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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.07.2017

__ effect
__ dixit: assertion without proof
__ chi
Worldwide anticrime gp
Words with remember or forget
Word with debt or guilt
Whom Samwise accompanied to Rivendell
Watergate figure with a radio talk show
Victim of hot wings?
Tortilla-wrapped serving
The Who classic
That thing in Tijuana
Texas university in Beaumont
Tat misreadable as WOW
Syrian president
Swab's assent
Steely __
Steel, e.g
Smelly-sounding German river?
Smell __
Shocked accusation
Shade of green
Rod's partner
Rank people?
Rain-__ gum
Pulled up a chair
Produce a steady stream of
Prefix with -pod
Pots, cups, etc
Peptic problem
Original sinner
One who remembers old flames with fondness?
One who might err on the safe side?
New England cape
NCAA's Bruins
Nautilus captain
Musician with a Nobel Prize
More classy
Metal that's pumped
Many a competition
Like poison ivy
Leads, as a band
LBJ's antipoverty agcy
Key preposition
Is for you
Hogwarts librarian __ Pince
Heavenly topper
Heavenly bear
HBO rival
Hardly a haymaker
Handled containers
Giant __, world's largest antelope
Gecko, for one
G, in the key of C
Fugitive portrayer before Ford
Fraternal initials
Former Midwest territorial capital
Form opener
Flagon filler
Fix, as a pump
Fired up
Fine __
Fictional turn-on
Female in WWII
Farm connection
Fairy tale baddies
Every which way
Ethel on 'I Love Lucy'
Estefan with Grammys
ER part: Abbr
Dryer brand
Donizetti aria 'Regnava __ silenzio'
Dexter's wife in 'Dexter'
Deep-rooted … and what the uncircled letters of the answers to starred clues are?
Dada daddy?
D.C. pros
Crease-resistant fabric
Consider to be
Cleo's undoing
Campus area
Calculating snake?
Café con __
Broccoli __
Bread butts
Boxer with feats of Clay?
Boot from power
Bone to pick
Bond or bonding follower
Bon __: Comet rival
Blink of an eye
Bench press muscle
Believer's suffix
Bee bunch
Beaver's work
Bearded blossom
Baseball unit with distinct halves
Backspace key, often
Author Deighton
Apple computer
Ancient Roman currency minter
Alternate version, in scores
Airborne camera holders
Adjust, as a chronometer
Add zing to
Actor Pat of Batman films
*Significant other
*Ring leaders
*Moved like a crowd
*Lothario's organ
*Lids for a fancy box?
*Joe may come from one
*Easy order for a mixologist
*Ceremonious choreography
'__ the loneliest number'
'Uncle' of old TV
'The Sound of Music' extra
'Monday Night Football' channel
'Is this some kind of __?'
'Good-bye, cruel world!,' in Westerns
'Family Ties' mom
'Argo' org

