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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.07.2017

__ call
You usually can't see your shadow on it
Yemeni neighbor
Works on, as comics
Walker, for short
Venus, say
Variation of the Latin square puzzle
Underhanded type
They may be ribbons
They get checked at airports, briefly
Swahili word for 'problems'
Sun Devils' sch
Suggestive dance
Shreds comics?
Shoots down
Seeking damages
Second-largest branch of Islam
Sebastian in 'The Little Mermaid,' e.g
Scornful grin
President for 200 days
Parts of some stable relationships
One or two may arrive on Valentine's Day
One on the E. Coast?
Old 34-Down preceder
Not coastal
No. 2 terminus
Name that means 'cool breeze' in Hawaiian
Motherboards, etc
More than just passed
Morales of 'La Bamba'
Minneapolis suburb
Mechanic's supply
Mastodon feature
Like some stag party members?
It's often labeled 'B'
It has a Yakutsk card
Insurance co. requests
Hotel upgrade option
High wind?
Hieroglyphics creature
Have trouble balancing
Hang on a line
Habitat that comes and goes
Grinch victim
Grammy winner James
Grammarian's concerns
Goes on first
Furniture giant
Fox product
Form for a letter?
Engine concern
Does some yard work
Does some yard work
Dodge two-seater
Cross letters
Blush producer
Be prudent
Bacon recipient?
Auto pioneer
Amer. capital
60-Across supply
561-piece White House, for one
'My two cents … '
'Given the circumstances … '
'George's Marvelous Medicine' author

___ adelante (later on: Sp.)
With 21-Across, U.S. Open champ of 1985-87
Watt per ampere squared
W.W. II's Battle of ___
Video game character rescued by Link
Veep between Al and Joe
Turkey bacon?
Trust buster?
Tree line?
Traditional rite of passage among the Masai
Throw together
The Wasp and Black Widow, for two
The Tritons of the N.C.A.A
Tea Party, e.g
Sweetheart's brothers?
Sweetener in a health food store
Spacewalk, for short
Something to float
Show for which Louis C.K. unsuccessfully auditioned in '93
See 20-Across
Seat in Parliament?
Ruined, in a way
Rose Bowl setting, for short
Pull (out)
Problem to face?
Prepared to confess sins, say
Podcaster Maron
Part of a pedigree
Oscar nominee for 'The Great Dictator'
One that can only go straight
Offers as a sacrifice
Mammals that may weigh up to 12,000 pounds
Maker of Friskies
Major employer of pharmacists
Lords of film
Like Nafta
Like a five-star hotel
Lets go
Least naive
Lamborghini owner
Japan was a member of it
It's moved by a keystroke
Incredible, in modern slang
He said 'He who knows does not speak; he who speaks does not know'
Hammock holders
Gives a lot of unwanted attention
Excessive desire for wealth
Diminishing returns?
Digital barrage
Desperately, informally
Conceal cleverly
Cheese, for some
Celebrity affair, maybe
Castro overthrew him
Capital whose name means 'city inside rivers'
Cantaloupe, by another name
By some measure
By and by
Boston Tea Party leader
Beauty spots
Backup software option?
Alternative to 'Sincerely'
A.T.M. deposits: Abbr
2014 U.S. Women's Open champion
'The Fast and the Furious' activity
'PT 109' actor Robert

___ Tomb (Red Square landmark)
___ Gay
___ Galerie (Big Apple museum featuring German and Austrian art)
X on the Rosetta stone
Word of assent
Where do you get off?
Watt, e.g
Violinist Zimbalist
Violent storms
Very simple board game?
Valentine's Day gift
Unimpressive portion of data?
Turf protector
Trivial criticisms
Training org. for future ensigns
Toast topper
Time's Person of the Year for 2001
Supermarket aid
Sudden increase
Studied (over)
Staff notes
Sorrowful secretion
Some stallions
Sneak ___ (look quickly)
Serengeti grazers
Rustic inn
Russian Air Force jet
Rubout, of a sort
Rosetta stone letter
Repeat exactly
Relax away from computers and phones
Recipe meas
Rebar makeup
Ready for the surgeon
Pub offering
Printer need
President Rouhani's home
Popular Wyeth subject
Pontifical Mass garment
Placatory offerings
Piano exercise
Paltry assortment of things?
Palate projection
Order to attack
Novel that takes place in a Surrey village
Not for kids
Not engaged
Not aweather
Newspaper essays
Mozart's '___ Kleine Gigue'
Moviegoer's chocolate candy
Move stealthily
Modest investment portfolio?
Mint garnishes
Minor miracle?
Mildly promising baseball situation
Mild anxiety?
McKellen and McShane
Lyre-playing Muse
Low mil. rank
Longhaired model
Long, long time
Lofty nest
Litter bearers
Like some accents
Like a perfect game
Lawn tool
Just a couple of extras?
JPEG alternative
John's portrayer in 'John Wick'
Jazz pianist Chick
Jack London's '___ of the Sun'
It has two hemispheres
Inadequate Constitutional limits?
House work
Hoop holder, at times
Heavy herbivore
HBO rival, for short
Haughty sort
Hardly relaxed
Guinness with a knighthood
Got in, in a way
Good, to Gentiloni
Goddess with a bow
German I
French I infinitive
Foreign farewell
Flag for a country of humble pretensions?
Film character with a stunted right fin
FedEx flyer
Father of Methuselah
Farrier's file
Fanfic works
Fanatic followings
Escort service location?
Elevated composition
Early visitor to Greenland
Dodgers great Pee Wee
Do some gamboling
Diva's delivery
Diploma-awarding test, for short
Diary contribution
Criticize harshly
Cordoba cat
Contemptible cads
Computer hookup?
College workplace
Casual tops
Broker's recommendation
Broad tie
Bring back on
Bright bunch
Brand charged by some motorists
Boxer's cover
Birthplace of the Solidarity movement
Ball guest, perhaps
'There's ___ in the air'
'I should ___ die with pity…': Lear
'Evidence of Things Not Seen' composer Ned
'Every cloud ___ silver lining'
'Clever thinking!'
'Borstal Boy' author Brendan
'Beware, my lord, of jealousy' speaker

