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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.08.2017

Yarn that makes fabric stretchy
Word with roll or toll
What an LP has that a CD lacks
Wetland area
Went like mad
Voice mail prompt
TV Batman West
Tucked in
Toulouse trace, in detail?
They're underfoot
They might be ripped
Tarragona title, in detail?
Take at a concert
Sweet __
Surpass in a hot dog contest
Stand-up individual?
Spanish king
Small parrot
Skipjack or bluefin
Shade akin to ecru
Sci-fi SFX
Sainted pontiff called 'the Great'
Revered one
Rat Pack nickname
Preschool song opener
Poundstone of 'Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!'
Oater colleagues
NBC show that inspired '30 Rock'
N.L. teams usually don't use them
Mus. key of 'I Am The Walrus'
Mason's burden
Like the occasional clean sock
Like helium
Lake craft
Jazz sessions
It's hidden in some profiles
Immature bee nourished by royal jelly
How great minds think
Gloucester's cape
Gable neighbor
Friend of Job
Finney with a recurring role in Jason Bourne films
Eye experts, old-style
Emphatic affirmation
DUI-fighting org
Dean's list nos
CT scan component
Critical vessel
Colt producer
College in Northfield, Minn
Check figure
Carry with difficulty
Capital of Delaware?
Came to light
Bus sched. info
Brat condiment
Biz biggies
Bingo kin
Backdrop for many jokes
Augsburg above, in detail?
Arles animal, in detail?
Arctic divers
Amorous murmur
Actress Longoria
37-Across plant
'__ you coming?'
'The Simpsons' tavern owner
'The Blacklist' actress
'Nausea' novelist
'Look What __ Done to My Song, Ma'
'Foiled again!'

___ trick
___ Sound
___ desk (newspaper post)
Wine, informally, with 'the'
Whatever it takes … as hinted at in the arrangements of black squares around the circled letters
Whatever it takes
What a '/' may mean
Transmission element
Toy shooter
Symbol of gentleness
Symbol of Christianity
Standout in a quad
Square one
Spent the most?
Sound of metallic impact
Something said by a put-out Putin?
Silent part of 'mnemonic'
Short loin cut
Seat of New Mexico's Doña Ana County
Seat of Christianity?
Roman emperor who overthrew Galba
Right to the point
Recluse's problem, maybe
Rare occurrences at Super Bowls, briefly
Procter & Gamble cleaning brand
Party person
Pac-12 athlete
Newcastle upon ___, England
Musician whose first name is a toy
Mulching material
Like a workaholic
Letters that might precede 10001
Latin American sweetie
James I and Charles I
It might prevent you from drifting off
Indy racer sponsor
Home to an annual Ideas Festival
Hairstyles that need lots of combing
Flippered animal along the Pacific Coast
First name of the second vice president to resign from office
Dunham of 'Girls'
Don't open it!
Do a little cuddling
Diner staple, for short
Darn it!
Congested place, at times
Clutch hitter's stat
China's ___ Dynasty
Carriage with its horse
Big rolls
Banks of 'America's Got Talent'
Attraction at Boeing's Museum of Flight, for short
Attachment to a job app
Astronaut Kelly
Add (up)
2016 Disney film
-NH2 attachment, in chemistry
'What you have to realize …'
'The Martha ___ Show' of 1950s TV
'Pagliacci' role
'J'adore ___' (ad slogan)

___-Wan Kenobi
Zodiac butter
Woman from Mexico
Went nuts with anger
Verb in Exodus
Type of therapy
Type of berth or room
The way to one's heart?
The skeptical soundman loves to read a ..
The friendly soundman tests every set for ..
The brave soundman of a war film hates to ..
Tall tales
Surprise attacks
Sounds the alarm
Shopping binge
Scottish beam
Saintly head toppers
Rugby or cricket, e.g
Rock in space
Restaurant freebie, often
Place to get clean
Pertaining to earthquakes
Opera solo
One thing to do lively
Non-floodable vessel
Muddied the water
Moscow native
More sinuous or curvy
Manner, nature or type
London goodbyes
Lock of hair
Like a sluggish gas
Indigenous New Zealander
Hang decoratively
Goes downhill in a competition
Garments for judges
Fuel type
Flying whiz
Federal printing org
Fancy pond fish
Eventual oak tree
Ending for 'auction' or 'ballad'
Dry and withered
Dispenser type
Cyma ___ (molding type)
Connected tightly
Composer Joseph
Collision in traffic
Cinnabar, for one
Christmas candy shapes
Certain person of faith
Catch in a snare
Calendar fillers
Boy doll
Boxing legend
Bow or bolo
Betting everything, in poker
Best suited
Be short with verbally
Bamboo eaters
Au ___ (in the know)
Airport area
A decisive soundman opts to ..
"… ___ gloom of night"
'Bottoms up!'
'Best Of' music tracks, often