___-Bakr (father-in-law of Muhammad)
___ talks
___ sauce (macaroni and cheese ingredient)
___ relative
Yogurtlike beverage
Word often said to lack a rhyme
Word after sing or string
With 44-Down, half-dozen real estate agents?
Whole lot
When Juno Beach was attacked
What jets may do midair
Unnecessary extras that don't cost much?
Trembling, say
Theodore, for one
Theme in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
Terrier named after a Scottish island
Sweetheart, in slang
Subject of the photo 'Guerrillero Heroico'
Strapped, say
Stash hunter
Stadium cry
Soprano Fleming
Some infrastructure
Size again
Sign of a hit
Selfish demand
See 3-Down
Scotland's ___ Islands
Said 'C-O-L-O-U-R,' e.g
Safety worry?
Roughly equal
Real pal, for short
Put in a crypt
Post on a banister
Polo brand
Pokémon Go, for one
Plain dwelling?
Part of a concert that many people impatiently sit through
Paleontologist's find
Org. that might come pounding at the door
One of the singing Carpenters
One may be polyatomic
One may be circular
One escorting
On again
Off the beaten path
Obtain through trickery
Noted brand once owned by a utopian colony in Iowa
Not nebulous
Not engaged
Neighbor of Turkey
Nasdaq alternative
Name on the Saudi flag
Name for a cat
Moving vehicle
Movie starring Michael J. Fox as a lycanthrope
Mountain in the logo of Yerevan State University
Make lots of people stop in their tracks?
Made fun of mercilessly
Lugosi of film fame
LP players
Look ecstatic
Longtime news inits
Like most Judd Apatow comedies
Like Mork
Like boots
King of the Titans, in Greek legend
Kind of acting
James who wrote the best seller 'A Million Little Pieces'
It might get your feet wet
It has two cups
In flames
How Bilbo Baggins traveled
Home to some flying monkeys
Hollywood resident, e.g
Herb in absinthe
Hectic scramble
Hebrew name that means 'his peace'
Grad student headaches
Friend of Huck
French press alternative
Flat, e.g
Doesn't just sit there
Do better than
Display no talent for
Did some farm work
Diamond stat
Depression Era refugee
Cut at a slant
Currency with notes in denominations of 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000
Cry of Pontius Pilate
Cook who's entrepreneurial
Contents of drives
Company behind the Falcon 9 launch vehicle
Cold treat eaten with a spoon
Clog clearer
City on the Italian Riviera
City next to Gulfport
Cirrus clouds, e.g
Brother who's a criminal?
Boris Pasternak heroine
Bite stopper
Bit of jewelry with a pendant
Be watchfully ever-present
Attached with a knot at the end
Annoy actors Keaton and Crabbe?
Annotation on Santa's list
Ancient Greek vessel
Africa's ___ Chad
Aconcagua's range
About which you might ask 'One lump or two?'
'You ___!'
'Gymnopédies' composer
'Golden Boy' playwright
'C'est la vie!'
'Breaking Bad' channel
'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,' e.g
'Am I the only one thinking this …?'

Word after 'going, going'
With wings, in biology
Where to find a 45's hit
Where sweaters are pampered
What to do with the punches
What some drives seek
Went wild with anger
Very many
Unmixed, as a cocktail
Type of snake
Tactics or gambits
Taboo to a toddler
Superb rating
Suddenly, in music
Southern-fried veggie
Some descendants from Dutch settlers
Some bills
Slightly wet
Serling of 'The Twilight Zone'
Seriously silly
Right-angled wing
Relative term
Prepare again
Poems of tribute
Plateau with steep sides
Plain for a gaucho
Opening of a classic Christmas poem
One way to sit 'by'
On the highest point of
Old-style phone feature
Not a single time, in old poems
Massive continent
Marked by drowsiness
Made a bad decision, e.g
Largest city of Peru
LaBeouf of movies
Kitchen utensil
Jackson 5 member
It's not used literally
It's meaty
It lessens a diamond's value
It handles pressing business
Integrity or uprightness
Innocent, simple soul
Informal affirmative
Hindu address for a gentleman
Hess rival
Hemming and hawing
Hardly ___ (rarely)
Good reason to stop fighting
Get together
Former capital of West Germany
Experiencing diminishing skills
Exclamations of astonishment
Emulate a rat
Ear part
Data transmission rate
Crusoe's creator
Certain American songbird
British composer Sir Edward
Birds' homes
Big Wheel maneuverer
Big name in cosmetics
Basketball arbitrators
Bank vaults, e.g
Astonishingly interested
Annoy or vex
Airport shuttle vehicle
Academy in Maryland
Abbr. meaning 'and others'
1-Down creation
'___ upon a time …'
'Tat-tat' preceder
'It's ___ cry from …'

