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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 10.02.2017

__ shui
__ curls
Word on a movie ticket
When to call, in ads
What a round increases
Web help source
Vied (for)
Tool in a legendary electricity experiment
Thai currency
Tennis nickname
Tech sch. that filed for bankruptcy in 2016
Takes too much, briefly
Take care of
Swaddled one
Summertime treats
State tie of New Mexico
Stage of grief
Some expirations
Some batteries
Sixth in a series
Singer Jones
Simple wind
Simple marine plant
Santa __
Pribilof Islands locale
One keeping track of court proceedings?
Newsworthy couple
Name on the cover of 'Fear of Flying'
Montana player
Moby-Dick, e.g
Lipo target
Like a gymnast
Jennifer Garner spy series
It's taken in schools
Israeli author Oz
Island festivity
In perfect order
High priests
Great white cousin
Great Sphinx site
Go slowly
Food chain letters
Fluorine or chlorine
Fleece finder
Fix, as a road
Fashionable initials
Explorer who named the Pacific Ocean
Eastern way
Drawing toy in 'Toy Story'
Diarist Nin
Deep blue
Costa __
Commedia dell'___
Collision repair franchise
City on the Penobscot River
Chincoteague females
Bing provider
Biblical queendom
Berkeley sch
Animal in some fables
Alcove near the chancel
A long time
2013 Spike Jonze movie
'Twelfth Night'?
'Night' author Wiesel
'Love Story' composer Francis
'Goosebumps' series author
'As You Like It'?
'A Midsummer Night's Dream'? – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-10-2017#sthash.rkWSe8D3.dpuf

___ for life
Wardrobe item for which Obama claimed he was 'unfairly maligned'
Waiter outside a seafood restaurant, maybe
Top go-to
Tony's cousin
Tended to, as a baby
Stat for David Ortiz
Sistine Chapel depiction
Seek refuge at
Seducer of Josef in Kafka's 'The Trial'
Run low on juice
Radius, but not diameter
Practice for combat
Planning to, informally
Oscar-nominated actor who has written several humor pieces for The New Yorker
Ones whose assent is 26-Across
One might be made with a handshake
One involved in job cuts?
Navy enlistee, informally
Mideast's Gulf of ___
Medieval entertainer
Like some plugs
Librettist for Verdi's 'Otello' and 'Falstaff'
Let out
Leave the country?
Lamb, e.g
It's hardly a breath of fresh air
Ill feeling
Historic isle in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Graze, for example
Fold, in a way
Far out
Europe's Gulf of ___
Epiglottis, for one
Enemy of ISIS, with 'the'
Egg: Prefix
Does some hosting, briefly
Doctor's prescription
Doc's subscription
Director's cry that's said with a pause
D.C.'s ___ Memorial, site next to West Potomac Park
Concerns for sociologists
Comedian with the 2016 memoir 'Born a Crime'
Co-star of 'Some Like It Hot'
Certain barrier to entry
C.D.C. concern
Bout of feeling sorry for oneself
Beehive, for one
Assent for 61-Across
Alternatives to plugs
After Tetris, the second-best-selling video game of all time
Actress ___ Rachel Wood
Actress Suvari
'You said it!'
'You said it!'
'You know so-and-so, too? How about that!'
'Sexiest job of the 21st century,' per Harvard Business Review
'Peanuts' alter ego
'NewsHour' airer
'I'm telling you the truth'
'Beats me' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-10-2017#sthash.HiWLQLCI.dpuf

