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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.04.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 11.04.2017

__-Caps: candy
__ Fáil: Irish coronation stone
__ Andreas Fault
[Air kiss]
Wrestling surfaces
White wine apéritif
Up-and-down playground boards
Unlisted vote-getter
Unburdened (of)
To whom Rick said, 'We'll always have Paris'
Tenor Enrico
Tennis great Andre
Sport shirt brand
Spokane school with a strong basketball program
Smokes, briefly
Slippery as an __
Siri speaks on them
Sicilian resort city
Seminoles' sch
Santa __ racetrack
Regional dialect
Racy literature
Prop. often named for a state in Monopoly
Prefix with deed, feed and read
Pre-coll. exams
Port on the Loire
Piano works
Perky spokeswoman in Progressive ads
Opposite of NNW
One to say 'G'day' to
One looking for something
Once more
Nietzsche's 'never'
Nick and Nora's dog
Movie double
Mode of dress
Male cat
Lovey-dovey exchange
Loud enough to hear
Like some violets
Knot-tying art
Kitten cries
Junior nav. officer
Jungle adventure
Italian volcano
Hog rider
Gorilla, for one
Glove leather
Frying __
Food retailer named for two oceans
Fave texting buds
ER staffers
Double curve
Dickens' Uriah
Deal with it
Date bk. entry
Coin named for a continent
Clean with Pledge
Caspian, e.g
Broadway orphan
Big Band __
Berry rich in antioxidants
Beaten candidate
Approx. touchdown hour
Ancients, for instance?
Admirers, as a group
Actress O'Donnell
*Skip work because of illness
*Pay for your online purchases, say
*Go out of business
*Cause a ruckus
'How cute!' cries
'Don't be a wimp!'
'Care to wager?' … and a question answered, one way or the other, by the first words of the answers to starred clues – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-11-2017#sthash.DYX5uZeo.dpuf

___ vera
___ profundo (lowest vocal range)
___ Morita, co-founder of Sony
___ interface
Words next to a dotted line
What Thoreau lived in at Walden Pond
What phone books are alphabetized by
Western European bloc?
Website with the heading 'Recently Viewed Items'
Summer setting in D.C
Style of the Chrysler Building, informally
Steel support for concrete
Staple of Greek cuisine
Spreadsheet figures
Something to make before blowing out the birthday candles
Softening-up words before a request
Scottish cap
Sauce, cheese or noodles, in lasagna
Russian space station
Ruhr refusal
Romance or horror
Prevent, as disaster
Precursor of Diet Coke
Plants with needles
Pizza company with a game piece logo
Paula of 'Paula's Home Cooking'
Organization founded in 1945 … or a literal description of 20-, 24- and 44-Across?
Opening on a schedule
Office-closing time
Multivolume ref
Motto for a modern risk-taker, for short
Measurements of 60-Acrosses
Many, colloquially
Li'l ___
Letter insert: Abbr
Land of Donegal and Dingle Bay
Kind of bond in chemistry
It gets hit on the head
Island instruments, for short
Inter ___
Insect with a hanging nest
Indian Ocean bloc?
High achievers?
Hibernation station
Gradually slowing, in music
Gladiatorial combat site
Furnishings retailer with gigantic stores
Eye amorously
Examine, as a crystal ball
Email folder
Elsa's younger sister in 'Frozen'
Director Kurosawa
Director DuVernay of 'Selma'
Diamonds, slangily
Dead duck
Cry of lament
Christmas carols
Central American bloc?
Brother in an order
Bill who popularizes science
Apollo program destination
All-knowing sort
Alkali neutralizer
2008 movie with the line 'I will find you, and I will kill you'
'___ next time!'
'You didn't have to tell me'
'I'm cool with that'
'Awesome!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-11-2017#sthash.TZnQEqUm.dpuf

___ ex machina
___ Domini
What Washington couldn't tell
Website defacer, of a sort
Venezuelan attraction with a drop of 3,212 feet
Veep after Hubert
Ushers to the parlor
Throw caution to the wind
They may get blanket coverage
Tentative taste
Tennis announcer's declaration
Take home
Sound from a nest
Slugger Jackson
Shoe strip
Sch. orgs
Rock's Clapton
Rink surface
Returned to the Enterprise
Radar screen flashes
Present from birth
Post-boomer group
Pioneer heading
Pauper's wear
Painter Holbein
One may be out of stock
On in years
Oil container?
Neither Rep. nor Dem
Neckline shape
Nabokov novel
Nabisco treat
Micron, meter or mile
Medicine internal to the four longest Across answers
Managed with the means at hand
Listless feeling
Line of video games including 'Super Mario All-Stars'
Like Baroque architecture
Lennon's love
Italian city famed for sparkling wines
Incredulous reactions
Historic stretch
Half of cuatro
Get trounced, say
Foe of Harry and Ron
Fleshy cheek
Fill with cargo
Fenway team, for short
Euclid setting
Enterprise rival
Cry from a cruiser
Cranium contents
Chachi's love on 1980s TV
Central Florida paper
Breath mint holders
Boston orchestra
Bit for Buttermilk
Bert's pal on kids' TV
Assume as a fact
African nation east of Ghana
35-member body that convenes in Denver
'What have we here?!'
'The Color Purple' protagonist
'Rumor has it…'
'Pygmalion' playwright
'Mephisto Waltzes' composer
'Holy smokes!'
'Gone With the Wind' producer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-11-2017—Internal-Medicine#sthash.0RFcG8lT.dpuf

