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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.08.2017

Welcome site
Weapons source
Upsilon preceder
Uno __: Juan's 'one more'
Unified whole
U.K. fliers
Top at the shore
Tolkien race
To some degree
They go with guys
The Eagle, for one
Syrup source
Suffix with star or tsar
Stud location
Stable diet
Splotchy garment
Sound of relief
Snooze buttons stop them
Singer/songwriter Carly __ Jepsen
Shakespearean merchant
Seven-piece Chinese puzzle
Secure, as a ship's line
Ryan's daughter
Pro's opposite
Post office standard
PC screen type
Outback runner
One may be nervous
Number missing, in a way, from '4 = 16'
New World colonizer
Muffin choice
Memo opener
Meddle, with 'around'
McDonald's offering for tight budgets
Lottery winner's comment
Locks in a barn
Lizard that can shed its tail
Like tennis rackets
Like some baseball pitches … and a hint to locating the second part of four three-part puzzle answers
Like Miss Muffet's fare
Like a vertebral region
Lacking color
Item from a mill?
It hasn't been analyzed yet
Hook's right hand
Georgetown cager
Genetic messenger
Fireplace fixture
Energy food component
Dash or Doubtfire
Critter in the same family as chipmunks and squirrels
Couple in the news each December
Color property
Chairperson's list
Cans of worms
Calendar abbr
Book after Joel
Biblical songs
Best of the best
Athens rival
Actor Auberjonois
A quarter mile, maybe

'Dream on!'
'Downton Abbey' countess

___ word
___ remember
___ Fáil (ancient crowning stone)
With a clean slate
With 48-Across, East Coast vacation spot
What many stargazers wonder
What a bouncer might bust up
Wasatch Mountains resort
View from the Piazzale Michelangelo
Step up from Triple-A, with 'the'
Solo, in a way
Singer of the 1965 hit 'Lemon Tree'
Ship, to its skipper
Self-titled debut pop album of 1991
See 21-Across
Scandal fodder
Scammer's target
Return from a tunnel?
Result of a perfect pitch?
Rap group whose name comes from a martial arts film
Quantity in the dairy aisle
Procedural bully
Preparatory course?
Potential Air Medal recipient
Pharmacy figure
Orbitz options
Onetime Mughal capital
One of the Nereids
One of the dinosaurs upon which Godzilla is based
Neighborhood in TV's 'Sanford and Son'
Natural healer
Natural depression
Music producer Gotti
Make unclear, in a way
Look for
Long of 'Alfie'
Loads of investments?
Like old records
Language in which 'seven' is 'jet'
Knocks over
It might be worn with short shorts
It may be ridden by kids at a carnival
It had an episode titled 'Little Green Men'
Home to Double-A baseball's SeaWolves
Hilarius succeeded him in A.D. 461
Hang on to
Grp. that frowns upon illegal checks
Fogg of fiction
Film character who says 'E.T., stay with me'
East or west lead-in
Dragon roll ingredient
Doesn't throw the book at
Deep red
David had him slain, in the Bible
Consider a real star
Common sort
City immediately west of Mesa
Challenges for stylists
Carter of 'Ain't Misbehavin"
Call heard at Arlington
Breakfast brand since 1897
Basis of the Doctor's adventures on 'Doctor Who'
'___ again?'
'Liberté, ___, fraternité' (France's motto)
'Great Dictator' player of 1940
'First Take' airer
'Ain't gonna happen'

