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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.09.2017

Zaragoza's river
Word with head or roll
Western pens
Universal donor's type, briefly
Unit of force
Tidal peril during a storm
The Quakers of the Ivy League
Take Rover to Ruth's Chris?
Support person
Superhero attire
Subjects of many viral online videos
St. Paul's architect
Southwestern brick
Six-footers at parties
Singer James
Shakespearean call to arms
Scott Turow memoir
Run things?
Robbie's daredevil father
Respond to a charge
Relatively safe, as electricity
Place to mingle on the slopes?
Pass the bouncer
Parakeet quarters
One-fifth of a limerick
One with a strict diet
Old name of Tokyo
Octet since 2006
Novelist Morrison
Nectar flavor
NBA tiebreakers
Muppet with a unibrow
More than asks
Misplace a casual top?
Mine, in Marseille
Metro areas
Menu including Cut and Paste
Many a Montenegro resident
Major mess
Low-pressure systems
Legal deg
Invitation letters
In the style of
Important fruit in the Mediterranean diet
Hearing things
Harder to come by
Hair piece
Gobble (up)
Getting pictures of the Hollywood sign, say
Drone regulator: Abbr
Doone of fiction
Dinosaur family drama?
Cricket clubs
Cheering sound
British racing cars
Bring up
Board rm. session
Big hand measurement: Abbr
Bad way to run a ship
Art school subj
'You can say that again!'
'Straight Outta Compton' role, familiarly
'I saw the opening __ of hell': 'Moby-Dick'
'Hercules' character who got her own show
'American Gods' leprechaun Mad __

___ NFL (video game franchise)
Wouldn't settle, say
With 57-Across, overextended
With 37-Across, start of an ethical rule
With 18-Across, what a boastful guy might do
What comes before a clue?
Weak punch?
Way up
University near Greensboro
Twitter site
Tiny treasures from the sea
They're often made at icebreakers
Something to tie up
Some Jamaicans, informally
Singer Nicks
See 54-Across
See 35-Across
See 17-Across
Save for later
Sal's canal, in song
Rising notes?
Rips off
Quintet instrument
Put in one's two cents, with 'in'
Prop for Gandalf
Place for a shepherd
Paris's Pont ___ Arts
Most retiring
Most movie explosions these days, for short
Language of the Lahore Post
Job listing abbr
Jesse who pitched in a record 1,252 major-league games
It's the law
Interjection derived from the Latin for 'weary'
Innocent sort
In addition
Giants' grp
German cry
Gangsters' wear, in old movies
Found, as grub
Formal term for the gap suggested by 17/18-, 35/37- and 54/57-Across
Food ___ (post-Thanksgiving meal condition)
Early TV network competing with NBC, ABC and CBS
Dr. of verse
Dots in la mer
Does sumthing wrong?
Dieter's goal
Did a dry run
Dickens's Fagin, e.g
Demographic statistic
Come ___ surprise
Centaur who was killed by Hercules
Cause for a suspension, in brief
Burrowing South American rodent
Black belt, e.g
Become in life
Antarctica's ___ Ice Shelf
Above capacity, for short
'You betcha!'
'Grease' high school

You can pick it up in a restaurant
Willing to consider
Vessel widener
Vandalize, perhaps
Try to hit
They have glossy coats
Super Bowl XLVII victors
Stop for a Vintners' Expo visitor?
Sportin' Life gives her a dose of happy dust
Soccer team
Significant volume
Sheet with Mickey Mouse on it
Salon stock
Saccharine sentiment
Rockies ruminant
Revelation finish
Product that comes with a Magic Mouse
Product from un penseur
Pregame score
Possible commemorative choice for renaming Boston Common?
Over the line
Oreo layer
Onesie protector, perhaps
One unlikely to pass the bar
Observing Pesach, maybe
NYSE debuts
Norman delivery
Member in a frame job
Logistical concern for Amazon shipments?
Lines of argument
Lewis with the 2008 #1 hit 'Bleeding Love'
Item mentioned in 'The Ballad of Sweeney Todd'
It may come to a head
Inveigh against Target Field players?
In-crowd outsider
High notes?
Hierarchical chart
Heed the alarm
Harsh sound
Greet with guffaws
Grant Wood, for one
Grand Sierra Resort location
Gram's equivalent
Footnote abbr
Finishing clubs
Etsy offerings
Did business with
Designer for Mata Hari
Convalescent's fare
Challenge for climbers
Calais confidante
Butler work
Became good at
Be persistently worrisome
Basketball team
Baker's collection
Back track?
Awaiting disciplinary action
Agent Smith's archenemy
Administered with a spoon
'The Lion King' stampeder
'The Flagship City'
'Gaspard de la Nuit' composer
'Boy for Sale' musical

