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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.07.2017

__ buddy
Yemen neighbor
Work, as dough
Whitney Houston's '__ Always Love You'
Wheel spokes, geometrically
Unauthorized recording
Trillion: Pref
Triangular Greek letters
Tree trunks
Stubby piece
Storied broom riders
Stinging insect
Sport-__: versatile vehicles
South Pacific resort island
Source of many tweets
Smile broadly
Small hippo type
Sandwich cookie
S, SE or SSE
Run out of gas
React to pepper
Question in response to 'I need this in a hurry'
Put the kibosh on
Prefix meaning 'within'
Pre-calc math course
Period after young adulthood … and a hint to each set of circles
Partnership for Peace international gp
Partner of proper
One of a group of versifiers that included Wordsworth
On a yawl, say
On a trip
Nuclear power
Not subject to taxes
Not out-of-bounds, as a ball
Noah's boat
Musician at ballparks and churches
Mom's mom
Mix together
Mined fuel
Medical ins. plan
Mattress option
Make an engraving
Like Cheerios
Like a wet noodle
Layer upon layer
Kind of tournament round, briefly
Govt. workplace monitor
Go to a steakhouse, say
Get dolled (up)
German no
French friend
French fashion monogram
Excessive enthusiasm
Et __: Latin for 'and others'
Do the play-by-play, say
Distinctive aroma
Criminal group
Copier need
Con man's setup man
Coexist peacefully
Classic PC game
Citrus fruit
Bright Orion star
Breathe heavily
Boot front
Beverage from a German vineyard
Barbecue residue
Anteater's slurp in the comic 'B.C.'
AFL merger partner
'To know me __ love me'
'Baa Baa Black Sheep' wool unit

___-splitting (really loud)
___ de Janeiro
___ and cons
Yep's opposite
Where dirty dishes pile up
Went kaput
Used a stun gun on
Ticked (off)
The Bruins of the N.C.A.A
Tel Aviv skyscraper that was the first to be built in the Mideast
Sticky secretion
Sound from a would-be test cheater
Roasting rod
Put on one's seat belt
Poet/illustrator Silverstein
Played a part
Pete with seven Wimbledon championships
Period on Venus that's longer than a year on Venus (!)
Paying close attention
Partner of Snap and Crackle
Part of a grove
Paper-folding craft
Orbiter from 1986 to 2001
One of the senses
Night of anticipation
Long, tranquil period ushered in by the emperor Augustus
Ljubljana resident
Links org
Kitten : cat :: ___ : dog
Kit that may include colored pencils and a stencil
Killer whales
Joel Coen's filmmaking brother
Incessantly complain
Inc., in England
Holy sanctuary
High, wispy clouds
Help with the dishwashing, say
Grow weary
Going ___ (fighting)
God of love
Gives off, as light
Fuel-efficient vehicles
Fire, as from a job
Finer in quality
Emancipation Proclamation prez
Disputed island in the China Sea
Defeater of Nixon in 1960
Critics who can't be pleased
Colorful top often worn with a lei
California's Santa ___ Derby
British wastelands
Bring together
Bridge declaration when not bidding
Apple computers
Ancient land in Asia Minor
Ancient dream of humanity that's hinted at by the starts of 17-, 24-, 37- and 53-Across (in Hawaiian, Hebrew, Latin and Russian, respectively)
'___ the season …'
'That's all ___ wrote'
'That's a shame'
'South Pacific' show tune
'Oh darn, I give up!'
'Lucky Jim' author Kingsley
'Let me reiterate …'
'For shame!'
'Attack, Bowser!'
'Absolutely, amigo!'

___-Free (contact lens solution brand)
___ fell swoop
Writer Rand
West African nation
W. Va. neighbor
Tom yum goong cuisine
Target for an Apple Pencil
Sunsweet product
Sharif of 'Doctor Zhivago'
Sell off, as a holding
See 70-Across
Role to play
Primitive dwelling
Pride, greed, wrath, gluttony, envy, sloth and 67-Across
Pace for a pony
Othello, for example
Nevada city
Mass producer?
Mar. follower
Lunch follower, for some youngsters
Love to pieces
Locomotive fuel
Like ___ (probably)
Like a cliff
Kind of question that can be answered silently
In need of a massage
Ill-mannered fellow
ID for the IRS
Home of the NCAA's Longhorns
Historic periods
Guinness Book suffix
Fund, as a university chair
French denial
Fraught with danger
Formal hairstyle
Flags, as a taxi
First family's home
Extend across
Early calculators
Drywall is attached to them
Dir. from Providence to Boston
December 31 rituals
Cry from a paintball loser
Criticizes unfairly
Continental currency
Common blood type: Abbr
Comedian Sykes
Christina of 'Sleepy Hollow'
Chicago footballers
Burn soother
Bull, in Barcelona
Big maker of ATMs
Big Apple's 'Finest': Abbr
Bartender's bowlful
Bank acct. earning
Back at sea?
Aussie bird
All over again
2015 Pixar film, or what the starred answers have in common
1989 play about Capote
11 for Na or 17 for Cl, for example
*Rule on most freeways
*Parental warning to squabbling twins
*Home of Brigham Young University
*Classic name for a movie palace
'___ the Sheriff' (Bob Marley song)
'___ been real!'
'The racer's edge' brand
'Peter Pan' dog
'Leave in,' to proofers
'I can take ___!'

