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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.07.2017

__ butter: cosmetic moisturizer
Where Grant Wood's 'American Gothic' house is
Tough to budge
Tacked on
Table salt additive
Space pilot who insists, 'I take orders from just one person: me'
Smartphone download
Small liquor amount
Retirement income source
Refer (to)
Ready to pour
Radar gun reading
Postal scale unit
Pizza __ restaurant
Photoshop software developer
Payroll IDs
Pakistan neighbor
Painter Chagall
Pages for opinions
Opera number
Olympian's goal
Ocean west of Eur
Nebraska city on the Missouri
Nashville awards gp
Murray or Roddick of tennis fame
Mountain cat
Marsh stalks
Like some durable skillets
Like granola bars
Like adult movies
Like a rough winter
Light bulb unit
Lav of London
Jacuzzi effect
It's often heated up for dinner
Inventor's spark
In __: moody
Hathaway of 'Interstellar'
Hairbrush target
Giving the boot
Geeky type
FYI relative
Funnyman Caesar
Forbidden actions
Forbidden action
Fictional sleuth Wolfe
Fairly matched
E*TRADE purchase: Abbr
Despicable character
Cookie shaped like two of its letters
Completely cut off
Cincinnati ballplayer
Church council
Charlotte __: U.S. Virgin Islands capital
Cathedral area
Budget noodle dish
Biked, e.g
Big bird Down Under
Bear whose bed was too hard
Basketball targets
Baghdad's land
Arabian sultanate
Ambassador's asset
'__ Ha'i': 'South Pacific' song
'Shake a leg!'
'College GameDay' airer
'Beat it!'

___ Arbor, Mich
[not my mistake]
YouTube full-screen mode exit key
Wrist bones
Workout target, for short
Working hard
War vet's affliction, for short
Vision: Prefix
Victoria and David Beckham, e.g. … or what 17-, 26-, 47- and 57-Across each have, in a way
Untouchable one
Unlock, to a poet
Turkish for 'lord'
Togo's home: Abbr
The Rolling Stones or Smashing Pumpkins
Tennis star Arthur
Swab analysis sites
Stem the flow of
Stayed calm
Stage signal
Sports centers
SpaceX founder Musk
Something that's definite?
Sleep clinic concern
Screenwriter Ephron
Santa ___ winds
Punched out
Pre-employment screening
Picture file format
Perennially strong entrant at the Winter Olympics: Abbr
Off-road wheels, briefly
No-win situation
Nickname of the Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán
Natural fuel source
Matchmaking site since 1997
Make the grade
Long past
Like some juries
Laudatory poetry
Ladies' man
Kills time
Katniss Everdeen, in 'The Hunger Games'
Iowa college town
Introductory painting class
Home of the Ewoks
Gin's partner
Fruit in som tam salad
Found really neat
Former C.I.A. director Porter ___
Follow relentlessly
Done, in Dijon
Delta competitor: Abbr
Come in second
Cold drink at Burger King
Canon camera
California roll ingredient
Boxing victories, briefly
Bowler, e.g
Borrower's letters
Big name in nail polish
Assign, as blame
America, for example, which has a 'Cup' named after it
A fly-by-night?
'Uncle!' criers, maybe
'Twister' or 'San Andreas' film genre
'I remember when …'

Word on a door
Trucker's compartment
Thorn setting
Thor's mischievous adoptive brother
Thick-soled shoes
The March King
Tanning target
Suspicious sort
Strike's counterpart
Stereotypical bachelor's record
Spicy Spanish stew
Sorento, Sedona and Soul
Son of 42-Across
Skier's transport
Sites of fights
Sit in the sun
Saucer traveler
Salty septet
Rotini and rigatoni
Reviewer Roger
Ralph in Cooperstown
Portfolio item
Popular first-person shooter game
Petty thief, say
Pearl of wisdom
Paid to play
Old Testament prophet
Mother of 60-Across
Mocking smile
Like custody after some divorces
King's domain
It's unfair to move them, in a sports metaphor
It's debatable
It may generate some interest
In favor of
Iditarod vehicle
Hard to call
Half a fortnight
Gymnast Korbut
Gumbo veggie
Gin flavorer
Garr of 'Mr. Mom'
Fuel from bogs
Fretted instruments
Flat-bottomed boats
Fig. in identity thefts
Field of study
Features of some courses
Features of some courses
Fab Four drummer
Emoticon eyes, often
Edward's love in 'Twilight'
Double curve
Diner employee
Dead against
Crowd response
Celestial bear
Can't stand
Bit of kindling
Addition column
'Send help!'
'Casablanca' heroine
'Born This Way' singer, familiarly