___ Wednesday (religious observance)
Young dog
Yemeni port
Wise know-it-all
Willow twig for wickerwork
Weasel type
Weaponized sub of WWII
Type of historian or hygiene
Tuck in
Tuck away, as luggage
Traffic jam, e.g
Thick paste of Japanese cooking
Susan on 'All My Children,' once
Stylish, in '60s London
Strict Athenian lawgiver
Stradivari's teacher
Steel girder
Staying power
Splash haphazardly
Slight amount of goop
Skip past
Skin irritation
Ski run
Salon globs
River in North Yorkshire
Puerto ___
Prefix meaning 'to the left'
Noah conquered it
Newsworthy twos
NASCAR units
Mission control org
Menu fowl, sometimes
Memorization method
Match with
Makes a choice
Made less difficult
Lost, in Lyon
Light, watery sprays
Leg bone
Knock for a loop
King Arthur's address
It can be explosive
Infamous biblical king
Himalayan cryptid
Hand parts
Goodbye in Montreal
Going price
Give off
Front of a ship
Eye part
Eurasian range
Doesn't have
Didn't leave
Conclusion for 'puppet' or 'profit'
Common lunch meat
Coffee alternatives
Child care worker, in India
Cardinal's color?
British noble
Brings home after taxes
Beast like Shrek
Baffin and Chesapeake
Art that's only skin deep
Army sea creatures?
'Very pretty' film of 2001
'Powerful' 1992 film
'Incredible' sci-fi film of 1966
'Back to the Future' villain
'Animal House' character

___ nutshell
Words from a stadium beer vendor
Waterston of 'Law & Order'
Water- or wind-powered engine
Vocal cords locale
Video chat device
USPS delivery from Netflix
Twisty pasta
Trees that symbolize might
Tons and tons
Toffee bar from Hershey
To boot
To and ___
Sure thing in an election
Sign of sleepiness
Sierra Nevada lake
Shade similar to beige
Servant with many tasks
Serpent on a pharaoh's headdress
Scottish monster, affectionately
Revises, as a will
Relax with a cocktail, say
Quaker pronoun
Qatari leader
Provides roadside service to
Prepared to make a sandcastle, e.g
Poet Khayyam
Pester to no end
Outpouring of criticism
One flavor in Sprite
Number equal to its square
Not of the clergy
Nintendo exercise game
Nike competitor
Multicolored cereal
Mulls over, with 'on'
Morally degenerate
Mike & ___ (candy brand)
Makes less thorny
Living, breathing creatures
List-shortening Lat. phrase
Light-sensitive part of the eye
Letters before a pen name
Jack who avoided fat
It may have a .doc extension
Horses with flecked coats
High-speed WWW connection
Harrison who played Indiana Jones
Go from first to third grade, say
Gem of a singer?
Gem of a restaurant chain?
Gem of a land?
Gem of a Hawaiian volcano?
Garfield's dimwitted pal
Frigate or cruiser
Force from office
Floral subject for van Gogh
Fleet of 12-Downs
Fidel's successor in Cuba
Fabric purchase unit
Clairvoyant's trait, for short
Blitzing linebacker's success
Auditing org
Atom short an electron, say
Any pro draft selection
Alt-country and emo, for two
Allocate, with 'out'
Alice's trip to Wonderland was one
Add nutrients to
Actors' interaction
Act that may warm up the crowd
'See ya'
'Just a ___!'
'Heavens!' to a texter
'-zoic' time periods

Where IPOs take place
Troop group
Traveler's sewing supply
Tire inflation stat
Ticklish situation
Terrier term
Tailless hoppers
Street near Maple, often
Speed (up)
Soaring toy
Sales revenue stat
Running thief of rhyme
Quirky phrase
Quaint lament
Protection from the sun
Prefix for lateral
PlayStation developer
Physicist Mach
Philosopher Descartes
Patron saint of Norway
Pacific Rim peninsula
Other than that
Oklahoma city
Offer for approval
Nose wrinkler, perhaps
Non-bank loan funds
No longer apart
More than like
Metric prefix
Memo opener
Make possible
Lid fasteners
Kyoto canine
Keeps from happening
Keep from happening
Italian affection
Indy 500's 200
Hollywood collectible
Handsome: Fr
Greek diner staple
Grass cover, at times
Gold, to investors
Goes on and on and on
Get billed
Flight fig
Firmly fit
Fashion designer Rabanne
Family member
Family member
Evaluation station
Edible seedpods
Doesn't stay put
Discussion point
Curt refusal
Coupe cousin
Cornfield count
Cool, in the '90s
Conical shelter
Chesapeake delicacy
Cellphone function, for short
Cargo measure
Camel color
Brunch selection
Brownish photo tone
Brownish gray
Brown shade
Bill of Rights defender, for short
Artistic inspiration
Ampless, to MTV
Airport aide

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