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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.08.2017

__ of a kind
__ Hebrides
Zamboni's milieu
WNBA position
With 24-Across, Chilean poet with a Nobel Prize
Trivia night locale
Tiny branch
The Affordable Care Act became law during it
Taxpayer's dread
Taxing task
Take by force
Swedish pop quartet
Suffix with Vietnam
Strike gently
Stereotypical Geek Squad employee
Stand for a photo?
Slender woodwind
See 14-Across
Reject as false
Quick punches
Put on, as a play
Pontiac that was Motor Trend's 1968 Car of the Year
Poetry Muse
Places for holsters
Pedometer unit
P.O. box item
Orchestra overseer
Off-rd. transports
Mar. 17 figure
Makes use of, as experience
Makes harmonious
Luau torch type
Low-risk govt. securities
La __ Tar Pits
Knight who played a newsman
Joyful shout
Horse's hoof protection
Heckler's array
Heaviest U.S. president
Harsh reviews
Guiding principle
Granola morsel
Got together
Genetics lab subject
Freed (of)
Food-growing prefix
Floor models
Feudal drudge
Familiar slogan … or, based on its last word, what each answer to a starred clue is?
Extra NBA periods
Every one
Evaluation for a would-be painter
Decide not to join
Cut and paste, e.g
Currency since 1999
Chinese menu abbr
Checked out before a heist
Bread box?
Attended without a partner
Arnold's crime
Afternoon rest
27-Down user's need
*Westminster's top canine
*One may follow the wedding dress
*Harsh and wintry
'Whoa, bro!'
'The guy over there'
'That makes sense'
'On the Waterfront' director Kazan
'Guitar Town' rocker Steve
'Fame'-ous Irene

___ Xing
Word in 12/8/41 headlines
Wine ___ (oenophile, often)
Where two pair beats three of a kind
Where an ace can beat a pair
Where a queen can beat a king
What Rick called Ilsa
What hands are composed of
Was mentioned, as in conversation
Trash bag brand
Transportation to school
Times to crow
Think the world of
Texter's 'Yikes!'
Subdues with a shock
Soccer's Messi, informally
Scout's job, briefly
School email suffix
Reduce, as anxiety
Radiology exam, briefly
Primary strategy
Pain in the you-know-what
Outpouring after a celebrity's passing, say
Onetime English poet laureate Henry James ___
One with pointy ears and shoes
One taking a bow in Greek art
Number of times Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose flew
None too smart
Mossad's land: Abbr
Morales of 'La Bamba'
Midwest university town
Medium for some sculptures
Make rhapsodic
Japanese drama style
In medias ___
Immunity ___ ('Survivor' object)
Hoppy brew, briefly
Holder of the Obama cabinet
Half a sawbuck
Gout target, often
Goal for some H.S. dropouts
Give 100%
Get fresh with
Garment in a vestry
Forerunners of smartphones, for short
Flock loser of rhyme
Feeds the kitty
Dixie bread
Disney's '___ and the Detectives'
Dish often served with home fries
Cow on milk cartons
Completely fall apart
Come out of one's cocoon
Coke or Pepsi
Cheese in moussaka
Certain plural ending
Catch wind of
California's ___ River
Breakfast brand
Bird on Australia's coat of arms
Big name in DVD rental
Big name in audio systems
Beat by a whisker
Alfred of I.Q. testing
'___ I Do' (1926 jazz standard)
'The Walking Dead' channel
'The Merry Widow' composer
'I, Robot' author
'Hmm, I don't know about that'
'Forbidden' fragrance in old ads
'Borstal Boy' author

