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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.06.2017

Words spoken while shaking
Winter hrs. in Berkeley
Western city named for a Suquamish chief
Went fast
Wary of
Wall St. event
Upper part
Tropical Rain Forest seller since 1993
Tasseled hat
Take forcibly
Sweating, maybe
Sports geek get-togethers?
Spanish queen
Social climbers?
Set the pace
Rome's Fontana di __
Revealing attire
Quelques-__: a few, in French
Pub offering
Printemps month
Prefix with scope
Pesters online, in a way
Pair of ones?
Nine to five, e.g
Looks at in a bad way?
Longhair cat's monotonous routine?
Like much religious music
Like L vis-? -vis XL, in some cases
Last one left angrily carrying on?
Keep an __
Job ad abbr
It replaced the Cypriot pound
Is indebted to
Imperfection in a pointillist painting?
Hound over a debt
Halloween decoration?
Group of two
Go back
Gardening tool
Frothy quaff
Fight against
Feel around
Feature of many negative reviews
Essence … and, read differently, a hint to six puzzle answers
Early computer
Draw from the oven
Door in the floor
Dirt removal method
Detox locale
Corp. leaders
Car user, maybe
Bivalve at a bar
Birthday count
Administrative district
Addams family cousin
'__ we go!'
'__ Rhythm'
'__ boy!'
'Nessun dorma,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-9-2017#sthash.3QibGoFz.dpuf

With 9-Down, Spanish leaders?
Where Manila is
Weighs, in a way
Unwelcome kind of message
Units of wire thickness
Unit of brilliance?
Treated, in a way
Time long ago
They may have images of Mozart and Cervantes
Terse refusal
Sweet, in scores
Story with many parts
Some University of Virginia undergrads in 1969, for the first time
Snail trail
Small drinks
Set of priorities
Seltzer, e.g
See 47-Across
Road movie producer?
Rep. Waters of California
Really long
Razor sharpeners
Rain forest menace
Overplay a part
Out for a week or two, say
Not right, sarcastically
Natl. Women's History Month
Mystery prize
Movie villain modeled after Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Mass number
Mars, but not Earth
Manitoba tribe
Mañana preceder
Long-distance call?
Like AB negative among blood types
Like 'Roma,' to Romans
Lack of oomph
Lab grp
Korean compact
Italian possessive
It'll give you a break
It can dirty your Windows
Household brand famous for its infomercials
Home of the Red Cross
Hat features
Ginny's brother, in the Harry Potter books
Garçon's offering
From on high
Flight attendants point them out
Fields of energy
Famous introduction that was never actually used
Dad ___
Count (on)
Chase with a drink
Brokerage famous for its 'spokesbaby'
Austin Powers's car with a portmanteau name
Aussie girl
Apple apparatus
1972 top 10 hit that ran for 7+ minutes
-1, for sine: Abbr
'Who ___?'
'Was ist ___?'
'Star Wars' villain Kylo ___
'Nailed it!'
'Easy peasy' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-9-2017#sthash.a2JLIWRX.dpuf

___ out a meager existence
Withdraw gradually
Whirling currents
What your results may do
Voters' survey
Vice squad stormings
Vereen or Stiller
Type of paper
Two from X
Time period of note
Tempt with a carrot?
Suspect's way out
Stuff in pencils
Stockholm native
Stand in good ___
Spanish lady
Source of timber and shade
Society page word
Shaky start?
Several bucks
Second-largest state
Rough sketch
Rendered out, on the diamond
Posting at BWI
Pompeii coat
Play-for-pay person
Part of the eye
Operated, as equipment
Not yet mailed
Not quite right
Neckwear in a slipknot
Major city of Pakistan
Made smooth or uniform
Lunches, brunches and munches
Loch with a legendary monster
Little bit of Vaseline
Like the cheeks of Santa Claus
Large grayish-brown eagle
Its missions are out of this world
It's surrounded by water
It can come out smelling like a rose
In a self-centered way
Important part of a film
Handouts for the poor
Gulf War missile
Greeting among sailors
Giraffe checker
FBI operative
Father, familiarly
Famous Cannonball?
Extra innings or fifth quarters, briefly
Expression of surprise
Excessively self-assured
Earn ___ for effort
Culinary abbr
Corporal punishment strap
Coral construction
Connecticut city
Common pasta sauce
Buying on credit
Bridle straps
Big name at the gas pumps
Be agitated or work hard
Bankable billiard shot?
Avenue relative
Athletic apparel company
Asset for a funny ad-libber
As well
Architectural style
Andy in Mayberry
'___ we not men?'
'___ did you do it?'
'To Live and Die ___'
'Do-well' intro
'Aah' counterpart – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-9-2017#sthash.Y1s0tnT1.dpuf