Word with 'taste' or 'litmus'
Wise birds
Wheel tooth
What a helper may lend
What a fern can produce
U-turn from NNW
Tropical constrictor
Tricky joint?
Tribal chief
To no ___ (unsuccessfully)
Terra-___ (earthenware)
Surrenders, as territory
Successfully marketed
State of 60-Across
Squiggle in Spanish literature
Some Salt Lake City collegians
Some beers
Site of Adam's first meal
Shampoo additive
Rowboat necessity
Ridge for a mountain climber
Quite excited
Quindlen and Paquin
President before Jack
Prefix with 'fall'
Plates on the road
Picnic alternatives
Passing notices
Pacific or Indian
Opening passage, briefly
One-horse carriage
Offshore hazard
Nun's wear
Night light?
Nerd relative
Nabisco cookie
Muslim's trip to Mecca
Modernize decor
Milan's evening
Met production
Lyndon's first lady
Lone Star locale
Like a dieter's meat
LaBeouf of 'Transformers'
Kind or type
Kind of sight we wish we had?
Japanese car manufacturer
Istanbul native
Israeli statesman Moshe
In spite of the fact, shortly
Hard-headed determination
Garden decoration
Fish attractor
Field measures
Fermented beverage
Events, activities, etc
Entertaining Lenya
Engage in pursuit/evasion
Egg cell
Dote upon
Disaster follower?
Diamonds, rubies and such
Diamond cover
Cook unshelled eggs
Common library sound
Catch sight of
Braid relative
Bit of gossip
Be a lazy bum
Balloon type
Abbreviated charge card

Yield a bit
Word in political ads
With 59-Across, the Chrysler Building's style
Windshield wipers' paths
Wholehearted effort
Uber cost
Twilight or temperate follower
Totally tuckered out
They're dear to does
Suffix with sinus or senior
Steer identifier
Spring fever symptom
Solder or weld
Soil-aerating creature
Shakespearean title general
See 44-Across
School near Windsor Castle
Satirical quality
Rocker David seen in 'Zoolander'
Reacted in fright
Provide funding for
Prone to tremors
Passion Sunday's period
Object of devotion
Muesli morsels
MRI orderers
Monotone lecturer, say
Missing, to MPs
Mexicali munchie
Mascot at Navy games
Like Yogi Berra or Mark Twain
Like cream sauces
Lenny's buddy on 'The Simpsons'
Leaves dumbstruck
Jungle movie menace
Jouster's need
Item kicked by a car buyer, once
It's mostly nitrogen
Instinctive response
In one's golden years
In a previous life
Iggy with the hit single 'Fancy'
Headgear for a stunt cyclist
Have a crush on
Gold from the Magi, e.g
Free, as with a crowbar
Fix, as a fence
Filthy buildup
Eternities, seemingly
Epeeist's attack
Easily snapped
Door-destroying tool in 'The Shining'
Don in 1956 World Series headlines
Does a slow burn
Declare untrue
Cyberspace dialogue
Cusser's mouthwash, once
Crock-Pot concoction
Cranberry sauce quality
Craig of weight loss
Couldn't keep a secret
Concession stand cupfuls
Clickbait destination, briefly
Chocoholic's spree
Chisholm Trail vehicle
Chip away slowly
Che Guevara's topper
Boxcar capacity units
Bluffer's poker hand, perhaps
Bake sale buy
Arches National Park locale
Appeared in print
Anytown, USA thoroughfare
Alimony payers or payees
Acted the foodie
'___ we forget . . .'
'In that case . . .'

__-Cone (summer treat)
Write with block letters
Wide smile
Waterproof covering
Water ridden by a surfer
Uneasy feeling
Typical Saudi
Two hearts that beat __
To no __ (useless)
Tied, as a game
Tex-Mex dips
Tenant's expense
Teheran's nation
Take __ (disassemble)
Start reading again
Sports complex
Some S&L nest eggs
Shipped off
Saucepan topper
Rod between car wheels
Rip, as paper
Prohibited thing
Praises highly
Portion of butter
Plow-pulling beasts
Photos with ghost images
Online auction site
One-person hotel room
Night before a holiday
Nation n. of Mexico
Mystical glow
Maze-running rodent
Male deer
Long-lasting hairdo
Long skirt
Long sandwiches
Leaves no detail out
Lawyers: Abbr
Lawn-cutting machine
Keep bothering
Keep away from
Junior naval officer: Abbr
Irksome person
Important happening
Houston's state
Homes for hawks
Historical times
Has bills to pay
Guy earning commissions
Go to __ (overdo it)
Get a look at
Formal "Me neither"
Football field distances: Abbr
Feels regret over
Feel unwell
Evening, in ads
Elaborate party
Dental exam image
Courtroom event
Corporate boss, for short
Center of an apple
Camper's shelter
Calorie-rich cake
Brother or sister, for short
Bring up the __ (be last)
Boston cream or Key lime
Borscht veggie
Big bonus in Scrabble
Bath powder
Balloon filler
Auction offer
Affirmative replies
Actor Baldwin
24-hr. cash devices
"You, over there!"
"Over here!" whisper

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