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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 15.03.2017

__ Mini: Nintendo console
__ Honor
W. or LBJ
Victor's cry
Using one's passport, say
Two-step, e.g
Tip of a Bic
Takes a shot at
Tabloid subjects
Tablet with Mini and Pro versions
Special Olympics founder Shriver
Shallows hazard
Set straight
Salad bar sliver
Rolls with rice
Robert's 'Out of Africa' role
Requiring quarters, briefly
Really dull
Puts on gently
Program file ending
Prey for cheetahs
Predict using, as tea leaves
Nursery offering
Numero __
Not as well
New York mayor before Koch
More than just saber-rattling
Milk source
Management major's deg
Lyra's brightest star
Low-budget cinema … and, literally, the four longest puzzle answers
Little League airer
Like granola bars
Like challenging push-ups
Jackson 5 hairdo
Item under many a top
Hunter's garb, for short
Hip-hop Dr
Hip dude
Hammer end
GPS suggestion
Go on (one's way)
Genesis matriarch
Franklin's faith
Flaky mineral
Fishing spot
Et __
Elton's title
Easily seen
Düsseldorf denial
Didn't sleep quietly
Composer's work
Comparison phrase
College URL ending
Civil rights org
Cake words Alice abided by
Basic French verb
Banjo legend Fleck
Bandanna cousin
Asp cousin
Army vet
2005 Christian Bale superhero thriller
2003 Disney animated feature with talking grizzlies
1980 Clint Eastwood film about a Wild West show
1965 Jerry Lewis/Tony Curtis farce involving flight attendants
'Of course!'
'Isn't that something'
'Hold it right there!'
'Gotcha, man' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-15-2017#sthash.Ah5PNGwz.dpuf

___ generis (unique)
[Wrong answer!]
World capital whose name means 'gardens'
Try to win over
Title for 18-Across
Summer hrs. in Chicago
Stand-up's routines
Sound like a jackass
Singer James or Jones
Showed again
She went to Haiti in a Cole Porter song
See blurb
See blurb
See blurb
See blurb
See blurb
Rogue computer in '2001'
Reunion group
Previous arrest, on a rap sheet
PHX airport locale: Abbr
Patriotic women's org
Paid attention to
Only a little
Novelist Waugh
Nikkei index currency
Newswoman Bakhtiar
Motown or Decca
M and N, in pronunciation
Lowland, poetically
Long-snouted fish
Like some light hair
Light beam splitter
Jack who played Sgt. Friday
Item held by the king of diamonds
Intel org
Ilsa ___, 'Casablanca' character
HGTV personality ___ Yip
Hang on to
Had in mind
Greek marketplace of old
Go astray
Gesture that might be made with a wink
Fresh gossip, with 'the'
Form 1040 ID
Fix, as a pump
Fish-eating raptor
Et ___
Eddie ___, subject of 'The French Connection'
Divest (of)
Cry of discovery
Couch potato
Chocolatier's lure
China holder
Boarding pass info
Batteries in mice
Barely manages, with 'out'
Ballpark fig
Ballet leaps
Au ___ (menu phrase)
Angsty music genre
Adorable one
Actress Kendrick of 'Pitch Perfect'
AAA part: Abbr
1950s-'60s hit with the lyric 'Ah, you made me love you / Now, now, now, now your man is come'
*Fabric with a cheap-sounding name
*Elegantly designed trinkets
*Can't stomach
*Bonzo and others
*'You just missed!'
*'And so it ___'
'The Lion King' soundtrack composer
'The Addams Family' cousin
'Star Wars' knight, informally
'Right away!,' in the O.R
'Hold it – hang on!'
'Fernando' group
'CSI' workplace
'Believe' Grammy winner, 1999
'Behold!,' to Caesar
'And how!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-15-2017#sthash.tzlkeXxI.dpuf

Yank's foe
Worn-out firearm that's no longer usable?
Wooed successfully
Where the rubber meets the track?
Well, to Watteau
Urbanite's getaway
Unpretentious way to live
Undetermined, on a sched
They're not yet residents
They get chalked up
There are 8,760 in a typical yr
Subj. of early Amendments
Simpleton's lack
Sibling's address
Sheltering place
Santa ___
Policy expert
Police HQ
Olympic weapon
Not amply supplied with
Nook, e.g
Nikon offering
New Orleans goes back to it in Nov
Neglects to mention
Navy enlistee
Most nail-biting
Mongolian word for 'ocean'
Mgr.'s helper
Messy place
Make an appearance
Macedonia, Montenegro and others
Like the Fr. 'fromage'
Like sugar in your coffee
Like a spot by the fire
Land east of the Persian Gulf
It might make a lot
Irish lass
Interior decorator's contrasting details
How most TV shows are now presented
Home of the minor league Owlz
Hold back
Hamburger made from venison?
H.S. class
Guilt symptom
Gp. including the Eagles and Falcons
George Burns's in-laws
Genesis construction
Fixes, as a flawed soundtrack
Everglades denizens
Euro predecessor
Equivalent of the hexadecimal A
End for ethyl or methyl
Elusive resident of the Pacific Northwest
Ears: Prefix
Earn hand over fist
Dollar bills that have been torn up?
Dodge models of 1995 to 2005
D.C. player
Clear sky
City on the IJsselmeer
City on the Arno
Chain where you can get a Chili Cheese Coney and Tots
Browser option
Brand that sponsored the 'Ripley's Believe It or Not!' radio show
Bowler everyone loves to touch?
Baldwin, for one
Asteroid with a moon
Associate who's been ejected from a club?
Asset for dance marathon competitors
'Alley ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-15-2017—Just-a-Passive-Fancy#sthash.GnsxvYnx.dpuf

