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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.09.2017

You and me, say
Work on, as a soundtrack
Words with wait or state
Woodworking tools
Wise words
Where to see a wake
Watch again, as a movie
VMI program
Undistinctive marks
U2 philanthropist
Two-piece suits
Tough test
Toss from office
Took off
Three-layer fishing net
They're surrounded by agua
That, in Mexico
System of values
Symbol of peace
Switch positions
Sussex smell
Still-life fruit, perhaps
Start to bat?
Sounds of uncertainty
Skunk River city
Short title for Lee
Short lines at the register?
Sevillian soy?
Seriously overcharge
Selassie worshiper
See 2-Down
Secretly includes in the 108-Down loop, briefly
Seaman's shout
Saturn drivers?
Sarcophagus symbol
Round number?
Roman wrap
Roll at a nursery
Ring duo
Rhododendron variety
Put a price on a flight?
Prefix with sphere
Politico Bayh
Polecat cousin
Polecat cousin
Places to see studs
Painter Magritte
P.C. Wren protagonist Beau __
Only NFL coach with a perfect season
On one's own
Old-fashioned do?
Old German leader
Oil-rich fed
Ohno on skates
Neverland pirate
NBA's Hawks, on scoreboards
More work
Mentalist Geller
Looked to be
Logical opening?
Like the designated driver, by design
Like much cheese
John in Dublin
Ivy, e.g.: Abbr
Itinerary word
It may follow you, but not me
It clicks open
Improv style
Household hisser
Honored athlete
Hogwarts messengers
High-end hotel amenity
Having less vermouth, as a martini
Half an approval
Hairdo for wickerworkers?
Hairdo for sportscasters?
Hairdo for gadget lovers?
Hairdo for experts?
Hairdo for economists?
Hairdo for daring gymnasts?
Hairdo for certain Germans?
Hairdo for burglars?
Had dessert, in a way
Gymnast Kerri who performed an iconic vault in the 1996 Olympics
Grain appendage
Go for the gold
Frontier protection
French honey
Footnote word
Flier over Hawaii
First of the second nine
First name in Norse navigators
Fabled favorite
Enzyme ending
Energy Star co-creator, familiarly
End of a threat
Emphasized, in a way
Eight, in 14-Down
Dry as dust
Dripping sandwich, maybe
Disney princess from Avalor
Developer's plot, perhaps
Deflategate concern
Coll. football's Seminoles
Cold War concern
Clean and then some
Chihuahua cheer
Changeable border
Car shopper's option
California cager
Calculator feature, for short
Bits of work
Binged (on), as junk food
Bambi's aunt
Avoided on the job
Andorra's cont
Ambien maker
Almost a ringer
90-year-old mint
2017 Masters champ Garcia
1988 Ryan/Quaid remake
1978 Broadway jazz revue
1-Across plot staple
'60s TV talking animal
'__ Grows in Brooklyn'
'__ gonna happen'
'With enough courage, you can do without a reputation' speaker
'That's really something!'
'No man __ island … ': Donne
'Joy of Cooking' writer Rombauer
'I'd consider __ honor'
'Ghost Town' (2008) actress
'Family Guy' creator MacFarlane
'Dallas' was one
'Brat Farrar' novelist

