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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.06.2017

__ Sketch
[Not my mistake]
Wild party
Went under
Vamp Theda
Unborn, after 'in'
UFO pilots
Tropical plant with large foliage
They come from têtes
Teach improperly?
Tap output
Swift's birthplace
Swear words
Stunt setting
Some are epic
Six-time NBA All-Star Stoudemire
Significant times
Shredder fodder?
Sheltered side
Set of cards
Serengeti families
Seeing no evil?
Seeing eye to eye
Season, in a way
Scout carriers
Saw you can't discuss publicly?
Sans opposite
River to the Caspian
Retreat in the face of
Request for Alpo?
Request a pardon?
Realty ad count
Quarterback Dawson
Professor __
Problem when using a well?
Prepares for guests
Pilot's announcement: Abbr
Piece of one's mind?
PBS part: Abbr
On topic
Novelist Levin
Not upright
Nickname based on a salutation
NFL advances
More recent
Michelangelo work
Mescal source
Meet competitor
Means more than
Massachusetts motto opener
Mantilla material
Lyre-playing emperor
Lost moments
Long-distance lover's question
Less polished
Legal drama fig
Lawrence Welk's upbeat
Late, in Los Cabos
Join the cast of
It's charged
It may be set in stages
Island entertainment symbol
Involving a lot of tossing, perhaps
Inventory alert at the highway sign supplier?
Infinitesimal span, for short
In any way
Harm caused by some lodge builders?
Hand off
Half a score, or a perfect one
Half a dance
Gun insert
Guatemala girls: Abbr
Got into the market
Got an __: aced
Good as gold, e.g
Gold standard
Go wrong
Gets going
Gay song locale
Gavel sounds
Game-ending call
Freelancer's enc
Formal lament
First name in Solidarity
Feverish feeling
Farm layer
Evasive tactic
Enter again
Energy source
Do some serious bar-hopping
Diamond equipment
Designer Cassini
Curators' credentials, on a C.V
Coward often quoted
Community coll. class
Cod and others
Co-Nobelist with Menachem
Classical theaters
Citrus drinks
Changes course suddenly
Certain dancer's accessory
Cabinet dept. formed under Carter
Boundary marks
Bottle in a playpen?
Black Friday scene?
Bill passer?
Beethoven's 'Appassionata,' e.g
Bard's nightfall
Article in Le Monde?
Aromatic oils?
Adventurer Ericson
Actually existing
Actor Morales
Activist Chavez
About six weeks on the liturgical calendar
1898 Dewey victory site
'__ you to try it!'
'__ Mio'
'__ dash of … ': recipe words
'Tequila Sunrise' group
'Reduce, reuse, recycle'?
'Maid of Athens, __ part': Byron
'Go on … ' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-11-2017#sthash.ZddvH5ff.dpuf

