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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.08.2017

__ Moines
Youth org. with merit badges
Wrap up
Window box dirt
Whirling current
Website with filmographies
Wax-coated Dutch cheese
Vacation spot near Curaçao
Touches up, as text
Total up
Title of respect
Swindled, slangily
Summer hrs. in Billings
Suffers from
Steven of 'The Patriot'
Smart __: wiseguys
Silently greet
Short cyber post
Seminary subj
Secondary wager
Replete (with)
Pull-out money holder
Publicly state one's views
Post-bath wrap
Poker table experts
Parka parts
On the run
Oblong tomatoes
Motown genre
More than risqué
Mole-like mammals
Mined metal
Med. care provider
Made more tolerable
Lowest sudoku number
Like football linemen
How pastrami is often ordered
Horse opera setting
Hit the horn
Guesstimate words
Funny folks
Frantic rush, and what's literally found in each set of puzzle circles
Former Yankee who was the youngest MLB player to hit 600 home runs
Flat-bottomed boat
Extreme anger
Entry in a ledger's plus column
Emerged from slumber
Core muscles
College URL ender
College sr.'s test
Coastal raptor
Civil rights activist Parks
Charles, William and Harry
Casual shirt
Bit of fish tank growth
Big name in music streaming
Arizona site of Sun Devil Stadium
Actor Pitt
'Up and __!': 'Rise and shine!'
'That's easy!'
'Sorry to say … '
'Same here!'
'Mortal Kombat' agent __ Blade
'La La Land' Best Actress Stone
'I did it!'
'I couldn't agree more!'
'I beg your pardon?'
'Baywatch' star

___ interface
___ hug
Word after mountain or before season
Wool, for a sheep
Who famously said 'I'm not a crook'
Undoing of legislation
Trojan War epic
Tiered Eastern temple
Ticks off
The clue for 58-Down, e.g. [sorry!]
Subjects of some fuzzy photos, for short
Stamp collector?
Something popped on a plane
Something measured by holding fingers on the wrist
Some chain pizzerias
Soaks (up)
Slanted in print: Abbr
Sinus doc
Sighed sounds
Showy purple bloom
Short albums, for short
Shell collector?
San Antonio mission
Rousing audience response, informally
Record collector?
Random guess
Puff pieces?
Prefix with -metric
Players bringing the ball up the court
Play a fife
Platform for Siri
Places serving salades et sandwiches
Philly pro
Parisian pal
Pageant title since 1983
Old video game consoles
Multiple jobs, metaphorically
Morse code plea
Mobile CPR provider
Media slant
Main points
Line of clothing
Like sports crowds during a close game
Kinda sorta
Japanese floor mat
It's in la Seine
It might come with a cherry on top
Hypocrite, say
Hold off
Hit the ___ (go to bed)
Garden row maker
Galileo's hometown
Frenzied race
FiveThirtyEight creator Silver
Fish story
Final and unhappy outcome
Enthusiastic Spanish assent
Energy measurement, for short
Desert along the Silk Road
Derby entrant
Deg. that requires a defense
Cuisine with tom kha gai soup
Cry of shear terror?
Cranberry picking sites
Coconut product
Calliope or Euterpe
Bill collector?
Big enchilada
Because of
A detour offers a different one: Abbr
'What ___ is new?'
'Total Recall' director Wiseman
'Hail Mary, full of grace …,' e.g
'Didn't see ya there!'

___ Lingus (Irish carrier)
Zodiac animal
Yanks' allies
Traffic cop?
Thick with vegetation
The Hindenburg, for one
Tel ___
Tackle box item
Swiss cough drop brand
Staff markings
Spotted horse
Service address
River of Flanders
Reply from the congregation
Radiant circles
Radiant circle
Radar screen flashes
Rabies vaccine developer
Put into words
Put back on the payroll
Perfumery products
Operatic jester
One who makes a lot?
Net results?
Most upscale
MI6 counterpart
Like country fans?
Lancelot du ___
Lair for a bear
Lacking purpose
Kite attachment
Kitchen invaders
Kitchen gadget
Keeps in check
Ill-fated flyer
Helpful software feature
Helicopter parts
Hawaiian 'thank you'
False show
Enthusiastic fan
English cathedral city
End of a coll. address
Dudley's 'Arthur' co-star
Dog deliveries
Convention-defying read
CBS kids program from 1955 to 1984
Casserole tidbit
Carson's successor
Carpet type
Calligrapher's need
Bull, in Barcelona
Brother of Athena
Brand with Regenerist skin products
Begin a journey
Avoids a knockout
Appendectomy reminder
Angora and cashmere
According to
ABC soap opera from 1963 to the present
ABC medical drama from 2007 to 2013
1978 NBA MVP Bill
1966 hit 'Walk Away ___'
0 degrees Celsius
'___ little teapot…'