___ Tomé (African capital)
___ All-Star Race (annual event since 1985)
Workplaces with a need for speed
Wireless data and messaging company
What Siri runs on
What people sing when they don't know the words
War su ___ (boneless chicken dish)
Very, in Veracruz
Understudy's study
TV's 'Tales From the ___'
TV host Gibbons
Tornado warning
Think tank, e.g.: Abbr
That craft
TBS late-night show
Take out, as wine bottles
Take in
Surg. locales
Suddenly start, as in fright
Stuck at a ski lodge, say
Strands, as a base runner
Storms that don't offend?
Staple of Hawaiian cuisine
Spin class activity?
Snare drum sound
Smoking or ___
Sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a sequel
Second hand: Abbr
Schedule inits
SC Johnson product with a lightning bolt in its logo
Santa makes millions of them every Christmas
Run the show
Rub oil on
Room with a slanted roof
Rod-and-reel event in old Vietnam?
River near the start of an alphabetical list
Relating to the abdominal cavity
Region of ancient Egypt
Rebel in 'Henry IV, Part 1'
RC, for one
Rapper with the music streaming service Tidal
Raised, as a flag
Prince Edward's earldom
Primordial universe matter
Pre-practice tests?
Position on a steamship
Popular website that explains the news
Pollen source
Plotting (with)
Play alone
Photorealist painter Richard
Pastoral poet
Order to a pool hustler to suck up some broth?
Orchestra tuner
Opening performers that are all mimes?
Old law
Nurse's outfit
Number of appearances in a grain holder?
Not debut
North and South Korea, e.g
Nonstandard verb from Popeye
Mammals with webbed feet
Makes a quick map of an Egyptian peninsula?
Lush's favorite radio station?
Lille women: Abbr
Like long chances
Lesley of CBS News
Left college athletics, maybe
Jerry Lewis, notably
Jai ___
It may be pulled after a wrong turn
It has a lock, stock and barrel
Ingredient in an Aunt Agatha
Indian appetizer
Ignorance, so they say
High as a kite
H.R. offering for employees
Greyhound stop: Abbr
Government group on offspring?
God, in Judaism
Getaway for meditation
German lament
George who founded Industrial Light & Magic
Fruit with greenish-yellow rinds
Fruit dessert
French month
French 101 verb
Felon, to a cop
Ex-isle of exile
Europe's largest lake
Due east on an old clock dial
Drink holders
Do something
Do not
Cry to kick off the weekend
Common opening bid in bridge
Common female middle name
Comic Sweeney
City with one of the SUNY schools
Citroën competitor
Chemistry Nobelist Joliot-Curie
Cast about
Business with a guestbook
Brand with a rabbit symbol
Blinking light
Black church inits
Big party
Au courant, once
Appropriate rhyme for 'cache'
All systems go
Alicia of 'Urban Legend,' 1998
Actress Christina
Action at a bris
2016 Disney hit
'___ little confused'
'___ & Stitch'
'Watch yourself out there'
'So vast is ___, so narrow human wit': Alexander Pope
'Oh, fudge'
'Down goes Frazier!' sportscaster

Yellow pigments
Wolf pup's shelter
Urban 'Y'all'
Uproar or ruckus
Type of lily or egg
Tollbooth areas
The ___ Four
Tender cut of meat
Takes a chance
Supreme Court Justice Clarence ___
Superior attitude
Sports car event (var.)
Some evergreens
Showing signs of dementia
Shared by two or more parties
Sewing tools
Screen dots
Sasquatch, supposedly
Rocky ridge
Rig on the highway
Red and Dead, for two
Poke fun at
Plants used in cosmetics
Place for a shirt tag
Persia, once
Notable times, historically
Nest egg vehicle, for short
Naval rank
Nasal openings
Muscular quality
More sadistic
Mode introduction?
Medical org
Mary Retton's middle name
Many comic book characters
Ludicrously, wonderfully odd
Like some musical keys
Like properly constructed chimneys
Large French city
Just average
It's all charged up
In recent times
In an impoverished fashion
Here-there connector
Group of secret plotters
Grind one's teeth
Great ending?
Go in
Full-length, as a movie
Francis or Dahl
Flees, old-school
False utterance
Eyelid woe
Eye network
Extended family
Excessive, as a gala
Ethiopian currency
Emulate a parasailer
Dramatic outpouring
Dish with lots of greenery
Detected, as trouble
Democracy participants
Dadaist Jean
Buridan's beast
Brief life histories
Breads with pockets
Blue setting for Shields, once
Big name in male dolls
'I do,' for one