___-Town (Cubs' domain)
___ cocktail
Writes, on a computer
Window to the world
When many clock in
Urgings or cravings
Unit of sunlight
Type of powder
To the safe side, at sea
Takes a break
Superman has one
Sleeper's problem
San Antonio mission
Quartz variety
Protected with dirt mounds
Productive hen
Prepare a contract
Pistol maker
Pigeon sounds
Pack away
Measuring tool
Luxury hotel feature
Lower leg part
Look over
Lingering sound effect
Like an unkempt lawn
Light-filled courtyards
Killed, as a dragon
It serves the queen
It lasts weeks
Irritate or muddy up
In ___ of (substituting for)
Highway divider
Henry's lack of income leads to ..
Henry sold you a gas-guzzling car to put a ..
Ham sailed on it
Go into
Glib sales pitch
Food thickener
Flashy spring flower
Fire residue
Faris of TV and film
Email folder
El ___, Texas
Deer sir?
Darts down
Country renamed in 1991
Common pet rodent
Castle's water protection
Carve deeply
Carpet characteristic
Bottom or back
Bank offerings
Ball ___ hammer
Backyard building
As such
Artie or George Bernard
All muscled up
Actress Rogers
Actress Hathaway
A recipient of Henry's bad news ..
'While' attachment, once
'Mater' preceder
'I'll have the ___'
'Hither' partner
'Alice' TV spin-off
'7 Faces of Dr. ___' (film)

___ line (dipstick mark)
Word following game or floor
Wisenheimer's talk
When tripled, a 1970 war movie
Web designer's creation
Utter chaos
Twiddles one's thumbs
Transferred, as property
Trampled underfoot, with 'on'
Toxic metal in old paint
Tiny racing auto
The Masters, as tournaments go
Teased mercilessly
Surrealist with a distinctive mustache
Summer Arctic phenomenon
Spurts of energy
Skull session nugget
Show fright
Sega's Sonic et al
Scot's sweetheart
Rapid blinking, e.g
Radio and TV partner of Andy
Pusher's pursuer
Publicist's handout
Prop for Mr. Monopoly
Product of domesticated insects
Planted eavesdropping devices in
Place to buy or sell
Place for a spat
Place for a body wrap
Peace personified
Pavarotti offering
Pasta often served alla vodka
Partner of ifs and ands
Nights of anticipation
Newton or watt
Need-to-know ___
Myrna of 'The Thin Man'
MoMA locale
Lucy's sitcom pal
Loughlin of 'Full House'
Like spoiled butter
Italian fashion center
It makes all the stops
Invites for coffee, say
Instigation for a prank, often
Head Untouchable
Greeting for Caesar
Gibson ___ Paul guitars
Gave the once-over to
Gave the boot to
Gasoline thief's tool
Garment with an underwire
Galileo Galilei Airport city
Frankenstein's flunky
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud
Family outcast
Element in murder mysteries
Ecstasy's antithesis
Desert-dwelling rodent
Defoe's '___ Flanders'
Dairy product of the Franciscans of Monterey
Cookie with flower designs
Common racetrack shape
Catkin-bearing tree
Brushoff to a solicitor
Braying equine
Book-jacket blurbs, often
Boardroom 'suit'
Bird in Wonderland
Bank heist, e.g
Applications to sprains
Amber-preserved stuff in 'Jurassic Park'
Ad infinitum
'This Is Life' host Lisa
'That's disgusting!'

__ wave (destructive water)
__ as hen's teeth (rather rare)
Worry (over)
Window ledge
What a manicurist files
West Coast sch
Untidy condition
Turn the wheel
Turn loose
Tripped, as a mousetrap
Talks and talks
Takes it easy
Swim meet location
Stare at
Stairwell sound
Speak unclearly
Smartphone downloads
Service charge
Runaway victory
Ride the waves
Remind much too often
Quarterback who's throwing
Prefix meaning "all"
Poker stake
Played a role
Performers' platform
Oklahoma oil city
Oak or maple
Next-to-last tourney rounds
Microwave appliances
Mexican pals
March Madness org
Linguini or ziti
Line on a list
Keep away from
Jouster's weapon
Journalistic slant
Increase one's speed
Heroic tale
Having good judgment
Hardly enough
Good reasoning
Give a speech
Frequently, in poetry
French cap
Fly like a butterfly
Figure of speech
Feel sore
Duo plus one
Driver's full reversal
Diplomat's skill
Diarist __ Frank
Crispy sandwiches, for short
Cpls. and sgts
Cider fruit
Chooses (to)
Chaplin's cane, for example
Bit of DNA
Backup strategy
Backpacker's shelter
Available to anyone
Able to move or think quickly
"Look what I did!"
"It wasn't me!"
"In that case . . ."
"I'm stumped"
"Great blue" wading bird

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