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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 13.06.2017


World's longest river
White symbol on Switzerland's flag
Was indecisive
Unhappy fate
To and __
This, in Spain
The first 'N' of CNN
Taxi calculator
Summer refreshers
Storybook sister who pushed the hag into the oven
Stomach woe
Small songbird
Six-line sonnet section
Shapiro of NPR
Shade provided by the sun?
Semicircular roofs
Salty expanse
Rescue from trouble, with 'out'
Republican org
Rep seeking promising performers
Protective vests, gas masks, etc
Popular Easter entrée
Polio vaccine developer
Passport, e.g.: Abbr
Pantry pest
Owned, old-style
Opposite of fem
Opel model meaning 'stars' in Latin
On-call doctor's gadget
Novelist Uris
Nav. VIP
Mystical letters
Muse for poets
Movie theater
Move wearily
Moose kin
Medical prefix with -plasty
Make terrific progress
Make official, as a law
Like a thesis defense
Lie adjacent to
James of jazz
Insertion marks
Improvise on stage
Hawaiian island, or Hawaiian porch
Grassy field
German artist Max
From time immemorial
French sweetie
Fragrant compound
Flightless Aussie bird
Flamingo color
Exerciser's target
Eritrea's capital
Ears in the field
Cubes in a tray
Composer heard at graduations
Change the decor of
Cast a spell on
Beverage from China's Wuyi Mountains
Bearded antelope
Ballpark figure
Backyard border
Autumnal equinox mo
Attend a party uninvited … and a literal hint to five sets of circled letters
Algebra type
Actress Watts of the 'Divergent' films
Accessory usually not worn on casual Fridays
'Stop sweating the small stuff!'
'… __ and for all!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-13-2017#sthash.2TKI0TJO.dpuf

___ smasher
___ Plaines, Ill
___ Leppard
Wriggly temptation for a fish
Worrisome org. for a draft dodger
Where to keep divorce papers?
Unlike the proverbial rolling stone
Unit of capacity for a bridge
Typical specimen
Trains to Chicago's Loop
To a smaller degree
Title for Maria Theresa of Austria
They might be sealed
Terse put-down of Sandra's 'Gidget' performance?
State of rest
Stare open-mouthed
Sitcom segments
Signal Ernie's buddy to step onstage?
See 58-Down
Salon product for a spiky do
Rx dosages, e.g.: Abbr
Recycling receptacle
Quick, suggestive message
Purple things in several van Gogh paintings
Pro baseball player with an orange-and-black uniform
Pop-producing toy weapon
Poorly lit
Playlist listing
Patti in the Grammy Hall of Fame
Org. of concern to H&R Block
Org. for some sportswomen
Opera highlight
Newswoman Van Susteren
Microscope part
Market oversupply
Many SAT takers: Abbr
Many a PC cable
Maniacal leader?
Maiden name preceder
Made disappear, in a way
Look of a room
Long-necked wader
Lone Ranger accessory
Length x width, for a rectangle
Legal authorities
Land, as a fish
King Kong, for one
Kind of salami
Invoice from a souvenir shop?
Influence with higher-ups
Holder for cash and IDs
Girl's name that's also a 59-Down
Flared skirts
Firenze farewell
Electric cars named for an inventor
Dutch cheese
Decisive defeat
Dancer Nureyev
Court fig
Cop's stunner
Continue through time
City across the Nile from the Valley of the Kings
Chef known for 'New New Orleans' cuisine
Blend, as batter
Badge holders
Arnaz of 'I Love Lucy'
17th-century Dutch painter Jan
17,000-year-old find in France's Lascaux cave
'Wow, you have violins!'?
'Paradise Lost' setting
'Now listen …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-13-2017#sthash.ttk7pcgz.dpuf

Yuletide display
Worthy of mention
Washroom fixtures
Warm the bench
Venomous African snake
Supermarket section
Superlative suffix
Sportage producer
Sour fruit
Small amounts
Shot up
Sartre play
Sacred bird of Egypt
Profound quality
President before Jack
Pollen collector
Play for a sap
Pirate address
Opposed to
NYC's first subway line
Notorious Roman
Newsboy's cry
Mariner's affirmative
Loosen, as a lace
Little pitchers have big ones, reportedly
Like champion racehorses
Less-jolting joe
Keep out of sight
Johnny Bench, for 17 seasons
Home run pace
Hired thugs
Hall of Fame shortstop Appling
Hall of Fame pitcher Whitey
Gives a dressing-down to
Gaelic tongue
Friend of Jerry and George
Fill fully
Fencing sword
Fan's favorite
Evangelist's topic
Eur. language
Do business with a bookie
Cynically tough
Convention center event
Contest hopeful
College heads
Cheering loudly
Catchall abbr
Bring back a ball, e.g
Break off
BP bought it in 2000
Boringly unoriginal
Baseball pitch from a Woodstock attendee?
Baseball pitch from a DVD fan?
Baseball pitch from a chef?
Baseball pitch from a backyard cook?
Balance sheet listing
Bag-checking org
B-boy link
Asian peninsula
Alumni assembly
Act the agitator
'___ there, done that'
'You're a riot!'
'Shadow Dancing' singer Andy
'Oh, What a Beautiful ___' ('Oklahoma!' song)
'Just a ___!'
'I understand'
'By Jove!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-13-2017—Wild-Pitches#sthash.BHEfpV6E.dpuf