What drinks do to your whistle?
Well-seasoned stew
Warm squeeze
Thomas Paine was voted Most Valuable ..
The rock in my desk's inbox was voted Most Valuable..
The church's top volunteer was voted Most Valuable ..
Suit, old-style
Stuffed shirts
Stepped heavily
Steam or water conduits
Space between two mountains
Some jeans
Show the truth of
Shed tears
Read carefully
Racism, e.g
Perlman or Howard
Palindromic 'before'
Org. on a toothpaste box
One with a trade
Nuclear mergers?
No amount at all
Naval escort ships
Moves speedily, old-style
More crafty or skillful
Meek and timid
Marcel Marceau was voted Most Valuable ..
Makes certain
List of fees
Lhasa apso's land
Laundry step
It gets mopped up
It causes an extra quarter
Hymn of praise
Garden of Eden emigre
Fuses metal
From another world
Expel forcibly
Eruption particle
Employs too often
Earthly vibrations
De Palma or Piccolo
Cues for the forgetful
Country place to fish
Clothing or garments
Chute over a beach
Certain grad. degree
Bumpy, as an old road
Bullets, briefly
Bravery or courage
Body sacs
Beatty of films
Be wrong
Barber's sharpener
Barbecue sides
Bangkok monetary units
Balaam's creature
Attachment for capital or real
Armadillo's armor
Arboreally cornered
Apply Vaseline or jelly
Animal foot
Add to
'We represent the Lollipop ___ …'
'Until tomorrow,' in France
'Reduce, ___, recycle'
'Harrumph' kin
'Cakes and ___'
'And the rockets' ___ glare …'
'An ___ a day…'
'… ___ spacious skies'

___ stuff (Craigslist category)
Ziti alternative
Wreak havoc upon
Word before ID or fee
Wipe clean
Western Florida's clock setting
Turkey ___ king
Town-painter's color
Tiered Taoist towers
The de Havilland Comet was the first
Symptom of a nervous stomach
Suvari of 'American Beauty'
Sushi bar selections
Summer romance, maybe
Sound of vuvuzelas, e.g
Small enough to be eaten whole
Shooter of electric darts
Shapiro of NPR's 'All Things Considered'
Shape of some business charts
SAT prep instructor, perhaps
Relating to musical pitch
Rachmaninoff's instrument
Prison uprising, e.g
Popular crafts e-tailer
Poetic homophone of 'air'
Platform for Apple mobile devices
Place to buy cat toys
Place for a mud mask
Pippa, to Kate
Pennsylvania's 'Flagship City'
Partner of above
Org. with the slogan 'Real Possibilities'
Org. with PreCheck screening
One waving a foam finger
On the mark
Nye, TV's 'Science Guy'
Nits, in time
New use for many a torn T-shirt
NATO members, to one another
Musician Carlos, or his band
Mont Blanc's locale
Michelin patent of 1946
Mendes of 'Hitch'
Mattress annoyance
Like Calacatta marble
Like a barn cat, often
Lands, as a fish
Instigate, as trouble
Improve, as one's golf game
Impersonator's forte
Hosp. revealer of inside info?
Hill who sang 'Doo Wop (That Thing)'
Hang around
Genre of many Weird Al songs
Flatbread baked in a tandoor
Fay of the original 'King Kong'
Ethnic or racial insult
Emile who wrote 'Nana'
Efron of 'Baywatch'
D.C. stadium initials
Crookedly hung, as a painting
Continent with the most nations
Common Creamsicle flavor
Bugling beast
Blow away, so to speak
Black Sabbath's music, for short
Bit of improvisation by 25-Down
Avoid being checkmated
A 'mix' of this word straddles the two words in 17- and 57-Across and 11- and 29-Down
50-Across participants
49er foe, in an NFL rivalry
'Yeezus' rapper West
'Way to go!'
'No contest,' for one
'It's so obvious now'
'Foci' or 'fungi'
'Bearded' bloomer
'All set?'

__ Spumante wine
White gem
Wet dirt
Weak, as an excuse
Ward off
Trophy or medal
Tops with frosting
Top-billed performer
That guy's
Suffix for prank or gang
Sudden attack
Subtle glow
Strongly encourage
Started the grill, say
Start to melt
Stage of a plan
Sporty car roofs
Spine of a ship
Small bills
Short-lived craze
Sherwood Forest outlaw
Rushed toward
Rodeo rope
Rebounding sound
Prefix for national
Prefix for final
Prayer's last word
Portion of corn
Pear-shaped instrument
Not as much
Nine-digit IDs
Nile queen's nickname
Nest egg initials
Most astute
Morning farmland moisture
Modern phone
Moby-Dick seeker
Midafternoon hour
Lower leg
Look after
Long-ago time
Laughed derisively
Large family
Lake beside Buffalo
In those days
Illegal deceit
Gets married
Garment behind a necktie
Founder of Pittsburgh's state
Flow slowly
Fill with joy
Fast-food tray liner
Farm bale
Face on old watches
Existing from birth
Eat a sample of
College roomie
Coffee, slangily
Cast member
California/Nevada lake
Bird on a quarter
Athlete that's paid
Angel's topper
20 Across' girlfriend
20 Across' gigantic pal
20 Across' clergyman pal
"Wish you __ here"
"Quickly" in a memo
"My country, __ of thee"
"Count me out!"

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