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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 13.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 13.07.2017

Writer Waugh
Word with brim or bean
With 7-Down, bitter brews
White alternative
Vein output
Unit of heat energy
Triage MD
Track piece
Track event
Throw off
Symbols among notes
Stole (in)
Spread, maybe
Something well in hand at Waterloo?
Singer Stefani
See 45-Down
Sci-fi vehicle
Room at the top
Rock-in-pond sound
Refrain from singing as a child?
Prairie wanderer
Physicist Rutherford
Pats dry
Overconfident fable critter
Muscle Beach display
Mounting problem at Churchill Downs?
Most Rembrandts
Midwestern tribe
Matty of baseball
Many a Belieber
Macbeth or Macduff
Luges, e.g
Like wild boar meat
Like wild boar meat
Like much humor
Lampshade shade
Kid's tea party attendee
Horned viper
Help in a bad way
Has extravagant ways
Fútbol cheers
Frozen dessert chain
Film that's barely shown?
Feature of 50-Down?
Destination in a simple itinerary
Cools quickly
Christmas cracklers
Carry on
Bollywood garment
Blue blood, for short
Bit that can be split
Bit part
Attractive sound?
Arequipa's land
Arabian's head covering?
Allowed from the mound
2008 TARP beneficiary
'60s TV personality who would especially enjoy this puzzle
'You think I did it?!'
'You bet!'
'Wait, start again, please'
'That price is negotiable,' in ads
'Ratatouille' director Bird
'Play it once, Sam' speaker
'My word!'
'Le Misanthrope' playwright
'Concord Sonata' composer

Word file, in brief
What's consumed
What precedes a terrible period?
Turn at high speed
Treasure hunt phrase … or a hint to seven Across answers
Thumbs-down review
They are often grain-fed
Tentatively add to the schedule, with 'in'
Something to try
Six-pack purchase, maybe
Sailing rope
Rug rat
Requirement for un baño
Refreshment for a Brit
Recurring snippet in a bass line, say
Push aside for selfish ends
Product whose jingle uses the 'Dragnet' theme
Popular music streaming service
Oppressive rule by absolute power
One-time appearance on a TV show
One who shouldn't be driving
Neighbor of Wash
Major thoroughfare through Houston, informally
List shortener
Like varsity or junior varsity players
Like some bars
Like London streets during Dickens's time
Like cardboard jigsaw puzzles
Like a call from someone one just thought about
Largest pelvic bones
Kama ___
Japan, to the U.S
Its graduates include more than 50 astronauts, in brief
It goes with the flow
Hebrew leader?
Hair clump
Got misty, with 'up'
Eight fluid ounces
Do some museum work
Dir. from Norfolk to Philadelphia
Count ___
Counsel: Abbr
Common symbol in pronunciation: Var
Command in 'Macbeth'
Closing credits feature, sometimes
Choose, as a questionnaire box
Calvin from 'Calvin and Hobbes,' e.g
Big tablet
Became unhinged
Backpack snack
Back on board
Attended (to)
Alternative to à la carte
Aid for a submarine captain
Affect, as humidity might a piano
Actress Hagen
34th prez
'Your time ___!'
'What's the ___?'
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author
'Bien sûr!'

___ in the park
Wool bearers
WNBA guard Mitchell
Where tweens can't sit
What Aleve alleviates
W-9 fig
Unconventional assassin?
Trough fare
Tribe home, informally
Theater section
The way things are
Swamp flora
Super excited
Summer period
Stir-fry veggies
Spotter's cry
Soccer cheer
Slogan advertising free detergent for the masses?
Singer with the 1949 #1 song 'Careless Hands'
Shaq's alma mater
Seattle Sounders' org
Sealed glass tube
Seal predator
Saddam's supposed stash
Runway models
Role for Laurence Olivier and Laurence Fishburne
Role for Gary Cooper and Adam Sandler
Respond angrily
Remnants of a corn fire?
Race on the Morlock menu
Pull away
Person who takes off running?
Oft-torn knee part, in sports reports
Not yet apprehended
New arrival of the 1950s
Mme. in Madrid
Make more attractive, as a deal
Like some tests
Like a presentation without PowerPoint
Less bright
It may get you in the door
House coat
Hay grass
Hardly luxurious
Half of quatorze
Golf course cops?
Getaway destination
Former depilatory brand
For Fight Club, it's 'You do not talk about Fight Club'
Filling for some mattresses
Expressed approval
Evil Luthor
Eon divisions
Env. stuffing
Dressy-casual clothing brand
Don't go fast?
Corner key
Change colors
Cardinal point?
Calm side
Call's opposite
Atlanta-based HHS arm
Artful dodges
Army helicopter
African lifeline
Adjusts after a miss
38-Down's nemesis, originally
1949's 'Careless Hands,' e.g
'Introducing Signor Gucci!'?
'Glad that's over!'
'Fancy schmancy!'
'Around the Horn' channel