Wrapped garments of India
Word with 'swings' and 'rings'
Type of indoor caddy
Track legend Moses
To and ___
Title 'I Heard It Through the Grapevine' owns?
Thing marksmen do
Tank's 'skin'
Taboo thing
Stuff on after prime time, often
Stitch up again
Soccer score
Skating duo
Sixes at 180 degrees
Signal of a soccer ejection
Ship of Greek mythology
Roll of cash
Repetitive musical piece
Raging fires
Pine ___ (household cleaner)
Out of practice
Order from a sad photographer at a kid's party?
Oil-well contraption
Now's counterpart
Not let go to waste
Norwegian capital
Neck warmer
Moistens but good
Medicinal plant with yellow flowers
Many moons ago
Make judgments
Lyric poem with complex stanza forms
Link with 'neither'
Like some neglected grass?
Like some gauntlets?
Lets go of
Let loose with the waterworks
Kebab holders
Jumping off point?
Jacob's brother in Genesis
It's of general concern
It's cotton-tipped
It comes in the fall (Abbr.)
Innocent, inexperienced one
Inflict pain
In a grave and sedate manner
Ice bucket insert
Hurts one's toe, in a way
Hosiery problems
Hawaiian keepsake
Hammerhead in the water
Get all the kinks out
Gandhi contemporary
Flow in a circular current
Fashionable health resort
Far from stimulating
Eagle's nest
Dylan Bundy or Zach Britton
Door fixture
Distinctive spirit of a culture
Deli order, sometimes
Criminal and more
Certain Halloween mischief maker
Certain driving surface
Bird with a short, upright tail
Author Jong
Any valuable thing
Annoying night sound
Animals' cries
A unit of conductance
A ghost in 'Pac-Man'
A combining of corporations
'Ooh!' or 'Whoa!'
'Help, we're sinking!'
'Approximately' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-15-2017#sthash.KT1X7rxY.dpuf

___ moment (epiphany)
Work in the cutting room
Word with public or private
Without a markup
Winter woe, for many
Warning of imminent danger
Wahine's garland
Utility bill recipient
Users of rhyme schemes
Twist the truth
Tot's taboo
Took down a peg
Thin-shelled nut
Supporters with or without straps
Stride easily
Street division
Stops from squeaking
Stoltz of 'Mask'
Squash underfoot
Spill a secret
Sound of a satisfied Siamese
Socially superior
Small-screen statuette
Slaked, as thirst
Sit for a spell
Sign of sanctity
Rights-defending org
Put up with
Put some distance between
Prepared response
Potato chip, to a Brit
Pinterest posting
Pet protector of sorts
Oscars superlative
Numbers on educational toys
NATO, e.g
More than occasionally
Model Macpherson
Luau or seder
Like minks and sables
Like an optimist's outlook
Letterhead symbol
Jot down
Is overly fond of, with 'on'
Insult in jest
In need of nursing
Hosted a visit from
Hose down
Hair-care aisle items
Full house component
Fruity soda flavor
Fraction of a ream
Firm-fleshed pear
Examine in court
Evidence of a gas leak
Everglades wader
Eggs on a sushi roll
Early partner of Noble
Dominant species, on a sci-fi planet
Diner fare that's 'slung'
Criticism, informally
Cornfield pest
Charlie Brown's features a zigzag
Carnivore's craving
British conservative
Bridge statistic
Beach or salon acquisition
Backyard buildings
Arousing suspicion
Accept as a patient
A stone's throw away
'Sorry to say . . .'
'Gee whiz!'
'Floppy' PC insert of old
'Beetlejuice' director Burton – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-15-2017#sthash.nE7Llehh.dpuf

__ monster (large lizard)
__ facto
Young lady
Wild guess
Wed on the run
Was present
Venice waterway
Untidy state
Typical Jordanian
Trade show
Tot's TLC dispenser, often
Top man, informally
To the point
Tiresome one
Throw in
Stare at
Squeak by
Snow vehicles
Smartphone message
Sitting Bull's people
Sign on a prank victim's back
Shrubby wasteland
Shopper's dilemma
Scrubbed, as a mission
Scandinavian capital
Rowling's wizard
River project
Quick preview
Princess of India
President Ford
Potato state
Popped up
Persuasive power
Periodicals, for short
Oreo's trio
Operatic excerpt
Nostalgic jazz tune
Noncommittal answer
No longer stylish
Microsoft game console
Merest amount
Math proportion
Lion's share
Less prevalent
Leafy course
Just __ (minimal amount)
Jeweler's eyepiece
Invitation sender
Informal address
In any way possible
Google rival
Go-__ (kids' vehicles)
German philosopher Marx
French Mrs
Found a buyer for
Foul-ball callers
Former anesthetic
Farming prefix
Does some yard work
Crosses (out)
Covers, as a driveway
Controls on old TVs
Comparative word
Carved pole
Bullets, for short
Broken in
Argyle, for instance
"__ she blows!"
"SportsCenter" airer
"Good heavens!"
"A likely story!'

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