___ Tome (African island)
___ Hawkins Dance
Zahn or Abdul
Writer Fannie
Words that unite a couple
Word with 'fire' or 'transit'
Woodworking file
West African republic
Undersides of overhangs
Type of sax
Tree house, of sorts
Takes a load off
Table expander
Starts a volley
Sprang to one's feet
Some Maine trees
Softest mineral
Slang term for heroin
Skunk's defense
Sincere or solemn
Shaped like Humpty Dumpty
River bank deposit
Rain on one's parade?
Queen's attendants
Put on the radio
Picnic-invading pests
Persona non ___
Pencil attachments
Party leaders made from norm and attachments to pall?
Painter's plaster
Mythical king of Thebes
Most despicable
More ill-mannered
Midler of Hollywood
Maternally related
Make usable again, as machinery
Lugosi of classic horror
Keyboard compositions
Japanese fencing
It's up for discussion
Interstate escape
Inscribed thing made from a basis-pebble?
Have a meal
Gunfire outbursts
Glum drop?
Geometric calculation
Former Disney leader Michael
Fairy-tale baddie
Embarrassing public display
Elbows or cattle zappers
Egyptian goddess of fertility
Division word
Dietary supplement
Circumvented or dodged
Chimney buildup
Celestial twinkler
Bridge positions
Bird beaks
Artificial yellow spread
Any of the Antilles
Any day now, to a bard
Amazing accomplishment
Adams of Hollywood
Acre's country
Acid neutralizing base
A's, in military code
'Kick' attachment
'Just ___ water'
'Fifteen Miles on the ___ Canal'

___ Hawkins Day
Where many a 32-Down fell in 1836
Where Kuwait is
When most NFL games are played
West Coast airport letters
Weeder's tool
Walk wearily
Times in classifieds
Thread buy
The Sundance Kid's girl
Texter's 'Just saying'
Tent entrance feature
Take down a peg
Superlative suffix
Some Twenty Questions replies
Silly goose
Signal 'OK'
Scorpion venom, e.g
Schroeder's instrument in 'Peanuts'
Salad recipe verb
Run in all directions
Relief pitchers' place, for short
Ravi Shankar selections
Radial on a Rolls
Racing form figures
Puppy's bite
Prominent spot for an actor
Poem 'on' or 'to' something
Pentathlon blade
On pins and needles
No rocket scientist
Mythical Greek ship named for her builder
Model airplane add-on
Michele of 'Glee'
Meal with a Haggadah reading
Mary of 'The Maltese Falcon'
Maker of Gold Wing motorcycles
Literary miser Marner
Like Stephen F. Austin
Like Paul Bunyan tales
Like a weightlifter's arms
Like a pig's tail
Key below Home, on a PC
Jump past
Investment giant Goldman ___
Imparter of bitterness to beer
How some issues are debated
Houston Astros logo image
Homo sapiens, to us
Generous nature
Gave medication to
Fundamental beliefs
Footnote abbr
Fisher, one of Taylor's 41-Across
Fills to excess
Family insignia
Ends of a bar magnet
Dynasty after the Qin
Duelists' distances
Dory propellers
Dorothy who visited Oz
Do well, as houseplants
Didn't merely pass
Did lunch
Did a barber's job
Cross to bear
Canape topper
Burton and Warner, to Taylor
Brownie unit
Boxing champ before and after Spinks
Bob Hoskins role in 'Hook'
Be on the same page, so to speak
Baseball yearbook listing
Bartender's late-night announcement
Bachelor's last words?
Animation collectible
'Pet' irritation

__-Fine (Jell-O rival)
You are here
Wobbly watercraft
White knight
Where cell service may be spotty
What a nail and whale both have
Unusually fine
Unsure thing, for short
Trying to impress, probably
Troubadour colleague
Tot tender, sometimes
Tomatoey topping
Tex-Mex fare
Swell, in '90s slang
Surge protector of a sort
Storied woodcutter
Social starter
Smartphone function
Server of stacks
Rope restraint
Rachmaninov's refusal
Proofreader's mark
Plays a flügelhorn
Pecorino cheese source
Operational branch
One who's been held up
Old TV attachment
Of congregants
Not snowed by
Needs to settle
Move beyond
Military mail abbr
Melted chocolate, in some recipes
Le Carré characters
Kicks around
Idiomatic journey's end
Have a debate
Guys working in the Hoover Building
Gullible one
Genetic inheritance
Far from intellectual
Excited state
End of seven UN members' names
Encouraging word
Electronic control system
Deeply serious
Close kin
Choral program piece
Choral program piece
Chemistry collaborator
Chaotic weather culprit
Certain side, slangily
Cause to expect
Breath Saver alternative
Beverage dispenser
Be inaccurate
Be groovy?
Ballet bigwig
Attire that sounds apologetic
Assisted living facility
Armour's answer to Spam
Alan Alexander __
"That's not good"
"I found it!" response
"A good life is __ argument": Jonson
"1812 Overture" ender

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