___ the Explorer
___ Palmas, Spain
___ Moines
___ Barksdale, drug dealer on 'The Wire'
Zip along
Writer/critic James and family
Work unit
Word of wonder
Witherspoon of 'Legally Blonde'
When repeated, a Polynesian getaway
What trees do in fierce storms
What scouts gather
What 'Mc-' means in a name
Wash'n ___ (towelette brand)
Upscale London retailer
Twenty-one words
Torah receptacles
This and that
They're often pulled at night
They may be high in a fallout zone
Take temporarily
Subsides slowly
Some scratchy attire
Skeptical response
Sired, biblically
Silver, for example, in the opening to TV's 'The Lone Ranger'
Scrub, as a mission
Richard Strauss opera
Razor brand
Puts forward
Privy to
Passed quickly
Part of a machine assembly
Part in an animated film
Org. with a '3-1-1' rule
Org. for ex-G.I.s
Opposites of alphas
One of a pair of best friends in Greek legend
Old, clumsy ship
Obama health law, for short
Not esos or estos
Nikon product, for short
Need for a professional designer
Naval engineer
Money in the bank, e.g
Milky gems
Lowest points
Like some diplomats
Like Odin or Thor
Lightly bite
Levin who wrote 'A Kiss Before Dying'
Len of stage and screen
Lathers (up)
Lang. heard in Haifa
Land in the Seine
Juice drink
Jay who preceded Jimmy
It'll knock you out
It may be grand
Is on the brink
Is disposed
In view
Holt of NBC News
Highest score in baccarat
Heights of achievement
Hall of fame
Gulf state
Guide to studying the night sky
Give ___ all
Fussed over, as a grandchild
Flashing lights
First lady before Bess
Film critic Christopher
Film again
Fatty acid compound
Farewells in Florence
Excited cry in a casino
Example of 83- and 22-Across
Example of 65-Across and 39-Down
Example of 47- and of 83-Across
Example of 39- and 34-Down
Example of 34-Down and 108-Across
Example of 22- and of 65-Across
Example of 108- and 47-Across
Ear: Prefix
Dress adornment
Donkey's call
Dimes, essentially
Diddley and Derek
Desert crossed by the Silk Road
Den denizen
Dead Sea Scrolls sect
Competitor of Petro-Canada
Coiled killer
Caribbean land whose capital is St. George's
Car for which you 'Listen to her tachin' up now, listen to her whine,' in a 1964 hit
Bugs about the trash
Blight victim
Big bunch
Before, to a bard
AOL alternative
Animal with luxurious fur
Ambition for an actor
A professional may need one to practice: Abbr
A mere stone's throw from
93-Across and 15-Down
93- and 116-Across
90° bend
7- and 31-Across
7- and 112-Across
31-Across and 15-Down
13 1/2' gold-plated figure
116-Across and 96-Down
112-Across and 96-Down
'___ Rebel' (1962 #1 hit)
'Well, look what I did!'
'Sprechen ___ Deutsch?'
'So long,' for short
'See ya!'
'Othello' traitor
'Me So ___' (1989 rap chart-topper)
'Little Women' author
'I cannot tell ___'
'Hah!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-11-2017#sthash.ab2vJnvk.dpuf

Word with 'radiator' or 'fire'
Was in debt
Up until now
Tall flightless bird
Talks with a smart mouth
Student support group
Start for 'matter' or 'hero'
Sound bounce-back
Something to drink
Slow tempo, in music
Slavery or serfdom class
Sink one's teeth into
Ship owner's pronoun
Santa's target
Sacred bird of the Nile
Result of consistent lying?
Republic in central Europe
Preys on deer
Postal package
Otis the elevator dude
One way to change colors
One participating in sports
Old shows on TV
Not worth a penny
Not fully vertical
Narrow streets between buildings
Little bit of energy?
Lima's country
Like a shining candle
Lightens, as a load
Least well
Laughing one's head off
Large city of Norway
Kind of hero or film
Just say no to trash?
Jazz legend Fitzgerald
Jack and Bobby's brother
It spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai
Intransigent senators' tactics
Hyperbolic function in trigonometry
Have a bawl
Grim Reaper's cutter
Greek letter after pi
Grades that don't bring praise
Good ones have straight faces
Gas burner in labs
Family moniker
Extinct kiwi kin
Enjoy a white trail
Endings for 'walk' or 'trade'
Enclosed, in legal-speak
Emulated the Three Stooges
Eggy drink with spices
Easily split rock
Desert in Mongolia
Deep cut
Dairy spread
Covered entrance to a home
Common hot or iced drink
Collect, as rewards
Chewed out
Captain's safe heading
Busy mo. for delivery companies
Brown ermines
Beat in the marketplace
Beach toy
Be a pest
Assess, as a tax
Abbr. that can conclude a list
220 yards
'While' attachment, once
'Elvis ___ left the building'
'Alcohol' and 'capital' endings – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-11-2017#sthash.l04fhw3C.dpuf

