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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.08.2017

__ in the conversation
__ bubbles
__ about: roughly
Yet again
WWII turning point
Water, to Juan
Wander aimlessly … and a hint to a divided word in the answers to starred clues
Uncle Remus rabbit's title
TWA competitor
Trivial point
Transitional state
Small swallow
Sinus docs
Self-storage compartment
Salon service with a pedi
Rifle range rounds
Rainfall measure
Purported UFO fliers
Post-WWII feminine flier
Parting words?
Opposite of WNW
One in need of spiritual guidance
NYC area above Houston Street
Nine-time U.S. skating champ Michelle
New Zealand settler
Munched on
Mount of Greek myth
Many a modern assembly-line worker
London gallery
Jack of 'Dragnet'
Hunter constellation
Hr. after noon
Hoosier St
High-arcing tennis shot
Here-there link
Hearts or clubs
Golf analyst Nick
Gift __: chattiness
Get ready to compete, bodybuilder-style
Gershwin brother
Full last name of a 'Happy Days' cool dude
From India, say
Figure skating jumps
Extinct emu-like bird
Emcee's need
Doorbell sound
Destructive insect
Defective firecracker
Crisscross frameworks
Civil uprising
Citi Field team
Cattle chorus
Caribbean resort isle
Cambridge univ
Cake pan trademark
Cab ride price
Butter-making device
Bro, to a sis
Bread buy
Africa's Sierra __
Actress Jessica
Actress Hayworth
Account exec
*Security device that may be silent
*Half a percussion pair
*Fill-in-the-blanks agreement, e.g
*Cake soaked in alcoholic syrup
*Brand for bubble blowers
'__ bleu!'
'Brusha, brusha, brusha' toothpaste

___-Defamation League
___ palm (tree with a healthful berry)
___ Major (Great Bear)
___ Lord (Jedi's foe)
___ kwon do (martial art)
Where holsters go
Where hay is stored in a barn
Weekly occurrence when 20-, 31- and 38-Across might be consumed
Turn into a pretzel
Torso muscles, briefly
Torso muscles, briefly
Thrifty or Budget offering
Things producing red hair or blue eyes
They're all thumbs
The Devil
The Dairy State: Abbr
Some light foldable tables
Sicilian volcano
Say grace, e.g
Residue of burning
Recedes, as the tide
Raw bar offering
Put on the scale
Pig's home
Peek at someone else's paper, e.g
Path that wheels keep following
Path for cyclists
One no longer in the pen
Mother horse
Moo goo gai pan pan
Meal option #3
Meal option #2
Meal option #1
Like the peninsula seized by Russia in 2014
Like an off-center tie
La ___ Tar Pits
Keep occupied, as a phone line
Italian scooter brand
In ___ way
Illegal burning
Hawaiian garland
French for 'him'
Freeze over, as airplane wings
Fit to be tied
First symbol on a musical staff
Father horse
Espresso drink
Dome topper?
Directive in a pasta recipe
Dance to some Johann Strauss music
Cowboy boot attachment
Completely finishing this crossword, to you
Colorful flower also known as heartsease
Cheer made with a pompom
Brit's teapot cover
Big oaf
Belgrade native
Automobile rod
Alike, in Paris
Actress Lena of 'Chocolat'
007, for one
'___ of a gun!'
'Mankind's greatest blessing,' per Mark Twain
'Laughing' animal

You might thump it to see if it's fresh
West Germany's capital
Weeper of Greek mythology
Volcanic fallout
Two-masted sailboat
Tiny spots
Temporary dwelling for a baby seal?
Take ___ (fall suddenly)
Take notice of
Tag sale caveat
Subway passenger
Starting advantage
Soviet space station launched in 1986
Sound from a pound
Snitch's activity
Rowing tool
Pulitzer-winning critic Roger
Pollster's determination
Polite denial
Pesky insect
Person squealing on a baby lion to the authorities?
Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek
Orlando cagers
On this spot
Old Testament book
Ointment ingredient
Not fem. or neut
Mincemeat ingredient
Medal recipient, perhaps
Mechanic's place
Manner of speaking
Like Carter's presidency
Letter after pi
Leftover amount
Laugh heartily
Guys, informally
Gin-and-lime-juice cocktail
German article
From ___ Z
Former Indiana governor Bayh
Fashionably anachronistic
Empty, as a bottle
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
Do the wrong thing
Director Spike
Did some pedaling
Currier's printmaking partner
Crullers' cousins
CPR pro
Come into, in a way
Chimney grime
Calculates a total
Boxer with 37 knockouts
Bodyguard for a baby elephant?
Biting comment
Big name in polo shirts
Biblical boat builder
Betty of old cartoons
Becomes a sailor
Baby goat at rest?
Baby bird's fridge adornment?
Author Asimov
Attach with string
Amazed admiration
Amazed admiration
'Wouldn't that be great!'
'A Death in the Family' writer James