___ polloi (commoners)
Writer Buchanan or Ferber
Wood of the Rolling Stones
Welcoming rites
Watercolor work
Walked back and forth
Walk doggedly
Volleyball-court feature
Versatile blackjack card
Tire pressure letters
Thin pastry of fruit
They may be posted
Start a construction project
Spiked elephant goad
Sounds of contentment
Some winter precipitation
Some salmons
Some horizontal public protests
Some cooking fats
Shutout team's score
School commencement?
Salt Lake City collegiate
Rigatoni or linguine
Repeated word in meditation
Preserves the dead
Pound fraction
Poetic William Butler
Participate in a certain bee
Omit, as a consonant
Not outgoing
No-goodnik, to Bugs Bunny
Native of the Far East
Musical?%82? composition finales
Mild sounds of rebuke
Mai ___ (cocktail)
Little slimy creeper
Like Prince's 'Park'
Leisurely walk
Lean end of the neck
Kicks out
Just the ___ (nevertheless)
Jog or dash
Inquisition's iron collar
Holmes or Couric
Hides in the shadows
Glide on snow
Flamboyant neckwear
Feminine pronoun
Female relative
Fall mo
Entre ___ (between us)
Emotion of fury
Eight performers (var.)
Dojo divider
Dignified conduct
Crowning moments
Creepy and spooky
Contents of a vein pocket
Common cleaner
Chicago airport
Chang's closest connection?
Butchers' wares
Boiling byproduct
Ark contents
Andy's partner of old radio
Andy's doll mate
'To a' poem
'Rumor ___ it …'
'Platoon' setting, briefly

___ Tots (frozen food item)
Words before an anthem
Wolves, when supposedly serenading the moon
What you can do to the first parts of 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 25-Down
What barbers 'lower'
Watch, as a flock
Used a strop on
UNLV part
Tummy trouble
They're caught by sunbathers
Take a corner too fast, say
Support for a break
Stopwatch unit (Abbr.)
Sports org. sponsored by 40-Across
Spheroid hairdo, for short
Signature at Appomattox
Sheer linen or cotton
Seven-piece Chinese puzzle
Segment with game highlights
Scorecard listings
Salt Lake City collegian
Precedes the headliner
Playground time
Opposite of paleo-
Open mic offering
One of two in some marriages
Oil treatment brand
Ob or Po
Menachem's counterpart at Camp David
Like St. Nick
Like a dirty old man
Letter after zeta
Largish combo
Lake source of the Niagara River
Kickoff aids
Joel Chandler Harris narrator
It talks, it's said
It may be bruised or inflated
Household nickname
Horatio who wrote 'Ragged Dick'
Hole in the epidermis
Hemmed, but didn't haw
Helped with the laundry
Haunted house sound
Gooey fast food offering
Go head-to-head
Genre pioneered by Run-D.M.C
Game show figures
Frozen yogurt container
Family to keep up with
Electroshock weapon
Earthy pigments
Down with a bug
Dealer ___ (car-sticker line)
Dancer with seven veils
Dance that might involve a chair
Corvette roof option, once
Conservative Brit, colloquially
Congressional divider
Concoctions in Dutch ovens
Conclude one's argument
Coloratura's song
Chaney or Chaney Jr
C.S. who created Aslan
Boxing daughter of Muhammad
Botanical 'pet'
Biting, as a remark
Ball-balancing animal
Auto body problem
Auberjonois of 'Boston Legal'
Associate of Gorsuch and Kagan
Addison's partner at The Spectator
'Two mints in one' sloganeer, once
'The Lion King' villain
'Bye-bye,' to a Brit
'. . . and ___ well!'

__ fan
__ cap
Word that sounds like a vowel it hasn't
What Dr. Frankenstein called "white and shining pyramids"
Went with the flow, say
Verb from the French for "live coals"
Undulate unsteadily
Under wraps?
They're error-prone
Thai condiment often mixed with mayonnaise
Tenants' taxpaying arrangements
Tail, e.g
Star's beginnings
Screening need
Rock samples
Returned call
Pope who supported Cesare Borgia
Pipe organ mechanism
Part of many ritzy resort names
Order not to follow
Open for use
One flooding the streets circa 1890
Not missing
Networking protocol, initially
Mustangs' competitors
Mr. Hyde's home
Metaphorical mistreatment
Legal predecessor of NBCUniversal
Informal "Amen"
Hopkins, in Marvel movies
He named Homer for his dad
Hard to see through
Grp. promoting the Great American Outdoor Show
Got back to 100%
Flat tip
First speaker of "Nothing can come of nothing"
First Northern Plains equestrians
First musician to be a "Time" Person of the Year
Female fashion features
Far from accepting
Emulated Edison, vis-à-vis Westinghouse
Elk's only close African kin
Dish antenna enclosure
Cry of discovery
Chalice, for instance
Certain teen's spring fever
Center of many ranges
Bottom part of a tank
Big West Conference team
Bearer of energy
Asks for more
Asia-Africa land bridge
Another way to say "ballerino"
28-year "20/20" reporter/co-anchor
16.4% into some years
'62 Wayne film set in Africa
"__ forma" (amorphous: Lat.)
"You got this"
"Total Recall" autobiographer's nickname
"The cruelest animal," per Nietzsche
"Negative" alternative

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