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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.06.2017

__ Circus: ancient Roman arena
Work on a ceiling
UCLA aides
Top hostess' asset?
Took the worm
Took control
Start of a Dickensian request
Stalin __
Some licensing requirements
Small 50-Across size
Seasonal temp
Relatives of whimpers
Rehab woe
Q50, e.g
Put in stitches
Preliminary research procedure
Practice piece
Parisian pronoun
Panama border?
Pan pal
Online game figures
One who may start a rally
One may be taken under a tree
Office fixture
Network debut of 1970
Monastery figures
Miss identification?
Mint holders
Meets expectations
Luxury resort amenity
Luge medium
Jacquie Lawson online offering
Italian love infinitive
Heavy load
Healthy amount?
Group of experts
Golf's 'Big Easy'
Golf course units
Gmail lifesaver
Fashion house founder Marant
Facial treatment
Expedia shopper's plan
Crunchy chocolate-covered candy brand
Crane, e.g
Comparative Web traffic statistic
Coll. admissions criterion
Coin profile since 1946
Chateau __ Michelle winery
Cancels out
Bug big-time
Borg's land: Abbr
Blue-clad youngsters?
Beach top
Babe feature
Avery product
AutoZone brand
Article in Vogue Paris
Addresses capped at 18 minutes
12-step offshoot
'The Good Wife' figs
'My word!'
'I'm with you, girl!'
'Hannibal' co-screenwriter David
'Certainly, señor!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-10-2017#sthash.wWlTEgVm.dpuf

Victor at Brandywine
Very old school
Uranus or Neptune
Two stars, perhaps
Take some courses
Subservient sort
Stopwatch ticks: Abbr
Staple of modern sci-fi movies, for short
Staple of a barbershop shave
Spot almost halfway through a course
Skydivers' aids
Ship's capacity
Set free
Separate, as strands of hair
Seed of a strawberry or sunflower
Scout uniform part
Runs, for instance
Running around with one's hair on fire
Runner's place
Reprimand gruffly
Relative of a cod
Refuse work?
Physics class project testing impact safety
Passed the dessert?
One way to look
O'Neill contemporary
Number one advocate?
National bird of Trinidad and Tobago
Mom and pop business?
Milky Way maker
Like the Golden Horde
Launch of April 1968
Koan contemplator
Kids, typically
Jules or Jim, in 'Jules et Jim'
It's got teeth
It's all the same
Income for general expenses?
Half of a black and tan
Greyhound destinations?
Gothic architecture feature
Forerunner in a race?
Fitting coffee order on a submarine?
Fast-food order placed millions of times a day worldwide
Epithet meaning 'great soul'
Deli supply
Davy Jones's locker, with 'the'
Danger for a hiker
Character of book and film who was born John Clayton III
Bright camp wear
Bob who narrated 'How I Met Your Mother'
Begin at the beginning?
Bad spot
Abbr. in a bibliographic citation
'___ Carey,' 9x platinum 1990 album
'So ___!'
'Are you kidding me?!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-10-2017#sthash.frG7aby9.dpuf

You can do it with a DVR (though not literally)
Words of approximation
Wonder unit
When Louis XV predicted 'le deluge'
Well-seasoned stew
Warehouse platform
Visibility lessener
Utter gratingly
Understood by few
Totally amazing
Tlacopan people
They're no fun to play with
They resemble aitches
They once came in Grape, Tangerine and Snow
They may feature designs in the foam
Tennis do-over
Temple cabinets
Swimsuit depicting cakes and cookies?
Supply with a fresh crew
Superlattice components
Sunday delivery
Stunned, in a way
Stepped down
Staff symbol
Specialized vocabulary
Sound intensity units
Snapper deployed as a cushion?
Slow movements
Simple rhyme scheme
Seventh avatar of Vishnu
Sells out
Russian retreat
Rounds, e.g
Rotating neutron star
Renter-to-renter contract
Put away
Punch sound
Protested forcefully
Prepares for a shot, as a cue
Pot protector
Player's peg
Person of parts
Past tense?
Passes over
Pass over
Overly formal
Outcome from a speeder's arrest?
Ones in charge of the factory whistle?
Ointment additive
Nationwide staff
Moroccan stew
Morgan's mom
Mongolian monk
Mind the kids
Middle Eastern fruit merchant?
Marge Simpson?
Make a real impression on
Mail party
Madrid money, before the euro
Lukas of 'The Revenant'
Louise Fitzhugh's titular spy
Lotto kin
Lord Rataxes, in the Babar books, e.g
Looked curiously
Like some titmice
Light-sensitive layer
Laptop alternative
Lange who played Isaac on 'The Love Boat'
Kingly address
Kendrick Lamar specialty
Keep house?
John Glenn's portrayer in 'The Right Stuff'
Jawaharlal's daughter
Item in a tight tin
Investors' setbacks
Home to early newsgroups
Hieroglyphic reptile
Hefty read
Hauling job for a shipbuilder?
Happy colleague
Guidebook feature
Groups of pirates responsible for carrying the treasure?
Greek island off the coast of Turkey
Garfield's frenemy
Game leader
First number in a subtraction problem
Face with heart-shaped eyes, e.g
Early auto
Dueling pistol part
Dorm duo, perhaps
Deplane, dramatically
Cut ___ (dance)
Creamy concoction
Compass drawings
Colony member
Clinic quantity
Claim of innocence
Cinnabar or galena
Check recipients
Carpet cleaners, for short
Capybara or cavy
Brings in
Body part whose name comes from the Latin for 'millstone'
Boarding site
Boarding school figure
Big-screen brand
Biden's successor
Best of the early Beatles
Beach acquisitions
Battery components
Barbara and Jenna, to Jeb
Banderas's 'Desperado' co-star
Bad things come in them, some say
Arabian racers
Amphibian's will?
Alpine abodes
Alludes to
Alabama or Kansas
Aid illegally
'The Little Mermaid' villain
'The Cotton Club' star
'My thoughts exactly'
'Lost in Yonkers' aunt – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-10-2017—T-for-Two#sthash.DkUa51t8.dpuf

