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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 12.03.2017

__-Canada: Esso competitor
__ Majesty
['That stinks!']
Worms, to robins
Winery cask
Where to find fans
Welcome summer cold snap?
Watch kids
Visit overnight
Very important
Unbelievable one
To have, to Henri
To blame
Time line divisions
They're unlikely to pass the bar
Terrier of old mysteries
Synthetic silk
Stout holder
Storage unit for spray bottles, trowels, etc.?
Starbuck, for one
Stairway piece
Spokane-to-Edmonton dir
Spider woman?
Soup for toddlers?
Slugger Mel
Site of the Cave of Zeus, in myth: Abbr
Single-serving coffee choice
Sign word evoking days of yore
Sideline shouts
Screening org
Sailing ropes
Rodeo mount
Risk being burned, in a way
Right in the head
Resort in the Caucasian Riviera
Requiring a lot of attention
Ref. for wordsmiths
Printer brand owned by Seiko
Press the point
Post-exam exultation
Pick up
Pair near your hair
Outback native
Ottoman honorific
One-eyed Norse deity
One with kids
On the road
Ocean bird
Novelist Evelyn
Not all there
News-selling org
Necklace for a macho heartthrob?
Name on Re-Nutriv products
Move quickly, as clouds
Move crab-style
Monster slain by Hercules
Modeling adhesive
MLBer with 696 home runs
MinuteClinic operator
Merged news agency
Measure of stress inflicted by a crowd's roar?
Maker of fancy notebooks
Major course
Lost cause
Little bird wielding an ax?
Like some spore reproduction
Like Gen. Shinseki, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Large retailer's overexpansion, perhaps?
Its PAC is the Political Victory Fund
Is too sweet
In __ of
Impressive dwelling
Holiday pantomime game?
Helped a tot tie a shoelace, say
Hawk's claw
Hard on the eyes
Ground-up bait
Grace starter
GPS displays
Goofy collectibles?
Go off-line?
Glide on blades
Gets tough
Georgetown hoopster
Genesis setting
Game inside a Narragansett beer bottle cap
Forearm bones
Folksy Guthrie
Flix alternative
First African-American Best Actor
Fanfare and then some
Draws off, as maple syrup
Don Juan
Dole (out)
Demonstratively romantic
Deep pit
Curly-tailed dog
Copacabana beach locale
Conspire with
Come again
Colombian export
Closer to being raw
Ceramic piece
Campbell-Martin of 'Martin'
Calls off
Calculus pioneer
Cable option
Cabinet dept
Blue state?
Black Friday mo
Bit of a belly laugh
Big bore
Baby monitor alert
Autocrats until 1917
Atkins of country
'__ out!'
'__ b?': 'Which is it?'
'The Sound of Music' high points
'Terrible' Russian ruler
'Seems to be the case'
'Same for me'
'Rabbit' series author
'Oh, sure!'
'Never Wave at __': Rosalind Russell movie
'My stars!'
'Julie & Julia' director
'Java' trumpeter
'I'll take all the help I can get'
'Got it!'
'Breaking Bad' baddie Fring
'A mouse!'
'… __ a puddy tat!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-12-2017#sthash.iVVkd1Fw.dpuf