___ the kill
Woolworth Building architect ___ Gilbert
Window closer, at times
Wee one
Water cannon target
Unsteady on one's feet
Titan, for one
This, in Toledo
Storybook villains
Some company jets
Site for a flying start
Sei diviso per due
Roy Rogers part
Ritardando, in music
Rhymes of rap
Prefix akin to equi-
Plain of Jars location
Pieces for one
Pessimistic prediction
Paddock frolickers
Not carefully considered
No Child Left Behind dept
Monet medium
Man in the second rank
Mammal whose young is a cria
Lord's wife
Leave in
Last remaining bit
Jason who played Lucius Malfoy
It dissolved in Dec. 1991
How dogs kiss
Historic time
Historic time
Heckelphone's cousin
Hardly original
Haggard title
Get smart, in a way
Gas station convenience
Folded food
Feeling superior
Family who brays together?
Drip source
Dollar drawer
Diamond square
Defendants enter them
DDE's predecessor
Dark stain
Dark marten
Covert call
Country singer Larry
Copy editor's concern
Civil rights activist Baker
Checks, as one's figures
Brady's bunch, familiarly
Book ID
Believer in the Great Pumpkin
Arafat's successor
Alternatives to buses
Abbr. accompanying some dotted notes
1974 role for Marty
*Where to view Calder's 'Vertical Constellation with Bomb'
*Tootsie Woodley's best friend
*Really abysmal
*Monopoly token choice
*It led to Batista's overthrow
'Slaves of New York' writer Janowitz
'Good Morning Starshine' show
'Don't mind ___!'
'An Ideal Husband' playwright – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-10-2017—By-the-Numbers#sthash.q0H3BaCR.dpuf

___ over (hardening)
What a comic strip lightbulb indicates
Weaving willow
Used a cab
U.K. fliers
Typical 10-Down dwelling
Type of sign or its gas
TV's McBeal
Thing to hum
The definition of secondhand store (Part 3)
The definition of secondhand store (Part 2)
The definition of secondhand store (Part 1)
Swung around, as on a pivot
Superman's logo
Statement of faith
Starchy pudding stuff
Some church renditions
Small, slender gull
Small bills
Slithery fish
Set ___ (plan for an accomplishment)
Sandwich cookie
Removes skin from
Religious subgroup
One wet behind the ears
Olympic coaster
OK to Johnny Law
Noted British race course
Nose divider
New England fishes
Nepal's capital (var.)
Much-longer-than-usual film
Much in the same vein as
Minding not just your own business
Medium's claim
Make inquiries
Look without blinking
Largest Norwegian city
Ireland, romantically
Hang, as curtains
Grazing sites
Gets on a train
Get outta Dodge
Furnace fuel
Fizzles out, as a fire
Fit of fever
Extensive, drawn-out attack
Entertainers Stone and Stallone
Enjoy a hot bath
Emulate a shocked person's mouth
Easy swinging gait
Driver's licenses, birth certificates, etc
Determine the value of
Dense growth of bushes
Deceptive ploy
Deceptive move
Crowned headwear
Creature like Shrek
Continental cash
Common breakfast order
Busy bee in early April
Brownish pigment
Bold observer on a beach
Beauty pageant wear
Barber's powder
Back muscle, for short
ATM user's need
Artistic light touches
Amphitheater level
Altar affirmation
2.2 lbs
10-Down weapon
'The Flintstones' time period
'Goodness ___ alive!'
'Before' of old – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-10-2017#sthash.wul4i9Hj.dpuf

___ bull (kind of decree)
Yang's counterpart
Word before football or rock
Wilderness walks
Wears a puss
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Took off after
Tidbit in chip dip
Thieves' hideout
The upper femur is part of it
The Clinton ___
Sweating the small stuff
State decisively
Starbucks vessel
Soup kitchen offering
Some bedroom sharers, for short
Shops with scales
Sherpa, to a mountaineer
Seek help at the reference desk
Season opener?
Road crew goop
Rightmost bowling pin
Result of fallen arches
Reggie's rival for Veronica
Prudent judgment
Playmate of Tigger
Place to be pampered
Place for steaks and chops
Place for a cotter pin
One of the Carpenters
Office crew
Of major concern
Needed liniment
Necklace spheroid
Mysterious glow
Muddy digs
Lollipop leftover
Legume used to make hummus
Lay waste to
Kinshasa's land, formerly
Kind of decree
Just get by
Jessica of 'Fantastic Four'
Is a good Samaritan to
Iraq's principal port
Instrument for Broadway's Phantom
ID on an IRS return
Home-brew vehicle, perhaps
Have a serious crush on
Group of groupers, say
Grab with a cocktail fork
Give a makeover to
Gave the once-over to
Frank's pal in the comics
Food court frequenter, say
Film director's unit
Facebook calendar entry
Degree holder, informally
Compass lines
Chest-beating beast
Cheesy sandwich
Can't stomach
Brown dog breed
Blue gemstone that exhibits asterism
Blooms from bulbs
Biblical bone donor
Belt-driven auto parts
Bellhop's workplace
All wound up
Act rudely in line, say
52-Across denizen
'Winning ___ everything'
'That's understood'
'That is' to Caesar
'Sleigh Ride' sound effect
'Lovely' meter maid of song
'I pass,' in poker
'Hit the bricks!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-10-2017#sthash.VALAO788.dpuf