Words before 'well' and 'bright'
Word with 'mignon'
Wearer of a conical hat
Walk like a proud horse
Very cheap cigar
Venomous hooded snake
Utah city
Unexciting swine?
Underdog's victory
Ultimate heights
TV unit
Trip itinerary
Trail the pack
Time without end
Talent hunter
Suit fabric, sometimes
Speak publicly
Some large bags of candy
Short tales or narratives
Sash for Yum-Yum
Respond to something
Puts into small compartments
Propelled along, as a gondola
Propel a boat
Price revealer
Prefix for 'hazard'
Pitches the horsehide
Pistachio or macadamia
Piece of music adapted for other instruments
Personal histories
Person seeking intelligence?
Opposite of paleo
Old Russian rulers
Old coot
Obnoxiously superior
Novel postscript (var.)
Name to a post
Museum contents
Moves used goods
Most intelligent
More ridiculous
Make revisions to
Locale of many teahouses
Like blank paper
Like beavers, it's said
Like a perfectly pitched game
Like a broken balloon
Leaf under a bloom
Japanese capital, once
Humorously forward
Hawaiian souvenir
Handles with subtle skill
Goldin and Talese
Girl, in Westerns
Garlic units
French painter Jean
Fashionable slimming center
Fancy feather
Exhaust, as supplies
Empty, as a sink
Dutch humanist
De-wrinkle clothes
Cleaned, as a pan
Chad neighbor
Car dealer's incentive
Buoy the spirits of
Became impassable in winter
Banquet beverage server
Abu Dhabi VIP
A little yank – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-10-2017#sthash.thg7qoiV.dpuf

With 'and' and 62-Across, easily settled
Wintour of fashion
Wild guess
When flights are due (Abbr.)
Walk unhurriedly
Transgender character in a Kinks tune
Test for an M.A. seeker
Take out or let in
Sunbather's risk
Sub ___ (in secret)
Stepfather of JFK Jr., in headlines
Stan of Marvel Comics
See 39-Down
See 14-Across
Responded as if hypnotized
Refuse to grant
Reading after a reset
Quotable Yankee legend
Put on the back burner
Punch holes in, as a lawn
Prepare for a selfie
Prefix with physics
Places for mummies
Place to buy stink bombs
Place for a pint
Pianist with a trademark candelabrum
Phone on an iPhone, e.g
Outfielder's call
North of Iran-Contra
Nick's wife, in 'The Thin Man'
Name in sunglasses
Name in high-end handbags
Mortgage holder's security
Mormon church, for short
Mork's planet
Monkey-see-monkey-do sort
Metronome sound
Maze word
Martinez with three Cy Youngs
Joy of 'The View'
It may be lent or bent
Islands instrument, for short
His ___ (self-important sort)
Helen Gamble player in 'The Practice'
He 'stung like a bee'
Hairy son in Genesis
Guesstimate word
Granola bit
Got out of Dodge
Get really ticked off
Gdansk resident
Form into a ball
Foolish sort
Facetious fall guy for one's bad behavior
Early hours, poetically
Duller of the senses
Driver's lic. stat
Do a patisserie job
Covers, as with a spice rub
Companion of red beans
Coiffed like Rapunzel
Classic column style
Church members, collectively
Cabinet department until 1947
Brewer's ingredient
Beehive State native
Beast that's a homophone of 26-Down
Awards for 'Rent' and 'Art'
Aromatherapy spot
Apple splitter of legend
Announcer Johnny who said 'Come on down!'
'___ see that coming!'
'The Deerslayer' character Bumppo
'Punky Brewster' star
'Frankenfood' letters
'Doctor My Eyes' singer
'Chocolate' dogs, for short
'Ars Amatoria' poet – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-10-2017#sthash.lvxpvwtk.dpuf

__ coat
Word from Old English for "offense"
Won't let go of
With 36 Across, Don Juan's hometown
Was juicy
Utah's Rainbow Bridge, essentially
Theatrical backdrop
Take from the stage, at times
Table protector
Swan song
Start of a conversation stopper
Something performed in a tunnel
See 5 Down
Second of 88
Script detail
Run, as goods
Row of connected stamps
Pound collection
Poli sci attainments
Pilot in "Follow That Bird"
Part of some magic acts
Part of Ikea's RÄCKA line
Oscar also-ran to Faye
One to wrangle with
Not 100%
New __
Net receipts?
Needing polishing
Name on the cover of the Mayfair Witches novels
More than bright
Miso soup ingredient
McCullers British colleague
King, in the etymology of "check"
Kerry's home
It's south of Oklahoma
It's close to a plus
It can make new wood look old
It borders Liechtenstein's capital
In history
How prograde orbits proceed
Help in hunting
Held back no stars, maybe
Go round and round, per Humpty Dumpty
Giving a good push to
Force to get things moving
Fancy lots
Estar como __ para chocolate
Enrich to adorn
Doll's cribmate
Copper figure
Comparatively quick
Chip topper
Catch suddenly in the infield
Capacious house
By and large
Big pack
Big name in turf maintenance
Best Western's HQ
Be a balm
Ariadne in "Inception"
'50s singer heard in "V for Vendetta"
"Slumdog Millionaire" locale

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