___ rigueur (literally)
Word in compounds of gold
Word before talk or rally
Where most cab fares ride
Web-footed mammal
Vigor, in music
Vast stretches of time
Unlikely pocket item for Kojak
Tucker who sang 'Delta Dawn'
Tried to awaken, perhaps
The sea, to Poseidon
The Dixie Chicks, for one
Tax-season workhorse, for short
Take the booby prize
Subdued, as colors
Singer-songwriter on 'Double Fantasy'
Scrooge McDuck, e.g
School support orgs
Rope with a slipknot
Roof option on old Thunderbirds
Ring, as church bells
Reeves of 'The Matrix'
Queen of whodunits
Put the kibosh on
Protein in hair straighteners
Population per square mile, e.g
Polo of 'Meet the Fockers'
Place for a picnic
Pal of Sawyer
Ozzy Osbourne's music, for short
One of the old Yankee Stadium's three
Number on a foam finger
Meaty part of a lobster
Mazola product
May ___, a girlfriend of 4-Down
Martini garnish
Mane locale
Make an omnipotent emperor of?
Machu Picchu native
Lowest prime number
Lively enthusiasm
Like many zoo animals
Lead-ins to holidays
Just OK
It beats nothing
iPod model
Home to most of us
He wrote of Roderick Usher
Hammer and sickle
Guy, slangily
Goal of a recon mission
Gas brand still found in Canada
Frightening storm?
Feedbag morsel
Event preceding a move
Emcee's opening lines
Early foe of 007
Discipline in Bruce Lee movies
Control house pets?
Concerning, on a memo
Common coffee break hr
Cause to shop short, maybe
Cathedral recess
Budgetary excess
Blunted blade
Blue toons
Bit of wordplay from Groucho
Bibliography abbr
Bette of 'For the Boys'
Baby sitter's handful
22-Across's 'ungainly fowl'
2016 Olympics site, for short
2012 movie involving a fake movie
'Quo Vadis' emperor
'Let's do it!'
'For sure!'
'Do the Right Thing' director Spike – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-9-2017#sthash.cQQTev6F.dpuf

Wild about
What Target's rings are
Water carrier
W, as in "how"
USAF rank
Trademarked art
Towel holder
Titre d'un monarque
Swiftness stat
Suitable for filming
Suburban home style
Stick on
Stew server
Stereo descendant
Staples merchant
Sound of steam
Something shipped from Washington
Some arena exits
Software whiz
Shake off
Shake off
Set limits for
Secret sentences
Scottish inventor
Road hazards
Restorative ritual
Regular buyer of bars
Ready to skate
Prior night
Press coverage, so to speak
Possible pre-med major
Pop-art punch
Peter the Great's explorer
One with a May day
Nut tree
Mud concoction
Minerva alias
Metal band
Mandlikova of tennis
Kiosk display
Its website has a Forms & Pubs section
It sounds like showers
It means "latter-day"
In 22 Across
How Augustus said "I"
Hidden agenda
Hematite holder
Got some seasoning
Get some air
Former boxer Ali
Fine and dandy
Exclamation of elation
Elvis' record label
Eclipse shadow
Early video console company
Dragonfly prey
Did impressions of
Cottony creations
Comics sound of dismay
Clear (of)
Change, as page designations
Cabinet dept
Ballpark fig
Ball game
Baby-talk trait
Alan Ladd western
2016 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee
1984 Olympics star
'70s den innovation
"Simpsons" bartender's voice 

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