___ Island Red
___ for Fears
___ and aahed
Yang go-with
Winter vehicle
Wedge stuck under a wheel
Vital artery
Two twos but not three threes
Tutor of Siam royalty
Tuscan city
Turner or Sinatra
Tickled pink
Thrilling late-inning situations
Three pits
Three pits
Three pits
The Greek name of 43-Across
The Auld Sod
Sunday service for some
Sound that lingers
Shaker partner
Reason to see a dentist
Purposely pass over
Pundit's piece
Previously, previously
Pointed fingers at
Planting unit
Period of greatest success
Part of a poker bluff
Opera highlight
Once-___ (quick examinations)
Old witch
Old Danny DeVito vehicle?
Numbered-ball game
Not easily duped
Norwegian capital
Natural dye
Most hardhearted or rocky
Mauna ___
Look like a stereotypical villain
Like a car with three tires on the ground
Jupiter's spouse
It has four kings in suits
Hello or goodbye word
Great risk or danger
Fortunate miner's mother?
Fixed socks
Fish or cut this
Field, as of study
Far from smooth
Estrada of 'CHiPs' fame
Emulates an active volcano
Edit, as text
Earthy lummox relative?
Down Under 'hiya'
Dick Tracy's love
Costing zip
Cheerful shout
Bus driver on 'The Simpsons'
Bring shame upon
Board member, for short
Black-and-white cookies
Bits of dishonesty
Albanian coin
African nation
Actress Perlman
'___ the land of the free …'
'God bless us, every ___!'
'Aquarius' musical – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-13-2017#sthash.vIYTJamY.dpuf

Wonderland cake message
White-gloves affair
White Monopoly bills
What you wear
Warhol who painted soup cans
Walt Disney's middle name
Under the weather
Transcript fig
Tiny soldiers
The Axis and others
Standing behind
Sought a seat
Sorento automaker
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen
Sen. Franken's old show
Ruby of 'American Gangster'
Release, as an odor
Regular hangout
Public relations concern
Poker declaration
Place for an easy chair
Or ___ (ultimatum words)
Opus ___ ('The Da Vinci Code' group)
Open, as a bolted door
Oil industry magnate
Noodle dish popular in dorms
Nickels and dimes, say
Nash's beast (not priest!)
Modest skirt style
Metro map points
Mav or Cav
Matchsticks game
Make fun of
Mai ___ cocktail
Like some pie orders
Like movie snack bar items, often
Kemo ___
How an actor may enter
Hoity-toity types
Heathen or atheist, pejoratively
Going nowhere
Gear for 42-Across
Fries or slaw, often
Fresh talk
French cheese region
Forest clearing
Flower that symbolizes Holland
Fanning of 'Maleficent'
Eye for an eye, so to speak
Extracted asset
Estevez of the Brat Pack
Egg farm denizens
Dismiss abruptly
Devilish kid
Dark wood that sinks in water
Cuzco dweller of old
Consumer protection org
Complaints, slangily
City where Big Berthas were built
Calvino who wrote 'Invisible Cities'
Brand sold at Petco and PetSmart
Boy in a Johnny Cash song
BET Awards Best Movie of 2015
Bayh of Indiana politics
Bake sale org., perhaps
Assault on Troy, e.g
Apply graffiti, in a way
Antipiracy org
20-game winner, say
'Star Trek' villain
'It ain't over ’til it's over' speaker
'In other words . . .'
'At Wit's End' humorist Bombeck – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-13-2017#sthash.n5CWR9i1.dpuf

__ once (suddenly)
__ in the woods (innocent one)
Widely recognized
What a key fits into
Western Florida city
Voice inflection
Under the weather
Three Bears female
Taking to court
Takes as one's own
Stuff found in bran
Southern Arizona city
Source for fries
Soldier's "Stop!"
Sloping walkway
Sixth sense, for short
Showroom model
Ship's poles
Ringo of the Beatles
Rigidly formal
Provide with attire
Portable liquor holders
Not far from
Not any
New Delhi's land
Mythology with Odin and Thor
Mexican chip
Lendl of tennis
Layer of paint
Laundry appliance
King's __ (much money)
Just published
Jar topper
Infield cover
Hooded jacket
Had a sample of
Group being played against
Group being played against
Group being played against
Golfer's short stroke
Full collections
French-style pancakes
Found a purpose for
Female singing voice
Fem.'s opposite
Fed. workplace monitor
Facts and figures
Elm or eucalyptus
Discount event
Des Moines' state
Deal negotiator
CPR experts
Condiment in shakers
Close noisily
Clickable computer symbol
Circus structure
Chapter of history
Camel's South American cousin
Bring in from the cropland
Brief role for a star
Boy Scout group
Bowl-shaped roof
Book of photos
Big Aussie birds
Become inedible
Baking chambers
Baby hooting bird
Aware of
Auth. unknown
Abound (with)
"What a shame!"
"Sugar is sweet, and __ you"
"Now I see!"
"Don't you agree?"

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