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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.06.2017

__ zone: shallowest oceanic region that sunlight doesn't reach
__ torpedo: 'Star Trek' weapon
__ blue
Zoning unit
Younger daughter of Hi and Lois, in comics
Words with clip or crossroads
Word's last syllable
Word repeated twice in a Roger Ebert title about bad movies
With some unscrambling, the contents of each set of circles
When some fans have to wait till
Watching intently
Up in the air
Toward the stern
Tillis of country
Symbol of complementary principles
Suffix with Bieber
Straight sides of a pizza slice, e.g
Soothing succulent
Solitary prefix
Soft toy brand
Sapporo sash
Sap sucker
Russian city where Turgenev was born
Relaxation destination
Positive quality
Port initials
Pitches during breaks
Petal pusher?
Paid (up)
Once-sacred snake
No longer hung up on
Negative quality
Med. nation
Mark of shame
Man of steel?
Low-down prank?
Like some late-game hockey goals
Like aged cheddar
Latin American capital
Late July arrival
Invoice word
Injured pro's test, perhaps
Indiana-based sports org
Hindu title
Haberdasher's item
Guy in the kitchen
Green prefix
Going rate?
For this reason
Flying Cloud, for one
Fine fiddle
Fan sound
Fallon's predecessor
Deli order
Co. once led by Baryshnikov
Cloud dwellers?
Blow one's fuse
Block during rebounding, in basketball
Best Buy buys
Baseball's Wills and TV's Povich
Bakery-café chain
Aquanaut's base
Admission of defeat
Actress Longoria
Actor Baldwin
'Wild' author Strayed
'What's doin'?'
'Told you!'
'That's it!'
'Sonatine Bureaucratique' composer
'Listen up,' to Luis
'Fighting' Indiana team – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-15-2017#sthash.oPH1xUF5.dpuf

___ patch
Winter frost
What several characters in 'Coming Home' came home from, informally
Welcome at the door
Weigh in, say
W. C. Fields persona
Very, informally
Versus: Abbr
To laugh, in Lyon
They're all in the family
They get punched
Sun god worshiper
Suisse sweetheart
Stallone and Stone
Something in a drafts folder
Some hosp. staffers
Signature Obama measure, for short
Sign with an arrow
She had a 'major' role on 'M*A*S*H'
Race leader?
Quaint greeting to a lady or gent
One, overseas
One who's second to vote, usually
Old beer with the ad line 'From the land of sky blue waters'
Not so hot
Not quite right
Minute Maid Park player, for short
Like some scratch-off lottery tickets
Like many early schoolhouses
Kind of warning
Jungle gym, for one
John with five Grammys
It's used to pick things up
It has a 25-min. no-calculator section
Hit movie released on June 15, 1967 … with a hint to this puzzle's theme
He sang (but did not write) 'I Write the Songs'
Former Cleveland Orchestra conductor George
Fatty acid, e.g
Extended a greeting
Expose, in verse
European sister brand of Buick
End of a song at a New Year's Eve party
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
Cousin, e.g.: Abbr
Conciliatory gift
Comparatively peeved
Color much worn on St. Patrick's Day
California tourist destination
Berth place
B&O and others: Abbr
Axis leader
2000s Japanese P.M
*X-rated film
*Unpleasant task that 'someone has to do'
*Underhanded stratagem
*Stink eye
*Something that might be bleeped
*Secrets that would be embarrassing to reveal
*No-good con man
*Lowdown scoundrel
*Ill-gotten gains
*Gin, vermouth and olive juice concoction
*Clint Eastwood title role
*Bit of blue humor
'You should know better!'
'Cheeseburger, large fries and a root beer,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-15-2017#sthash.UjFRvaXa.dpuf

___ Reader (quarterly digest)
ZZ Top, e.g
Youngster's lyric, perhaps after five missed attempts in this puzzle
With formal propriety
Winter green
Winery family
Way to go?
Uneasy feeling
Ultimate letter
Trip home from the airport, perhaps
Trattoria tubes
Took stock?
They cross the line
They aren't subject to customs inspection
Texas State team
Sum totals
Speckled stallion
Source of meals on wheels
Source of baby's breath
Sotto voce comment
Snowy bird
Slept like ___
Sister brand of Tootsie Rolls
Simple adders
Scratch (out)
Roll of material
Relaxed walk
Prompt into action
Prepares for showing, as a home
Parliament contents
Pained cry
One of many revolving around Mars
Not on deck, perhaps
Morlocks' victims
Like some biennial elections
Like many knock-knock jokes
Like many a PAC
Like chlorine
Like a well-crafted whodunit
Leaves undressed, maybe?
John Deere logo
Jargon finish
It might be followed by a loop
Inner Hebrides island
Hummus scooper
How one must win in badminton
Highway construction marker
High guy
Hebrew leader?
Hall of fame
Great deal
Game admission
Five-in-a-row board game
Filing pro
Fighting a bug, say
Experimental fashion?
Duke, e.g
Disaster shelter supply
Device with a Force Touch trackpad
Dealer's unit
Cpl., for one
Cartoonist Thomas
Big Sur retreat
Beethoven's birthplace
Barely sufficient
Bar mixer
A great deal
'Master Melvin' of the Polo Grounds
'Blood will have blood' speaker – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-15-2017—If-at-First-You-Don't-Succeed…#sthash.skk7xILn.dpuf

