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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.05.2017

Waldo forerunner?
Usual night in the old town?
Travel bag attachment
Theo van Gogh, notably
Sweet climber
Speck in la mer
Some shoulders
Simba's love
Silent signal
Sharp bark
Ruler that doesn't work anymore
Repeated number of curls, say
Quality marsh output?
Place to take a dip?
Place to take a dip
Parson's home
Orange variety
Office staple
Nutrients in nuts
Non-suicidal migrants, contrary to myth
Mayo is in it
Maestro Zubin
Litter pickup spot?
Liszt's '__ Préludes'
Lightens up
Lamb's place
Lamb's alias
Khartoum's waters
Julia of film
It may be under a rug
In like an old cat?
Hits up (for)
Heidi got high on one
Group with many barrels
Gold dust lid cover?
Gender-specific pronoun
Gender-specific beverage?
Fish house freebie
Far from harmless
Fanny pack spot
Fan noise
Facetious agreement
Entomological case study?
Editorial override
Doppelgänger cast for a low-budget remake of 'Ocean's 11'?
Cry to a mate
Couth he is not
Canadian pump name
Cambodia's Lon __
Cambodia neighbor
Cain was one
Cabs, say
Bust gp
Buck heroine
Bonus, in ads
Bite playfully
Birds do it between thermals
Bag carrier
Backing strips
#30 on a table
'__ in point'
'People' person, perhaps
'L'Arlésienne' composer
'Dies __'
'All in the Family' spin-off – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-12-2017#sthash.ST1lLcBA.dpuf

Words from a Latin lover
Words after shake or break
With it, man
Where people are often told to look
What the Irish breathe
Up to the job
Unconventional sort, en français
Things that might sense danger and scams
They're never minor
Sweet stalk
Spoils badly
Some headgear
Smallville family
Shelley's 'Ozymandias,' e.g
Services in the U.K
Residents of Cambridge, England
Record producer Pettibone
Pulled (in)
Proof that a property is yours
Popular song in a children's sing-along
Philippines' ___ City
Order repeated before a hike
Ones in the closet?
One of the Near Islands
Not miss
Not a lot, but ___
Molières : France :: ___ : U.S
Longfellow character
Long, narrow land
Like some heavy-duty trucks
Laceless, say
Jazz pianist Garner
Inside look?
In the way it used to be
I.R.S. Form 1120 filers: Abbr
Heavy metal shortage?
Funny Bombeck
First set of choices
First lady after Lou
Culinary general?
Constellation next to Scorpius
Chewing on
Capital on the Han River
Brief bit of time, in slang
Beloved 'army' leader
Bank from which a check is paid
Baby deliverer
Assistance for returning W.W. II vets
Asia's ___ Sea
Apt. amenity, perhaps
Another day
A real money maker
A good one is important for music
'Nothing to get upset about'
'It's the ___, stupid!'
'End of discussion!'
'Civic' animal
'Cat ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-12-2017#sthash.c5dQMXWK.dpuf

You can take a shot with it
Yellow citrus
Work for an orchestra?
Villain's nemesis
Type of power or bomb
Three, in Roman numerals
Thing on a doctor's invoice
Texts of operas
Super-strong cotton thread
Singer Tennille or Braxton
Short melodic solos
Serious, studious one of slang
Senators' home turf
Scratch out, as a living
Robber or shoplifter
River in Ireland or eagle type
Related by blood
Pupil's setting
Proved to be a chicken
Pre-birth berths
Praise and then some
Practices for a prize fight
Point of entry
Place with a slicer
Pervasive, as a disease
Personas' counterparts
Periods of note, in history books
Parents and grandparents, to teens
Opaque gem
Navigation system's offering
Naval rank (abbr.)
Merino matriarch
McNally's partner in maps
Macbeth's title
Little piggy, in a rhyme
Like straight men
Like jalapenos
Like an active candle
Lagoons' surrounders
Keiko and similar creatures
It can give you fits
Irish miss
Infamous emperor
Hawaiian outdoor feast
Grade-school outside break
Get some air?
Extremely run-down home
Equine mothers
Encore airing
Draught drink
Do a trucker's job
Didn't wax
Crumbly soil
Clean up a debt
Card game
Butt-centered protests
Be generous
Bamako's country
Archery bow material
Airport board postings
Aggravate, as feathers?
'You can guess the rest'
'Superman' foe Luthor
'Money ___ everything'
'Med' or 'fix' lead-in
'If you've wronged someone, say …'
'If you are worried about the past …'
'If you are stuck in an old routine …'
'I don't care who'
'And now a word from ___ sponsor'
'A closed mouth gathers no foot,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-12-2017#sthash.3S4JLNU4.dpuf

