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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.09.2017

WWII carrier
Wall St. specialist
Type of waste pump
Talked nonstop
Symphonic gp. inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017
Stopped slouching
Start of a choosing rhyme
Spy novelist Deighton
Soar without effort
Singer dubbed 'King of Country'
Singapore's continent
Silents star Bara
Ship's area for medical assistance
Scattered, as seeds
Saturated like the ends of 17-, 23-, 39- and 50-Across?
Russian range or river
Removes errors from
Recede, as the tide
Postwar supermodel Parker
Play a part
Pen occupants
Painter's stand
Nuclear restraint topic
Not fooled by
Not as prevalent
Musician's suffix
Music from Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey et al
Moog, briefly
Mongolian desert
Mollusk in a red or white linguine sauce
Many charity golf tournaments
Long-running dispute
Lawn coating
Lats relatives
Last Marx brother, alphabetically
Kid lit monster
Island band The __ Men
In an aimless fashion
Highly self-satisfied
Hershey's toffee bar
Head out
Greenside golf shot
Globe shape: Abbr
Garlicky mayo
Fiery crime
Exercise pieces
Evening affair
Doctor Zhivago's love
Do what's asked
Detroit NFLer
Dental care brand
Consumes enough to nourish mother and unborn child
Clarinet cousin
CBS police series with three spin-offs
Cavern critter
Candidates' face-off
Calypso cousin
Buyer's financing
Braggart's retort
Blood bank supply
Bills at bars
Bilingual subj
Bette's 'Divine' nickname
Army installation
Arizona native
Ancient Aegean land
Amount to
Almanac tidbit
24-hour broadcaster that keeps you up-to-date
'Win __, lose … '
'So long, Paulo!'
'Just in case' strategy
'Fun, Fun, Fun' car in a 1960s song

___ of Wight
___ McNally (mapmaker)
Writer Welty
With 58-Down, head-in-the-clouds place … or a hint to each answer that has four circles
Washington city with a repetitive name
Vinyl albums, for short
University in northeast Ohio
Treat really nicely
Titular California district in a Steinbeck novel
The drug acid, by another name
T. J. ___ (department store chain)
Sporting a natural
Shoulder garment
Setting for much of 'Moana'
Served dinner
See 53-Down
Rest atop
Postal delivery
Pitchfork-shaped letter
Person wearing a trench coat and sunglasses, stereotypically
Pb, to chemists
October birthstone
Not worth discussing
Nike rival
N.B.A. star Nowitzki
Musk of Tesla
Mrs. George W. Bush
Mistake, cutely
Kuala Lumpur's locale
Kind of diet regimen based on nonmodern eating habits
Issa who stars on HBO's 'Insecure'
Ice pad?
Hawaiian island
Have debts
Happy accident
Hairstyling substance
Group of experts
Getting little rainfall
Fruit in a fruit basket
Dominique ___, 1996 Olympic gymnastics gold medalist
Deep bow
Counterparts of dots, in Morse code
Contents of el océano
College teacher, informally
Christmas season
California-based gas company
Business fair
Brillo alternative
At 50%, to a pessimist
At 0% battery
Arctic bird
Annual Austin festival, for short
Animal whose name is a synonym of 'parrot'
Actor Alan
A pair
4.0, in school
1980 Winter Olympics host
'___ and Circumstance'
'When they go ___, we go high'
'Not guilty,' e.g
'I don't wanna be ___ guy, but …'
'Holy cow!'
'Fighting' N.C.A.A. team
'Calvin and Hobbes' conveyance
'!!!!,' in a text

Zaps, in a way
Up to the task
Touch down
They're outstanding
There are 28 in a Monopoly set
Take note of
Supply with financing
Start of a Caesar boast
Stable oldster
Soil breaker
Social environment
Sets the price at
Send a Dear John letter to, e.g
Scarlett Butler's maiden name
Quantity of tourists or schoolchildren
Popular tablets
Pleasant to listen to
Philosopher Descartes
Old flames
Nutritional amts
No matter which
Mount Everest is on its northern border
Modernize, as a ship
Mideast chieftain
Malleable metal
Make reparation
Like bulls and boars
Letters after alephs
Jumbo-screen film format
Is caught in a downpour, e.g
In the family
Host at a roast
Home of the Crimson Tide, familiarly
High point
Guiding principles, and the ends of the starred answers
Graph line
Gooey stuff
General Bradley
Fix sloppy sentences
Fiction's counterpart
English town noted for its salts
End for luncheon or kitchen
Eggs Benedict ingredient
Diagonal movers
Demonstrates flexibility
Day divs
Contacted the Coast Guard, in a way
Company emblem
Colt creation
Choir costume
Chemist's salt
Cheese in a red coat
Canonization requirement
Bygone anesthetic
Broker's advice
Brings together
Atlantic catch
Astute attorney
*The devil's workshop, so they say
*Medulla oblongata's place
*Group of amateur rockers
*Cirrus cloud component
*Basic emoji
'Give me ___' ('Call me')

