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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.09.2017

___ noire (pet peeve)
___ Enterprise
You might run to get in it
Yoda, e.g
World's most populous democracy
Wordsworth work
Word repeated before 'everywhere'
Way in or way out
Two big nights in December
Telemarketer's accessory
Summons a genie, perhaps
Suffix with kitchen
Strangely repulsive sort
Squirrel away
Son of Zeus
Six members of a 'Dallas' family?
Singer Garfunkel
Sharpen, as a skill
Ruler deposed in 1979
Relative of a snowboard
Provo resident
Picnic items
Paintballer's cry
Pacers' engagements?
Org. concerned with meltdowns
Most sensible
Many a meth production site
Makeup smearer
Loch ___
Like a long shot's chances
Kind of wind that blows no good
It's no liability
Insect feeler
In on
Ibsen's 'Peer ___'
Hike along the Appalachian Trail, e.g
He loved Lucy
H.M.O. V.I.P.s
Gives kudos to
Galena or cerussite
Father of Ahab in the Bible
Doc who might perform laryngologic surgery
Devices with Siri
Deteriorate with inactivity
Designer Perry
Criticized brutally
Convene, as a legislature
Composer whose name is Italian for 'green'
Clearing in the woods
Cheap way to get media attention
Charged toward
Branding tool
Beach bottle letters
Adjust the price on
Actor Kilmer of 'Tombstone'
51 cats?
501 renditions?
101 rear ends?
1,001 causes of anxiety?
'___ the next'
'___ Don't Lie' (2006 Shakira hit)
'___ be my pleasure'
'___ baby!'
'That was … amazing!'
'Darn it!'

___ Hari
___ facto
___ culpa
___ Cruces, New Mexico
Wood that's resistant to splitting
What tapping on the table might mean
Way off
Top draft classification
Superhero whose power is putting together IKEA furniture?
Superhero whose power is mixing vodka cocktails?
Superhero whose power is keeping ships from drifting?
Superhero whose power is getting a Microsoft suite to run?
Stonewashed pants
Spooky-sounding lake
Sooner State city
Song for the masses
Some busts
Sniggler's activity
Sleazy newspaper
San ___ (Silicon Valley city)
Revered figure
Refrain syllables
Red Lobster freebie
Pressing needs?
Pre-race ritual
Pesto herb
Parlor piece
Oft-stolen garden figurine
More than dislike
Modern Persian
Miniature racer
McShane of 'American Gods'
Live and breathe
Lion's warnings
Lion's place
Like Bob Dylan's singing
Letter carrier in 'Game of Thrones'
Latvia's northern neighbor
Kitten comment
Household hints columnist
Hotel employee
Gown designer Wang
General delivery?
Furious feeling
Frederic's love in 'The Pirates of Penzance'
Flexible blackjack cards
Fanning of 'The Beguiled'
Extra charge
Encouraging cheer
Encouraging cheer
Dirty campaign tactic
Cabinet department that oversees the National Park Service
Budget's sister company
Brisbane greeting
Brandenburg Concertos composer
Bellini opera
Bearer of the heavens
Baylor buildings
Baseball feature
Bachelor's last words
Alicante aunt
Abbr. on a business letter
'My Fair Lady' lady
'McMillan & Wife' org
'It's a Wonderful Life' director
'Here's a thought…'
'Get lost!'
'Dancing With the Stars' judge Goodman
'C U L8R,' e.g

___ Aviv
Wrestler Hulk
Wood cutter
Wedding page word
Web crawlers, e.g
Volcano output
View again
Valuable type of duck
Upbeat, in music
Uncle with many stories
Tool for a cross-checker
Theatrical sketch
Stitch maker
Spread one's fingers
Small, light, flimsy boat
Small excerpt
Sigh sounds
Ron who played Tarzan
Roller at the printer's
Resinous secretion
Requirements for beer purchases
Religious officials
Put back to zero
Prop for an artist
Professional's charge
Pot or smack
Plot a city over
Planted areas that require little watering
Parsley unit
One smiling in a self-satisfied way
Old portico
Not amateur
Noisy talk
Messages with attachments
Mend a split in one's britches
Marina locale, often
Male on a farm
Make a wrong guess, e.g
Lout or yahoo
Like toast
Lead in a film
Immeasurable time
Historical period
Handle and operate
Greek letter
Getting older
Gambling 'machine'
Fun complement
Forward-looking woman?
Feisty and easy to anger
Director George
Common shade tree
Click the fingers
Chocolate bean bearers
Cheerleaders' repertoire
Cheer syllable
Center of preferences?
Castle enclosure
Camper's handy tool
Calligraphers' containers
Big-time spy grp
Biblical dancer
Beaded counting machines
Barbie's friend
Author Ferber
Attack word
Architectural wing
Any male protagonist
Addition symbol
'___ on a Grecian Urn'
'Until tomorrow!' in Paris
'Sesame Street' denizen
'A Prayer for Owen ___'

