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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.07.2017

Women's clothing chain founded on Florida's Sanibel Island
Wise one
What's in your wallet
Western ambush site
Website-to-website connection
Was successful in
Uncultivated land
Sword handle
Sushi selection
Softwood tree
Senegal's pink-watered __ Rose
Seafood order
San Jose-to-Sacramento dir
Ring heavyweights
Punk rock surname
Pub entertainment
Protest movement
Prominent mayor at the 1968 Democratic Convention
Piles (of)
Photographer Goldin
Ones doing the dishes
On the way
NYC building that was Lennon's last home, with 'The'
News headliner Lewis?
Navigation tools
Military band?
Medieval barriers
Matched, in Paris Match
Mark with blotches
Maritime agreement
Makes next to nothing
Make a personal connection?
Longtime shipboard scurvy preventative
Literary intros
Like Olympic racetracks
Knockout couple?
Jack's spot
Hebrew greeting
Grapefruit's bigger cousin
Gets down to business?
Drives back
Damon of the Bourne films
Common bugs
Cannes view
Came out somehow
Cagney does it on stairs in 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
Board jumpers: Abbr
Big cheese
Big cat of film
Become undone, in a way
Baroness Blixen's pen name
Angus beef?
Afternoon tea accompanier
A, in Avignon
'80s voice of Inspector Gadget
'__ With a 'Z": 1972 TV special
'You said it!'
'Very funny!'
'Real Time' host
'Nothing lived in him but fear and hatred'

___ regni
Winter home, perhaps
Whodunit story?
Web-footed creature
Washington insider, informally
Vinyl enthusiast's need
Turin-based automaker
Traditional holiday meals
Throw away
Stories that might not be true
Southwest language
Singing ability, informally
Short-legged item of furniture
S.&P. rating
Rostand who wrote about Cyrano
Protective garment
Popular backache remedy
Playwright who wrote 'Hell is full of musical amateurs'
Pier group?
Perennial loser
Pasta with ribs
Pair in 'Carmen'
Optimists' discoveries
Opposite of spread out, as a paper
Onetime owner of Skype
Number-picking game
Musical with the song 'Beauty School Dropout'
Moon of Pluto discovered in 2012
Montreal is part of it: Abbr
Martial arts film hit
Managed to find
Mailroom device
Made objections
Large, shallow pan
IDs tied to one digit
High tops?
Greek vowel
Grammys competitor
Fully ready
From now on
Flight destination?
Fink's portrayer in 'Barton Fink'
Fabric with diagonal lines
Extraction targets
Event featured in every Summer Olympics
Do one's part
Delivered an oath?
Chartered financial institutions
Captured by cameras, maybe
Brand sold by Sears
Blue arm
Beach grass that prevents erosion
Automatics lack them
Alpha Centauri, for one
Advance copy sent to a critic
'Siddhartha' novelist
'Charmed' actress Milano

___ chi (martial art)
Writes out of a will, e.g
Where to grumble during a tornado?
What the nag did in the shade?
What the greedy always want
What the complaining hair braider did?
Was a bounder?
Villainous biblical king
Various soils
The rest
Sunscreen abbr
Spreading sore
Speak or say
Some fig cookies
Shoe part
Secretive U.S. org
Royal staff
Road or roof surfacing
Reporter's question
Reaper's bundle
Problem for a hose
Popcorn piece
Poli-___ (college major)
Place to graze
Part of Congress
Oslo native
Office errand runner
Narrow cuts
Mustard brand
Muscle weakness
Muscle jerk
Movie fragment
Moral principle
Metered and rhyming
Meaty entree
Mea ___ (acceptance of fault)
Mater's mate
It can knock you out
Involves by necessity
Hotel amenity
Ho ___ Minh City
Hide away
Helm a movie
Great anger
Gopher, rat or gerbil, e.g
Fuji's island
Filmed anew
Fancy tie
Emitting star
Dive type
Deer offspring
Court documents
Construct or build
Check receiver
Certain sots
Cattle nourisher
Bunk or fiddle-faddle
Breaks small pieces from
Bomber type
Avoids eating
Arrow grooves
Any port in a storm
'___ got my eyes on you'
'Yes,' at sea
'The Second Coming' poet
'Talk turkey,' for one
'Alas, my seine in the Seine has returned empty'
'A mouse!'

Wrap up
Witness's pledge
Where boats may run aground
Welch's or Smucker's offering
Tweeter's 'As I see it . . .'
They may be plugged or tugged
Tax planners' suggestions
Sugar in apricots and dates
Subsist on 27-Down
Subjects for biopics
Sound from Sandy
Some lap dogs, briefly
Sign after Pisces
Shout 'Duck!' to, say
Sheep's clothing, so to speak
Sci-fi craft
Sap-sucking insect
Remove all traces of
Red-nosed Disney chipmunk
Recipient of a bequest
Quite a way off
Punch-in-the-gut reaction
Publisher of Esquire
Prepare for a selfie
Pasture growth
Oasis locale
No longer retired?
Muscle above a pec
Munich-based automaker
Move like Kanga
Mauna ___
Marisa of 'The Wrestler'
Many an Urban Dictionary entry
Make a sucker of
Louse up
Like a night owl's hours
Legally undo
Learning venue for many tweens
LBJ declared war on it
Ladybugs' markings
Lacks roots, in a way
Lab maze solver
Knee-concealing skirt
Kaffiyeh-wearing leader
Its source is in Peru
Is a buttinsky
Hoity-toity types
HMS part, sometimes
Have a go at
Handlers of deposits
Groupings in 'Noah'
Goodly sum
Goes back, in a way
Friendly relations
Foal's father
Flip one's wig
Extinct cousin of the pigeon
Exact revenge on
Elicits a popeyed look from
Easily ticked off
Custodial closet items
Courtroom admission
Consummate skill
Cheer with an accented vowel
Charmin roll's center
Carve one's initials on, say
Calliope or Clio
Brings about, as wrath
Become swollen
Bean favored by Hannibal Lecter
Appliance in a Denny's kitchen
1925 event whose title often includes 'Monkey'
'Think again, pal!'
'Smooth Operator' singer
'Sicko' director Michael
'Finished at last!'

Waldo wears one
Verb that sounds like a letter
Utter with contempt
Typical western set
Tweak a 4 Across
Tortious writing
That kind of
Sushi selection
Start of some martial art names
Start of a farewell
Sound of amusement
Smartphone case
Short-lived '50s sedans
Schools of thought
Rock blaster
Roaring Twenties accessory
Pub promotion
Played in a puddle
Play text
Own (up)
OPEC member
Not engaged
National anthem pronoun
Nashville-based awards org
Name on the cover of "Peter and the Wolf"
Modifier, for short
Modifier in rappers' names
Laura Bush alma mater
Kaine's workplace
Jackie Robinson's college
Is pleasing
Iranian holy city
Head out
Hastily critical
GPS reading
Garden plant support
Funnel-like flowers
Funnel-like flowers
Frosting specialist
Film score staple
Family nickname
Early version
Dilbert colleague
Definitional subtleties
Currently airing
County of Hawaii
Corn holder
Corn holder
Clown employer
Chef's lid
Celestial beast
Big name in rap
Big name in bars
Answer sheet
Ancient Athens' region
Alphabetic trio
Airborne hero of classic cartoons
Adjust, as a mandolin
Active participants
A real cutup
A final word
33rd st
"Slumdog Millionaire" costume
"Simpsons" bus driver
"Pencils down"
"M*A*S*H" leave locale
"Call on me!"

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