Wreaths of old
Where farmers check their stocks?
Wedding words
Wanda of TV and film
Type of presentation or surgeon
Twisted to one side
Turntable needles
Tide variety
Thin piece of wood
Thanksgiving staples
Susan Lucci's soap role
Suffix with 'count'
Stuff in copy machines
Sport played with mallets
Scouting unit
Scottish hats
Scissors sound effect
Removes, as a coat of paint
Religious offshoot
Prepare a crossword for publishing
Prefix with 'dynamics'
Powerful shark
Place to see the Ice Capades
One of the animated Simpsons
Not needing a commitment?
Man with the golden touch
Long periods of hitlessness
Lead role actress
Lay eyes on from a distance
Large bags
Language of Cardiff
Keynote deliverer
Kenneth of fashion
Havens or sanctuaries
Harsh or rigid
Gym floor covering
Greek cheese
First vehicle for many
Fastener for a windbreaker
Farmer's 'Keep things the way they are'?
Doesn't leave
Does a grocery checkout chore
Cut, as grass
Computer co
Common cyst
Color changer
Choir voice
Cheesy Dutch import
Certain woodwind
Buss relative
Brainstorming result
Black, in romantic poetry
Big city in Cuba
Beer variety
Bearer of bricks
Be in charge of, as a committee
Apparel, old-school
Ant, if you're fancy
A few
2000 presidential candidate Alan
10 laws handed down in the coop?
1/100th of a pound
'Present!' to a Cockney
'Do ___ others …'
'Bon appetit!'
'American ___' (singing competition)
'About time!'
'… feel like ___ man'
'+' pole

Yugoslav leader born Josip Broz
Words to a hole-in-one maker, perhaps
Word before race or rage
Wearers of helmets with red crosses
Wealthy political backer
Viking in the funnies
Verb on an invoice
Two-handled carrier
Twelve Steps support grp
Tuna fishermen's gear
Toward the propeller, on a boat
Totally clueless
They're taken in by tourists
TGIF part
Tennis server's place
Taper off
SpongeBob SquarePants features
Some wool suits
Some northern Canada natives
Scriptural wrongdoing
Salesperson's speech
Roll out of the sack
Removed the suds from
Printer paper purchase
Port of Honshu
Org. concerned with 16-Across
Nurse at a bar
NFL or MLB player
New Haven collegians
Most tightly packed
Military outpost group
Marked down by
Machine shop refuse
Like hi-tech fingerprinting
Like all but one prime number
Like 'Family Feud' team members
Lenny or Carl, to Homer Simpson
Leader formerly in the KGB
In a blue funk
Hoarders' homes, usually
Hi-___ graphics
Happened, as a wish
Grave robber, in horror movies
GM make until 2004
Frequent targets of peer pressure
Franklin who sang at Obama's first inauguration
Flavoring for cigars or liquor
Fit to stand trial
Fey who wrote 'Bossypants'
Feature of an indoor rock climbing wall
Does an interviewer's work
Dept. of Labor watchdog
Denver omelet ingredient
Dental features like Michael Strahan's
Decorative 'pet'
Cookery amt
Chronological span
Cattails, rushes, et al
Cast forth
Canal opened in 1825
Broke a fast
Beret-wearing revolutionary
Barbecue joint's allure
Backspaces over, say
Autograph seekers' needs
AriZona offering
Alternative to a lighter
Allow to board
1996 Jack Nicholson sci-fi farce
19-Across in style
'The Practice' practice
'Slammin' Sammy' (but not Sosa)
'Hold this'
'Heartbreak Ridge' actress
'Golden years' fund, briefly

__-friendly apps
__ and void (no longer valid)
Wigwam relative
Triple-decker cookie
Treating at a restaurant
Treating at a restaurant
Treating at a restaurant
Tough spot
Target-shooting sport
Surgical venues: Abbr
Supposedly crafty creature
Stick on, as a stamp
Speed-checking device
Some phone messages
Snooty ones
Shout from Scrooge
Scuba diving venue
School support grp
Rummy variety
Raised, as horses
Public persona
Prefix for pod
Perched upon
People from 17 Across
Muddy up
Moving about
Moan and __
Mature, as fruit
Makes a mistake
Long dress
Leprechaun land
Justice Sotomayor
Jury member
Iridescent gem
In __ straits (needing help)
Icy precipitation
Houston baseballer
Hid, with "up"
Go left or right
German mister
Genetic material
Gawked at
Fencing ploys
Easy toss
Drained of color
Drained of color
Design detail, briefly
Declare with confidence
Crunchy sandwich, for short
Criticize, informally
Connive secretly
Choose formally
Chimney passage
Cereal in party mix
Castaway's locale
Cassini of fashion
Carpeting calculation
Bygone days
Break open suddenly
Bovine beasts of burden
Boot-shaped country
Besides that
Be a busybody
Basic principle
Barbecue servings
Author Morrison
Apple music player
Allow entrance
Affirmative votes
"Deck the Halls," for one

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