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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.03.2017

__ work: menial labor
__ Palmas: Gran Canaria capital
__ de famille
__ bird
What a bump may affect
Wedding, e.g
Washington portraitist
Unlikely to be chipper
Underwater aid
Trails for bloodhounds
Toon with a blue do
Title for actor Gielgud
They're often broken
Swiss borders?
Suffix with percent
Subpar performance … or not
Sources of peeps
Sighed agreement
Serpico, for one
School sweater letters
River in Hades
Real bargain
Quarters in the wild
Point of imminence
Parts to put together
Otto minus cinque
On vacation
Not worth it, perhaps
Nobelist Wiesel
Nation with a pyramid on its currency: Abbr
Musician from County Donegal
Most trusted
Modern communication medium
Mennonites, e.g
Memphis-to-Nashville dir
Luau entertainment
Lose it
Like 48-Down
Leg up
Kitchen meas
Keith of country
Israeli weapons
Heathrow : his :: Orly : ? __
H.S. equivalency test
Go back to zero
Early Welsh
Dangerous biter
CIA predecessor
Channeled, as water
Bocelli album that includes 'Bésame Mucho'
Author LeShan
Ancient communication medium
All small, say
Acct. entry
1992 opponent of Bill and George
1493 Lisbon arrival
'The Smartest Guys in the Room' subject
'Never __ boy to … '
'Just a __!'
'Glad to help'
'Get lost!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-10-2017#sthash.G3GSkhmc.dpuf

You may visit a lot of them before Christmas
Went door to door?
Very light
Unmitigated disaster, in slang
Twisted types
Time in therapy, e.g.: Abbr
They're traded in the Chicago Board of Trade
They roll in
Theorbos, e.g
The house of Versace?
Spreads out in a park?
Shoebox spec
Shia who's not a Muslim
Senate majority leader who succeeded Dole
Second-in-command at a corp
San Francisco's ___ Tower
Raptors' home: Abbr
Purchase incentives
Prophet in the Book of Mormon
Powerful singer's asset, informally
Pioneer in heliocentric theory
Perpetual, poetically
Ottoman chiefs
Observed visiting
Narrow margin
Mime and puppetry, e.g
Like ___ of worms
Like much FM radio
Leonardo da Vinci drawing featuring superimposed body positions
Kind of attack
John Nash's field of mathematics
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr
It's nothing
In a 6-Down
Imperial sticks, say
Immanuel Kant, for one
Human appendage?
Hector's father
Having a scrap
Gelato alternative
Fishing floats
Euro forerunner
Erie or Miami
End of a letter
Dismal turnout
Didn't take off
D.C. tourist destination
Covent Garden architect Jones
Copa Mundial cry
CNN newsman Jake
Certain chemistry lab apparatus
Cayenne's hotter cousin
Cardinals' home: Abbr
Cannes star
Bucolic expanse
Bit of computer programming executed repeatedly
Baht : Thailand :: ___ : Laos
Backstage Broadway worker
A question of cosmology
2015 Literature Nobelist Alexievich
+, $ or @
'My God!,' as cried by Jesus
'Count ___' (calming advice)
'Brigadoon' composer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-10-2017#sthash.MRVf2DZP.dpuf

You are proof of good deeds and you complete me, boy ..
Word with 'Power,' 'Texas' or 'park'
Word in many titles
Word attached to 'wind' or 'air'
Who has shown up for all the Detroit Lions' Super Bowls?
Vegetable common in 19-Across
Urge to action
Trips involving life preservers
Thing that Dr. Seuss liked to do
Thing often checked on smartphones
They assist in walking
Taj Mahal's spot
Sweet baby or angel of the second order
Supercilious one
Start of a kindergarten song
Some horns
Small-time vendors
Sleep phase with busy eyes
Sign made with two fingers
Shut down
Say something
Rushing from place to place
Rodent that's despicable to many
River to the underworld
Retire from the military, Brit-style
Psychic ability
Plane-landing guesses
Places of safety
Place to relax in a luxury hotel
Place of many oranges
Pantry item, often
One who is more than just a child's friend
Old TV squad with Linc, Julie and Pete
Old conjunction
Not act up
Native American pole
Mutual of ___ (insurance company)
Moved to Florida at age 65, briefly
Mourning person?
Mentally or physically unfit
Loud horn noise
Longest division of geological time
Like February days
Like a locked bathroom stall
Late-night flight
Large African antelope
Land of the pharaohs
Kind of modern 'fingerprint'
Itchy and anxious
It comes straight from a donkey's mouth
Ink spots and wine splashes, for two
Indiana hoopster
In great health
Human incubators
Homer Simpson's utterance
Happy to have an incomplete sentence
Halloween mo
Greek god of war
Getting out of bed
Full circle measurement
Fits involving shaking and quivering
Em, of a classic film
Divided between two choices
Critic, often
Comics canine in the military
Casual conversations
Be incorrect
Any dude or bro
Angelina Jolie, your film completes me, 'Girl ..
Although dangerous, you complete me, man ..
Although animated, you complete me, 'Lady ..
'Where ___ you?'
'Oh, so that's it!'
'Be it ___ so humble …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-10-2017#sthash.RAwRYnb0.dpuf

