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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.05.2017

__ platter
__ Mahal
__ fixe
Zamboni domain
Workshop sticker
Water source
Used to be
Try to find
They may not be on speaking terms
Subtle slur
Stage direction
Spots for religious statues
Service interruption
Scrape (out)
Rock guitarist Eddy
River through Frankfurt
Producer Ponti
Personal assistant
Parking place
Pacific island where much of 'Lost' was filmed
Old despot
Numbers game
Meadow drops
Make busts
Major in astronomy?
Mailroom sticker
Line on which y = 0
Lay bare
Lambs, in Latin
La Salle of 'Under the Dome'
Knife hawked on infomercials
Kitchen sticker
Kicks out
Is appropriate
Icy coating
I-15 city between Los Angeles and Las Vegas
Hydrocarbon suffix
Hoops move
Head start
Half-note feature
Had already learned
Getting a good look at
Full-length clerical garments
Eye-related prefix
Electric Chevy
East of Essen
Dracula costume item
Desk-bottom sticker
Critic Roger
Crazy consonant?
Clarifying words
Civil War general
City north of Memphis
City near Ghost Ranch, a favorite Georgia O'Keeffe retreat
City 'it took me four days to hitchhike from,' in Paul Simon's 'America'
Childlike race in 'The Time Machine'
CBS maritime drama
Big birds
Ballerina descriptor
Asian pan
Acht minus sechs
A strong one may invert an umbrella
64-Across's realm
10K, say
'Wheel of Fortune' name
'What a brutal week!'
'This is fun!'
'Shh!' relative
'Devil Inside' band
'Cheerio!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-11-2017#sthash.FoeV86Wz.dpuf

What doggerel usually lacks
Voice amplifier
Unsolved mysteries
Test done in pre-op
Subject studied at Hogwarts
Splash guards, of a sort
Spin out on the ice?
Something to shoot for
Something passed at a meeting, maybe
Somber … or, phonetically, a clue for 29-Across?
Soft cap
Sewer of note
Seventh of 24
Set straight
See 8-Down
See 50-Down
See 27-Down
Screws up the courage
Rook or gull
Return fare?
Raskolnikov's lover in 'Crime and Punishment'
Prison weapons
Polling fig
Pickup line?
PC file suffix
Online provocateur
Not straight
Nitrous ___
Newcastle upon ___, England
Metaphor for a fresh start
Meeting bigwig
Mauna ___
Long time
Level of judo proficiency
Leading man?
Kylo ___ of 'Star Wars'
It might be just a line or two
Invitation particular
How you might be referred to
Helpful pointer
Hair bun
Grows fond of
Goulash flavorer
Good sign?
Football stat
First option
Eric who played Hector in 'Troy'
Eerie gift in 'The Dead Zone,' for short
Duchamp contemporary
Doesn't retire
Dead reckoning?
Commodious … or, phonetically, a clue for 58-Across?
Comfortably inviting … or, phonetically, a clue for 20-Across?
Card game requiring quick reflexes
Bread at a Greek restaurant
Big gulp
Biblical wife of Elimelech
Be too sweet
Bagel topper
Angel dust, briefly
Ancient Roman thermae
Ali Baba and others
19th of 24
1980s-'90s Oldsmobile
'That tastes awful!'
'Excuse you!' elicitor
'Deal!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-11-2017#sthash.YgMvOgfV.dpuf

Writer Rand
Winds up
What's the score?
Vance Air Force Base location
Uplifting experience for vacationers?
Trainer's directive
Top-grossing film of 1975
They generate buzz
Thai currency
Speed trap devices
Spaceship Earth setting
Slam participants
Singer Adams with the 1991 song 'Get Here'
Shed some tears
Second child
Saldana of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Royals fielder Gordon
Rose of rock
Rookie ball player?
Research goal, at times
Prop for Tiny Tim
Parking garage posting
Org. with a 3-1-1 rule
One way to think
Mr. Peanut prop
Mollusk in a mother-of-pearl shell
Models sometimes sport them
McCarthy-era prosecutor Roy
Like Indiana Jones's fedora
Like a capt.'s charts
Lamb Chop puppeteer Lewis
Junkyard guard
James in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Indefinite amount
Humble response to kudos
How life is like the ocean, or a hint to entering the starred answers
Had a longing
Green prefix
Green and black, e.g
Frequent ultrasound targets
Fluffy accessory
Flower power?
Flaky mineral
Europe's most sparsely populated country
Eliminations, of a sort
Ducklings' dads
Drs. Zira and Zaius, e.g
Draw together
Couple's activity
Cold desert
Chevy SUV
Carmaker Citroen
Blue chip, perhaps
Big name in elevators
Beanery brew
Backsplash bit
Attire for the Sugar Plum Fairy
*The Taj Mahal, for one
*Swing both ways
*Artistic toy that glows in the dark
*Acerbic humor
'The Addams Family' nickname
'Say Say Say,' say
'Holy cow!'
'Hold up a sec!'
'Here and Now' network
'Five Weeks in a Balloon' author
'Don't look at me!'
'Did you ever ___ dream walking?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-11-2017—Over-Under#sthash.d4IcWJSD.dpuf