Without accomplices
White as a sheet
Watermelon eater's discard
War tactics at Troy and Vicksburg
Vertebrae separators
Trick-or-treater's tote
Tickle, in a way
This is one of 78 here
The Whiffenpoofs, e.g
Texter's 'If you ask me . . .'
Syrup source
Spin doctor's concern
Speak with one's hands
Sounds in car chase scenes
Societal woes
Shot with a high arc
Selection under 'Gender'
Salad with apples
Roll-call call
Rhino poacher's prize
Promgoer's purchase
Pod in some stews
Pluto, before a 2006 downgrade
Paperless tax return option
Painting of a fruit bowl, e.g
OTC part
Oscars category word
One of seven Nolan Ryan gems, informally
Ocean-warming phenomenon
Notification of an auto defect, perhaps
Modify, as a law
Mischief makers
Milne's 'Now We ___ Six'
List-shortening abbr
Like the stereotypical beach bum
Like some roof panels
Like most hoopsters
Kickstarter contributor
Jumped the tracks
Jokes around with
Investment firm with a bull in its logo
Intruder to the landscaping
Home care giver
Hollywood hopeful
Holders of valuables
Hawaiian or Fijian
Guys' mates
Golf ball position on a slope
Get smart with
Furtive 'Hey, you!'
Full of energy
Folklore fiend
Flowery verses
Far from draconian
Fanning of 'Super 8'
Exchange jabs
Elephant gone amok
Drill sergeant's 'Relax!'
Do slaloms
Defense treaty partner
Darken or lighten, say
Costume ball wear
Competitor of Secret
Cola originally called 'Brad's Drink'
Chuck wagon fare
Chairperson's plan
Cartel of oil-rich nations
Carnation location
Bucks the system
Browse eBay, say
Big name in elevators
Awning's offering
Apply, as elbow grease
'Just as I thought!'
'I warned you!'
'Don't I wish'
'Dear me!'
'Are you for ___?'

Yankee Doodle Dandy's kin
With a hidden agenda
With 61 Across, 1948 campaign song by 20/59 Across
With 59 Across, jazz composer/pianist
Wish undone
Water cooler
Vegan staple
USCG rank
Trivial details
Tribal bigwig
Title for Merkel
Tire gauge fig
Stuffed shirt
Store were Weimaraners are welcome
Small winged nester
Significant success
Signal to speak
Shearing subjects
See 20 Across
See 18 Across
Screener's org
Scandinavian supergroup
Rev (up)
Reminiscing tune by 20/59 Across
Pres. Wilson earned one
Prepare, as peapods
Prefix for lateral
Predatory dolphin
Points properly
Pie maker's device
Periodic runner
Parting "mot"
Opposite of "alfresco"
Opens, as some sodas
Opening hour, often
Olympic swimwear
Nosy group
Nautical direction
National sport in Nagano
Misty condition
Mexicali's locale
Mentally quick
Major supplier of Hiltons
Lose one's cool
Less earthly
Legal encumbrances
Lands heavily
Julia's Oscar role
It might be a bluff
It means "atmosphere"
Insincere show
Half of 45 Across
Former fast flier
Forbidden City VIP
Floored or frightened
Evil bestowal
Depot data
Deep space
Dad of Heracles
Conversation starters
Comic bark
Class Notes subject
Checked for fit
Casino fixtures
Campus epithet
Busy seller in December
Built for two
Brazilian football great
Bob's "Price Is Right" successor
Beat, as the Blackhawks
Arizona hoopsters
A as in Athens
11 Wall St. addressee
'90s attorney general
"Sleepless in Seattle" director

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