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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 13.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 13.08.2017

Young female sheep
You can dig it
WWII org. that froze food costs
With sustained force
Where small animals may be picked up
Vehicle with caterpillar treads
To be, in Tours
Timid FBI agent?
Tends to a lawn's bare spot
Swedish cinematographer Nykvist
Subject for a bar discussion
Storytelling pseudonym
Spot for a bulb
Spaniard's 'that'
Sheltered at sea
Sci-fi staples
Scene of sworn statements
Sarducci in early 'SNL' skits
Roswell sightings
Rock band known for quirky, viral videos
Ring spot, maybe
Ring master?
Puff, notably
Provide with surfacing material, as a pool parlor?
Prominent angle
Pro or con
Place with care
Pharaoh's symbol
Pew's place
Period of the first dinosaurs
Pays to play
Pastoral plaints
One evoking yawns on an Alaskan island?
Old Nair competitor
Old card game named for the Spanish for 'man'
Oft-quoted auth.?
New Yorker cartoonist Peter
Narcissus' love
Moselle tributary
Moore of 'G.I. Jane'
Make out
Lith., once
Like the Pope: Abbr
Like some summer school classes
Like real estate moguls
Like Cheerios
Lays down the lawn
Japanese computer giant
Jack of 'Rio Lobo'
It may be raised at a party
Iowa campus
Horse race pace
Hit hard
Historic London prison
Help when it's time to give up?
Healing aid patented in 1872
Hang loosely
Hall of Fame pitcher Warren
Guitar line
Gothic architecture feature
Fountain treats
Flue residue
Flower part
First word of 'The Raven'
Finish second
Fall lead-in
Evian, e.g
ER personnel
Entrepreneur's deg
English glam rockers since the '70s
Eight, in Essen
Earth Day subj
Double curve
Direction in Durango
Dinsmore of kid lit
Diamond flaw
Crib sheet user
Counter seat
Come together
Citi Field shortstop or second baseman?
Church kitchen server
Chop off
Chinese temple
Chant by lumberyard workers during a lockout?
Champagne designation
Certain Ukrainian
Carbon monoxide's lack
Capone nemesis
Capital of Rwanda
Candy mogul Harry
Canadian capital?
Bunch of cattle reading menus?
Brunch cocktails
British submachine gun
Bring down
Brazilian berry
Big deal
Beverage with a lizard logo
Bay State motto opener
Bay Area cop gp
Baseball rally killers, briefly
Barley brew
Bad impression?
Aromatic herb
Anti: Abbr
Alpes sight
Agatha contemporary
Actress Mendes
Accustomed (to)
1992 presidential also-ran Paul
1856 Stowe novel
1598 edict city
'60s radical gp
'Transcendental' Liszt piece
'The Lion King' lion
'Manhattan' Oscar nominee Hemingway
'I can help'
'Happy Motoring' company
'Eldorado' rock gp
'Buffy' airer after The WB
'Be __': 'Help me out here'
'At Seventeen' singer Janis