Zodiac lion
Where to see stars
Two-door auto
Twins, maybe
Torn, unkempt and tattered
Took the subway
Thailand bills
Tequila maker's need
Taipei's place
Stately home
Start for 'fab' or 'soak'
Splashy type of wheel
Southpaw's nickname
Souffle ingredients
Soft rustling sound
Soft 'ahem' alternative
Site of Napoleon's defeat
Show's second showing
Religious reverence
Red in the face
Rebellious years, stereotypically
Radical environmentalist (with 'tree')
QB's cry
Prepare a path for nightclub VIPs
Politician with a six-year term
Poker term, understand?
Poetic sphere
Place to go on base
Peter of 'Young Frankenstein'
Pass off as real or genuine
Overrules, as presidents
Org. involved in drug raids
Not just ready and willing
Not easy to lift
Noisy racket
Nail alternative
Methuselah was so old, his favorite birds were ..
Methuselah was so old, he welded things with an ..
Methuselah was so old, he shunned people with an ..
Methuselah was so old, he kept koi in an ..
Measurement tool
Makes 7-Down about once a month?
Make yourself a double?
Long, skinny fish
List heading for the busy
Large intestines
Kind of bread
Jerry, Mae and Adam
Internet troll, essentially
Helvetica and Comic Sans
Greek P
Glossed-over thing
Expresses feelings
Execs' messages
Dueling sword
Desperately needing rainfall
Day pts
Correct a tripped breaker switch
Common cyst
Certain condiments (var.)
Car stat
Candy cover
Came down from one's high horse?
Bummed or blue
Bones used in arm wrestling
Bad day for Caesar
Bachelors' digs
Baby quieters
Armless coats
Abel's mom
'… and on and on' on a list – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-11-2017#sthash.8KGM4MR1.dpuf

Wired on caffeine, perhaps
Wine judge's asset
Win the heart of
Whitman's purple bloomer
What the haughty put on
Turkish title of old
Task list heading
Take a 'five-finger discount'
Source of poi
Souped-up Model T's, say
Some pigskin transfers
Sling mud at
Skype hardware
Singer Adams or Brickell
Senator/physician Paul
Semiaquatic salamanders
Rooster's topper
Rochester, N.Y., to Waterford, Ireland
River of Wroclaw
River crossed by the Ponte Vecchio
Rescue from a shelter
Recordholder topped by McGwire
Recipients of some 26-Across (Abbr.)
Quad Cities resident
Printer's blue hue
Potok protagonist Lev
Pie chart figures
One of four won by 'Rent'
Old man with a scythe
Most common biofuel
Monk's promise of poverty, say
Longtime Mississippi senator Trent
Like wicker products
Like excellent pastrami
Like a baseball's seams
Letter-shaped construction beam
Just ___ (not much)
iPhone button
Information, slangily
Improvement in relations
Highest value in the Mohs scale
Had a bawl
Green Gables girl
Gold miner's bonanza
Give as a reference
Give a razzing to
Gave off
Finger-in-the-socket consequence
Felt out of sorts
Fateful day for Caesar
Entrepreneur's start
Enigma machine's output
English Channel swimmer Gertrude
Easily irritated
DNA test site
Didn't give way
Did some weeding
Chuckles, informally
Chesapeake Bay catch
Buns, beehives and bobs
Boys' choir voice
Blacken on a grill
Bioelectric swimmers
Basilica feature
Baseball scoreboard phrase
Bambi, in adulthood
Ball or skein material
Amazon transaction, e.g
Also-ran in a fabled race
Acts the nitpicker
1938 Ronald Reagan movie
'Ulee's Gold' insects
'The Audacity of Hope' author
'Gone With the Wind,' e.g
'Dilbert' or 'Doonesbury' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-11-2017#sthash.pwiAwZ2p.dpuf

Yonder yawl
With 28 Down, onetime Lay's slogan
Whom 49ers play for
Where a hole begins
Weather balloon
Walked confidently
Vacation destination
Underground resource
Three-note chord
Tennis tourney favorites
Symbols of sturdiness
Sugar source
Suave shampoo rival
Something essential to São Paulo
Some MIT grads
Snowmobile part
Slow tempo
Short recess
Set at ease
See 9 Down
Salt Lake City collegian
Road-fork shape
Poke fun at
Poke fun at
Poke fun at
Plum center
Papal court
Oscar's cousin
Orange veggie
Opposite of infra-
Onetime Verizon slogan
Onetime Coke slogan
Of serfs and manors
Not oneself
Moves oneself
Manitoba speed meas
Makes good on an IOU
Legalese adverb
Jolly Roger fliers
Jack of rhyme
Improve, as an edge
Hits the water
Hawkish Olympian
Handbill material
Gung-ho exclamation
First name in fragrances
Farm structure
Except if
Energy measures
Emulated Rumpelstiltskin
Drank demurely
Downton Abbey employee
Domain of 37 Across
Deletion of a sort
Creator of Radley and Finch
Campaigner's goal
Call for help
Building sites
Baseball stats
Ballot caster
Arctic plain
10th-century explorer
"NCIS" airer
"Get outta here!"
"Get outta here!"
"Blazing Saddles" actress

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