___-Ida (tater tots maker)
___ Field (Mets' home)
World's fourth-largest news agency
Words on a coat of arms
Unlikely, as odds
Tube lineup (Abbr.)
The O'Hara estate
Telethon gift, often
Subway standee's handful, once
Spot, in kid-lit
Splice, as film
Sound from the bleachers
Skate park feature
Shortly, in poetry
Sharp, like wit
Sergio of spaghetti westerns
Select, as a jury
Sci-fi weaponry
Says 'P.S.'
Revealed, as one's soul
Ran in the wash
Primatologists' subjects
Play gigs on the road
Phoenix's remains, and origin
Peeples of 'Pretty Little Liars'
Peach Bowl city
Particle of interest to Bohr
Palmist, e.g
Org. opposed to fur coats
Neolithic or mesozoic
Move gingerly
Metalworker's joint
Member of the Axis
Marshy tract
Many moons, so to speak
Like triple plays, vis-a-vis double plays
Like much testimony
Klensch of fashion
Holy Communion spot
Hatcher of 'Lois & Clark'
Hard to pin down
Group that inspired 'Mamma Mia!'
Grouchy sort
Golden Touch king
Gave a fig
Free TV spots, briefly
Fix in one's memory
Fifteen-season Fox show, for short
Far from verbose
Fall off in intensity
Ellipsis trio
Eliciting an 'eh'
Deck chair piece
De ___ (posh)
Cuss out
Creator of Holmes and Watson
Costa Rica's capital
Contraction in 'America'
Conservative Brit
Common locomotive fuel, once
Chore list heading
Chaucer's Tabard, e.g
Cannon of 'Heaven Can Wait'
Came down in buckets
Bovine-pulled vehicles
Blades with buttons
Big bird of the outback
Be on time for
Ballplayer with a star logo
Arthur ___ Courage Award
Any of several Rowling works
Alternative word
All worked up
1894 Mark Twain novel
'___ Girls' (Gene Kelly musical)
'Uncle Tom's Cabin' girl
'There, I did it!'
'Boola Boola' collegians

__-lock brakes
Wood shop tool
Winter glider
West Pointer
Very small
Vacation plan
Use as a reference
Under siege
Uncanny skill, for short
Ultimate consumer
Turns toward
Try to prevent
Tropical eels
Tries out
Transparent parts of eyes
Tips of shoes
Tibetans and Timorese
Theatrical category
Tapped smartphone image
Take to task
Swedish tennis great
Suave superspy
St. Laurent of fashion
Spot for a lectern
Sports data, e.g
Spiral shell
Spiny houseplants
Spectator's second chance
Soft mineral
Smirnoff rival
Small sample of soup
Slight, as chances
Skydiving instance
Singer Abdul
Signs, as a contract
Sentry's duty
Scored 100% on
Ruin, with "up"
Renders knotless
Removes errors from
Radium discoverer
Pros offering IRA advice
Prepare for takeoff
Pension law acronym
PC corner key
Pastry cart offerings
Organic chemistry suffix
Office fixture
Nike competitor
Music staff symbol
Munched on
Most docile
More than enough
More flimsy, as an excuse
Mine extraction of a sort
Message sent with a click
Menlo Park middle name
Meditation chants
Medieval, maybe
Many a pop group
Mail-routing abbr
Magazine identifier
Louisiana county
Lose solidity
Leak slowly
LAX predictions
Laudatory works
Land along the Mississippi, e.g
Justice Dept. bureau
Italian scooter
Ion, at times
Industry mogul
In the matter of
Ice melter
Hymn accompaniment
Housing regulations
Hieroglyphics reptiles
Hanukkah pancake
Gulf War missile
Grizzlies, re their food
Grade-boosting optional work
Goes for with gusto
Germany's largest urban region
Geisha's hairdo feature
Garden planting
Gallery event
Galileo Airport city
Frequent complainer
Foul callers
FAQ part
English horn kin
Emulated Miss Muffet
Easy stride
Early inhabitant
Do damage to
Defensive suit
Cyberbidding site
Consider in a new light
Component of brass
Clay pigeon sport
City southeast of 12 Down
Chicago hub
Changed the color of
CEO, often
Celestial hunter
Car company from Korea
Cantina tidbit
Candle bracket
Briny expanses
Briny expanse
Brass or pewter
Bovine chew
Bookcase fastener
Bird feeder food
Become the boss
Be dishonest with
Baserunner's asset
Back of the neck
Author Murdoch
Athens' ancient rival
Arrests, informally
Arctic jackets
Anecdotal wisdom
All-in-one printer function
All in all
Agree (to)
"Welcome to Maui!"
"The Flintstones" pet
"That's a shame!"
"That smarts!"
"Mamma Mia!" group
"How __ Your Mother" (CBS sitcom)
"Excuse me . . ."
"Closing Bell" airer

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