trucks
Went out with
Van Cliburn's instrument
Tom Sawyer's half-brother
Sports briefing employing X's and O's
Spilled salt and gathering clouds, to some
Some aerosol targets
Shows with demo booths
See 27-Across
Scratch the surface of
Scene of Jesus' first miracle
Scarecrow's innards
Results of abrasion
Result of stress, it's been said
Reasons to cram
Quadrennial presidential candidate Ralph
Puppet friend of Fran and Ollie
Pulls down, so to speak
Popular game show prize
Pope known as 'The Great'
Political satirist Bill
Planetary path, usually
Place for a surgical tuck
Pirate ship's perch
Paid for a hand
One driving a getaway car, say
Official with a whisk broom, for short
Not fooled by
Monopoly square with a '?'
Matchmaker of Greek myth
Many honorary degs
Magic shop buy
Key with an arrow
Joe of 'My Cousin Vinny'
Japanese cousin of kung fu
Injects with procaine
In the know about
In hot pursuit of
Illicit affair
Hijack-prevention org
Guarded body parts in soccer
Gardner of 'Mogambo'
Fraternity parties, often
Fix, as a driveway
Euclid, Ohio's lake
Dr. Dentons rear opening
Do a credit union's job
Debutante's topper
Creator of a cubic puzzle
Cohort of Kent and Olsen
Cherry bomb parts
Chemical element fig
Center of local government
Catherine who survived Henry VIII
Carmel-coated Girl Scout cookie
Bugle sound
Best attribute
Bay Area valley
Auto grille protector
Artie who wrote 'Too Fat to Fish'
Airport shuttle, often
Ace a test, say
A Beatle bride
53-Down adornments
1-Across workers
'You said it!'
'Ink Master' creations, for short
'At the ___' (Manilow subtitle)
'As I see it,' to texters

Woodpecker's prey
With 36 Down, "South Pacific" song
Where E. Chicago is
Village VIPs
Vase-shaped pitcher
Ursine abodes
Undermine, in a way
Tutor portrayer in "The Last Emperor"
Truck-stop stopper
Tropical reptiles
Ticked off
Three-sided weapon
Third of four
Sounds of merriment
Some LAPD officers
Snack in a new Firework flavor
Sheer delight
Sends on
See 24 Down
Second of four
Scottsdale neighbor
Scoreboard data
Raleigh's vain quest
Private detectives
Pick up with your head
One of the Keys
On a break
Omani currency
NL Central team
Name on the cover of "Thunderball"
More stylized
Melodic subject
Medal of Freedom architect
Lovers of harmony, it's said
Last of four
Knighted rock star or sci-fi star
Joins, as an exclusive club
Jared's mother-in-law
It means "full of"
It has a How Courts Work web page
Imitates exactly
Ibsen Museum city
Hoi __
Hiker's annoyance
For fun, for short
First of vowels
First of four
Far from blasé
Fails to be
Exodus commemoration
Even minimal
Embroidery craft
Email category
Creeping greenery
Consist of
Choose formally
Chiang foe
Checkers, for instance
Chamber work
At all times
Ancient instrument
All over
Alehouse array
"You forgot about me . . ."
"The Simpsons" neighbor
"Nature" network
"Las," "los," or" les"
"I know that!"
"Combination" items

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