You can't win with them
Yoko of music
Wheel on a swivel
Unlikely race winner?
Typical start?
Theme of this puzzle
The five to a foot
Supplemented 44-Down?
State confidently
Start of the second qtr
Spread all about, as seeds
Something Santa gives
Some parrots
Some Aspen rentals
Share equally
Seemingly endless, as an ocean
Secluded, narrow valley
Scribe's writing sheets of old
Safe direction at sea
Rare result of a grounder to Machado
Powdery starch from?%82? palms
Playwright Henrik
Plantation building
Place for hot hops
Pikelike freshwater perch
Parishioner's donation
Outstanding rating
Not true
Mythological god of war
Met's lineup?
Made a cat sound
Like an awful stand-up comedian?
Like all foods on the stove at a fire department?
Large ratites
Large hawk
Keep the car warm in the driveway
Jet stream direction
It may be passed in class
Inscribe on a trophy, e.g
In no time ____ (instantly)
Horse-donkey hybrids
Horse attachment
Got the wrinkles out of one's pants
Golden Rule word
Glasses part
George Harrison song 'All Those Years ___'
Garden tool
From a great distance
Frank admission
Formal legislative proposal on the bottom of the pile?
Fine country residence
End of a successful run?
Edible North Atlantic fish
Drill insertion
Detected visually
Daily vitamin ingredient
Corduroy ridge
Carpet stat
British spats
Bleak gas gauge level
Beacon for Rudolph
At right?%82? angles to the length of a ship
Arrange alphabetically
Airport info
A little chilly
440-yard shape, often
'___ died and made you king?'
'What ___ can go wrong?'
'Silas Marner' author
'Rat-a' end
'Funny for words' starter
'American ___' (TV show) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-11-2017#sthash.Io4rMjAN.dpuf

Yuletide beverage
Watered down
Was a proxy to
Unified whole, in psychology
Treat like dirt
Torah holders
Tobacco plug
Time capsule event
The presidency, e.g
The first Don Corleone
The 12 in AA's program
Sun blocker, perhaps
Start, as a Model T
Spreads, as seed
Sound from a leaking radiator
Some bridge seats
Shows curiosity
Shipbuilder's wood
Seaport of Northern Ireland
School with the motto 'Lux et veritas'
River of Leeds
Rights org. that opposed Jim Crow laws
Refund-seeker's need
Rating for shows with mild profanity
Put the pedal to the metal
Places to get pampered
Pigskin prop
Pester, puppy-style
One of the Beach Boys' Wilson brothers
One of about 4.5 billion
Once around the track
Musk of SpaceX
Mt. Rushmore's state
Memorable mission
Melodramatic serial of 1914, with 'the'
Luxury Chrysler until 1993
Looks from the Grinch
Like a Nerf ball
Light and delicate
Labels, as a Facebook photo
Joy of 'The View'
JFK arrival until 2003
JFK and LAX watchdog
Jeweler's purity unit
Jazz trio, say
Is short
Inventor Whitney
Inventor Tesla
How Neanderthals stood
Gaucho's cow catcher
Gardener's neatener
Frozen part of an ocean
Former and current NFL player
Either of two New York governors
Delt neighbor
Critic Louise Huxtable
Cold War initials
Clergymen's aides
Classic Pontiac muscle cars
Chow for a cow
Catches some Z's
Brings down like Bunyan
Bounce back, in a way
Bit of binary code
Baker's recipe measure
Babysitter's handful
Apply aloe to, say
Andante and allegro, for two
Air mattress problem
Accumulated, as a tab
A smattering of
'Let It Go' singer in 'Frozen'
'Hello' singer
'All My Children' vixen – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-11-2017#sthash.Q82XLzlJ.dpuf

__ the line (behaved)
__ out a living
Woodwind instrument
With competence
Violent struggles
Vegetarian appetizers
Useful facts, for short
Up to now
Triple-decker cookie
Talk nonsense
Successful on one's own
Stop by briefly
Spider's creation
Some S&L accounts
Solitary person
Sleeper's sound
Shortened form, for short
Secret message
Pursue on the run
Pt. opposite WNW
Pro or con, e.g
Prepare to move, as a houseplant
Prefix meaning "false"
Plaid fabric from India
Place to park
Pepsi or Coke
On time
Old-fashioned "Scram!"
Numbered hwy
New employee
Make haste
Littlest of a litter
Levy at the pump
Lesser-quality, as milk
Just slightly
Interviewer's traps
Initial poker stake
Historical period
Hansel's sister
Haloed messenger
Go bad
Give up
French Mrs
Free TV ad, for short
Fork prong
Footnote notation
First full summer mo
Ferris wheel, e.g
Feeling smug
Exclusive group
DVR remote button
Dry as a desert
Door openers
Don't have
Disapproving shout
Daisylike flower
Cpl.'s subordinates
Coral formation
Central idea
Bumpy, as a dirt road
Boss's terse note
Betting stats
Beef rating agcy
Be disagreeable
Alias, briefly
Abrasive material
"__ you sure?"
"That's all there __ it!"

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