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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.06.2017

Went for the lure
Webpage option under an invoice
Wall St. debuts
Van starter?
Toy brand with a Ninjago line
Top off, say
Thames school
Take advantage of
Swiss chocolatier since 1845
Stuffed shells
Stretchy synthetic
Starbucks amenity
Sprawls on the couch
Small pie
Skating jump
Served dinner to
Retailer that abstained from Black Friday in 2015 and launched an #OptOutside movement instead
Ravi Shankar's instrument
Political Ron or Rand
Petrol pumper
Permission slip
Pac-12 team
Obamacare, briefly
More than a few
Morales of 'The Brink'
Menu catchphrase
Mama bear, in Tabasco
Letter flourish
Land formerly ruled by a shah
King of fiction
It's outstanding
Iowa's __ City
Inc. relative
How some tuna is packed
How much shopping is done
Hosiery hue
Hershey's toffee bar
Hawaiian priests
Fox Business anchor Dobbs
Foot or furlong
Flashy light
Flamboyant Dame
Deep-fried carnival confection
Data, for instance
Dad, to Dumas
Cup lip
Crime lab procedure
Corn Belt towers
Cobbler fruit
Cheers from tiers
Blur in a tabloid pic
Bishops and knights
Bed cover … or, literally, what the end of each answer to a starred clue is
Baseball analyst Garciaparra
Baba ghanouj bread
As an example
As a precaution
Animal common in rebus puzzles
5-Across capital
*Nike competitor
*Like leisure suits and Nehru jackets
*'Regarding the subject at hand … '
'__ questions?'
'Tsk tsk'
'Too bad'
'Street Dreams' rapper
'So not true!'
'No harm done'
'Big __' Delaney: 'Sons of Anarchy' character
'And the Putter Went … __': golf history book
' … bug in __' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-14-2017#sthash.zzJU6Y0D.dpuf

___ chi ch'uan
[Warning: explicit content]
Word before Day or World on magazine racks
Wifey, with 'the'
Took top honors
Terra ___ (old name for Newfoundland)
T.S.A. tool
Symbol for torque
Syllable in oldies songs
Suffix with major
Stamp collector's unit
Sort with a high-energy personality
Some paid rides
Sloughed off
Shock jock Don
Secretary of state during the Korean War
Scrape or cut
Regarding this matter
Raising of spirits?
Polish dumpling
Playwright Eugène
Plantation of book and film
Place to find solutions in school
Place for a 12-Down
Other, in Oaxaca
Office of the Vatican
Modern education acronym
Magazine founder Eric
Looking skyward
Like the baby in a 9 1/2-month pregnancy
Like the Atacama Desert among all places on earth
Letters associated with a rainbow flag
Lead-in to boy
Jewish organization known for its outreach work
Immigrant's course, for short
Highland patterns
High throw
Heavily involved
Gymnastics event, informally
Flying pest, slangily
Exclamation that describes 13-, 20-, 30-, 39- and 51-Across
Easy way to get information on something nowadays
Early platform for The Legend of Zelda, for short
Dish featuring corn chips as a main ingredient
Dial, e.g
Coupling device
Colony members
Celebratory cry
Capital of Qatar
Bush denizen, for short
Bum ___
Baltic capital
Amazon category
Aid in quitting smoking
Actor Robert of 1970s-'80s TV's 'Quincy, M.E.'
2010 Bush autobiography
1977 Lucas film
1970 Harrison song
1924 Gershwin composition
1871 Eliot novel
'___ does not surpass nature, but only brings it to perfection': Cervantes
'Poor venomous fool,' in Shakespeare
'And the ___ goes to …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-14-2017#sthash.gtFzgEzT.dpuf

World Series precursor
With 10-Down, mother of North and Saint West
Wine list section
When everything goes perfectly
Wheeling's river
West Point freshman
Victor Hugo's '___ et Ballades'
Tree with catkins
Store that uses a star for its apostrophe
Sounds of shock
Skip a ceremony
See 10-Across
Rudimentary principles
Richard Parker in 'Life of Pi,' e.g
Revival setting
Returns expert, for short
Raptor feature
Ragweed reaction
Quinn of 'Elementary'
Pub mates
Position in an orchestra
Polar explorer Shackleton
Play along with
Paving slab
Parks' partner, for short
Oscar-winning song from 'Pocahontas'
On parole
Market pessimists
Male delivery
Make a decision
Long in the tooth
Like capital gains
Like Baroque architecture
Legal sweetener
Lacking good cell coverage, perhaps
Japanese show of respect
Items to crunch: Abbr
Item in many Degas paintings
Illegal sweeteners
Homer's neighbor
His jersey was raised to the Boston Garden rafters in 1979
Highest pt. in Oregon
Head over heels
Grape that comes in blanc and noir varieties
Gouda alternative
Go on to say
Game in which twos lose
Frame for panes
Find a partner
Exclamation of insight
Eligible to serve
Division preposition
Did more than pass
Darling of the 1980s Mets
Dabbler in the arts
Country club swinger?
Conceal from pursuers
Company founded by John D. Rockefeller
Choreography concern
Chest part
Blue Cross rival
Big dos
Animal who's appeared on 10 TV Guide covers
1991 film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar
'Truth in Engineering' advertiser
'Rumor has it…'
'Didn't I warn you?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-14-2017—Pole-Position#sthash.OKtlehM0.dpuf

