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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 14.03.2017

With 23-Across, priced separately, on menus
Vote out of office
Totally thrill
Texas shrine
Stretchy bandage brand
Storage space accessed via the ceiling
Stolen jewelry seller
Step on it, quaintly
Steinway, for one
Starts to blossom
Start of a choosing rhyme
Speaks, biblically
Speak like Sylvester
Small falcons
See 47-Down
Schussing spot
Reply to bad alternatives
Reddish-orange dye
Red-coated cheese
Really relax, with 'out'
President pro __
Place for a safe
Past due
Paper quantity
Pageant accessory
Onion ring maker
Oakland Coliseum player
Novelist Ferber
Mess of a room
Luke Skywalker, for one
Jay with jokes
In advance, and where you might find both parts of the answers to starred clues
Handed out cards
Glass edge
Geometry calculations
Free TV spot
Fraud watchdog org
Form 1099 ID
Fast punch
Drummer Ringo
December songs
Dangerous Amazon fish
Crypts, e.g
Crossword solver's smudges
Cool one's heels
Connery and McCartney
Christine of 'The Blacklist'
Change genetically
Award for 'Game of Thrones'
Australian bird
Almond or cashew
A joker might pull yours
*Sports bet based on total points scored
*Performer's exit direction
*Like most TV dramas
*High stadium tier
'Sour to the People' extreme candy brand
'Scotch' sealers
'Prepare to duel!'
'My parents are gonna kill me!'
'Hooked on Classics' co
'Don't think so'
'Don't rub __'
'Carmen' highlight
'Absolutely!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-14-2017#sthash.SLGkyfG7.dpuf

Youthful time in one's life … which this puzzle might harken solvers back to?
Year, south of the border
Winnebago owner, briefly
Where you might hear 44-Across
Water pitchers
Those, to José
The tiniest bit
Swimmer's assignment
Susan of 'L.A. Law'
Stunt pilot
Sporty car in a Beach Boys song
Sporting sword
Sounds of satisfaction
Slender woodwinds
Singer DiFranco
Shirt with straps instead of sleeves
Scruff of the neck
Rice-based Spanish dish
Reduce to particles
Puts in stitches
Province west of Que
Prized violin
Prefix with borough
Popular typeface
Pop fan?
Pig's digs
PC 'brain'
Passing mention?
Oolong and Earl Grey
Online money transfer facilitator
One admired for his masculinity
Numbers to crunch
Mystery writer Marsh
Moving jerkily
Monastic realm
Mister, south of the border
Many washers and dryers in apartment buildings
Made bird noises
Low points
Like a toasted marshmallow vis-à-vis a non-toasted one
Journalist Nellie
It's a size larger than grande at Starbucks
It stores a synagogue's Torah scrolls
In the buff
In and of itself
Hitchcock role in almost every Hitchcock film
Highest mountain in North America
Gesture to punctuate a great performance
F.B.I. employee: Abbr
Dog breeder's org
Did a smith's job on
D.C. ballplayer
Bon ___ (witticism)
Asian gambling mecca
Asian electronics giant
April, May and June, for example
Amer. money
Actress ___ Pinkett Smith
A pep talk might boost it
1996 Olympics site
*'Road Trip' actor, 2000
*'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' actor, 1963
*'Anatomy of a Murder' actor, 1959
*'12 Angry Men' actor, 1957
'What a bummer!'
'Um … O.K.'
'Superbad' producer Judd
'Micro' and 'macro' subject, for short
'Breaking Bad' network – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-14-2017#sthash.6rfIZ4QC.dpuf

Zebras, horses and asses
Vert.'s counterpart
Utterance after deliberate wordplay
Unidentified woman
Try to win, in court
Teal's cousin
Tanning salon device
Talking stuffed bear of film
Takes place
Takes exception to
Spot for a roast
Spanish squiggle
She may be sheared
Salad bar item
Runner's goal
Ron Howard TV role
Recipe direction
Raised ridge
Prospector's tool
Pont ___ (Paris bridge)
Polar seas sight
Place for pampering
Philosopher Descartes
Pet complaint?
Permanent marker brand
Park or Pennsylvania
Nightmarish address, briefly
Nantes name
Named before marriage
Medium power
March 15, e.g
Make a quick note
Justin Timberlake, e.g
Japanese for 'way of the gods'
It may begin 'FYI'
Irritating vine
Involuntary jerks
Inform to Mom
Imitates a beaver
High regard
Hardly courageous
Gym activity
Goalie's place
Glade setting
Gave confirmation
Gave a damn?
Gas company with toy trucks
Former 'SNL' player Gasteyer
Foil alternative
Find darling
Eat by candlelight, perhaps
Down period
Dieter's no-no
Destroy slowly
Deposit in some banks
Dentist's directive
Crunch targets
Clump of dirt
Classic Bob Marley tune
Censored stuff
Cases for Torah scrolls
Cart off
Carnations' cousins
Capone chaser
Become, ultimately
Ancient letter
'Twelfth Night' duke
'The Teflon Don'
'Pretty please?'
'Once upon a midnight dreary' writer
'I know it's dumb, but do it anyway'
'Didn't I tell you?'
'Be right there!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-14-2017—PI-Day#sthash.ic15KHcO.dpuf