XXL part
Word before drag or squeeze
Winter Games event
Where Prince Rainier ruled
Two-by-two craft
Treater's words
Toothpaste type
Suffix with song or slug
Source of sparkling wine
Some music store wares
Skein members
Sigma ___ (fraternity of songdom)
Sholem who wrote 'The Nazarene'
SeaWorld attractions, for now
Scanned bars, briefly
Salvation Army donation receptacle
Rorschach image
Reason to call Roto-Rooter
Really annoys
React to a tongue depressor, maybe
Pyramid point
PGA part
Percussion instruments used by Santana
Pee Wee in Cooperstown
Painters' calculations
Oxeye window shape
One who's high on the org chart
Not ruling out
More irked
Marsh growth
Mark for removal
Like Carnaby Street fashions
Like a porcupine
Like a frittata
Like 'Inverted Jenny' postage stamps
Lighthouse locale, perhaps
Jessica of 'Tootsie'
Jerome who composed 'Show Boat'
Japanese site of the 1972 Winter Olympics
Jamboree group
Jack's love, in 'Titanic'
In excellent condition
Impersonator's skill
Help desk offering, briefly
Heavy lifters at shipyards
Hatcher of 'Lois & Clark'
Hall who announced for Jay Leno
Grecian Formula user
Goya's naked subject
Good attribute of a former first lady?
Gondolier's locale
General Bradley
Frightened with threats
Former German state whose capital was Berlin
Fleece-lined boots
Fix, as a fight
Facing the hurler
Explorer of children's TV
Do a quizmaster's job
Deliver by parachute
Darth ___
Climax of a domestic squabble?
Chipotle Mexican Grill order
Chart topper
Celebration at a supposed creation of 32-Down?
Cause of a skid, perhaps
Bottom-feeding fish
Bit of body art, for short
Barn-raising group
Barbershop mishap
Apt name for a Dalmatian
Aliens from afar, for short
2014 movie about Dr. King
'Skittle Players Outside an Inn' painter Jan
'Judge Judy' segments
'Cogito, ___ sum'
'Beer here!' caller – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-11-2017#sthash.65O5nhmw.dpuf

Where the elated walk
Where edelweiss may be found
What hoops may hang from
What a teacher's tenure provides
Troop groups
Timely blessing
The brain, in computerese
Talks too much
Takes seriously
Supreme joy
Substance on sandpaper
Stretch out
Special Forces wear
Show scorn
Show clearly
Shade of purple
Set as a price
Script dialogue
Sch. near Beverly Hills
Scandinavian sedan
Scales in the sky
Ryder rival
Russian-born artist
Roomy bag
Romance novelist Roberts
Role model
Rms. for rent
Riveted with attention
Reusable fastener
Restaurant, or its patron
Racing bike selections
Publicity gambit
Press session, for short
Possible crime scene evidence
Porcupine quill
Picnic intruders
Oxen harnesses
Outskirts of Sioux Falls
Orchestral section
OPEC member stat
One of the Channel Islands
No-win result
Newspaper essays
New England Ivy Leaguers
Musical battlers
Most significant
Modern class-notes holders
MLB semifinal
Mexican ranch
May honorees
Masked mammals
Mardi Gras follower
Making eyes at
Make merry
Madame Tussaud
Luau greeting
London's Broadway
Like leprechauns
Light source for digital clocks
Key of Beethoven's fifth
Key next to G
Just now
Italian bread
Is worried
Indiana Jones phobia
Included with
In the know about
Hidden downside
Grocery checkout display
Genetic attribute
Gawdy jewelry
Fresh talk
Forms of 10 Across
First light
Feel the presence of
FDR's European commander
Explorer for George III
Exchange quips
Email listing
Elm by-product
Election official
Edible sample
Eat into
Drying device
Donut shape
Dodger Hall of Famer
Disposed (to)
Disney film franchise
Director Boyle
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient
Crime lab procedure
Couturier Geoffrey
Confirms, as a password
Compass reading
Clipper crew
Clairvoyant ability
City on the Rhein
Chew like a rodent
Candidate of 2008
Canadian length measure
Bully, at times
Bolognese bye-bye
Be a carper
Ballet leaps
Associate of Sulu and Chekov
Apt to topple
Anchor-store department
AMA members
Alternative to corn syrup
Actor who was knighted kilt-clad in 2000
Absorbs, with "up"
A/C capacity measures
57 Down predecessors
20 fivers
) or (, for short
'90s vice president
'70s vice president
"The King and I" actress
"Tasmanian" beast
"Maleficent" star
"Evita" narrator
"Enough already!"
"Elder" Roman historian
"Allure" alternative
"12 Days of Christmas" octet

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