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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.06.2017

__ Hashanah: Jewish New Year
__ Field: Mets' stadium
Yours and mine
Words to an old chap
Words on Lucy's 'Psychiatric Help – 5â' sign … and a hint to 20-, 33- and 39-Across
Word with chick or split
With 55-Down, monster's lake
Warned, like a cornered cat
Walk on a trail
Transportation secretary Elaine
Throat-clearing sounds
This, to Juan
Take unlawfully
Tabloid couple
Strut on a runway
Stand up
Slugger Hank
See 7-Down
Ruthless strategy
Render obsolete
Recover from wounds
Poet Teasdale
Plug on the small screen
Plant __: start something
Phishing nets?
Operatic highlight
One of many in an ovation
Norse king
Newsman Huntley
Nestlé chocolate chip treat
Modernists, briefly
Like Mr. Hyde, e.g
Like many a villainous fictional scientist
Kent and Kettle
Jupiter and Neptune, e.g
George Carlin hosted the first one, briefly
Fish-catching bird
Father-son senators from Tennessee
Exec's extras
Eight-armed mollusks
Drillers at sea
Do the honors, at a winefest
Ditzy 'Friends' friend and singer Snow
Critter catcher
Classic violin
Chowed down
Chicken serving
Cheese in a red wax coating
Challenging response to provocation
Camaro __-Z
Bond between friends
Bert's buddy
Beatles meter maid
Bash with tiki bars
Baseball tool
Ballpark filler
Aristotle's teacher
America's National Tree
Always masked one's true self
Altar vow
Aesop's lazy grasshopper, for one
Actor Mineo
755 HRs and 2297 RBIs for 25-Down, e.g
1988 Hoffman title role
'__ arigato': Japanese 'thanks a lot'
'The Banana Boat Song' word
'Stars and Stripes Forever' composer
'Cheerio' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-12-2017#sthash.u9eoWpdG.dpuf

___ Gaga
___ course (part of boot camp)
___ and bear it
Wrestling win
World Cup chant
Word of woe
With 21-Down, military hawk
Wild animals
What's more
What 1 is to 2 and 2 is to 3
Web crawler
Way overweight
Watchdog org.?
Units of nautical speed
Tube-shaped pasta
Thumbs-down votes
Throat dangler
The 'f' of fwiw
Thanksgiving meal
Swiss capital, to French speakers
Spring break activity in Miami Beach or Cabo
Sound of danger
Something stubbed
Soap bubbles
Show the ropes to
See 13-Down
Repeated short bits in jazz
Preserves preserver
Prefix with -zoic
Powerful explosive
New Age singer from Ireland
Melville captain
Mascara is applied to them
Many flooring installers
Limp watch painter
Key of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7: Abbr
Journey to Mecca
Itsy-bitsy biter
Iris's place
India pale ___
In fine fettle
Help desk offering
He played Gomez in 1991's 'The Addams Family'
Haunted house sound
Geese formations
First of a series of sci-fi movies starring Sigourney Weaver
Dickens lad who says 'God bless us every one!'
Devastating hurricane of 2012
Computer command for the error-prone
Comic actor who was an original cast member of SCTV
College in New Rochelle, N.Y
Club Med, for one
Chemist's workplace
Bert's pal on 'Sesame Street'
Beloved, in 'Rigoletto'
Beginning of a rom-com … or a description of 20-, 36- and 41-Across?
Baseball's ___ Joe DiMaggio
Apply, as plaster
Alternatives to purchases
Agree (with)
Affectedly creative
Actor who has hosted the Oscars nine times, a number second only to Bob Hope
1982 Disney film
10:1, for example
'___ got a deal for you!'
'Once ___ a time …'
'Aladdin' prince
$2,000, if you land on Boardwalk with a hotel – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-12-2017#sthash.FopdfJIg.dpuf

___ polloi
Writer Rice
Workplace for some counselors
Workers with whistles
Winter falls
What's happening
Swedish soprano Jenny
Staff worker
Small farm, disparagingly
Slanted type: Abbr
Second-largest Hawaiian island
Puts a coat on?
Put a big financial burden on
Pioneering DVR
Order's partner
Mob melee
Marginal comment, for example
Maker of TBonz treats
Loose, as laces
Lively party
Like an eyesore
Librarian's stamp
Letters on a 6 button
Letter after sigma
Keeps costs under control
Judge's rapper
It's in the can
Industrious insects
Ibuprofen's promise
Hornet's home
Hoppy critter
Helper: Abbr
Garr of 'Young Frankenstein'
Funny Fey
Friend of Thumper
First word of 'Jabberwocky'
Extreme anger
Elevator pioneer
Egyptian peninsula
Easy gait
Country singer Jackson
Consumer of 2-Down products
Chairman with a Little Red Book
Cartoonist Guisewite, or her strip
Carrot color
Car company based in Bavaria
Canadian capital
Came up
Burglar deterrent
Blows one's top
Back of the neck
Arm or leg
Angrily overreacted to somebody
Alias of Simon Templar in books and TV
Alberta's ___ National Park
A little naughty
'You've convinced me!'
'The Matrix' hero
'It's so cold!'
'Have it your way'
'Carmina Burana' composer Carl
'Buenos ___' (Spanish greeting) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-12-2017—Horsing-Around#sthash.2Kxp30T8.dpuf