Written staff directives
Word with 'green' or 'googly'
Woodsy home
Whiskey is now scarce because ..
What Michael Phelps has done well
Utilized a bench
Trudge through semi-melted snow
Throw, as a football
Thing on a door
The stock market has no desire because ..
The old you?
The fat lady's song?
The cosmetics queen can't spell 'knock' because ..
TGIF part
Taj Mahal's city
Strong craving, as for life
Stir-fry pans
Start for 'rocket' or 'active'
Soup type
Sound of pain
Small, fancy needle cases
Slave of the Middle Ages
Scottish terrier type
School breaks
Scarcely detectable amount
Rosebud, for one
Repeating sound
Rainy day reserve
Propelled, as down a lake
Orangutans, gorillas and such
On the calm side, to a helmsman
Oktoberfest dance
Nest-building stinger
More than merely rude
Month of showers
Molasses or syrup yielder
Mixed bag or variety pack
Male royal in India
Low integer
Louisiana cooking style
Large bay window
It's in the till
It induces labor
Inner circle
Grosse ___, Mich
Girls on the ranch
Get one's butt out of bed
Gas company
Game-match link
Frozen coating on trees and grass
Final Four round, informally
Exclamation of sorrow or pity
Eliot or a mysterious loch
Draw ___ in the sand (dare)
Doc's price
Dentist's instruction
Countess' man
Consistent, dull pain
Computer operators
Bowling pin on the far right
Boot or dancer type
Blighted air
B flat, for one
Attachment to 'view' or 'text'
Art ___ (architecture type)
Army volunteer
Arizona's natural flattops
'Would you like anything ___?'
'Without delay!'
'The same as mentioned,' in footnotes
'Shucks!' relative – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-14-2017#sthash.ovB0pE3F.dpuf

What a gorilla beats
Warm, sleeveless outerwear
Walked like a tosspot
Treasury Dept. branch
Surname of four 'Animal Crackers' actors
Subtle 'Over here!'
Subtle 'Excuse me . . .'
Sphere containing a winter landscape, perhaps
South Dakota's capital
Source of tweets?
Sound from an Abyssinian
Soft shot at Wimbledon
Share a door, as rooms
Roundup group
Regret bitterly
Read the UPC of
Rafael Cruz, familiarly
Put up with
Pre-made images for graphic designers
Praise to the heavens
Popular potatoes
Poem that's often 'on' or 'to' something
Pesters nonstop
Peaty wasteland
One speaking with a burr
Not fooled by
Nodded off
Needing ibuprofen, say
Moundsmen's stats
Marshmallow Fluff, e.g
Machu Picchu dweller
Long, long time
Like a poor loser
Leading by a point
Lays a 41-Across, so to speak
Joint that may buckle without warning
Jigsaw puzzler's starting place, usually
Jeter, the last Yankee with a single-digit number
Howard Cosell's topper
Heineken, vis-a-vis Budweiser
Goes out with
Fully absorbed
From this day on
Frittata need
Fix, as boundaries
Fix for a wobbly table, perhaps
Fast forward's opposite
Either of two victims of the Big Bad Wolf
Ebenezer's outburst
Did a mailroom job
Cropped up
Conical shelter
Common coffee break hour
Command before 'Go!'
Coin that debuted on 1/1/02
Chose, with 'for'
Cause of a swelled head
Canal serving Rochester
Blood bank supply
Birthday card figure
Bill of Microsoft
Become overcast
Bartlett relative
Banjo virtuoso Fleck
Bandmate of Lennon
Bamboo eater
Backyard incinerator
Award for Ben or Casey Affleck
Application to chapped lips
Abjectly servile
12-Down fraction
1-Across, e.g
'You're on!'
'The King and I' setting
'A ___ bagatelle!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-14-2017#sthash.LfD74gXl.dpuf

__ Lanka
__ Grey tea
Wood preservative
Where you live: Abbr
Way out of practice
Walked in
Unsettled state
Turned on, as an alarm
Trim further
Surgery ctrs
Subj. for some immigrants
Strong point
Stitch together
Sporting blade
Sore spot
Sampras of tennis
Rival of Target
Religious belief
Recent Super Bowl quarterback
Psychic's claim
Prophetic sign
Potential oak
Piece of a rose
Persian-speaking nation
Period after Mardi Gras
Parts of plays
Out for coffee, say
Oust from office
Minor disagreements
Metal in tubas
May auto race, informally
Loud winter transport
Loud sound from a storm
Loud construction tool
Loud building-surface cleaner
Irish New Age singer
In an unskilled way
Home for hogs
Groups within groups
Golf peg
Gold, in Mexico
Former money in Spain
Family nickname
Fall into a chair
Fairy tale trio
Espionage org
Do damage to
Disney's Little Mermaid
Diamond arbiters
Diagnostic scan, for short
Des __, IA
Chowder morsel
Chicago airport
Celestial hunter
Capital of Belarus
Cairo's river
Boxing punch
Bowler's goals
Boggy area
Bird-feeder food
Biblical garden
Be stunned
Be in charge of
Amounts of money
After-dinner candy
"__ we there yet?"
"I wanna!"

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