___ volente (God willing)
World Cup chant
Winter hrs. in Vail
Where kids get creative in school
What'll feed everyone at a tailgate party?
What a male babysitter may sport?
Wear and tear
Wand wielder
Vocal quavers
Unpopular baby name
Undercover operation
Turnaround too tempting to pass up?
Tivoli's Villa d'___
Ticked off
They're always tired
They may have many chapters
The 2000s, with 'the'
Target of a 1972 ban
Sweaty, irritable rabbit?
Supermodel Bündchen
Suffix with nod-
Start to practice?
Start of a marital spat?
Spoils, in a way
South American greeting
Some sporty cars
Soldier, for one
Small handful
Shout from an arm waver
Short, for short
Shared with, as a story
Setting for many Stephen King novels
Schedule position
Romantic liaison
Romanian currency
Road to the Forum, e.g
Reformed barbarian?
Reds, Blues or Browns
Really bother
Real hoot
Race pace
Queen topper
Puzzle inventor Rubik
Popular landscaping plants
Pooh's pal
Plays without a break
Playing a fifth N.F.L. period, say
Picture of health, in brief?
Part of the brain that controls involuntary functions
Panama, e.g.: Abbr
Pain in the neck
One in a crowd at a bookstore?
Nice piece of change
New York : The Big Apple :: ___ : The Big Guava
Natural history museum exhibits, for short
Move, informally
Minuscule, informally
Like some wedding cakes and stadiums
Like a fired Broadway star?
Leave thunderstruck
Lead-in to boy or girl
Kunis of 'Black Swan'
Jai ___
It's inescapable
Island chain?
Is unobliged to
Invites across the threshold
Internet ___ (what we live in)
Hour in the graveyard shift
Held in reserve
Guinness entry
Grp. that might have a launch party
Grp. in the Oscar-winning documentary 'Citizenfour'
Go off course
French ice cream flavorer
Formation fliers
Fisher of fashion
First African-American to win a Best Actor Oscar
Eskimo-___ languages
Ending with chick
Dreaded comment on a returned exam
Do to do
Diving equipment co-invented by Jacques Cousteau
Curtain fabric
Composer who taught Beethoven
Coming up
Comedian Smirnoff
Color in 'America the Beautiful'
Christmas song contraction
Chest protectors
Centers of early development
Capital of Yemen
Camry competitor
Broadway star Rivera
Brandy fruit
Bit of bar food
Billiards feature
Baltic Sea feeder
Auric Goldfinger, to James Bond
Attractions for bees
A.A.A. and B.B.B
A cross might be given for it
500, e.g
2018 Super Bowl number
2005 horror sequel
2000s TV hit set in Baltimore
1993 film that garnered Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscars
1945 battle site, informally
1943 conference site
'___ where they ain't'
'What happened next?'
'What else could it be?!'
'The Persistence of Memory' artist
'Put that Southern state on next month's agenda'?
'Pencils down!'
'Lovergirl' singer ___ Marie
'Check out the Argentine soccer star!'?
'Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-12-2017#sthash.BmQh4dkx.dpuf

___ del Sol, Spain
___ contendere (legal plea)
Wrinkly fruit
Work steadily at
Word associated with division
Withhold pay from
Vientiane language
Van Halen's David Lee
Type of metal
Two types of sandwiches
Towing accessory
Timely contraction?
Throws off
Three types of sandwiches
Three types of sandwiches
Squatter's right
Skip over
Skier's elevator
Short synopsis
Shade of red
Scrub up before performing surgery
Riotous way to run
Right-angled extensions
Reads through quickly
Put your money where your mouth is
Powder in the nursery
Pingpong barrier
Person manning the books
Pancake go-with
Overly diluted
On guard
Mushroom topper
Loathe greatly
Like many children's vitamins
Less well
Leg bone
Keep a subscription coming
It's made to be broken, in a proverb
Insurance broker
In the direction of the setting sun
Huge wall painting
Hindu princess
Healthy menu choices
Guitarist's pick tool
Group beliefs
Good-sized piece of cement
Globes, peepers and spheres
General manager deals
Fit for a task
Film genre
Far from demonstrative
Fair and honorable
Eye or muscle problem
Down Under ratite
Donations to the poor
DIY banker
Certain vertebrae
Certain Balkan
Carefully select and gather
Break in the action
Belt-maker's tool
Become less interesting
Beast of burden
Baker's ingredients, often
Alliance HQ'd in Brussels
2004 presidential candidate
'50s drive-in order
'That hurts!'
'Gritty' start
'Get it?'
'For' or 'love' attachment
'Buzz off, fly!'
'… with ___ in sight' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-12-2017#sthash.bArFh3Qy.dpuf