Young child
Word before 'pittance'
Winter neck warmer
Uses Play-Doh
Urge forward
Two-masted sailboat
They can turn into weeks
They adorn barn roofs
Tense times in the NFL
Spanish or Bermuda veggie
Some Mexican munchies
Shoe part
Security for a huge debt
Rubbed the wrong way
Roast item
Relating to the environment
Probing one
Polish off
Poker pot component
Point at
Poetic nightfall
Play division
Perfume the air, in a way
Padres' town
North Atlantic fish
Muse of astronomy
Monkey business
Like Rocky Balboa's eggs
Like a fairy-tale wolf
Legendary boxer
Legal right
Layer of frozen water
It's well-worn
It can take you higher
Island near Sicily
Intentionally apart or cool
Innocent newbie
Husband of a countess
Huge star in Cygnus
Harshness of tone
Greek letter or a minute bit
Glorify or heap praise on
Give meaning to, as a word
Get in a prone position
Genetic inits
For deposit ___
Fenway Park levels
Famed wine region
Failed firecrackers
Emulating Thomas Edison
Easy to manage, as a pet
Dada co-founder
Courtroom affirmation
Cookie with three vowels
Coffee alternative
Chinese gang
Cause a recall?
Canal of New York
Cadet's course, for short
Brunei's locale
Boric acid target
Block makers (abbr.)
Beetle that eats cotton
Aquatic mammal
100,000 rupees
'What's more …'
'Quality is job one,' for one
'I'll second that,' in church
'Aviv' opener
'And what have you'
'… and ___ the twain shall …'

Yours, archaically
Valuable vein
Travel far and wide
Trash transporter
Tidal refluxes
Thurman of 'The Producers'
They're above the abs
Tailor's marker
Superb serve from Serena
Squirts, say
Space beneath a desk
Sorghum or soybeans
Some Pentagon staffers
Smoothie maker's blender setting
Smoothed with an abrasive
Seven swimmers in a carol
Rungs on a ship's rope ladder
Risk getting bleeped
Quaking in one's boots
Private eye's customer
Pickling solution
Periods often named for rulers
Pass target, sometimes
Parking lot figure
Pageant VIP
Orchestra's pitch setter
Not just occasionally
Not as congenial
No longer in
Mountain man's abode
Most common Scrabble tile point value
Make a shambles of
Luau entree
Like see-through lingerie
Kilmer who played Batman
Hurl insults at
Hotel-to-airport rides
Having conflicting interpretations, perhaps
Have a repulsive 56-Across
Grows tiresome
Gamboling goat-men
Flapjack-selling chain
Flag-carrying marchers
Fit for the job
Fit for the job
Finds repellent
Film star's stand-in
Feel fluish
Features of wind-up toys
Fajita filler, often
Fail in the clutch
Exterminator's target
Evidence of decay
Email folder heading
Eat by candlelight, say
Dry white wine variety
Disneyland experience
Debonair fellows
Compete on 'Iron Chef America'
City on Alaska's Norton Sound
Citi Field's borough
Charlie Brown and friends, e.g
Chance to play
Cause of a tidal wave
Car perennially among top-sellers
Building inspector's reference
Book that's often locked
Baskin-Robbins servings
Auto pioneer Ransom Eli ___
Attorney General Jeff
Arabian Peninsula land
Anthony Hopkins role in 'Thor'
Almanac tidbit
'The Gift of the Magi' device
'Good hit, no field' player's stats
'Encino Man' star

__-garde (stylishly bold)
__ of the time (now and then)
Wigwam cousin
Urban rd. that might cross a street
Unusual collectible
Turn loose
Thorny flowers
Tex-Mex dips
Take a break
Strews about
Sport with fairways and greens
Sport on horseback
Soft throw
Snakelike swimmers
Small river
Small hill
Skillets for sautéing
Sixth sense, for short
Settles a bill
Salty bodies of water
Pub beverages
Prods into action
Pretzel topping
Pots for cooking stews
Pastry served with 23 Across
Onionlike veggies
One of the Great Lakes
Olympic prizes
Of eyesight
Numbers from 0 to 9
Novel or biography
Nevada resort lake
Mystical glow
Most smooth and stylish
Microwave oven sound
Manage somehow
Makes preparations
Mac-and-cheese containers
Luau dance
Letters on a phone's "0" button
Letters before tees
Lawyer: Abbr
Junk email
Job for a detective
Isn't truthful
Harsh in manner
Group of battleships
Gorillas and chimps
Giraffe's notable feature
Full collections
Fills a suitcase
Fill in __ blank
Fencing sword
Fence stake
Feel inner anger
Drains of energy
Dollar bill
Distance below the surface
Croc's cousin
Corporate VIP
Compare prices
Coffee alternative
Charming southern woman
Build, as a house
Black-and-white cookie
Bellhop's employer
Beginning from
Be abundant
Battleship colors
Bar bill, informally
"__ no?" (simple question)
"Laughing" African beast

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