Wore through
Where a cap is kept
What surrounds some spreads
What a certain grinder can remove
Vera Miles, in "Hitchcock"
Time open: Abbr
Thousand __, CA
Thoroughbred's ancestor
They're at the top of 37 Across
They're at the bottom of 37 Across
Stylistic expressions
Step in Rio
Spine line
Soprano role since 1935
Softest rocks
Soccer ball brand
Sharp criticism
Scrap or scrape
Role for Natalie and Julie
Rid (of)
Rice + broth concoction
Ramshackle boat
Nietzsche's "self-disrespectful" thing
New Mexico attraction
Nephew of Cain
Major lumber user
Lode contents
LeRoy Neiman subject
Largest city on the Mississippi
Inscrutable ones
Gulf War ally
Guadalajara's state
Grade school anthem
Get too personal
Flash of energy
Dubai dignitary
Does the pitching
Discussion point
Discussion point
Dickensian kid
Cold spike
Clearance, possibly
Certain Handel bars
Celestial figures
Camera shutter
Call for attention
Brit's bullion coin
Breed that's a "someday" anagram
Board posting
Bit of a spreadsheet
Be melodramatic
Banjo part
Arrive at
Abbr. like Srta
A to B, musically
"Wonderfilled" treats
"Undercover Boss" airer
"Tour" group
"Seven Samurai" setting
"Pocket rockets," in casinos
"Crossroads of the West"
"Aaron Burr, __" ("Hamilton" song) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-10-2017#sthash.4JRraDRy.dpuf

___ qua non
Type of mortgage, and a description of the first four letters of 20-, 36-, and 42-Across
Town-painting color
They're not quiche eaters, supposedly
The Bee Gees' genre
Takes effect
Sunbathe excessively
Subject of Lennon's 'Woman'
Sturgeon-supplied spread
Sticks out of sight
Squid liquid
Some distance removed
Smoothness symbol
Sippy cup holders, often
San Antonio shrine
Salesperson's minimum goal
Race segment
Prone to bumbling
Positive or negative particle
Plumber in video games
Piece at Popeyes
Pennsylvania port
Party game with a list
Ooh and ___
Oniony garden herbs
One, on a one
Oldsmobile's final release
Not perfectly vertical
North India state
Nashville vocal quality
Nasal spray brand
Most urgent
Meat in a blue can
Makes a misstep
Lyft rival
Like a flambé dish
Leaf's central vein
Justice Dept. division
Its first rental fleet included Model T's
Humorist contemporary of Mark Twain
Home or bed suffix
Home for koi
Heap praise on
Hamlet or Ophelia, by birth
Grasp the punch line of
Germophobic comic Mandel
German magazine ___ Spiegel
Funnel-blossomed flower
Fruitless fuss
For each
Fit for service
Find repulsive
Fertility figure
Falco of 'Nurse Jackie'
Ewe's youth
Emotion at a magic show
Doesn't break down
Crossing cost
Charge after a failed Breathalyzer test, briefly
Campaign commercial request
Call screener on 'Frasier'
Brilliance stats
Bragg or Bliss
Bobby who sang 'Mack the Knife'
Begin the bidding
Aswan Dam river
Apt rhyme for 'sip'
Airborne offense
'Your majesty' alternative
'This ___ hurt a bit'
'The Muppet Show' percussionist
'That your opinion?'
'Taste the Feeling' cola
'Put on the dog' or 'scaredy-cat'
'Luncheon on the Grass' painter
'Chicago' and 'Jersey Girl' studio 

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