Word with 'club' or 'mail'
Where relatives branch out?
Vespa, famously
U.S. Postal Service symbol
Type of maniac or trip
Tremble from the cold
Trees from which one can take a bow?
Tree with hard, tough wood
Tokyo, once
Things that are custom made?
Thing important to a micromanager
They have young'uns
Studied times
Stirred up
Started one of 18 holes
Spy org
Spanish 'black'
Shakespeare's king of the fairies
Rain-bearing clouds
Psychoanalyst Sigmund
Prefix with 'fix' or 'test'
Pop lover?
Place with big Bucs
Pitched a pitch
Piped up
Pilot's guess
Pie hole relative
Piano output
Patio flooring surface, sometimes
Paper with a crinkled texture
Pale purple
One quadrillionth of a meter
One of the Wayans
Oak, in a nutshell?
Not buck the system
Nest egg part, often
Need a backrub, e.g
Mph part
Move up and down repeatedly
More overabundant
More fidgety
Mediterranean republic
Made oneself known
Like unprocessed data
Like many head-turners
Latin list-shortening abbr
Large Australian bird
It's got a priest covered
It falls daily but never breaks
Holy ___ Empire
Have a crush on, e.g
Hadn't repaid yet
Great Lake name
Gives in, as to pressure
Giant panda's treat
Get ___ of (trash)
From a certain grain
French composer Erik
Freeway off-ramp
Footloose one
Declares as true
Classic narrative poetry
By way of
Brownies in bunches
Body armor for the trunk (var.)
Blood of the Greek gods
Big game?
Belt holders
Become blond overnight
Bar mitzvah officiant
Active cowboy, sometimes
A bit buzzed
'Without further ___ …'
'Very interesting …'
'So Matthew McConaughey says to me …' sayer, e.g
'… ___ ye be judged' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-14-2017#sthash.NMyTrfYU.dpuf

__ Antony of old Rome
__ a bell (sounded familiar)
Zoo enclosure
Wipe clean
Urban car for hire
Triple-decker cookie
Toy kept in plastic eggs
Tel __, Israel
Takes care of
State with certainty
Speedometer measure: Abbr
Spanish bull
Sound booster, for short
Song superstar Swift
Something optional
Smartphone downloads
Sluggers' stats: Abbr
Sit for a portrait
Showed on TV again
Rested for a bit
Rain boot
Person from Houston
Performer's part
Parakeet food
Online diaries
Object of adoration
Nutmeg spice
Nobel novelist Morrison
Move like a snake
Model of perfection
McGregor of "Star Wars" films
Maui or Oahu
Make a mistake
Lone Ranger's pal
Lab rodents
Jogger's pace
Interoffice notes
Insertion mark
Informal refusal
In the know
Have the same opinion
Glass in a monocle
Give temporarily
Get-well program
Get __ the ground floor
General vicinity
Flat-bottomed trash boat
Fire-truck wailer
Fencing sword
Farmland measure
Evening, on marquees
Emulating a ham performer
Empty spaces
Eggs on
Croc's cousin
Courtroom break
Cost to take an 11 Down
Contribute to a kitty
Casino freebie
Bunch of bees
Born first
Behind schedule
Assist in wrongdoing
Arabian nation
A Great Lake
44th president
"Mona __"
"Jurassic Park" beast
"I fooled you!"
"Have a sample" – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Mar-14-2017#sthash.IgYZRm5U.dpuf

___-Wan Kenobi
___ light (dash indicator)
World Cup cheer
Worker protection org
What a dog 'shakes' with
Video gone viral, e.g
Turn into left-wingers?
The Beatles' meter maid
Tarzan and others
Subject of a Keatsian ode
Stephen of 'The Crying Game'
Some NFL ball carriers
Shoulder bag feature
Salad bar staple
Rowlands of 'Another Woman'
Relinquish, as land
Ready to react
Read the UPC of
Primatologist Fossey
Prefix with center or dermal
Play segment
Plastic bag brand
Place for a pint
Pitchblende, to uranium
Past one's prime
Partner of skip and jump
Original Mouseketeer Funicello
One of the Trump boys
Nor'easters, e.g
News org. since 1958
Name in French porcelain
Minimal bit of progress
Methane or ethane
Louisville Slugger, for one
Los ___ (Manhattan Project site)
Longtime Tanglewood director Seiji
Leaves high and dry
Leave the union
Lake Nasser's river
Kiltie's cap
iPad screen symbol
Horses running leisurely, say
Got fatigued
Getting inebriated
Fruit from a Bay Area county?
Flight-related prefix
Fakes it, as a singer
EST or CST part (Abbr.)
Edit further, perhaps
Easy to get along with
Drink with dim sum
Diva's brief tune
Dark place on the way to Hades
Cut off, as a branch
Cry from the cornfield
Cowpoke's pal
Copier tray abbr
Continue to be painful?
Comedy routine by the object of Dr. Kimble's search?
Clothing brand named for a tennis legend
Classic Pontiac muscle cars
City near Lake Tahoe
Citi Field team
Brunch order
Boxing Day mo
Backyard pond fish
Ambitious plans
'___ we there yet?'
'Wow! That's incredible!'
'SNL' alumna Gasteyer
'Rocket Man' singer John
'Nothing ___ net'
'Maude' star Arthur
'Link' missing from 17-, 26-, 53- and 62-Across
'Buster' or 'Mac' alternative

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