___ San Lucas (Baja resort)
___ proprietorship
Zeroes in on
Word on a price list
View from a boardwalk
Urban ball game site
Theocratic state since 1979
Tadpole's breathing organ
St. Pete's neighbor
Skier's garment
Shepard in space
Shelley works
Shared phone service of old
Ripped to shreds
Repel, with 'off'
Religious doctrine
Quaint rejoinder to 'Shall!'
Profession devoted to helping others
Produce aisle selection
Prell competitor
Pre- or post-election survey
Practices, as a trade
Porter who wrote 'Night and Day'
Poker variety
Penny on a green, perhaps
Our feathered friends
Nomadic group
Nanny's offspring
Mt. McKinley's new name
Mork's home planet
More shrewd
Mineral abundant in spinach
Made to fit
Lucy's landlady of old TV
Lollipop sampling
List of events, casually
Lion, Tiger or Bear
Limerick's land, in verse
Like some rural bridges
Like diehard fans
Like a bad loser
Lightbulb, in comics
Less adorned
Lake bordering four states
Knocks the socks off
Khartoum's river
Kanye's wife
Johnny, 'the Man in Black'
Jack Ryan's org
Island nation near Sicily
Home to Florence
Heal, as a bone
Hand lotion additive
Goodyear's Ohio headquarters
Gasp for breath
Fruit in chutney, perhaps
Folies Bergere designer
Feel out of sorts
Faux ___ (boo-boo)
Far from genteel
Email command
Easy infield chance
Drink with unagi
Does a lube job on
Desperate, as a situation
Deficient in 60-Down
Dante's inferno
D.C. player
Creche trio
Common Christmas tree topper
Bricks-and-mortar worker
Blockbuster stock, once
Big name in pineapples
Bedtime reading
Be nuts about
2012 thriller set in 65-Across
'Monday Night Football' channel
'-ite' mineral, often – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-12-2017#sthash.bcicV18M.dpuf

__ with faint praise
__ Lanka
__ Dame
You love: Lat
Yokohama money
Year-end events
Yanks on
WWW address
With consistency
Wild guess
Wide assortments
What you eat
Welsh version of John
Weimar wife
Weather-changing currents
Washington's subway
Walks with flair
Walks wearily
Upscale Honda
Unspecific ordinal
Turn over via treaty
Train of thought
Trade grp
Trace of light
Toolbox poker
Terse turndowns
Synagogue figure
Supermarket lineup
Summit accomplishment
Suit material
Stew veggies
Some pay-stub stats
Snoop of rap
Snacks in shells
Small, as garages go
Small combos
Slows down
Slip-__ (some shoes)
Singer Lyle
Show to a seat
Scott of "Hawaii Five-0"
Rural lodging
Rum cocktail
Roof projection
Rank below cpl
Rank above cpl
Raison d'__
Quinn of films
Put off
Prez at LBJ's Medicare signing
Polynesian menu platter
Poetic time
Plumlike fruit
Playpen pile
Plaster backing
Paving goo
Parisian heads
Origami moves
Origami bird
Opulent home
Not up to snuff
Noble Brits
Nashville music venue
Nacho dip, for short
Muralist Rivera
Movement via liquid pressure
Membre de la famille
Mawkish humor
Macroeconomic stat
Low wetlands
Loss via default
Like two peas in __
Leverage, as talent
Language of Pakistan
Lager alternative
Key near D
Kazakhs and Koreans
Judicial order
Joint beneficiaries
Italian cars
It's northeast of Glasgow
It means "air"
Indy Jones topper
In short supply
In short supply
Heroic fliers
Hawthorne heroine
Golf scorecard abbr
Gives out, as tasks
Give form to
Get a new mortgage, briefly
First Obi-Wan portrayer
Federer of tennis
Fe, to Fermi
Fast-food staple
Farming prefix
Emergency signal
Editor's backlog: Abbr
Diva's performance
Director Dunham
Deutschlander's denial
Cruise amenity
Creeping phlox or blue dogbane
Cozy and comfortable
Coal source
City near Snowmass
Choir's accompaniment
Certain Broadway wannabe
Car door flaw
Capital of Bulgaria
Cape Cod resort
Broad valleys
Bounteous return
Bottom-row phone button
Big name in broth
Be remorseful for
Be rebellious
Author Calvino
Astronomy muse
As a joke
Arithmetic column
Ankara money
Aircraft slower
"Skyfall" singer
"Modern" prefix
"Melancholy" odist
"As I suspected!"

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