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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.08.2017

__ wave
__ glass
__ con gas: Spanish soda water
Word with war or far
Word with grass
Wave function symbols
Waiting to get in, say
Troubling bank msg
Trans-Siberian Railway city
Traffic chorus
Studio mascot
Steel work
Stable population
Sign of stress
Section in Disney's Animal Kingdom
Rocker alternative
Red's pal in 'The Shawshank Redemption'
Really feel the heat
Radio host Glass
Point in the right direction?
Poe classic
Place to buy a landscape
Pioneering music player
Pillar of Islam
Per person
Pennsylvania home of the world's oldest operating wooden roller coaster
Peabody-winning journalist Ifill
Org. Indonesia left in 2008
Only president to win a Pulitzer Prize
Old name for England
Night spot
Nevada copper town
Nautical direction
Modern categorizing aid
Michelin unit
Make an unexpected connection with
Like most cartoon characters
It's generally celebrated on the same day as Tet
It's cut and dried
Homophonically named '60s sitcom lady
High dos
Greek theater
Friend of the Fry Kids
Fr. titles
Former AT&T rival
Fish-eating bird
Financial pg. debut
Edge furtively
Dwarf who traveled with Bilbo
Cutlass, e.g
Cutlass, e.g
Cover, as a cover charge
Con targets
Coast Guard pickup
Certain Celt
Buckwheat porridge
Broke ground
Angels' org
'The __ of King William': Old English poem
'The Voice' host Carson
'The Phantom Menace' boy
'The Old Curiosity Shop' girl
'Madam Secretary' actress
'Golden Boy' dramatist
'Correct!' sound
'Candida' singer
'All will be well'

___ New York (upscale department store chain)
Weight-watchers watch it
Vintage military plane
Typical results
TV Gold?
Turkish pooh-bah
That, in France
Suffragist Carrie Chapman ___
Start of a big fight?
Some postgraduate study
Some ancient Cretan statues
Sitcom world
Short but not necessarily sweet
Says without saying
Reality winners beginning in 2002
Prestigious research university
Places to cool it?
Placated, with 'to'
One difficult to tie down
Not fancy at all
Mystery writer ___ Jackson Braun
Militant sort
Media of exchange
Mass readings
Major storm detritus
Jack's sobriquet, with 'the'
Gudrun's victim, in Norse myth
Greaves, e.g
Get along
Fruity dessert
Founder of two automobile companies
Fasteners with flat tops
Elite group
Dreamer of myth
Dateable one
Crafts site
Cozy footwear, for short
Colorful summer treats
Chanel rival
Champagne is one
Candle scent popular at Christmas
Cambridge student, informally
Bully's reply
Breaks things off
Brand of change-counting machines
Billing units: Abbr
Big band singer Vic
Bad sign
Arthur ___, inventor of the crossword puzzle
Applesauce-topped nosh
Antinuke pact topic
Ability to learn and adapt neurologically
'___ From Hawaii' (1973 Elvis concert)
'Casablanca' lover

___ Sketch (classic drawing toy)
Yodeler's perch
With 66-Across, Tea Leoni's 'Madam Secretary' husband
Widespread destruction
Wee bites
Uruguay's Punta del ___
Urban fleet
Uppity types
Until, in Acapulco
Un-PC toy nowadays
Two-deck card game
Tournament favorites
Toronto paper
The U-Haul rental agent gave a ___
The real estate mogul's forte was ___
The NBA pro penned ___
The judge favored ___
The chiropractor's strong suit was a good ___
The chef wanted to publish his ___
The broker always seemed to create ___
Tee size lineup, initially
Taken advantage of
Supply, as elevator music
Subject of some limits
Stress symptoms
Straight, in combinations
Static problem
Soothing stuff
Solution strength: Abbr
Slender fish
Shifts shape
Seraglio section
See 76-Across
Run of luck
Right place at the rite time
Refinery stuff
Recipe amt
Ready for business
Purina brand
Pulpit topic
Proceed besottedly
Princess from Alderaan
Poker player's declaration
Poker player's declaration
Places where people wear masks: Abbr
Outer: Prefix
Orioles relief pitcher Darren
Organ parts
Opera division
One avoiding charges
Not fooled by
Nonstick cookware brand
Nation at 0 degrees latitude
Narrative lesson
NAFTA signatory
Muscat native
Muckraker Tarbell
Melanie's 'Working Girl' role
Mare's munchies
Major mix-up
Magazine contents
Mace, e.g
Lunchbox item
Little shaver
Lamarr of 'Boom Town'
Kachina doll carvers
Join forces
John's 'Pulp Fiction' dance partner
Ink smudges
Humorist Bombeck
Honorary Oscar recipient in 1955
Home-shopping opportunity
Home of a lion killed by Hercules
Highland hill
Heart of France
Hammermill buy
Grueling tasks
Groundskeeper's tool
Gold buy
God celebrated on Janmashtami
Gloomy Gus
George Burns trademark
Fruity desserts
From Turkey's capital
Fourth wall breaker
First course option
Filthy digs
Fangorn Forest dweller
Evening dress
Electric shaver brand
Dr. Scholl's product
Dorothy, to Em
Criticized mercilessly
Company with a reptilian mascot
Company men
Canadian singer Michael
Brought order to
Bridge positions?
Boyer of baseball
Bighorn's perch
Big bang maker
Belle of the Wild West
Be left
Bachelors' sexist counterparts
Astronomer's dist
Aspiring MD's hurdle
Angelic adornment
Algerian seaport
Aleutian apparel
Al Kaline, e.g
Advance furtively
Abby's sister
A black one may signify mourning
'There's rosemary, that's for remembrance' speaker
'The ___ Baltimore' (Lanford Wilson play)
'The Time Machine' race
'Shut your trap!'
'Mayor' author
'It's a deal!'
'Elegies' poet John
'Ars gratia ___' (MGM motto)