___ Aviv
Wool-producing rabbit
Wildlife-watchers' excursion
Water park attractions
Unsupportive sort
Turf in a roll
Tundra transports
Trash can insert
Town, informally
To date
Thing 'hugged' by 18- and 60-Across and 4- and 27-Down
Teapot part
Tax-deferred plan, briefly
Surname on an orange candy wrapper
Super Bowl LI champs, informally
Submarine captain's command
Strut showily
Stocking stuffer, say
Steeplechase entrants
Start the kitty
Sport with a miniature version
Soothing salve
Shipwreck cause, often
Ship whose dimensions were given in cubits
Serpentine shape
Schiaparelli of fashion
Reason to wear eye black
Racetrack bettor's tactic
Possessive on a towel
Place for a Facebook post, once
Performed flawlessly on
Parasite-eradicating treatment
Overly sentimental words
Optician's wares
One-for-one deal
On-the-sly meeting
No longer valid
Negotiation starter
NASCAR Hall of Famer Yarborough
Monopoly pair
Mme. Curie
Mark that may precede a 39-Across
Mahalia Jackson's genre
Magical potions
Locale of most of Turkey
List entry
Like draft beer
Like die-hard fans
Like a wet noodle
Kick oneself for
Keep time, in a way
Item that can be worn untucked
iPod downloads
Indicators of karate skill levels
Ice hockey squads
Hurtful remark
Himalayan nation with a five-sided flag
Handed-down tales
Gem production in Australia
Garlic feature
French door feature
Fawned-over figure
Etch A Sketch control
Erosion loss
Election Day list
Doo-wop group member
Dogie catcher
Distillery offering
Creates two-by-fours, say
Cookie with a limited-edition Peeps version
Components of elements
Comic book artist
Cherry eater's discard
Casual Friday eschewal
Beatniks' percussion
4-Down victim, e.g
1-Across shout
'. . . here on Gilligan's ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-12-2017#sthash.h1zS3Bpk.dpuf

Will suffice
Whom FedEx uses for some deliveries
Where Tolkien taught
Wetlands wader
Trailer accessories
Tosses in
Toss out
Texas NBA team
Sound off
Sound of surf
Sound from some litters
Some fast drivers: Abbr
Smartphone cover
Small drink
Sleek, for short
Shouts of approval
Seven-footer, say
Saver's concern
Retro recording
Rarely seen plants
Put on
Proverbial nonlearners
Press release, e.g
Plaster mold
Paranormal power
Nonstandard negative
Mutation location
Misses, for instance
Minolta competitor
Minimizing driving
Like a seven-footer
Light-dawning cry
Juliet or Jane Eyre
Juliet or Jane Eyre
Humana rival
Highest point in Greece
Hawaii-themed eatery
Harps (on)
Guilty feelings
Giggle sound
Get up
German "Johnny"
Gaps in terrain
Formula for a condiment
Flare up
Ending like -arian
Deeply held
Daily's department
Culprit, so to speak
Craft-beer designation
Coleridge piece
Chameleon cousin
Challenge intro
Casserole morsel
Bratty talk
Boot worn by surfers
Blazed a trail
Big drink
Beeping device, often
Austrian mathematician
Any MD, presumably
45th state
43rd state
17th state
"Mother of __" (Miss Liberty epithet)
"Meet the Press" moderator
"Dallas Buyers Club" Oscar actor
"Bruder" of Moses

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