___ duck (Chinese entree)
Zest source
Word repeated before 'everywhere'
Wearing, with 'in'
Walgreens competitor
Vaccine holder
They can be inflated or shattered
The New World: Abbr
Tequila source
Tangled up
Talkative birds
Swiss and others
Sugar found in beer
Suffix with dull
Stuntman Knievel
Stand-up comic Williams
South American monkey
Source of material for a baseball bat
Sometimes-stinky pair
Some dental work
Small dog
Skinny sort
Simple percussion instrument
Shout of pain
Schindler of 'Schindler's List'
Run away
Relief carving
Relative of pop?
Ready to take part
QB Manning
Puzzle-loving group
Provide part of a coverage policy for
Prefix with structure
Place from which to withdraw deposits
Physicist Bohr
Person from Calgary or Edmonton
Part of P.E.I
Pals around (with)
Output of N.W.A or DMX
Online 'Very funny!'
Onetime White House nickname
Onetime honor for cable TV shows
Old war zone, briefly
Officers below capts
Not quite closed
Nickname for an Oxford university
New York archbishop Timothy
Neophyte, informally
Name on some boxes of film
Musical based on Fellini's '8 1/2'
Mozart title character
Movies with big budgets and no audience
Mouselike rodents
Missouri River native
Mauna ___
Manipulative type
Magic trick performed at 78-Down
Magic trick performed at 55-Across
Magic trick performed at 15-, 16- and 17-Down
Magic trick performed at 123- and 124-Across
Magic trick performed at 119-Across and 104-Down
Looks like
Long tooth
Literary collection: Abbr
Like the Spanish nouns 'gato' (cat) and 'perro' (dog): Abbr
Like most doors
Lesley of '60 Minutes'
Lee of Marvel Comics
Latin years
Lane in Metropolis
Kind of jar
J.Crew competitor
Ill-defined situation
Hydrogen has one
Hurt badly
Home of van Gogh's 'The Starry Night,' informally
Herbs related to mints
Hawaiian giveaway
Greenish-blue hues
Greek X
Greek warrior of myth
Great Lakes city
Grant-making org
Got a move on, with 'it'
Go gaga
Give as an example
Furs from rabbits
Four-string instrument
Followed closely, as a set of rules
First name in jazz
Feudal vassal
Female org. since the 1850s
Fannie or Ginnie follower
Escape maker
English lengths
Eight-line poems
Dweller in a virtual 'City'
Director of 1957's '12 Angry Men'
Décor of many dens
Crisp fabric
Crème ___ crème
Concern for wheat farmers
Company accountant's responsibility
Comic Aziz of 'Master of None'
Coca-Cola brand
Burden for Jack and Jill
Bunch of friends
Book of Mormon book
Blue, on some maps: Abbr
Bit of a Bollywood soundtrack
Be inconsistent
Basic gymnastics flips
Baseball's Hank
Bad: Prefix
At the proper moment
Architect Saarinen
Arabic for 'son of'
Apt anagram of IS A CHARM
Agcy. that cares what airs
Advertising icon who wears a single earring
Adds to
'Whenever you want'
'This ___ test'
'Mirabile ___!' ('Wonderful to state!')
'Is that true about me?'
'I would ___ surprised'
'Carmina Burana' composer Carl

___-Tzu (Chinese philosopher)
What villains are
Way to get a word in
VA. winter hrs
Unexpected benefits
Under debate
Type of wine
Top spot
Surprised sounds
Sunbather's desire
Stops or discontinues
Starting to weep
Stand by
Split in two
Some theater employees
Simple beds
Sign-offs from cabs?
Sculptor's tool
Sailor's guiding light
Response to a charge, in court
Put into words
Proved otherwise
Place of rejuvenation
Pertaining to an insect stage
Perry of fashion
Passed out at a table?
Pass a story along
Parts of grinding teeth
One-on-one swordfights
On the ___ (secretly)
On the briny
Office accessory
Not barefoot
Noisy bother, to Shakespeare
Most skeletal
Mollycoddles or babies
Moisten, as a roast
Lip shiner
Lion's sound
Like Caesar
Like a puffin compared to a pelican
Lemon producer
Kids' game
Innermost orbital point
Grant permission to
Got off one's feet
Go after in court
Ghostly specter
For each
Florida State's city
Fishing equipment of old
Fill to the max, as one's gut
Ennead minus one
Disorderly outburst
Cute as a bug's ___
Common Irish surname
Cleaning cloths
Character flaw
Bovine remark
Among which weeds can hide
Amends maker
Absorbed or captivated
'___ been thinking …'
'Mad' tea-party host
'La-la' starter
'Au revoir!'