___ out (hits a long shot)
Yankee great Mickey
Wrigley Field homers clear them
Withstand or continue to exist
Wimbledon champ Bjorn
What little builders practice with
Type of veil
Try to win the hand of
Trip with a backpack
Threw rocks at
Three, on a sundial
The wearing away of rocks, e.g
Supply that's stashed
Suffix for record holders
Stylish and distinctive elegance
Steam bath locale
Sports figure, briefly
Spoke with a harsh, low voice
Sometimes-smashed minuscule thing
Simian of Borneo
Roman orator
Ring that's tossed in a game
Repairs computer coding
Provide with the proper tools
Pretty pitchers
Porch item
Place with moving pictures
Oyster's resting place?
Opposition prefix
Opposite of start
Oath taker, essentially
Most insignificant chess piece
Member of a certain environmental club
Look at without blinking
Like forks and electrical plugs
Large amounts of land
Lambs' moms
James who walked on the moon
It may come between partners
It has a grand old flag
If all goes perfectly
How builders build
Greek alphabet's 17th letter
Grapefruit-orange hybrid
Genetic inits
Geek's relative
Fell with a hatchet
Fell ill
Famous San Francisco hill
Fairy-tale brute
End of a quest?
Dreamy sleep state
Dinner crumb
Device that gave you a beep
Dark yellow hue
Dame Myra
Cup edge
Comment from a klutz
Closely packed
Clint of Hollywood
Certain sib
Cambodian's neighbor
Builder's quest
Be a part of the election process
Baylor's base
Abbr. for one no longer working
A couple of quarters?
'___ all been there'
'There's ___ here but us …'
'The King' of music
'Quiet!' to Archie Bunker – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-15-2017#sthash.XG8bhM8J.dpuf

___-color pasta
Yahtzee quintet
Woodwind with a haunting sound
Visitor to an old prof, perhaps
Trying for a hit
Toy soldier material
Tend to the sauce
Start to unravel
Standing tall
Spoiled kid
Skill that's rarely seen now
Sauce with basil
Satisfied sigh
San Jose native
Sales staffer, for short
Rubber ducky's spot
RPM part
Round Table ruler
Robert Crawley on 'Downton Abbey,' e.g
Rob of '90210'
Reid of 'Sharknado'
Regarding, on a memo
Races with sulkies
Punsters, e.g
Preventer of beach erosion
Prefix with space
Popular place for visitors
Perform poorly, slangily
Pavarotti piece
Option under Clock, on an iPhone
One of two in a cassette
New Jersey's largest city
Natl. Merit Scholarship qualifier
Muesli morsel
More up to the task
Many DVD players
Maker of tarts and tortes
Mad Hatter's service
Laugh-a-minute sort
King's equivalent, in blackjack
JFK and ORD guesstimates
Italian island east of Corsica
Islamic canonical law
In pain, and what you're doing for the answers to 17- and 38-Across and 11- and 29-Down
Hopping mad
Hit the slopes
Hip-hop genre with violent lyrics
Helsinki natives
Gridiron two-pointer
Get hitched
Generations-spanning tale
For face value, as a stock
Firewood purchase
Find out by eavesdropping
Fiber for Manila rope
Eve's tempter
Dyers' vessels
Con artist's prey
Common URL ender
Common baby shower gift
Cognac or Calvados
Clown in the king's court
Clean, as a fish
Chaucerian tale teller
Cars at charging stations
Boston Harbor jetsam of 1773
Bio or chem rooms
Best who was replaced by Ringo
Apple of Discord thrower, in myth
Any of dozens won by 'SNL' through 2016
Annoy with constant complaining
Ajax or Comet
Act the blowhard
Act the blowhard
Aardsma replaced him as the alphabetically first MLB player
'Tristan und Isolde' composer
'Selma' director DuVernay
'2 Broke Girls' network – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-15-2017#sthash.7N7uzGzB.dpuf

__ qua non
Workout center
White wader
Westminster Dog Show organizer
URL intro
Together (with)
Tijuana water
Starting point of a 1965 march
Source of exotic wool
Sound from some litters
Smallest continent's biggest city
Sign on some front lawns
Shout of protest
Series-ending abbr
Seismology concern
Roofer's supply
Put up or sent out
Preschool song ender
Prefix for nautical
Predictive signs
Pool table border
Poetic lament
Paul who painted
Patio furniture material
Parting syllables
Outer edge
Nintendo big seller of yore
New staffer
Move to the music
Moral code
Mile 0 on the Iditarod Trail
Maze explorer
Many a telenovela star
Longtime experts
Lloyd Webber score
Keep tabs on
Isle near Corsica
Isabella, por ejemplo
Indian source for 6 Down
Indian export
In boots, perhaps
Good movers in mud
Global, for short
Gate data
Frat letter
Follower of back or bucket
First Amendment supporter
Farm fodder
Family nickname
Explorer Tasman
Evasive maneuver
Egyptian goddess
Easily deceived
Dog collar attachment
Diamond-shaped toy
Darth Vader's daughter
Crunchy munchie
Competing team
Bug a lot
Brain section
Be the benefactor for
Bakery staple
Arctic divers
"You don't say . . ."
"Wheel of Fortune" owner
"The Sound of Music" setting
"Support Our Heroes" group
"Slumdog Millionaire" director
"Makes sense"
"Hardly a surprise"
"First Lady of Country Music"
"Caught you!"

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