Words after 'Thanks'
Winter attire
Weapon stored in a silo
Turns to the right on horseback
Tall and lean
Talk loudly
Taken from Earth to heaven
Take advantage of, as an offer
Strong smell
Start for 'night' or 'day'
Sports venue
Some powders
Small bombs
Sign up
Sicilian volcano
Seals, as a victory
Prefix with 'climactic'
Plant parts
Plan detail
Pastor kin, briefly
Onion relatives
Number for the best
Noted flood survivor
Noshing+meek+common dessert=
Necklace part, often
Mocking remark
Miner's rock
Marine eagle
Many Scandinavians
Looped crosses
Long lists
Like pink steak
Like kings and queens
Large carrying bags
Kitchen hotspot
Kind of silence
Hung in there until the end
Huge waterways
Himalayan tree-dweller
Giggle sound
From the Netherlands
Former Turkish title
Former Portuguese currency
Eyeball covering
Eye covering?
Draw out or call forth
Desktop image
Create software
Cowardly+pebble+find a spot=
Copy machine requirement
Computing speed unit
Certain Los Angeles pro
Broadcast again, as a classic film
Brio or dash
Brings encouragement to
Breakfast treat
Brainy group
Blunt sword
Black-and-white whale
Big-time PC maker
Be a successful merchant
Author Roald
Atoll protector
Animal skins
'Asi ___ Vida' ('That's Life') Ricky Martin song

___ Tafari (Haile Selassie)
WWII-era intelligence org
Woodwind with a misleading name
What verbs and nouns should do
Went lickety-split
Was googly-eyed
Test pilot's headgear
State capital on the Oregon Trail
Sports org. with a Tour
Sport ___ (versatile vehicle)
Sparsely vegetated expanses
Source of tallow
Sot's interjection
Some broiler chickens
Slangy turndown
Site of the first Olympics
Silent assent
Signed away
Sedan alternative
Respectful denial
Refrain consisting of vowels
Put the whammy on
Propelled, as a raft
Preserves, as tomatoes
Player in MLB's first domed stadium
Play about Capote
Patches, as a grass court
Pantheon denizens
On the disabled list
Nevil who wrote 'On the Beach'
Necklace of plumerias
Mount St. Helens fallout
Mike Tyson or Tyson Fury
Mathletes, stereotypically
Maple tree yield
Like alfresco dining
Letter-shaped plumbing fitting
Letter inclusion (Abbr.)
Knight's weapon
Japanese PM who met with Trump
Hoops great Shaq
Home to clergymen
High priest of Shiloh
Held together
Hang like a hummingbird
Go awry
Glaswegian, e.g
Feel remorse over
Fearsome dino
Fax forerunner
Eight-line part of a sonnet
Effect of a love potion
Earthy pigment
Drops off
Dressing room array
Domino's deliveries
Dirty old men's looks
DINK part
Did a track official's job
Destroys deliberately
Cut off, as ties
Consign to the junk heap
Consecrate with oil
Closet eaters' candy supplies, e.g
Chained item in a bank, perhaps
Cape Cod catch
Blew one's own horn
Blake who composed 'Charleston Rag'
Bend at a barre
Bearded Serengeti beast
Barbara or Jenna, to Jeb Bush
Anthem contraction
Animation collectible
Adirondack chair part
2016 Olympics city, for short
'The X-Files' characters, for short
'Publish or ___' (academic caveat)

__ skiing (Dubai diversion)
Worked on an app, say
With 13 Down, Superior Region resource
Whole mess
What earbuds come in
Use as a faster route
Unlikely diet fare
Twist-era dance
Totally transcendent
Three-point-turn points
Targets of some laser scans
Sticky wicket
State capital since 1901
Spreadsheet products
Sport with bamboo weapons
Some weekly workers, briefly
Snow blower, perhaps
See 37 Across
Salute lines
Response to wrecking
Quartet at Woodstock
Poppy and lava
Piano partner of "ébène"
Peaks form over them
Part of nutmeg seeds with mace
Opposite of "inert"
Notre Dame feature
Note beneficiary
Musical with an Inaugural Ball
Monkeys or apes
Modernist music descriptor
Meals based on an Exodus chapter
Loon or coot
Like honey buns
Juicy tidbits
Journalist pal of Teddy Roosevelt
Job specification
It's handled in parks
It's fermented and marbled
It moves quickly
It might precede "You too?"
Is born
Ingredient in some vinaigrettes
Hotel freebie
Hop-on, hop-off bus route
Head catchers
Have experience of
Hang, as a dress
Gap filler
Doesn't stop, in a way
Doesn't face
Do some text processing
Distributes irregularly
Dickensian exclamation
Dermal patch?
Cut back on
Cry while taking a bath
Controversy creation
Computer network endpoint
Civic center
City near Lewis and Clark National Forest
Cause to crack up
Baby name list topper for 2016
"The __ Cry" (Salvation Army publication)
"Giorno di San Valentino" message
"Gimme a break!"

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