Word with 'runway' or 'role'
Was victorious
Unit to a weightlifter
Unit of brightness
Trig function
Thou, now
Things pitchers want
Tea type
Start afresh
Stairway part
Spicy cuisine
Spanish Mrs
Sorrowful herb?
Soap component
Snatch or grab
Slightly long dagger
Serious and firm
Responsibility to bear
Release again
Pup's bark
Punch the gas while idling
Popular cookie brand
Poem form
Opposite of gentlemen
New Orleans university
Naval rank (Abbr.)
Moons, poetically
Mine shaft's end
Mental spark
Long-term prisoner
Like old bread
Like a wolf
Juliet's love
It's my time (Middle)
It's my time (End)
It's my time (Beginning)
Inventive wizard of Menlo Park
Informal affirmative
Improvise lines
Impede, as progress
Hot, in fashion
Horn sound
Homer's neighbor, on TV
Foot segment
Fake hair
Enter into a plot?
Enjoys coffee gingerly
Ebony complement
Deli device
Decorative sewing kit
Day pts
Cornfield bird
Corn cover
Common farm animal
Coffee alternative
Bone-dry, as land
Bird cheered in St. Louis
Belief systems
Angola-to-Ethiopia dir
Among, old-style
Alley alpha male
Albanian bills
'___ My God to Thee'
'Roses ___ red …'
'Leave a message at the ___'
'Cul-de-' closer
'And now, without further ___ …'

World Cup cry
Wind quintet member
Utility company hookup
Use Comet or Bon Ami on
TSA agent's test
Trudge, as through mud
Tosses, as a grenade
They're to be expected
Taxpayer's dread
Succulent houseplant
Stock up on
Source of tweets?
Shift-6 symbol
Sets of beliefs
Scenic route, perhaps
Roughs it
Results of summits, ideally
Refuse to grant
Reality show filmed in Las Vegas
Pre-euro currency
Plato, to Socrates
Pesto ingredient
Peace Nobelist from Egypt
Particle for Bohr
Pallet piece
Oxford fastener
On the ball
Oblong tomato
No longer hung up on
Mushroom parts
Movie with a saloon brawl, perhaps
Most Little Leaguers
Moore of 'G.I. Jane'
Many Harry Chapin songs, essentially
List shortener, for short
Less likely to bite
Jury members, in theory
Item a photographer might forget to remove
Inclined to avoid the spotlight
In a deft manner
Hunt and peck, say
Hook and eye, e.g
Home for urban birds
Head-butting beasts
Handyman's storage unit
Had a quick break
H&R Block workers
Goes platinum?
Get ready for surgery
Football or hockey position
Fighting it out
FAQ part
DVR pioneer
Dress with a flare
Double Delight cookie
Dedicatory works
Cold War-era prez
Checkpoint requirements (Abbr.)
Cautious way to think
Carrier with kosher food
Bust's antithesis
Buds in relish
Blogger's bit
Berry touted as a superfood
Barely discernible amount
Audiophile's 'vinyl'
Auction off, say
Assents at Christie's
All-hrs. convenience, perhaps
Affleck of 'Gone Girl'
20-Across, to the Dallas Mavericks
'What ___ is new?'
'Shark' investor on 'Shark Tank'
'Little Women' woman
'It's possible'
'I Fall to Pieces' singer

__ U.S. Pat. Off
Won't leave alone
What Buffett might sell into
Web business
Venue to build on
Unemotional one
Trial run
Thing on a toy track
Tech customer
Swallow sound
Stitch's toon pal
Start of a kiddie count
Sphere of influence
Some ESPN coverage
Software graphic
Small tune carrier
Sitcom serving
Siberia setting
Set down
Seashell strand, maybe
Scrapbooker's accessory
School zone sign
Rural tower
Repair shop courtesy
Punished, as some privates
Prefix for classical
Pound notes with Darwin
Parliament Hill locale
Oversight, say
Optics device
Off course
O. Henry title trio
Nancy Drew byline
Meal with matzo
Male delivery
Make good
Looks happy for a moment
Local fund-raising grps
Literary governess
Island south of Borneo
In boots, say
House of Lords title
Gestural rebuff
Genesis twin
For stamp collectors
Firm up, with "down"
Fashion collection
Extremely reliable
Expression of surprise
Ending like -ish
Easy basket
Don't go quietly
DEA agent
Crave, with "for"
Country on the Caspian
Convention constructions
Common file name, for short
Chaucer's claim to fame
Can't bear
Back of the line
Arts-and-crafts material
App for restaurant seekers
Anvil, essentially
Acknowledgment of a sort
Acknowledgment of a sort
43,000+ square feet
"Idylls of the King"character

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