___ Lanka
___ Bator
Yoko of music
Wriggly fish
Worsted fabrics
Whispered attention-getter
Wheel cover
What it doesn't hurt to do
War's opposite
Utmost boundaries
Two lady followers
Two lady followers
Two lady followers
The ___ of Avon (Shakespeare)
Talks as if from Dixie
Stage objects
St. ___ (Caribbean isle)
Sigourney Weaver horror sequel
Sign on a bathroom door
Sideways look
Security protection
Respectful one
Remain firmly attached
Raises the ante
Produces milk
Prefix with 'game'
Positive response
Plane type
Pitch for the road
Pea container
Pale brown shade
New York hockey player
Negative replies
Marina construction
List-shortening letters
Latin American dance
Kitten comment
Kind of mattress
It can move mountains
Hank Hill's TV town
Gravy sucker-uppers
Golfer's peg
Gold measurement units
Gets closer to retirement
Gambler's 'wheel'
Formerly named
File folder projections
Eggs, to a scientist
Dusty little bit
Drexler or Barrow
Concluded a hunger strike
Concert equipment
Common theater name
Cod cousin
Change color again
Cash, in slang (var.)
Cash dispenser
Bulgarian currency
Builder of tiny hills
British WWII fliers
Author Bagnold
Attachment to 'sacro'
Animal's den
Airport necessity
'Three' prefix
'New' as a prefix

Yellow character in the game of Clue
Wreck beyond repair
What slanderers sling
Video game zones
Use the '=SUM' function, say
Use a springboard, perhaps
Topper for Indiana Jones
Took heavy steps
Thurman of 'Pulp Fiction'
There's no place like it, to Dorothy
The Komodo dragon is the largest
Take the last of
Stem-to-stern structures
Snakes in many zoos
Singer with fans called 'Claymates'
Shower buildup
Shepherd's dog, often
Shallowest of the HOMES quintet
Sauna wear
Revival shout
Resort isle near Venezuela
Resident of the Eternal City
Reflexology spot
Referendum choice
Rare 'Jeopardy!' result
Pundits' page, for short
Promote big-time
Prepare for a selfie, say
Planetarium topper
Pilot's 'We're in trouble!'
Pete Seeger's genre
Pepper or paper processor
Part of ROY G. BIV
Paparazzo's subject
Pack animal's burden
Overseers of crews
One 'O' in EVOO
Miner's strike
Military branch founded by Alexander Hamilton
Mendes of 'Hitch'
Member of a Disney duck trio
Martin Luther King or Cicero
Many a Beatles single
Manuscript slips
Make whole again
Local representative group
Like Victoria's Secret wares
Like sexist jokes, for short
Leave bewildered
Leaders' positions
La ___ (fossil-rich area)
Knock out of one's socks
Ingredient in some shampoos
Homecoming crowd, largely
Got in on the deal
Forms a lather
Follow to the letter
Easily led astray
Drops in on
Criticize severely
Creature on an Aussie road sign
Compass doodle
Cheers or Moe's
Camden Yards player
Calls a halt to
Cable TV unsubscriber, and a hint to 17-, 28- and 42-Across
Bear cub's home
Audited taxpayer's emotion, maybe
Attend a state luncheon, e.g
Area between hills
Aardvark's morsel
'Jurassic World' dino
'I'll allow it'
'Heaven forbid!'
'Fernando' foursome
'Blue Bloods' network
'A ___ pittance!'

__ colada (cocktail)
Very spicy
Turn on one foot
Touchdown caller, for short
Thick carpet
Talk back to
Stick out like __ thumb
Soprano's note
Small fruit pie
Sit down with a book
Scored 100 percent on
Scenic sight
Resort with hot springs
Removed the center of, as apples
Prefix for vision or scope
Practice for a 61 Across
Plane without a pilot
Plaid kilt pattern
Person walking in a pond
Parakeets and poodles
One of the Great Lakes
Omelet ingredients
Most friendly
Midterms and finals
Marinara or pesto
Made furious
Made an attempt
Luau dance
Lowest pair in a 36 Down
Long river ending in Egypt
Loch __ monster
Licorice-flavored herb
Keep in __ (remember)
India's continent
Hope-chest wood
Highway exit
Hertz competitor
Helper: Abbr
Heavy marching-band instrument
Guys-only event
Go right or left
French-style pancake
Foolish person
Fence opening
Female singing voice
Female opera stars
Farmland measures
En __ (as a group)
Elm or maple
Dry as a desert
Doe or fawn
Dishonest imitation
Deal in secondhand goods
Cuddly, purring animal
Complete collections
Competition with straights and flushes
Competition with kings and rooks
Colored part of the eye
Clothes-dryer fuzz
Calculates a total
Butler of "Gone With the Wind"
Build, as a house
Broadway show award
Break sharply
Boxing competition
Border on
Blueprint detail, for short
Baton-passing track competition
Astronauts' agcy
"Great minds think __"
"Dear __ or Madam . . ."

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