Willy Wonka creator Roald
What stunned graduating 'dumb' ones are?
What graduating 'slow' learners become
What 'stupid' animal amusements graduate to
Was acceptable to
Wall design created with tiles
Unit to plow, sometimes
Toy dog from China, briefly
Too interested lender?
They can make quite a buzz
Some saxes
Soft 'Hey!'
Show off shamelessly
Separate into stacks
Sends to another doctor, e.g
Sch. support org
Salon creation
Saintly or royal Norwegian name
Romantic ex
Roman Elder or Younger
Quick and easy to move
Prepare for an important proposal
Place in Norway
Part of a dog or comet
Palm leaf
One way to cover a lot of ground
One way to be mistaken
One way to be coincidental
One of many in a theater
Office copy
Nope's opposite
NBA team in Texas
Moneymaking rock groups?
Milky gemstone
Meat in many entrees
Mail org
Lithium-___ battery
Last syllable
Kind of warfare
It's never out of the ordinary
Income from wealth ownership
In a smart-mouthed, saucy way
Huff partner
Howard of 'Happy Days'
Home barbecue place
Grown-up eft
Group sitting in pews
Greeting among sailors
GPS displays
Genesis matriarch
French philosopher Georges
Foot-in-mouth incident
Flynn of old Hollywood
Fail at moderation
Elite group
Elf planted in a garden
Driver's path
Distort, as facts
Desire for an insomniac
Depressive sorts
Dangerous type of snake
Creep along, crab-style
Cobbler's target, sometimes
Certainly experienced with
Broke the law with a heavy foot
Blasting material
Begin to awaken
Baroque stringed instrument
Attachment to 'gram' or 'log'
Any will do in a storm
'Once ___ a midnight dreary …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-12-2017#sthash.T34c0A8B.dpuf

Word before donna or ballerina
With respect to
Wines commonly served with beef
Way up or down
Unmannerly fellow
Trivial mistakes
Time span defined by a presidency
Tense moment at Wimbledon
Statement from the accused
Sleep interrupter, perhaps
Skybox locale
Six-day-per-week delivery
Sing with nonsense syllables
Sign of what's ahead
Sign of a sprained ankle
Showing no mercy
Short-term staffers, for short
Second word of many limericks
Sawyer, previously of '20/20'
Sauces with tortilla chips
Responded to the 34-Down
Resistance unit
Religion of Haiti
Plants yielding soothing extracts
Places for pints
Olympus residents
Not-very-deep parts of rivers
Nation with a cedar on its flag
Mischievous tot
Measure of a firm's worth
Maze solver's goal
Marathon marker figure
Make 1-Down
Luau serving
Like beer at a tailgate party, say
Kuwaiti VIP
Jack-in-the-box top
It's lifted by a cancan dancer
Infantry weapon of old
Indonesian tourist mecca
Indefinite quantity
Idi Amin, in Saudi Arabia
Herd's setting
Hasidism, e.g
Greenskeeper's consideration
Green who sang 'Forget You'
Got wind of
Final stages
Fed lines to
Farther down the page
Eyed wolfishly
Errand runners
Embers emanation
Elevator button symbol
Disney friend of Thumper
Creates, as a comic strip
Corporate barrier, figuratively
Coat with BBQ rub, say
Choose to participate
Cheesy diner entrees
Cheer for a flamenco dancer
Captain's record on 'Star Trek'
Bring in from the field
Bird feeder morsel
Baskin-Robbins buy
Auditioner's CD
Apple desktop with a Retina display
Angler's enticement
Afternoon tea time, traditionally
Adorable sort
A-Rod and J-Lo, in March 2017 headlines
'Rushmore' director Anderson
'Paper or plastic?' items
'Only Time' New Ager
'Nixon in China' role
'Miami Vice' co-star
'Is there more?'
'Hooray!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-12-2017#sthash.3QecYTKF.dpuf

__ Vegas
__ Tour (links organization)
Yours and mine
Write with block letters
Worker's end-of-week shout
Walkway between floors
Very long time
Vatican leaders
Unfortunate accidents
U-turn from WNW
Took creases out of clothes
Took a photo of
Throw in the __ (give up)
They're worn when gliding behind a speedboat
Theater walkway
Takes a chance with
Sweater maker's implements
Snakelike swimmers
Short skirt
Short putts
Shopping binge
Shade trees
Scoffs at
Sandal or moccasin
Rounded ends of hammers
Repeated sound
Provides with poker hands
Plumbing tubes
Playful aquatic mammal
Picnic pests
Pay-__-view movie
Out of style
Nine-digit IRS ID
Most cushiony
Maze-running rodent
Makes an attempt
Lend a hand
Large striped feline
Kris Kringle's vehicle
Kris Kringle
Jay once of "The Tonight Show"
Jabbed with a finger
Hunter's wooden duck
Honolulu's island
Himalayan region
Gullible person
Grasp in one's hand
Gator kin
Garfield's pooch pal
Fruit-filled pastries
Fraction of a pound
Folding bed
Fancy napkin fabric
Fall behind
Eye-color area
Easy throw
Earth-friendly prefix
Earlier in time
Dressy shirt-sleeve accessories
Dole out
Dinner plate
Country meadow
Computer screen image
Cincinnati's state
Bike's wheel
Be patient
Ave. crossers, often
At the present time
Argentine dance
A little chilly
"My treat!"
"Bedtime" tale

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