___ Walnuts ('The Sopranos' gangster)
___ skiing (Olympics sport)
Word that may precede the initial parts of 17- and 62-Across and 9- and 33-Down
Word in a cross-referenced clue
Win the love of
Where to see kangaroos, informally
Wee, informally
Watch chain or pocket
Walking ___ (euphoric)
Upholstery fabric
Unattractive-sounding tangelo variety
Twist the facts
Traveled like Huck Finn and Jim
Suit with numerous claimants
Strongly accented, in music (Abbr.)
Stream's locale, in poetry
Spirit in 'Aladdin'
Speed-of-sound word
Society page newbie
Sign after Cancer
Show poor judgment
Seek underground water
Sam who said 'never concede a putt'
Reese's 'Legally Blonde' role
Pundit Coulter
Problems for the vain
Party thrower
Part of a soft hand, in blackjack
Orange spots
Of high social status
Oblique cut, as on a mirror's edge
Not even so-so
Name in fine china
Musical conclusions
Mar-a-Lago, e.g
Made with Tabasco sauce, say
Macrame or basketweaving
Like morels, vis-a-vis toadstools
Like ghost stories
Letters on pricey handbags
Kind of wetland
Key to the left of F1
It may be flipped
Inventor from Menlo Park
Insurance company with a 'spokesduck'
In days of yore
Hamburg's river
Gunslinging pal of Holliday
Gather gradually
Eye, to a bard
Executive's 'hats'
Equestrian's handful
Enter, as data
Emery board target
Dozes, with 'off'
Dogie snaggers
Devil's color
Cruel Simon of fiction
Crude commodity
Craps table pair
Cousin of Gomez Addams
Control tower device
Common hairdo at Woodstock
Colorful ducks
CNN part
Cause of slick roads
Carry out, as a mission
Camera lens for close-ups
Cakes used in tiramisu
Cadillac Escalade, e.g
Beginning-of-Passover meal
Beer festival mo
Architect's scale drawing
Adams, Sedgwick or Brickell
A domesticated insect
'The Whiffenpoof Song' collegian
'Kissing' relative
'Judge not, ___ ye be judged'

__ pickings (few options)
Windshield coloring
Wedding rental vehicle
Use a steam iron on
Try to convince
Trample (on)
Toss in
Top suit, in bridge
Top poker card
Tips of shoes
Tiki-bar rum cocktail
Three letters in "mammoth"
Tall buildings
Swelled head
Suffix for kitchen
Small taste of soup
Shower affection (on)
Right-angle shape
Removes the rind from
Pub seat
Prefix meaning "one"
Prefix meaning "everything"
Prayer conclusion
Potatoes serving style
Pet shelter org
Parts of a flower
Obtain by intimidation
Not often seen
Nevada border lake
Metaphorical source of comfort
Loosen, as laces
Lists of candidates
Leg joint
Lawn trimmer
Lambs' mothers
Laborious walk
Hits with hailstones
Historical period
High schooler, typically
Group of items used to measure inflation
Get to one's feet
From not long ago
First-year athlete
Felt more like winter
Fascinated by
Fancy house and grounds
Facing the pitcher
Dwell (in)
Draw __ in the sand
Direct a remark at
Des Moines' state
Currency in France
Crossed (out)
Country s. of Canada
Con game
Cincinnati's state
Chop finely
Blend ahead of time
Bit of parsley
Before, in poetry
Become inedible
Be acquainted with
Athlete who's paid
Assists criminally
And others: Abbr
After-bath powder
Actor's prompt
"__ we there yet?"
"__ that cute?"
"__ Street" (Big Bird's program)
"Mona __"

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