___ Hawkins Day
Working tirelessly
Word with living or minimum
Wish undone
Where iron is cast
Unencrypted, say
Typeface similar to Helvetica
Tunnel effect
Transfer-related move, for short
Tasman for whom Tasmania is named
Take the gold
T's on fraternity houses
Still-life vessel
Sticker on a perfect paper, maybe
Steamed Mexican munchie
Starr who starred in Super Bowl I
Starr of the Wild West
Spot for a yacht
Some building annexes
Snagged at a rodeo
Seth of 'Steve Jobs'
Set of required courses
Sentence shorteners
Sea dogs
Pre-Fall biblical setting
Pile up
Pest in a swarm
Parts of 'walk the dog' toys
Partner of anon
One of the front nine
One in the 'terrible twos,' maybe
One in a cattle call
Old TV's 'You ___ There'
NL or AL team, on scoreboards
Mounted on
Marsh grasses
Many an executor
Lumber source
Look from a young George Foreman
Loesser's 'most happy' guy
Lionel train buys
Lincoln Center seating area
Like some gossip or rumors
Is a good dog
Hardly boastful
Hair-care items
Guantanamo's locale
Groups with copays, for short
Greedy sort
Go caroling
Gershwin's '___ It a Pity?'
Game with a Las Vegas World Series
Filly, in time
Enacted again, as a Civil War battle
E.C. Bentley's sleuth
Diana of 'The Avengers'
Date night option
Cry 'Fore!' to, say
Creator of Sawyer and Finn
Cookie in some ice cream
Compete in a regatta
Cobblers' supplies
Coax with flattery
Cheerleaders' routine
Checker Motors made them
Brutish sort
Bricklayers' tools
Boom attachment
Blows away
Become ready to pick
Become cohesive
Bat Masterson's weapon
Baking or brewing need
Auto parts that work with shoes or pads
Asian poachers' prizes
Arabian Peninsula port
Apply, as barbecue spice
'King Kong' heroine Darrow

__ Khan (Kipling tiger)
__ butter (moisturizer)
__ apart (highly divergent)
__ a little (quite a bit)
Wright brothers' home
Work on a strategy
Winery supplies
Wasn't demanding
Was the leader of
Verb in the first telegraph message
Vantage point
Utah claim to fame
Unwrinkled, in brand names
Undesirable software message
Under oath
UN member, 1945-1991
Type of pyramid
Two-masted sailboats
Track lines: Abbr
Tom Sawyer's aunt
That: Sp
Teeming (with)
Supernaturally strange
Supermarket department
Somewhat crooked
Snobbery, so to speak
Sherwood Forest figure
Sets as a price
Seems to be
Security badge
Second chance for a field goal
Safety-glass products
Rub dry
Ripken of Cooperstown
Respectful address
Puzzle's alternate title
Psychic ability
Pro __ (gratis)
Poor grade
Poodles and pugs
Poetic preposition
Poet Pound
Podded veggie
Pilot's affirmative
Pied-__ (second home)
Picketing, perhaps
Physically fit
Pesters persistently
Personality facet
Pennsylvania range
Overture follower
Overly proper
Opposite of "o'er"
Opposing force
Old stove fuel
Of sound
Nobel, by birth
No philanthropist
NFC West pro
Narrow lowland
Mythical giants
Muscle spasm
Move it
Mosque leader
Minor adjustment
Long baths
Lecture location
Law of elasticity discoverer
Largest Greek island
Large corn holder
Knife with a spring
Katydid or cricket
Jackie Robinson's college
It's a shore thing
It's a shore thing
Isn't quite vertical
Irish New Age singer
In the worst way
In need of a scrubbing
In a caustic way
Hula accompaniments
Hourly pay
Hope for
Hinge (on)
High-ranking noblemen
Had one's say
Greek "father of tragedy"
Governing body
French diarist
Free-mailing privilege
Form of oxygen
Foolish one
Fashion designer Lagerfeld
Dull gray
Dubious data
Dress specification
Door hardware
Done, in Dunkirk
Diversionary device
Display of affection
December songs
Con artist
Collaborative effort
Car style
Canterbury's county
Bring into harmony
Big name at Epcot
Big celebrations
Be a mentor
Ballet bends
Atticus Finch creator
Attempt, informally
Assumed identity
Assaults the nose
Art Deco artist
Argued a case
Apt rhyme for "pedal"
Angelina Jolie __
Amount to pay
Actor Rogen
687 days, on Mars
11- or 12-year-old
"Rigoletto" composer
"Return of the Jedi" rescuee
"Hannah and Her Sisters" Oscar winner
"Count me in"

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