___ Yards (home of the Orioles)
___ Strip (Mideast region)
Zeppelin's docking spot
Yin's counterpart
World Series game sextet, for short
Word after jury or civic
Winslet of 'Titanic'
Wilson, lead vocalist in Heart
Wails like a banshee
Use a paint stick
TV show that spun off 'Flo'
Tim of 'Rob Roy'
The fish of the zodiac
State boldly
Square dancers in skirts
Skin care additive
Sheepskin-lined boot brand
Sharply attired
Prefix similar to 'contra-'
Post-Oscars party, say
Politico Gingrich
Place for a place setting
Pacific nation that includes Bikini Atoll
Offering 'alternative facts'
Noncommittal sort
NASDAQ counterpart
Murdoch who was played by Judi Dench
Much-hyped berry
Monsoon season events
Lone Ranger's trademark
London theater at which 'The Mikado' premiered
Literary pal of Finn
Lipton or Tetley packet
Like Elton John's costumes
Letter after theta
Kit ___ Klub ('Cabaret' venue)
Kind of energy from a farm
James who sang 'Tell Mama'
Israeli city near Mount Carmel
Ipanema's city, for short
Instrument on Guinness labels
Increased, as an investment
Idyllic place in Genesis
Hotfooted it
Gin partner, often
Gill opening
Frightening-sounding houseplant
Form a bond
For a long, long time
Enjoys the sunshine
Eleanor who wrote 'Ginger Pye'
Draftable, in a way
Draftable, in a way
Dominoes piece
Displays, as the time
D sharp's equivalent
Craftsman product
CIA assassin played by Damon
Carpentry or ceramics
Blast of wind
Big name in raincoats and galoshes
Big name in glue
Bell pepper color, often
Barracks bed
Artie of the Big Band Era
Alan of 'The Four Seasons'
African language that gave us 'mamba'
Ad-zapping TV adjunct
Act the trencherman
Abbr. on food packages
1941-44 attack on Leningrad, e.g
1929 Literature Nobelist Thomas
'The Road Back' novelist Remarque
'Sorry, no ___ do!'
'Nolo contendere,' e.g
'Meathead,' to Archie Bunker
'Funny Girl' composer Jule
'Forty ___ and a mule'

__-12 Conference
__ salts (bath additive)
__ Mahal
Went quickly
Web page index
Up in the air
Twisty letters
TV intro music
Tuber, informally
Took it easy
Timberlake's former band
Thackeray novel
Tangle up
Taken singly
Take a risk
Swelled heads
Stumbling blocks
South Pacific kingdom
South Pacific island nation
Source of metal
Skeptical one
Sized up
Sixth-graders, e.g
Situated on
Showing displeasure about
Sermon responses
Seized vehicles, for short
Sealy alternatives
Salon selection
Sales incentive provider
Round Table members
Research papers
Reebok rival
Racing circuit
Quilt filling
Pulls apart
Prepare for recycling
Pop artist Lichtenstein
Pioneering '40s computer
Photo events, briefly
Pencil remnant
Patronizing person
Pasta shape
Parts of pumps
Parts of flights
Part of TNT
Paint layer
Pacific salmon
Ones not itemized
Of sovereigns
Notable time
Nabisco bestseller
Mystic's deck
Motion detector, e.g
More restive
Moon of Pluto
Microsoft mogul
Metaphor for thinness
Media mogul Murdoch
Major investigations
Madcap comedy
Lyft competitor
Lose elasticity
Long ago
Lois Lane in" Man of Steel"
Literary twist
Less cluttered
Latin love
Large wedding band
Kilt fold
Jazz singer Jones
It flows through Reno
Intel accumulator
Ingested, with "away"
How sun-dried tomatoes are packed
Hilariously funny
Herr Schindler
Heavy playing marble
Has on
Had something
Gymnast's springboard
Greased up
GPS reading
Flows back
Filmmaker brothers' surname
Fewer than few
Feeling achy
Family nickname
Family member
Extend across
Exchange jabs
Euro fractions
Env. insertions
EMT's destinations
Edberg of tennis
Dynamite inventor
DVR attachment
Drama direction
Dog's warning
Diva's repertoire
Diner table fixture
County near London
Completely perplexed
Common computer font
Code-cracking org
Brewery fixture
Blow one's top
Big fuss
Ben Stiller's mom
Baseball stat
Attack, as with snowballs
Artist's stand
Archaeological procedure
Apple tablets
Apartment ad abbr
Antipasto slice
Allies of the Cheyenne
Add staff
A native of
'92 presidential candidate
'80s blockbuster video game
'70s Israeli leader
"__ Miz"
"The Big Bang" rapper
"Star Wars" series robot
"Sign me up!"
"Raging Bull" star
"Othello" villain
"Let's just skip it"
"Casablanca" pianist
"Aladdin" prince
"+" or "-" particle

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