___ in (like a shirttail, maybe)
Ziering of 'Sharknado' movies
Words to an 'old chap'
Whirlpool tub feature
Where you live
What 17-, 28- and 43-Across all are
Uncertain factors
Trebek with all the answers
Trance-ending sound
Time for abstinence
Taking a break
Taken ___ (surprised)
Sticker on a wire fence
Start a future crop
Skin cream additive
Silty formation
Sharp side of a blade
Script bit
San Antonio shrine
Sailboater's woe
Rubber ducky's realm
Replenisher of groceries
Refinery intake
Ratted out
Quilters' gathering
Proof of ownership
Priest's ordination, e.g
Place to moor
Person of importance
One who'll show you to a seat
Offerer of pretzels and pillows
New Orleans staple
Netflix queue entry
Morsel for an aardvark
Midler of 'The Rose'
MetLife competitor
Meaningless talk, slangily
Made equal
Made a scene?
Local political district
Like Solomon or Yoda
Letter before Bravo
Lecture jottings
Key in a Bogart movie
Journey mileage measurer
Informal wearables
Homer Simpson expletive
Home to Stephen King
He called Frazier a 'gorilla'
Hayworth of 'Gilda'
Hatchling in a barn, perhaps
Go in ankle-deep, say
Gaslight and Big Band, for two
Forest forager
Fess up to
Feelings, informally
Electric guitarist's need
Cried like a raven
Compete on eBay
Color TV pioneer
Climber's goal
Chronic complainer
Cargo quantities
By order of
Bowled over
Bordeaux wine
Better, in street slang
Beetle's boss, in the comics
Additives to a 42-Down
2008 Obama slogan word
1998 De Niro thriller
'Which came first?' option
'No problem!'
'Hit the bricks!'
'Hamilton' climax
'Give me your paw!'
'Finding Dory' setting – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-10-2017#sthash.ym5dME1J.dpuf

WWII female enlistee
Write back as requested
Where "Madama Butterfly" premiered
What you may see before long
What a catcher might catch
What a catcher might catch
What "quasi-" means
Tribeca Film Festival cofounder
Trapezius-working exercise
Transitional state
Trading ctr. since 1792
Thin bread
Symbol of Australia
Sub designation
Start of a quote
Source of quote
Somewhat pleasing
Shoe spec
Series with a "Cyber" spin-off
Second starter
Scrub off
Scientist on "Dancing with the Stars"
Real estate, to a local government
Ready for putting pros
Raven remark
Polynesian staple
Poe title color
Part 4 of quote
Part 3 of quote
Part 2 of quote
Ore. neighbor
Nautical direction
Narrator of "Evita"
Mouthrinse seal awarder
Monica Seles, e.g
Microbrewery letters
Metaphor for old memories
Marvel Comics mutants
Labor Dept. unit
Island south of Sicily
Historian's hedge
Have __ (get to participate)
Have to involve
Half a pint
Gotham City VIP
Goalie venue
Glacial erosion product
Forensic evidence
Fondue feature
Every May, say
End of quote
Closest capital to Miami
Circus venue
Center starter
Brother of Prometheus
Bit of 45 Across
Biodiversity sci
Big name in NASA's early history
Amazon Alexa rival
Alphabetic 66 Across
48-nation region
21st-century pres
1910s revolutionary
"What __ . . ."
"That's something!"
"Slumdog Millionaire" costume
"Duck Dynasty" airer
"Dancing with the Stars" team

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